This is about what the characters thought before their brutal demises.


  • Rachel Murray died thinking it was her girlfriend.
  • Riley Marra died thinking it was her best friend.
  • Will Belmont died knowing Emma would trip on that wire and he couldn’t say anything to stop her.
  • Zoë Vaughn died alone, waiting for Noah to come save her.
  • Sheriff Hudson died knowing that Maggie would spill out his intestines and couldn't say anything to stop her.
  • Jake Fitzgerald died trying to prove that he was worthy of Brooke.
  • Quinn Maddox died suffering and a disgrace to his daughter.
  • Eli Hudson died trying to save the girl he cared so deeply for and her best friend.
  • Deputy Stevens died trying to do his duty as a police officer.
  • Eddie Hayes died painfully and "screw-like".
  • Jeremy Blair died in shock to see his murderer's identity (Tom Martin).
  • Prison Guard died painfully and "snappish".

All of these innocent people died because Kieran had daddy issues and Piper had jealously issues, and also Tom Martin was crazed with Love. Glad Piper's dead, Tom too. Since the Third Killer gave sweet justice to Kieran, maybe I'll help him out...(Evil Laughter).