Tom / The Anna Hobbs Killer
Biographical Information
Full name Tom Martin
Age 24
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Occupation Serial Killer
Status Deceased
Nickname Alex Whitten
Relationship Information
Enemies Emma Duval
Other Information
Interests Killing
Talent(s) Manipulating, killing
Secrets Took Alex's identity (exposed)
Strengths Killing
Weaknesses Seducing Emma
Death Fell off railing; back broke upon impact on stair steps
Cause of Death Stabbed with garden shears in back; flipped over balcony railing; fell to his death
Date of Death October 26, 2016
Series Information
Season(s) Two
Powers / skills Halloween
Last appearance Halloween II
Latest appearance Halloween II

Tom Martin, also known as Alex Whitten, is a serial killer.

Murders Committed

1. The real Alex Whitten: Stabbed repeatedly

2. Sid: Stabbed in the face in Garden Shears

3. Billie Field: Stabbed in the stomach with Garden Shears, chocked, and shoved through a glass door.

4. Sheriff Carpenter: Several fingers cut off, decapitated with Garden Shears.

5. Jeremy Blair: Stabbed in the stomach and shoulder with Garden Shears.