Quinn Maddox was the Mayor of Lakewood and recurring character of Scream before his death in Season 2. He is portrayed by Bryan Bratt.

Season 1

Season 2

Quinn enters the Troy James barn and sees a buzzin phone left on a stool. Confused, Quinn turns around, only to be brutally impaled with a pitchfork by The Killer.

With Quinn groaning in pain, The Killer runs across the barn, slamming Quinn into a pillar, and impaling the pitchfork deeper into Quinn's body. Quinn falls to the ground, bleeding to death and he slowly dies.


Quinn Maddox enters the Troy James barn, as he is here to meet his anonymous blackmailer (Eli Hudson), gripping onto a flashlight. He yells for the blackmailer that he's here and for him to come out, with no response. He then sends a text message to another phone to make the blackmailer aware of his presence.

Maddox IMG 8913

He hears a buzzing noise coming from inside the barn whenever he does. Quinn opens the barn door and slowly walks towards the buzzing by send more text messages. He locates a phone left on a stool. Quinn shines the flashlight on the phone and looks around, nervously. He then looks down at his phone and discovers a meme of The Killer holding a pitchfork. Nervous and confused, Quinn, still looking down at the phone screen, slowly turns around and looks up. The Killer stands in front of him and immediately penetrates the pitchfork into Quinn's chest before he can react, impaling him.

The Killer forces a screaming Quinn across the barn, running him along the pitchfork, and slams him into some farm equipment. As Quinn lets out a cry of pain, The Killer decides to slightly lift the pitchfork higher, deeply severing him further. Blood drips out of Quinn's mouth as he instantly drops to the ground. The Killer stands over a dying Quinn, watching him bleeding in pain.

The Killer escapes as Emma and Audrey come in, having seen Maddox entering the barn and wanting to know what he's doing here. They go inside and find the helpless and bleeding Quinn, who only hastens his death by pulling the pitchfork out of his blood. He then dies of blood loss in front of the two girls, horrifying them.