• Dcn1989

    SCREAM: For Love & Honor

    November 18, 2016 by Dcn1989

    PLOT: When Lorraine Carter dies of cancer, all of her secrets and pain dies with her. However, somebody is unwilling to let her past pain and secrets die with her. Ghostface begins killing off people who were close to Lorraine including ex-lovers, friends, and her family. Meanwhile, Tyler, a young man from Lorraine’s past gives her family a story of her life that they never knew and Tyler saves Lorraine’s daughter, Nancy, from her abusive father.

    APRIL OF 1995

    We are in a bedroom. Several quick shots of a couple having sex. The woman, a blonde, is MANDY MCGUIRE (33 but looks 21), smoking-hot with a high school-college youth appearance. The man is WILL BAILEY (19), Mandy's much younger lover.

    Later, Mandy and Will are done having sex and are p…

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