Anna Hobbs
Biographical Information
Full name Anna Hobbs
Age Teenager
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Occupation Serial Killer (supposedly)
Status Unknown
Nickname None
Relationship Information
Family Lilly Hobbs (mother: murdered)
(younger brother: murdered)
Friends Unknown
Enemies Her family (maybe)
Reginald Whitten (likely)
Other Information
Interests Killing (supposedly)
Talent(s) Murder (supposedly)
Secrets * May have killed her entire family or been a victim
Strengths Killing
Weaknesses Unknown
Education Unknown
Death Unknown
Cause of Death Blood loss
Date of Death Unknown
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills Halloween
Last appearance TBA
Latest appearance Halloween

Anna Hobbs was a supposedly completely insane psychopath who murdered her own family and the Whitten family. Anna will appear in the Halloween Special episode. She is portrayed by Stevie Lynn.

According to official island legends, Anna Hobbs was completely insane as she viciously murdered her entire family in the Whitten Mansion where they lived together. However, in Halloween II, Noah theorized that she did not commit the murders, but rather it had been Reginald Whitten, a man who had an affair with her mother but then wanted to take advantage of a teenaged Anna.

Anna's mother, Lilly, tried to protect her but Reginald viciously murdered her, and then Anna's little brother who had witnessed the whole thing. He tried again to have his way with Anna who killed him out of self-defense but was dealt a lethal blow in turn. Knowing that no one would believe her, Anna tried to flee the island but succumbed to her injuries and died.

Her bloody story was made up by Reginald's wife, who moved her husband's body to the mansion to make it appear he'd been murdered there, all to protect her family image from scandal and labeled Anna a monster.

It is unconfirmed whether Noah's theorizing was true or not, but it most likely is.