Eli Hudson
Biographical Information
Full name Elias Hudson
Age 17
Eye color Blue
Hair color Light Brown
Occupation High School Student
Status Deceased
Nickname Eli (by everyone)
Relationship Information
Family Tina Hudson (mother)

Clark Hudson (uncle)
Kieran Wilcox (cousin)

Friends Emma Duval

Brooke Maddox
Noah Foster
Audrey Jensen

Enemies Kieran Wilcox (enemies)
Other Information
Interests Talking to girls
Secrets * Got a restraining order from girl in Atlanta
Education George Washington High School (transferred)
Death Shot multiple times by Kieran
Cause of Death Shot 3 times in chest by Kieran
Date of Death October 2016
Murderer Kieran Wilcox
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills
Last appearance When a Stranger Calls
Latest appearance When a Stranger Calls

Eli Hudson is a recurring character in Scream. He is portrayed by Sean Grandillo.

Despite Eli's squeaky clean image, he might be hiding ulterior motives. His arrival in Lakewood brings along secrets of Kieran Wilcox’s past that were buried long ago before he was murdered by Kieran.


Eli hears Emma's voice where Piper Shaw grew up and goes in to investigate. There, he gets stabbed in the side by Kieran, who he realizes is the killer. For a while, he plays dead and calls the police so that they will arrest Kieran.

He then goes to the room that Emma Duval, Audrey Jensen and Kieran are in and tells them his story. When Eli tries to stab Kieran, Emma, who is fooled by Kieran's manipulations into disbelieving Eli, shoots him in the stomach, but doesn't notice that he isn't dead yet.

Later, Emma figures out Kieran is the killer when he slips up. As Eli tries to get back up, Kieran shoots him three times in the chest, which results in his instant death. However, Kieran gets arrested for his crimes, including the murder of Eli.