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Biographical Information
Full name Lorraine Brock
Age 40s
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Occupation Police Investigator
Status Alive
Nickname Lorraine
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Friends Emma Duval

Maggie Duval

Enemies Clark Hudson (ex-lovers)
Other Information
Interests Policework
Talent(s) Investigating
Secrets None
Strengths Investigating crime scenes
Weaknesses Falling in love
Education Unknown
Cause of Death
Date of Death
Series Information
Season(s) One
Powers / skills Betrayed
Last appearance Betrayed
Latest appearance Betrayed

Detective Lorraine Brock is a recurring character in the television series Scream. She is portrayed by Sophina Brown.

She is brought to Lakewood to investigate the work of a new serial killer, Detective Brock's disposition may appear maternal, and comforting but underneath she is driven, feisty, and also callous when it comes to her interaction with her former partner, and ex-lover, Clark Hudson, and Maggie Duval.

Detective Brock is the investigator in Nina Patterson's murder.

She come across as quite aggressive when following up on evidence that points to Audrey Jensen as a possible suspect, but she's merely trying her hardest to capture a serial killer after 4 teens have been brutally murdered, and when Emma Duval speaks on behalf of Audrey, by giving an alibi (this being a lie by Emma), Lorraine agrees to release Audrey.