Prison Guard #2
Biographical Information
Full name Unknown
Age Late 30s
Eye color Brown
Hair color Bald
Occupation Police Officer
Status Alive
Nickname None
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Friends Kieran's Watchguard
Enemies Kieran Wilcox
Other Information
Interests Bringing criminals to justice
Talent(s) Policework
Secrets None
Strengths Bringing criminals to justice
Weaknesses Unknown
Education Unknown
Cause of Death
Date of Death
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills Halloween
Last appearance Halloween
Latest appearance Halloween

The Prison Guard #2 is an African-American Guard.

He appears in Halloween, taunting Kieran Wilcox that he used a scythe and a corkscrew to murder his victims, including a hunting knife. The guard laughs as guard #1 puts Kieran in a jail cell. Guard #2 walks out of the room. Guard #2 later radios Guard #1 about staying late.

It is unknown if Guard #2 was murdered after Guard #1 was killed by The Killer.


Season 2

In the beginning of the episode, Guard #1 grips Kieran Wilcox's arm securely, as Guard #2 enters behind them, talking and taunting that Kieran used a scythe and a corkscrew to kill his victims. He laughs and leaves Guard #1 alone. Later, Guard #2 radios Guard #1 about staying late, to which Guard #1 grunts, "Copy that."