Deputy Dwayne is a cop, who works with the current sheriff of Lakewood, Miguel Acosta at the Lakewood Police Department.

Possible Death

Dwayne enters the funhouse to look for Emma Duval, whom he was sent to watch over and had seen her going inside. He quickly becomes creeped by his surrounding, mumbling to himself "I hate clowns". As he searches for Emma, the killer is seen watching him from behind. Dwayne is then contacted by Miguel, who asks him if he has eyes on Emma yet. He tells him "affirmative sheriff", before turning around and seeing the killer. The killer then grabs Dwayne by the throat and hurls him into a nearby mirror.

He shatters through the mirror and lands on the ground as the killer watches over him. A few moments later, Emma finds his body, though it is unclear whether he is dead or not.