Biographical Information
Full name Billie Field
Age Early or late 20s
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Occupation Caretaker
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Friends Gustavo Acosta
Enemies Anna Hobbs
Other Information
Interests Caring
Talent(s) Taking care of people
Secrets TBA
Strengths Care-taking
Weaknesses TBA
Death Gutted
Cause of Death Impaled in stomach with garden shears; thrown through screen door; hit head on ground
Date of Death October 25, 2016
Murderer Tom Martin
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills Halloween
Last appearance Halloween
Latest appearance Halloween

Billie Field was the caretaker at the Whittan Mansion and the ex-girlfriend of Alex Whitten. She lived at her family home until her murder.


Billie nervously yet slowly proceeded into the house and checked from her parents' master bedroom to her bedroom and upon seeing nothing, Billie returned back towards the front porch and it's fly wire door left protruding open at the wind. She recognizes this and heads towards the door.

Billie fails to notice the killer quickly moving at pace from behind an opposite room. Billie latches the fly wire door close as she uttered to herself of "Happy Halloween, Anna."

Billie locks the doors before turning face-to-face with someone wearing a Anna Hobbs costume, including the burlap sack mask, and armed with a pair of garden shears. Billie squeals in fear.

The killer shoves the garden shears into Billie's stomach, which made her wound spread to open up. The garden shears opens. Billie's intestines are slightly exposed as massive amounts of blood spill out.

Afterwards, the killer grasps his hand onto Billie's neck while she gasps and then he throws her through the screen door frame. Billie flies backwards, hitting the back of her head against the ground, dying upon impact.

The Killer then deposited the shears used in Billie's killing at the tree stump at the front of the house and took the body to the Whitten Murder House Mansion to be found by Emma Duval after a Brandon James Killer landline call.