Biographical Information
Full name Brett Keener
Age 17
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Occupation High School Student
Status Deceased
Relationship Information
Enemies Brandon James
Other Information
Education George Washington High School
Death Impaled through left eye with long stick
Cause of Death Foot stepped on; left eye impaled with long stick by Brandon James
Date of Death October 31, 1994
Murderer Brandon James
Series Information
Season(s) One
Powers / skills Wanna Play A Game?
Last appearance Wanna Play A Game? (photo)
Latest appearance Wanna Play A Game?

Brett Keener, also known as Victim #2, was a student at George Washington High School and the second victim to die during Brandon James' killing spree on October 31, 1994. He is portrayed by Tyler Perez.

Season 1

Brett bumps into his friend Dara Aldean in a field. Terrified, Dara asks Brett what he's done. "What he deserved." Brett says. He turns around, looking for Brandon James. Suddenly, Dara's throat is slit open off-screen. When Brett turns around, he witnesses Dara choking and dying. Brett grabs a long stick yelling "Stay away from me you, psycho!"

In fear, Brett starts running away but trips and falls. He turns around and looks up, only to see The Killer standing upon him. Brett backs away in horror as The Killer steps on Brett's foot, crushing it. Brett swings the stick but The Killer catches it. Brett begs for mercy. He lets out a terrified scream as the long stick strikes downward into his left eye, instantly killing him.

Afterwards, a photograph of Brett's corpse is shown by Noah Foster.