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Sage was Nina Patterson's pet Pomeranian. She is the only witness to Nina's attack and murder.

Season 1

Sage greets Nina at the front door and follows her. She appears when looking at Nina changing and follows her around the house. Sadly, Nina closes the side door, leaving Sage whimpering. After a few minutes, Nina gets terrorized by The Killer.

As a terrified Nina tries to get inside her house, the killer appears in the reflection and slashed across her back with a hunting knife. Sage continues barking furiously (due to her being the only witness to see Nina's brutal attack), but is unable to do anything since she is trapped inside the house. The Killer ignores Sage and Nina is murdered by getting her throat sliced open and tossed into the swimming pool.

In the morning, Sage greets Nina's parents, who have returned home from being out of town for the weekend.