Colour Character Status
Continues Alive and wasn't attacked
Absent Doesn't appear
Attacked Attacked and survives
Dies Killed
Vision Hallucination or vision
Voice Heard, but not seen
Flashback Flashback
Corpse Seen as corpse
Killer Killer
Killer Killer, and is killed
Death Chart
# Character 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Survived Emma Duval Continues Attacked Continues Attacked
Survived Audrey Jensen Continues Attacked
Survived Noah Foster Continues Attacked Continues
Survived Brooke Maddox Continues Attacked Continues Attacked
Survived Maggie Duval Continues Attacked
Survived Jake Fitzgerald Continues Attacked Continues
Survived Kieran Wilcox Continues Absent Continues
Survived Seth Branson Continues Absent Continues Absent Continues
Survived Quinn Maddox Absent Continues Absent Continues Absent
Survived Lorraine Brock Absent Continues Absent
Survived Kevin Duval Absent Voice Hallucination Absent
10 Piper Shaw Absent Continues Killer
9 Sheriff Hudson Continues Attacked Dies
8 Deputy Clifton Roberts Dies Corpse
7 Will Belmont Continues Attacked Dies Hallucination
6 Riley Marra Continues Dies
5 Brett Keener Dies
4 Dara Aldean Dies
3 Rachel Murray Continues Dies Voice
2 Nina Patterson Dies Corpse Flashback
1 Tyler O'Neill Dies Corpse


Season 1

No. Image Name Cause of Death Episode Death Killed By
Tyler's Severed Head
Tyler O'Neill Decapitated (off-screen) Pilot Piper Shaw
Nina Attacked
Nina Patterson Throat Slit Pilot Piper Shaw
Rachel Hung
Rachel Murray Hung/Neck snapped in rope noose Hello, Emma Kieran Wilcox
Riley Stabbed
Riley Marra Stabbed in back twice, Femoral artery slashed Wanna Play A Game? Piper Shaw
Will's Sliced Head
Will Belmont Head Sliced in Half by a Trencher In The Trenches Piper Shaw
Roberts' Death
Deputy Clifton Roberts Stabbed to death with a rescue knife The Dance Piper Shaw
Clark's Death
Sheriff Clark Hudson Disemboweled (indirectly off-screen) Revelations Kieran Wilcox
Grayson Pfeiffer Throat Slit (off-screen) Revelation Piper Shaw
Piper Shaw Shot Revelation Emma Duval