PLOT: When Lorraine Carter dies of cancer, all of her secrets and pain dies with her. However, somebody is unwilling to let her past pain and secrets die with her. Ghostface begins killing off people who were close to Lorraine including ex-lovers, friends, and her family. Meanwhile, Tyler, a young man from Lorraine’s past gives her family a story of her life that they never knew and Tyler saves Lorraine’s daughter, Nancy, from her abusive father.

Chapter 1


We are in a bedroom. Several quick shots of a couple having sex. The woman, a blonde, is MANDY MCGUIRE (33 but looks 21), smoking-hot with a high school-college youth appearance. The man is WILL BAILEY (19), Mandy's much younger lover.

Later, Mandy and Will are done having sex and are putting their clothes back on.

MANDY: You better skedaddle before my husband gets home. He should have been home by now.

Will chuckles. He enjoys the fear that Mandy has of being caught by her husband.

WILL: Maybe I should stick around and say hi to him before I leave.

MANDY: (serious tone) That's not funny, Will.

Will continues to chuckle.

WILL: Later, Mandy.

He walks out of the bedroom.

Will walks outside through the back double french doors to the backyard. He whistles to himself as he goes from the backyard to the woods just to the very end of Mandy's property. He must go through a metal gate to exit the backyard.

Will walks alone in the dark and deserted woods. The only light available to him is the bright lit moon. He suddenly hears other footsteps. He stops walking to look around for the source of the footsteps.

WILL: Hello? Is somebody else out here?

Through his POV, we see the entire woods and beyond. There is nothing there but the nature of the woods.

With nothing or nobody around, Will shrugs. He must have been hearing things. He continues to walk when he trips over something.

As Will brings himself up, he finds that he's tripped over a DEAD BODY.


He jumps off the body, tripping backwards, and crawls backwards.

WILL: Jesus Christ!

He takes a good glance at the body. It's NATHAN MCGUIRE, Mandy's much older husband. Most likely in his late 40s or early 50s. He has the appearance of a businessman or a city councilman. He appears to be the victim of multiple stabbings.

WILL: What the hell?

The footsteps are heard again. Will turns to us, which is the source of the footsteps seen off screen.

Will is horrified by what he sees.

WILL: Oh, God!

We now see the source: GHOSTFACE. He's wearing all black. Rather than the traditional cloak and cape-like hood of Father Death, he's wearing a black zipped up jacket with a hood on. To honor both the original movie and the TV show, Ghostface's mask is a mixture of the original FATHER DEATH mask and the BRANDON JAMES mask. He's wearing black gloves.

Just picture this as the mask: [1]

Will is too frightened to react. Ghostface wields a bat.

WILL: No! Please!

His pleas are ignored. Ghostface swings the bat at him.

In the master bathroom, Mandy is taking a shower. We're outside the shower so we don't see her. The running shower is turned off. We see Mandy's hand reach out from the closed-curtain shower to reach for a towel. A few moments later, Mandy comes out with the towel wrapped around her body.

Mandy comes down the stairs wearing her pink nightgown. Sexy. Definitely the image of a trophy wife of a much older man.

She walks into the living room and jumps onto the nice expensive couch. She lays there, stretching out her sexy clean-shaved legs. Her posture on the couch definitely screams SLUT.

She switches on the TV. A teenage drama show is playing.


Mandy picks up the phone and answers it.

MANDY: Hello?



GHOSTFACE: Who is this?

MANDY: Who are you trying to reach?

GHOSTFACE: What number is this?

MANDY: What number are you trying to reach?

GHOSTFACE: I don't know.

MANDY: I think you've got the wrong number.


MANDY: It happens. Take it easy.

Mandy hangs up the phone. She turns back to her TV. The phone RINGS again. She answers it.

MANDY: Hello.

GHOSTFACE: I'm sorry. I guess I dialed the wrong number.

MANDY: So why did you dial it again?

GHOSTFACE: To apologize.

MANDY: You're forgiven. Bye now.

GHOSTFACE: Wait, wait, don't hang up.

MANDY: What?

GHOSTFACE: I want to talk to you for a second. Your voice. It's so beautiful and very comforting. I could use a voice like yours after the night I've had.

Mandy is flattered. Nobody has spoken to her like that in a long time. The unknown man's voice sounds sad and sincere. It's an obvious flirt tactic. But he could be for real. So for the sake of her boredom and for the fact that she is craving some real attention that her husband ignores, she plays along.

MANDY: Aw! You poor thing. I'm sorry that you've had a rough night. I haven't had much of a night myself.

GHOSTFACE: Oh, yeah? What has your night been like?

MANDY: My husband has been gone all night as usual. My side boyfriend is a shitty lay. But what can I say? I've got a nice house, money, and a gorgeous body. So I can't complain too much.

GHOSTFACE: Sounds like the money, house, and body is your security blanket. You're really hurting inside, aren't you?

He hears right through her. He gets her.

MANDY: (sadly) Yeah.

GHOSTFACE: I understand how you feel. I knew someone who had similar issues as you. Except she didn't have the nice house or money. But she had a beautiful body. She certainly had a beautiful soothing voice like yours.

The man is tugging at her heartstrings. She puts on a real smile. Perhaps a slight rare moment of Mandy being a regular human being rather than her usual selfish bitchy self.

MANDY: Was this a girlfriend?

GHOSTFACE: I wouldn't say that. But she was a very special person to me.


GHOSTFACE: Yeah. I miss her. So what are you up to tonight?

MANDY: Oh, I'm just laying on the couch and watching TV. I'm waiting for my husband to get home. In the end, as much I hate his stupid ass, I do love him.

GHOSTFACE: Understandable.

MANDY: What about you? What are you up to tonight?

GHOSTFACE: Oh, just visiting a special person.

MANDY: Oh? That girl?


MANDY: Oh, who then?


Mandy chuckles. Impossible. He must be trying to be flirty.

MANDY: But you don't even know where I live.

GHOSTFACE: But I do. 8596 Craven Avenue.

Mandy is stunned, almost scared, when he mentions the address. This is her address.

GHOSTFACE: I like that expensive red sports car that your rich husband Nathan got you. Must make you feel real secure about yourself. What do you think...Blondie?

Now Mandy is in panic mode. How does he know about her car? How does he know her husband's name? And how does he know that she's a blonde? She jumps off of the couch and runs over to the front main window. She peeks through the curtains.

There is nothing outside the MCGUIRE PROPERTY but a nice mowed lawn and Mandy's EXPENSIVE RED SPORTS CAR. Ghostface is nowhere in sight.

GHOSTFACE: Still there?

Mandy tries not to show herself in fear.

MANDY: Listen, I've gotta go. My boyfriend might show up again. He forgot his wallet.


MANDY: No. Annoyed. If you're on my property, you better skedaddle before my boyfriend finds you here and kicks your ass.

GHOSTFACE: I'm so afraid.

MANDY: You better be. He's a big guy. He was a wrestler in high school.

GHOSTFACE: His name wouldn't be Will Bailey, would it?

Mandy is now scared.

MANDY: How do you know his name?

GHOSTFACE: Take a look out the back door.

This does not sound good to Mandy. She hurries to the kitchen where the same back double french doors that Will left out of earlier is at. She looks through the window.



Mandy goes to open the door.

GHOSTFACE: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

MANDY: Why are you doing this?

Will looks to his left then to his right. Implicating that there are two people nearby. One on each side of Mandy's house.

Mandy begins crying.

GHOSTFACE: I want justice for that special girl I told you about. Why should a whore like you live a free and happy life with a rich husband, a nice house, a nice car, and all that money while another whore lives in pain and misery?

MANDY: Who are you talking about?

GHOSTFACE: Lorraine Carter.

Mandy's eyes widen by that name. She knows exactly who that is.

MANDY: Oh, my God.

GHOSTFACE: I knew you'd remember her. You remember what you and your brother did to her, right?

MANDY: I didn't do anything to that slut. My brother was the one who slept with her.

GHOSTFACE: But it was you who brought them together. You went to school with Lorraine's little brother. Going through his group of friends, you were able to meet Lorraine and get her to meet your brother. And we all know what happened after that.

MANDY: I didn't get her into anything she hadn't already been involved in. Okay? She was a total slut. She slept around before my brother and she slept around even after. My brother was just one of many guys she slept with. Big deal!

GHOSTFACE: But it was. Do you really think that Lorraine enjoyed having your brother's nasty penis go inside her? Or any of the other men that she slept with?


GHOSTFACE: Oh, all you hypocritical whores are all the same. You think you can get away with being whores because you're rich while the sad-average one is the bad one. You have no idea what Lorraine Carter went through. You don't know the whole story. You're just like everyone else. You all need to be punished for what you've done to Lorraine. I'd punish your pig of a brother. But the shithead is in jail. I'll have to settle for you instead. But're going to suffer. Say goodbye to Willy.

Mandy panics. She’s not willing to let Will be killed for this. She opens the two french doors. She runs out to the porch and runs into a wire. Suddenly a bucket of water pours all over Will and the fence.

From somewhere hidden from Mandy's view, one of Ghostface’s gloved hands is seen placing a cut, loose, and operating wire against the metal fence.

Will is being electrocuted by the wire's electrical transference to the fence. Mandy just stands there crying as she watches her lover get electrocuted to death.

As Will is being electrocuted, we see Ghostface standing not far from the electrocution. He watches his next victim cry over the current victim’s ongoing death.

Will dies. Mandy sobs. She suddenly hears footsteps. Not taking any chances, she runs back inside.

Once inside, she locks the french doors.

MANDY: (crying) Oh, my God.

We can hear Ghostface laughing from the phone as Mandy hides behind a couch in the rec room.

GHOSTFACE: Still with me, Mandy?

Mandy places the phone up to hear.

GHOSTFACE: Okay, I will give you a chance to live. Will isn't the only victim I've killed tonight. If you can guess who my other victim is, you'll live.

MANDY: Please, don't.

GHOSTFACE: Come on, Mandy. I've done you a big favor by my other victim. You can be free of your pain and misery with this person dead. But you can live a free and happy life without the pain and misery...if you just name my other victim. I'll give you a hint. It's somebody who you know. Somebody you live with. Somebody who makes you feel miserable.

Mandy thinks for a moment.

MANDY: Nathan's daughter Mallory. Oh, she's a bitch. A total slut just like Lorraine. A pain in my ass. Please be Mallory. She's the only one I can live without.

GHOSTFACE: Wrong answer, bitch!

Suddenly, the french doors are shattered. A body is thrown and lands on the floor. Mandy jumps and screams.

She realizes that the dead body is that of her husband Nathan.

MANDY: Oh, my God!

Ghostface walks through the broken door. Mandy is frightened by his appearance.


Mandy starts running. Ghostface gives chase. They run across the entire house. She grabs a lamp and throws it at Ghostface. Upon impact, Ghostface falls to the floor. She then throws the lamp's stand on the floor.

Mandy grabs her keys from a stand next to the front door. Ghostface gets up only to trip over the lamp's stand as Mandy runs out the door.

A barefooted Mandy runs through the rocky walkway to her red expensive car.

She unlocks her car door. Ghostface can be seen running towards the door from inside the house. But Mandy gets inside her car and locks the door.

Mandy starts her engine just as Ghostface runs out of the door. He is running right to the car.

Mandy switches the gear into drive.

BAM! Ghostface has ran into the car door. Banging on the window. Mandy screams as she stomps on the gas.

Mandy's car drives off. Ghostface just stands there. He doesn't look pissed at all that she got away. And with good reason to.

As Mandy continues to drive on, she sighs in relief. She's gotten away. She drives through the open gate of her husband's property. She's free.

Suddenly, ANOTHER GHOSTFACE pops out from behind her seat in the back. She sees this from her rear-view mirror.

Mandy screams.

Ghostface puts his arm around her and stabs her in the chest with his traditional BUCK 120 KNIFE.

Mandy dies.

Mandy's car swerves off the road and hits a street light.

Ghostface gets out from the backseat. Unharmed by the crash. He moves to the driver's seat and stares at his work.

Mandy's dead body just sits there on the driver's seat.



Chapter 2

A badass theme song plays in the background as we get several compilation pictures of Ghostface, the main characters, newspaper clippings involving murders, and photographs of dead bodies. Very Law & Order-like except darker and grittier.



TYLER (18): The lead star of the story. He's got the BILLY LOOMIS-KIERAN WILCOX vibe to him. He gives us a shady-creepy look. We're suspicious of him even though he's clearly the star. He kind of resembles Jim Morrison (from The Doors) including his long curly hairstyle.

NANCY CARTER (6): The "final girl" of the story. She is an adorable, innocent, vulnerable little blonde girl. Has the Jamie Lloyd of Halloween 4 & 5 vibe to her. She might be the fan favorite character of the story depending on how you feel about her.

CLARENCE CARTER (68): The badass old man. The father-grandfather of the story. He's a veteran of both Korea and Vietnam. His age does not make us question his abilities. He is healthy and youthful for his age. His large size, not to mention his military skills, can make him either GHOSTFACE or a possible MATCH against Ghostface.

KATHY CARTER (65): Clarence's wife. The sweet-loving mother-grandma figure. Whereas Clarence was the hardass that most kids would hate to have for a dad, Kathy is the world's best mom and grandma. The kind of person you want to come home to because she'll give you cookies and something good to drink after a hard day at work or school. But is there something dark behind that loving smile? Can she be trusted?

ANDREW CARTER (40): Clarence and Kathy's second child and only son. He's skinny, dorky, and a definite wimp. The kind of guy who would rather watch Star Wars than Football. But could his wimpy-dorkiness be a ruse? Could he be holding in a dark side?

DAPHNE CARTER (40): Andrew's smoking-hot redheaded wife. A tom-girl in her teenage years. She is tall for a woman. Perhaps her history as a tough girl and being tall could be a hint of something?

SCOTT LANE (40): A rebel and a stoner. He gives us an "F-OFF" look. Definitely somebody who is shady with a criminal history. He is Andrew's best friend. Do we need to say more about him to be suspicious of him?

BELLA CURTIS (20): A beautiful woman with an innocent smile. She's a mixture of appearances of a model, cheerleader, librarian, and a church-girl. It's her mixed personality looks and her way-too-innocent smile that makes us suspicious of her.

EMILIA (20): A beautiful biracial girl. She's got the AFRICAN-AMERICAN looks. But her skin is the palest you'd ever seen on a half-black person. This means her white parent was extremely white. Her beautiful innocent smile is way too innocent to be immediately trusted.

NICK CURTIS (40): Bella's goofy, tall, extremely handsome father. He's also a friend of Andrew and Scott's. He has an ASHTON KUTCHER vibe to him. Which means his character is extremely stupid. But how stupid is he? Could he be smarter than he looks? Could his stupidness be an act for something else?

CHARLIE (40): An AFRICAN-born black man. He became an American citizen in the 70s. He looks very friendly and funny. But just how friendly is he? What was his real reason for coming to America? Could he be hiding something?

MELISSA HOWARD (38): A tiny rich bitch. Has the Mila Kunis of That 70s Show and the Brooke Maddox of the Scream show vibe. Why would this popular rich girl be hanging out with this crowd of average people? Why after all of these years is she still hanging around with them? Does she have a big agenda for her poor, average, unpopular friends? Can we trust her?


LORRAINE CARTER (19-35): We see several compilations of Lorraine Carter. She's Clarence and Kathy's daughter and Andrew's older sister. She's the story's MAUREEN PRESCOTT. It's her life story that becomes the mystery to the killer's motives. What is her relationship with the killer? What has happened in her life that made the killer feel protective of her? What did everyone in her life do to her? What role did they play in what became of her and her tragic life?

As the theme song comes to a close, we get a GROUP POSE of the entire cast together in the Carter's driveway. In the middle is Tyler holding little Nancy. To Tyler's right is the guys: Clarence, Andrew, Scott, Charlie, Nick. On Tyler's left, next to Nancy, is the women: Kathy, Daphne, Emilia, Bella, Melissa, and Brittany.

The GROUP POSE has a Law & Order: SVU vibe to it because of how they stand together, staring at us like they know that we're watching them. They all look suspicious, including Little Nancy, with the glares that they're giving us.

Stay tune for the next chapter where we actually get to meet the characters.

Chapter 3

SUPERIMPOSED: Four Years Later (October 21, 1999)


It's a grey afternoon at the local cemetery. We PAN through a large amount of scattered grave sights all the way to the current on-going funeral.

Several people are gathered together around the casket being lowered into the ground.

Sitting together in the middle of those attending is the deceased's parents CLARENCE and KATHY CARTER (both in their 60s). By their side is their son ANDREW CARTER (40), his wife DAPHNE (same age), and their kids JEFF (9) and VERONICA (8). Next to them is Daphne’s father BOB PRICE (60s).

Also attending are Andrew and Daphne's friends; incredibly handsome but dumb NICK CURTIS (40), his beautiful wife BRITTNEY (42), their good-girl daughter BELLA (20), former rebel SCOTT LANE (40), gorgeous, snobby, tiny rich girl MELISSA HOWARD (38), African-born CHARLIE (40), and his "daughter" figure friend EMILIA (20), who is biracial (half-white & half-black).

We get a sense of history with all of them. Also attending are a bunch of unnamed men of all ages, races, and status. Their presence does not please Clarence because of their history with the deceased.

We learn that the deceased is LORRAINE CARTER, who died of cancer. She was 41 according to a poster hanging and stating that her name was LORRAINE KATHERINE CARTER. Her birth date was July 3, 1958 and her date of death was October 4, 1999. The picture of Lorraine being used is an old picture of her when she was between 16-25. Very young and extremely beautiful.

What makes this sad is that Lorraine’s family and friends in Clearwood, Washington hasn’t seen in nearly twenty years. From 1980 to her death, she has been in California. Neither her parents or her friends know what she’s been doing. Her life is a total mystery to them.

Clarence is holding his wife's hand as she sobs uncontrollably.

Not far from Lorraine's grave sight behind a tree is a young man name TYLER (18). He is about 5'10, long black hair. Jim Morrison-like appearance. He is privately mourning Lorraine. Probably even more so than anyone else even Clarence and Kathy, who would be mourning her the most. He peeks from behind the tree.

The parents and the rest of the main characters notice him. They're puzzled by his presence. They don't know him. But upon seeing him, they feel a strong connection to him. Almost like they've known him all their lives. Tyler knows them all. He knows them more than they know themselves. Even worse for them is that he knew Lorraine better than they, her own family, knew her.

Kathy looks into Tyler's eyes. He stares into hers. They smile at each other. Kathy feels a deep love for Tyler even though she's never met him. Tyler feels the same about her. Clarence sees him. Clarence's reaction is different than from what we would expect from him. He is not reacting the same way towards him as he is towards the other unnamed men here. He feels a familiar sense of a connection to Tyler. Like Tyler is apart of the family.

Andrew and his now grown up childhood friends turn to him. They sense he's one of them. In fact, he reminds them of themselves at his age. His long hair like Scott and Nick's, his lost soul like Scott's, his sense of feeling of being a mistake or making many mistakes like Andrew, his sense of being unwelcome and unloved in a new place like Charlie, his sense of being free to explore like Daphne. The only person he has no connection with is Melissa because she is the snobby-popular type.

They each sense a history of Lorraine in him. They know he knew her. They wish that they can tell him to join them. But they cannot find the words or the signal. At the same time, Tyler feels unwelcomed and he does not dare enter her funeral.

Tyler gives the gang one last look and they all watch as he sneaks behind the tree. He disappears like a ghost in thin air. Much like GHOSTFACE. The entire funeral party, mostly our main characters, are shocked by his sudden vanishing skills. They all ask themselves: Who is that young man? How does he know Lorraine? What was his relationship with her? And why do they feel like they know he's apart of them?

Everyone is at the Carter's house. Clarence is on his recliner drinking a beer. Many women are consoling Kathy. Emilia approaches Kathy.

EMILIA: I am so sorry for your loss, Mrs. Carter.

KATHY: Thank you, dear.

They hug.

KATHY: I am so glad that you've joined into our little family circle. You've been a joy to have around here.

Emilia smiles at the elderly lady's comment.

EMILIA: I best be going. You hang in there.

KATHY: Thank you for coming. Goodbye, Sweetie.

Emilia heads for the front door.

EMILIA: (to Charlie) Bye, Charlie.

CHARLIE: Bye, Emilia.

Andrew puts his arm around his mother as they watch Emilia walk out the front door.

KATHY: She is a lovely girl, isn't she?

ANDREW: She is.

KATHY: How did she get involved with your friends again?

ANDREW: Well, she and Charlie met a few months ago at the Wave, Scott’s music store, and since she never met her father and Charlie has had paternal fever for a long time, they sort of just adopted each other as Father and Daughter.

KATHY: That is so sweet.

The gang is seen going down to the basement like they use to as kids. In fact, they're still acting like they did in their teen years. Brittany and Bella watch Jeff and Veronica together away from the rest of the gang's activities.

In the basement, the gang are sitting on the couch or the chairs by each side of the couch. They're all high and passing around a joint.

Nick is laughing and crying at once.

NICK: I loved doing it with her in my van. I just cannot believe she's dead.

SCOTT: You know, Nick, everyone did her in their van.

We get quick shots on everyone reacting to this. Andrew doesn't really care about the insults his own dead sister is receiving.

NICK: I never knew that, Scott. I thought I was the only one who did her in a van.

SCOTT: You're a complete idiot if you didn't know that.

Andrew is still trying to process everything.

ANDREW: She may have been a bitch and a whore. But she was my sister. And I loved her.

Daphne rubs his back.

DAPHNE: I know, Andrew. I miss her, too.

ANDREW: (the "are you kidding me?" tone) Really?

DAPHNE: No, I hated her.

ANDREW: Me, too.

Melissa unfazed at the moment. She no emotions of either loss or sadness.

MELISSA: She was total slut and a bitch. But I loved her hair.

Charlie, on the other hand, has mixed feelings.

CHARLIE: You know, Lorraine and I may have had a brief and unhappy marriage, but I gotta say...I still loved her.

NICK: We all know you married her just so that you can stay in America.

CHARLIE: Yeah. Maybe so...but didn't mean that I didn't love her. I saw something special in her.

Everyone laughs at him.

In the living room, Kathy is sitting on her couch drinking. From the corner of her eye, she sees somebody outside walking to the front door. The door knocks. She gets up and opens the door. The person is Tyler.

TYLER: Hello, Mrs. Carter.

KATHY: Hello. Can I help you, young man?

TYLER: My name is Tyler. I just wanted to say hello. I knew Lorraine for a long time when she was living in California.

KATHY: Oh. We never knew what all she did in California. I have ideas though.

TYLER: So you think.

KATHY: What do you mean?

TYLER: I know about her past. About how she treated others. How others treated her. The Lorraine Carter I knew was nothing like the girl you guys knew.

KATHY: You were close to her?

TYLER: Very close to her.

KATHY: How close is very?

TYLER: Probably more closer than her own family ever had with her. So it appears.

Kathy gives him a sad look. She knows it's probably true.

TYLER: I'm sorry. I didn't mean…

KATHY: It's okay. You're right. We really didn't know Lorraine as much as they thought. Or at least a side of her that we wish we had known.

TYLER: That's why I'm here. So that you can feel at peace with her knowing that she wasn't always the woman you knew her as.

Kathy gives him a smile.

Stay tune for the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Later the Carter's, the gang including Brittany, Bella, and the little kids huddle around the living room. Tyler is in the middle. He's telling them about his life with Lorraine.

TYLER: My mother and Lorraine were friends. They hated each other. But they were all that they had. They struggled a lot. Always at odds. Mom wanted a straight life. But Lorraine wanted to continue her carefree life of sleeping around, partying, and drugs. But my mother changed Lorraine. Helped her through it all. So to repay my mom for all she did for her, Lorraine took me in when my mom died giving birth to me. She fed me, bathed me, sheltered me. You knew her as a whore. A selfish bitch who would rather sleep with two guys that she hardly knew rather than give any of her time to a child. But what you didn't know was that when we were in California and she was about to sleep with a guy, I was crying and she stopped to take care of me. The guy got mad. She kicked him out. She always put me first before anyone else. Even people who were considered family and friends to her. I don't know the woman you knew. But I knew the woman who never left me. Who protected me. Who made sure I had everything. I knew the Lorraine Carter who took care of me when nobody else would. And she did it alone.

Everyone is surprised by this. The Lorraine they knew would pass over a child just to sleep with a random guy she hardly knew. They do not know this woman that Tyler is describing.

Clarence is nearly tears. His little girl, whom he discovered was a lying whore at a young age, became a mother figure to a child who didn't belong to her. This was so unlike his daughter.

CLARENCE: I don't know what to say. I never imagined that she'd ever do this for a child. Especially one that wasn't hers.

TYLER: That's the thing. Your daughter wouldn't. I am not your daughter's son. But I am the one who kept Lorraine in line until her death. If it hadn't been for my mother and then me, Lorraine would never have became the woman she became. And I am grateful to have been there for her just as she has been there for me.

Everyone looks at each other. They smile. It all makes sense now. The connection they felt with him at the funeral was his love for Lorraine. They begin to feel relief and at peace with Lorraine now that they know what happened to her in her long absence.

KATHY: I am so happy that this happened. I just wish that we had gotten to know the Lorraine that you knew.

TYLER: You would have loved her. She was the most beautiful and amazing woman that I ever knew. I never knew my birth mother. But Lorraine was my "mother". And that is something special to me.

Kathy and Clarence hold hands and smile. They're emotional.

In the basement, the gang is back in their respective spot.

SCOTT: Who'd ever thought that Lorraine would ever become something like Kathy. Lorraine was a total bitch.


NICK: Easy.

DAPHNE: Careless.

ANDREW: The devil.

CHARLIE: But she became the opposite.

ANDREW: I wish I had known that side of my sister. Maybe things wouldn't have been the way they were when we were growing up.

DAPHNE: I never thought that Lorraine would ever take care of anyone's child let alone her own if she had any.

We move up the basement stairs to the door to the first floor and find that Tyler is listening in on their conversation.

Tyler turns to us and smiles.

TYLER: (to himself) If only you knew the whole truth.

We cannot tell if he's speaking to them or to us. We begin to wonder what he's hiding from them and from us.

Clarence is looking into the hood of his 1997 Toyota. He's struggling to work while holding the flashlight up. Tyler walks in and sees him working on.

TYLER: Need some help, Clarence?

CLARENCE: Hold the flashlight, please.

TYLER: Actually, let me get a crack at this.

Tyler takes the tools and Clarence holds up the flashlight. Tyler works on the car. He finishes up and nods in satisfaction.

TYLER: That looks about right.

Clarence gets into the car and starts it. Things appear just fine.

CLARENCE: Good job, Tyler.

TYLER: Thank you, Mr. Carter.

CLARENCE: How would you like to go for a ride?

TYLER: Sure.

Sometime later Clarence and Tyler are driving around the city of CLEARWOOD, which is where most of this story takes place.

CLARENCE: Where did you learn to fix cars?

TYLER: Well, Lorraine knew my family. She told me that my maternal grandfather was into cars. He would spend all day in his garage to fix his cars. She believes I inherited it from him.

CLARENCE: I wish Andrew had inherited my love for cars and sports.

TYLER: Yeah. My birth mother and my grandfather were once close.

CLARENCE: What happened?

TYLER: One day she did something unforgivable. What she did broke his heart and he never felt the same about her ever again. Because she lost her special bond with her father, she changed. When she met Lorraine, she saw herself in her. She knew Lorraine was going through something similar. A carefree life while emotionally separated from her family. Fearing that Lorraine would face the same fate, she helped changed Lorraine. My mother died never reconnecting with her father. She had hoped by helping Lorraine that she'd be able to get the chance to reconnect with her own family. But that never happened either. Neither my mother or Lorraine ever got the chance that they both wanted so badly.

We can see in Clarence's face that he understands what he's talking about.

CLARENCE: I never usually say this. But after all that has happened in my life and with those who I love, I have found myself more tolerate of things. And I am able to find the strength to say that...I'm sorry.

Tyler turns to Clarence. Surprised. Clarence is never sorry. Clarence is never compassionate. The older man nods.

CLARENCE: I know. It's something I use to never say unless Kathy forced it out of me. I use to never say or do anything unless she forced me. But now I do and say everything I use to never want to.

TYLER: What made you change?

CLARENCE: In 1990, Lorraine called me. She told me that she was considering coming home. That something special happened. And she wanted to share it with us. But my mind thought that the only thing special to her was a sugar daddy or an expensive girly crap that she got from a sugar daddy. Then she told me that on the last night that we saw her, she slept with someone. It was someone who I could never accept her with. We got into an argument. We said hateful things to each other. She cried so hard. She told me that she never wanted to see me again. I told her I felt the same. That she was a disgrace to our family. We hung up without saying goodbye. I knew that she had done all that before even when she was living with us. But I just didn't want to hear it. When she told me what she did and who she did it with, it bothered me so much that….I had a heart attack. My second in nearly ten years. The first one was also caused by something she did. I almost didn't make it the second time around. While I was at the hospital, I learned that Daphne was pregnant with her and Andrew's first child. As I was recovering, I thought to myself that I allowed everything my kids did growing up get to me so much that I nearly lost my life. And that it was my own fault for letting their stupid stuff bother me so much. I never bonded with them, I never gave them a chance. I never did anything but bitch at them. I lost my daughter because I was so unaccepting of anything she or Andrew did. Here I am dying because I never accepted my kids and their lifestyles. And I was about to miss the most special thing in a man's life. His grandchild. I told myself that my grandson should not come into this world without his grandfather. And I knew that I made a mistake by the way I was treating my kids. I didn't want my grandkids to see me the way that their parents had grown up seeing me as. So I changed. I tried calling Lorraine to ask her for forgiveness. But I could never contact her again. I never got the chance to tell her that I'm sorry and that I love her.

Tyler has the “feels” as he listens to his story.

TYLER: So the legendary Hardass Clarence is dead, huh?

CLARENCE: That's right. He died of a heart attack in 1990 when he lost his daughter.

TYLER: Did you ever confront the guy she slept with?

CLARENCE: Never got the chance to. He left town after Lorraine did. Which made Andrew really happy because they never got along. We all once liked him. But then he did really bad things to us all just to hurt Andrew.

TYLER: What did he do that was so bad to everyone?

CLARENCE: Aside from bullying Andrew, he did something really awful to Daphne. Then a few years later, Kathy got drunk. She can be flirty towards younger men when she's drunk. But she would know...but still. He took advantage of Kathy's intoxication. I was drunk, too. I went to fight for my wife but he was the sober one. He decked me and I couldn't fight back. It was humiliating. When Lorraine called me and told me that it was this guy that she slept with, she also told me that she went to visit him a few weeks after the party. But that he broke her heart. She didn't get a chance to tell me what the visit was really all about. Because by then I was yelling at her over the fact that she even slept with him. After all he did to Andrew, to Daphne, to Kathy, and to me. He now had the nerve to sleep with my daughter. He hurt us all. And while I've forgiven Lorraine, Andrew, and their friends for all the stupid things they've done after all these years, I could just never forgive him for what he done to us.

TYLER: I'm sorry for what he done.

CLARENCE: You don't have to be. You had nothing to do with it. You weren't even born yet. What Lorraine did in her life has nothing to do with you.

Tyler turns his face away from Clarence. We see extreme sadness in Tyler. Like he knows something about the incident. Something more to it that Clarence doesn't know. "What Lorraine did in her life has nothing to do with you." But what Tyler knows about Lorraine may contradict Clarence's statement.

Andrew is sitting on the couch alone in the basement watching Star Wars. Tyler comes down.

TYLER: Hey, Andrew. What's up?

ANDREW: Oh, just watching Star Wars.

TYLER: Mind if I join ya?

ANDREW: Of course not. Help yourself.

TYLER: Thanks.

Tyler sits next to him.

ANDREW: So how did it feel growing up with Lorraine?

TYLER: Best thing ever.

ANDREW: Nothing like how I grew up with her, huh?

TYLER: I swear, Andrew. She was nothing like the sister you had. I think the woman who became my "mother" would have been good to you.

ANDREW: You considered her your mother because she took you in. Does that mean that technically I'm your Uncle?

TYLER: I'd like to think that.

ANDREW: I never had a nephew least none that I knew of.

TYLER: Well here is your chance to get to know the closest thing to a nephew that you have.

ANDREW: You like Star Wars?

TYLER: Who doesn't?

ANDREW: Lorraine didn't.

TYLER: Maybe when she was here. But by the time she took me in, she wanted me to explore everything that she knew others liked. She talked about you.

ANDREW: About what?

TYLER: That she wished that you two could have gotten along. That even though she pushed you around, she still loved you. Even when you did something that hurt her so much. I know it was the reason you two never became close. It took away any chance she had to be the sister she wanted to be for you.

ANDREW: What did I do?

TYLER: It's not easy to talk about. You two did a lot of things to each other that were hurtful. But this one thing was the worst. It changed her forever. It's not my place to tell you because it's something so personal that you're gonna have to remember it for yourself. Only then can you make peace with her.

ANDREW: Why would I need to make peace with her?

TYLER: Because even though you often refer to her as the "Devil," you loved her very much. Even if you deny it. But you feel bad for what happened to her a long time ago. Even though what you did was wrong, you still masked your guilt with hateful comments. You used her painful experience to make the ultimate burn with your friends. But it backfired. You two were never able to be close because of it.

ANDREW: Look, Tyler. I know you love her. But Lorraine was evil. Whatever I did, she probably deserved it. And I don't know what I supposedly did that was so wrong because I did so many things to her. But she did even worse things to me. I'm glad she changed. But all I knew was...well...the devil.

TYLER: I'm sorry you feel that way. And I'm sorry I tried to talk to you about this. But I was hoping I'd be able to find something in there that could help you and Lorraine. I'm sorry I even tried.

Tyler, pissed as hell, gets up and leaves through the basement door. Andrew is very confused.

ANDREW: What did I do?

Tyler walks out to the driveway and to his truck. Clarence and Kathy, chilling outside, see him.

CLARENCE: Where you going?

TYLER: I've got things to take care of. I'll be back in a few days.


KATHY: Drive carefully, honey.

TYLER: I will.

Tyler gets into his truck and drives off.

KATHY: I wonder what he's got to do?

CLARENCE: I have no idea.

Stay tune for the next chapter. There will be at least two murders in the next chapter and a very precious character will finally be introduced.

Chapter 5

Inside an apartment room is ROBERT MILLERTON (70s). He's in a wheelchair. He wheels himself in front of the TV and watches the game show.

A black figure can be seen peeking through his window. The Figure slowly and quietly opens the window. Millerton is unaware of the intruder sneaking into his apartment.

The black figure, whom we assume is Ghostface since we are facing him from behind, sneaks up behind him.

Suddenly Millerton finds himself falling backwards on his chair...IT'S TYLER, wearing the same exact black jacket and hood as Ghostface, who leans over him. A switchblade aimed at him.

MILLERTON: Who are you?

TYLER: Someone who loves someone you hurt. You took the innocence of someone special to me.

Tyler pulls out a picture of Lorraine. Millerton gasps when he sees her.

MILLERTON: Lorraine Carter.

TYLER: What you did changed her life forever.

FLASHBACK (B&W) - 1971

The school bell rings. All of the students in ROBERT MILLERTON's math class begin to leave. Millerton is the same old man that Tyler is attacking, only this time he's much younger (40s) and healthier. He has his eye on a very pretty young blond student of his.

MILLERTON: Lorraine, would you stay here for a moment?

We finally see LORRAINE CARTER (13). She's still innocent during this time in her life. More conservative and not in her whory ways yet. In fact, she looks like an angel compared to her friends and fellow female students. All of them have either already had sex or they are attempting to get the boys' attention with their racy outfits. But our Lorraine, while curious about sex like all girls her age, is nothing like the rest of them.

Lorraine approaches Millerton's desk as the last few students including her friends leave the classroom.

LORRAINE: Yes, Mr. Millerton?

MILLERTON: It has come to my attention that you're not doing so well as the rest of your classmates.

LORRAINE: I'm sorry. I really am trying. But math just isn't my thing. I do the best I can. But no matter how hard I try I just can't do it.

MILLERTON: I understand, Lorraine. But I'm afraid that if you don't get any better by the end of this semester, you're going to have to repeat this class next year.

LORRAINE: No, please, Mr. Millerton. It's important to me that I move onto the 8th grade. Please don't fail me. I'll do anything to pass this class.

Millerton thinks for a moment. He knows he's got her under his thumb now. Now is the time for him to make his move.

MILLERTON: Well...I think we can work on something. How is your personal life? Do you have a boyfriend?

Lorraine puts on a sad look. She's so innocent and alone. She's very lonely and is desiring the same kind of love and affection that her friends get.

LORRAINE: No. I'm not like the other girls. I'm not pretty enough.

MILLERTON: Oh, that is non-sense. You're very pretty. In fact, you're one of the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Lorraine is flattered. Nobody aside from her parents has ever said that to her. Millerton is the first non-relative male to ever say such thing to her. She smiles.

LORRAINE: Thank you, Mr. Millerton.

MILLERTON: Call me Robert.


MILLERTON: Do you trust me?

LORRAINE: Yes, Robert, I do trust you.

Millerton moves his hands down to her thighs. He pulls her closer to him. Lorraine isn't sure how to respond. She's nervous yet she is feeling the affection that nobody has ever given her. The kind of affection that she's been craving for.

MILLERTON: I think we have an understanding then.

Millerton moves towards Lorraine. His face getting closer to hers. She does not back away. She doesn't even move. She lets it happen. Their lips meet. Her first kiss.

Millerton begins to fondle her and putting his hands in places where he shouldn't be.

BACK TO 1999.

Tyler continues giving Millerton glares.

TYLER: And you got off easy. But she never recovered.


Lorraine is crying as she is writing in her diary in her bedroom.

LORRAINE: How could this have happened to me? Am I trash? Am I what Mommy and Daddy hate in girls? Why did I let him do that to me? I am trash!

She closes her diary. She picks up the same underwear that she was wearing earlier that day. There is blood on it. The blood is not as a result of her period. This is the same day that Lorraine spent "after class time" with Millerton.


The next day at school, the police are escorting Millerton out in handcuffs. Despite what he did being wrong, all the teachers, parents, and students are looking at him like he's the victim.

Lorraine walks into the school. Everyone turns to her. But their looks change. It's her who, in their eyes, is the criminal. In their eyes, she's the one who took advantage of a lonely man, traded sex for a favor, and pushed a vulnerable man into something she wouldn't let him get away from. In their eyes...she's the tramp and the villain. And she knows it.

STUDENT 1: What a tramp.

STUDENT 2: How did she trick him into it?

STUDENT 3: No wonder we never saw her with a boyfriend. She likes older men.

TEACHER: I don't feel comfortable with her as a student.

PRINCIPAL: I understand. But we can't kick her out. The law says she's the victim. Even if we know that's not true.

Lorraine's soul has hit rock bottom. The entire school and the city of Clearwood sees her as the enemy. The cheap-easy whore, liar, and user of the easily manipulated. From then on, Lorraine became a whore as a result. Believing it was all that she was worth.

BACK TO 1999.

Tyler pulls off Millerton's pants. He moves his knife down to his private parts.

TYLER: You took something precious of hers. So I'm going to take away something precious to you.

MILLERTON: No! Please!

Tyler starts to poke the knife into Millerton. The elderly man is scared. Crying. Tyler is almost drawing blood when he suddenly stops. He's too good for this.

TYLER: God, I can't. I just can't do it.

MILLERTON: Please... don't kill me.

TYLER: I'm not going to kill you. I want you to remember my visit and what you did to Lorraine until the day you die. Look at my face. Look into my eyes. Just remember what you almost lost tonight. Remember how much pain I put you in through fear and humiliation. Then just remember that is exactly what you put her through. Then you can feel that pain to the fullest extent when you go to hell.

Tyler leaves the old man alone. Millerton cries in relief. He doesn't know what to do.

Tyler climbs out of Millerton's window. As he goes to his truck, he passes a large bush. We stay on that bush as we hear Tyler get inside his truck and starts the engine. We can hear his truck drive off. GHOSTFACE pops out from behind the tree.

Ghostface walks to the same window that Tyler just came out of.

Millerton is still lying on the floor. Slowly trying to stop crying.

GHOSTFACE: (off screen) Hello, Millerton.

Millerton looks up. Ghostface raises his knife and slams it into his chest. Millerton gasps out. Blood spewing from his mouth.

GHOSTFACE: I am guessing Tyler told you why he visited you. So I guess I won't need to explain it to you. We have the same motive. Only unlike Tyler, I am actually finishing the job.

Ghostface raises his knife and swings it down into Millerton's chest. The fatal blow.

The next night Tyler is outside a house. Through the window, he sees a little girl, NANCY (6), who is being smacked around by her father JOHN RILEY. John walks away. Nancy is left crying.

Moments later, Tyler walks into the house. Nancy turns around and finds him standing by the front door. Tyler stares at her. She is the spitting image of Lorraine. We begin to realize that this is Lorraine's daughter. Tyler is furious when he sees the marks on her face that her father has inflicted on her.

Tyler approaches her. Nancy is scared at first. But when Tyler rubs her face, he does it a calm, soothing, loving, and protective way. She calms down.

TYLER: It's ok, honey. I'm not going to let him hurt you again.

As Tyler walks towards the same direction where John went off to, Nancy puts on a smile. She realizes that Tyler is not another man coming to hurt her. This is the Prince who is coming to rescue her like the ones in the stories that she reads about. The one she dreamed about taking her away from her abusive dad.

John is in the bathroom washing his hands. He looks up at the mirror...Tyler is behind him. John's face is slammed into the mirror. Tyler begins beating him ruthlessly.

JOHN: Who the hell are you?

TYLER: You don't remember me?

John stares at him. He finally recognizes him.

JOHN: Yeah. You're the bitch's son, aren't you? She send you to mess with me? Just remember I know where she lives.

Tyler pulls out his knife and places it against John's throat. Now the tough father is afraid.

TYLER: She's dead. We no longer live at that trailer park. And you don't know about her family. So you don't know where I'm taking her daughter. You will never hurt her again. And if you ever come looking for her, I swear to God…I will find you and I will fucking kill you. Do you understand?

John stares into the younger man's eyes and nods. Frightened. Tyler is not the same little kid that he use to beat up on when he was younger. Tyler is now a man much stronger than he is.

TYLER: Good.

Tyler punches him and John is out cold.

Tyler walks out of his bedroom and into the living room. Nancy is still there. Tyler smiles and kneels down to her.

TYLER: My name is Tyler.

NANCY: I'm Nancy.

TYLER: I know. You don't remember me but I knew you when you were a baby. You don't have to worry about him anymore. I'm taking you away from here.

NANCY: Am I going back to my mommy?

TYLER: I'm afraid not. But I am going to take you to some great people who will love you the way your mommy loved you. Just like I will. I will never let anyone hurt you ever again. I promise you.

Tyler offers her his hand and she takes it. They hold hands and walk out of the house.

In Tyler's truck, Nancy is asleep. Tyler uses his black jacket as blanket and puts it on her. Very protective of her.

Outside, Tyler drives off and we see Ghostface standing there. He turns to John's house.

In John's house, John regains conscious.

JOHN: Son of a bitch!

He gets up when his phone RINGS. He goes into the living room and answers it.

JOHN: Hello?

GHOSTFACE: Hello, John.

JOHN: Who is this?

GHOSTFACE: The voice of Lorraine Carter's past haunting Clearwood. The people who hurt her are going to wish that they never touched her or even said a word to her.

JOHN: What are you talking about?

GHOSTFACE: You abused Lorraine and that little boy she raised. Then when she dumped you after she gave birth to your daughter, you stole that little girl and abused her, too.

JOHN: (thinks it's Tyler) Look, you little shit. You just bashed my face in and took the kid away. What more do you what?

GHOSTFACE: I'm not Tyler and I don't want Nancy. I want you. I want you to feel the same pain that you made Lorraine feel everyday that you were with her.

JOHN: Is that a threat?

GHOSTFACE: It's a fuckking promise!

JOHN: Then show your face, you fucking coward.

Suddenly, Ghostface pops up behind him. Knife raised and everything.

GHOSTFACE: My pleasure!

Ghostface stabs John in the back. John yelps. Ghostface takes the knife out and goes to stab him again but John turns around struggles with the killer.

After struggling a bit, Ghostface throws John over the couch. John falls onto the floor. Ghostface quickly goes over to him and stabs him in the chest. John shrieks. Ghostface gets into his face.

GHOSTFACE: Do you know what the penalty is for beating women and children? Death!

Ghostface proceeds to slash, stab, and mutilate John to death. We can hear his screams of pain.

The next day at the Carter's, the parents and the gang wait outside as Tyler parks his truck into the driveway.

Tyler comes out with Nancy in his arms. She turns her head to Clarence and Kathy, her grandparents. They gasps when they see her face. They see their daughter's face in her.

CLARENCE: Oh, my God.

Tyler puts her down.

TYLER: (to Nancy) Go say hello to your Grandma and Grandpa.

The Carter's gasps with emotion when they hear Tyler refer them to her as her grandparents

Nancy runs to the Carter's. Kathy picks her up. They hug her. They give her a good look over. They cannot believe this. They're meeting their Granddaughter for the first time. They begin crying.

KATHY: Hello, Baby. I'm your Grandma Kathy.

NANCY: I'm Nancy.

KATHY: That is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

CLARENCE: (to Tyler) What about her father?

TYLER: I've made sure that he will never hurt her again.

They look at her. Notices the bruises on her face. Clarence gives her a smile.

CLARENCE: I have a special bedroom that you can have. It once belonged to your mother.

The gang gasps. Shocked by what they've just heard. Clarence has always been strict about Lorraine's bedroom. He NEVER lets anyone stay in her old bedroom. This shows how important it is to him meeting his new granddaughter. He's giving his little girl's bedroom to her own little girl.

The Carter's takes Nancy into the house. The gang turns to Tyler.

TYLER: Her father abused Lorraine and I. I was twelve when Nancy was born. After she was born, Lorraine broke up with him. In retaliation, he took Nancy away from Lorraine. This is the first time I've seen her since she was born.

Tyler walks off. The gang glare at each other. A new plot twist to Lorraine's secret life. A little girl. They see Kathy giving her some cookies. Seeing this battered girl smile for the first time in her life touches them. They know she's been through hell.

Tyler is a hero.

Chapter 6


We're inside a trailer park home. A boy (10) is hiding behind a couch. He's scared. Crying. We hear a man and a woman fighting. Then the thing that scares him the most...A SLAP!

The woman falls to the floor. She's a blonde. Crying. She turns to the boy, showing her face...It's LORRAINE. She's more afraid for the boy than she is for herself.

LORRAINE: It's okay, honey. Everything will be okay.

The legs of the man come into our view. He bends down to Lorraine. He looks at the boy. It's JOHN RILEY. The boy is frightened of him.

JOHN: This is how to be a man, boy. If they don't listen; you beat it out of them.

John laughs. He grabs Lorraine and drags her away from our view. She screams as she struggles to get loose from his grip. The boy is crying hard.

We zoom into the boy's eyes. As his eyes fill our view...the scene changes from B&W to regular color. We zoom away from the boy's eyes to find that he is actually TYLER...because we're back to the present 1999.

Tyler is laying on the bed in his studio apartment. He's mostly settled in except for one box in the middle. He gets off of his bed and goes to the box. He opens the box. The box is full of memorabilia from his past. He pulls out a record. As he goes to put the record on we…


Lorraine putting on the same record.

Both moments between Tyler's present time and Lorraine's flashback intertwine with each other as Tyler recreates the same movements and mannerisms as Lorraine's flashback.

Tyler closes his eyes.


Lorraine dances to the music. She spins around and smiles at little TYLER (4). He giggles at the sight of his "Mother" dancing. She picks him and puts him in a dance posture.

LORRAINE: May I have this dance?

TYLER: Yes, Mommy.

They smile and giggle as Lorraine dances with him. It's a precious moment between them.

BACK TO 1999.

Tyler is going through other old stuff. One of them is a baby spoon. It's old and in good condition.


Baby Tyler is on his high chair as Lorraine is feeding him with the same spoon but it appears newer. She is smiling at the adorable child.

LORRAINE: That's a good boy. Pretty soon you'll be able to do this by yourself. You're beginning to be a big boy. But don't grow up too fast.

Lorraine wipes off the food around his mouth.

BACK TO 1999.

Tyler pulls out a pistol. As he stares at it, he begins to cry. He's remembering something horrible about it...

FLASHBACK - 1990 (B&W)

Lorraine is in the kitchen by the counter. She is crying while yelling on the phone. This is the phone call that Clarence told Tyler about. The one that ended his relationship with Lorraine.

LORRAINE: I'm sorry. But I've changed, Daddy. I wanna come home. There's something special I wanna share with you. (We hear Clarence yelling but can't make it out)...No, I swear that's not what is going on. I'm not doing that anymore. (We hear Clarence continue yelling. It's intense)...Fine. If you won't listen and give me a chance, if this is how you feel, then I don't ever wanna see or talk to you again. (We can hear Clarence yell the same).

Lorraine slams the phone down and throws it at the wall. It breaks. Lorraine breaks down crying. She grabs the beer on the counter and opens it. She takes a big gulp of it. She grabs a bottle of pills. She opens it and pours some in her hand. She shoves them into mouth and flushes them down her throat with the beer.

Lorraine opens a drawer and inside is...the pistol. She pulls it out and stares at it. She pulls out a picture of her with Clarence, Kathy, and Andrew together during a more happier time. She sobs uncontrollably.

LORRAINE: I am so sorry that I am not the daughter you wanted. I am so sorry I was a bad sister. I am sorry that I am a disappointment. I just wanted you to love me even after what I done.

Lorraine opens her mouth and puts the gun into her mouth. She puts her finger on the trigger when...

TYLER: Mommy?

Lorraine hides the gun and turns around to find a confused TYLER (9) in the doorway. He's wearing his pajamas.


TYLER: Are you okay, mommy?

Lorraine knows she can't hide this from him. She cries. She gets on her knees and opens her arms out.

LORRAINE: Come here, sweetie.

Tyler runs into her arms. She holds him tight and kisses his head.

LORRAINE: I love you, Tyler. You're all that matters to me now. You're the only thing that keeps me alive. I hope you know that I cannot live without you.

Tyler is confused by this. Being nine, he doesn't understand what has happened or what she's going through. All he knows is that his "mommy" is sad.

BACK TO 1999.

Tyler puts the gun back into the box. He closes his eyes.

TYLER: I miss you.

LORRAINE: I miss you, too.

A startled Tyler jumps up and spins around. In front of him is the SPIRIT OF LORRAINE CARTER. She's so beautiful. Like an angel. In fact, she is an angel.


LORRAINE: Yes, Tyler. It's me.

Tyler isn't sure how to react. He cannot believe what he's seeing. She slowly approaches him.

LORRAINE: It's okay, sweetie. You don't have to be afraid.

Lorraine holds out her hand and Tyler accepts her hand much like when Tyler gave his hand to Nancy when he saved her. We now understand where he got it from.

TYLER: I found her.


TYLER: She's beautiful. She looks just like you.

Lorraine smiles.

TYLER: Clarence and Kathy. They love her. They accept her for who she is.

LORRAINE: That's why you saved her. You were testing the waters, weren't you?

Tyler's eyes are wide open. How did she know his motive for saving her?

TYLER: I thought that maybe if they knew about Nancy then…you know.

LORRAINE: And now that they know about her and that they still love's time. Now is the time for you to tell them the truth. Let them know who you are. Let them all know. Tell them everything. Let them know.

TYLER: It's hard. After all they done to you. It's not easy.

LORRAINE: That's why you have to tell them why. Maybe now they will understand everything. And maybe they can make peace with me. Maybe I can finally rest knowing that they finally understand what happened and why. I deserve it. You deserve it. They deserve it. Nancy deserves it. Don't let me go without ending the pain that we've all been suffering for all those years. Promise me, Tyler.

TYLER: I promise you. I will let them know the truth. I will open their eyes. I will let them know why everything happened.

LORRAINE: Thank you. I must go now.

TYLER: Please, don't leave me. Don't leave me all alone.

LORRAINE: But you're not alone. You have a family now. You now have Nancy to take care of. And besides, I would never leave you. I will always be with you.

Tyler hugs Lorraine. She holds him tightly like she use to when he was a little boy. As they hug for a long period of time, we zoom in on Tyler all the way to his eyes. He has tears coming out of his eyes.

LORRAINE: I love you, Tyler.

TYLER: I love you, too...Mom.

We zoom back out to find Tyler alone with his arms around nothing but thin air. He turns and is shocked to find his "Mother" gone. He looks around for her. Crying.

TYLER: Where did you go? Mom?

Tyler finally accepts that she's gone and breaks down crying.

At the Carter's, Kathy walks upstairs. She hears Clarence's voice talking. She follows the voice to Nancy's bedroom, which is Lorraine's old bedroom. She stands at the doorway. Clarence is sitting on the bed with Nancy on his lap. They're reading a really old child's book.

CLARENCE: Run, run as fast as you can. You can't catch me...

Nancy giggles. Kathy smiles as she watches them. But she suddenly feels like she's having deja vu. Like she's seen this before. But this isn't deja vu.

FLASHBACK (B&W) - 1964

A young CLARENCE (30s) is sitting on the same bed with a girl, who looks identical to Nancy at the same age, sitting on his lap. We come to realize that this is actually LORRAINE. They're reading the same book but it looks cleaner and newer than it's present condition.

A young KATHY (barely in her 30s) is standing at the same doorway giving them the same smile. It's the exact same scene, only thirty-five years between them.

Clarence gives Lorraine a kiss on the head. As he does...we make the TRANSITION back to the present with Clarence giving Nancy a kiss on the head.

Kathy gets so emotional that she has to walk away from the bedroom. Neither Clarence or Nancy were even aware that she was there.

CLARENCE: I love you, Lorraine.

Nancy becomes extremely confused.

NANCY: But Grandpa, my name is Nancy.

Clarence realizes his mistake.

CLARENCE: Oh, I'm so sorry. It's just that you remind so much of her.

NANCY: Who is Lorraine?

Clarence turns to her with a gut-wrenching expression. His heart has been shattered. He realizes that she doesn't even know who her own mother is. He finds enough strength to explain it to her.

CLARENCE: Lorraine was...a very special girl. Grandma and I were once close to her. She was very you. She was a good little girl.

NANCY: Did you like her?

CLARENCE: I loved her. More than I can ever explain.

NANCY: Would I have liked her?

CLARENCE: Yes, you would have.

NANCY: Would she have liked me?

CLARENCE: No...she would have loved you. Probably more than anyone can ever love you. In fact...I know she did.

NANCY: Where is Lorraine now?

Clarence thinks for a moment. Trying to find a safer way to tell Nancy the truth.

CLARENCE: She's in a better place now.

They smile at each other.

KATHY: (shouting from downstairs): DINNER!

CLARENCE: Let's go.

They get up. Nancy runs out of the room first. Clarence follows. He watches his Granddaughter run down the stairs. He freezes and starts to remember a moment very similar...


A transition between Nancy running downstairs and a flashback of Lorraine running downstairs occurs. The two moments are identical. It continues to show the similarities between Nancy and her mother when she was her age. Their running, the speed, the movement of their bodies, the waving of their hair, and the glow of their smiling faces are so identical that if you didn't know better, you'd think that they were the same person.

Lorraine turns her head to Clarence, who is still at the top of the stairs.

LORRAINE: Come on, Daddy.

The flashback cuts back to Nancy in the same spot and looking up at Clarence the same way with the same exact smile.

NANCY: Come on, Grandpa.

Clarence tries to be strong and puts on a smile for his innocent Granddaughter.

CLARENCE: I'll be there in a moment, sweetheart. You go on ahead.

Nancy gives him a smile before running off. Once she's finally happens. Clarence does something that we never thought we'd ever see from a stubborn, tough, hardass like him. He emotionally collapses to the first step of the stairs. Breaks down crying.

CLARENCE: Oh, Lorraine! My little girl. Why did you leave me?

He continues to cry.

KATHY: (Shouting from the kitchen) CLARENCE!

CLARENCE: I'm coming!

Clarence stands up. He wipes away his tears and gets rid of any evidence of his emotional breakdown.

Chapter 7

Tyler is eating his TV dinner in his studio apartment. The music playing is from the same record from his Lorraine Flashbacks (Chapter 6). He's enjoying the music.

The phone RINGS. Tyler gets up and picks up the phone.

TYLER: Hello?

GHOSTFACE: Hello, Tyler.

TYLER: Who is this?

GHOSTFACE: I'm just another part of you. And another person on the same mission as you. Only unlike you, I'm actually finishing the job.

TYLER: What are you talking about?

GHOSTFACE: Turn on the news.



Tyler turns on the television and switches on the news. The news is covering a murder.

REPORTER: Millerton was found dead at a campsite just outside of Clearwood. He had been deceased for half a week. It is uncertain if he was killed on the night he disappeared. The police do not have any suspects but they say that the investigation is still on-going. They say that they hope that this is an isolated incident.

In the Cater's basement, the entire gang is watching the same news coverage. They're all shocked.

ANDREW: Millerton was Lorraine's teacher. The one who…(too shocked to finish).

SCOTT: I recognize that campsite.

They all get closer to the TV. They recognize it.

DAPHNE: Oh, my God. That was our campsite.

ANDREW: That's right. That's the one that we stayed at the night before our graduation.

Charlie is seen smiling.

CHARLIE: I remember that night. That was the night when Lorraine and I hooked up.

NICK: That's right because you guys stole my van.

ANDREW: Not only two stole it to get married.

CHARLIE: Oh, what a crazy day that was.

Back at Tyler's apartment, Tyler is horrified by what he's just learned. We can hear Ghostface laughing over the phone. Tyler gives his attention back to Ghostface on the phone.

GHOSTFACE: How do you like that?

TYLER: You killed him.

GHOSTFACE: That's right. I finished where you left off. I finished the job. And I'm not done. But what about you? Have you told the Carter's your secret.

Tyler is stunned. How does he know about his secret? He tries to play stupid.

TYLER: Secret? What secret? I don't know what you're talking about.

GHOSTFACE: Don't play dumb with me, Tyler. I know everything about you. Your true origins. The nature of your relationship with Lorraine. Your real relations with the Carter's. I know everything.

TYLER: Bullshit.

GHOSTFACE: No bullshit. I am for real. But I'll make you a deal. If you tell them truth, I'll leave it be. But if you don't tell the Carter's about your true origins by tomorrow, I'll show Nancy something horrible. Something so horrifying that she will be traumatized for the rest of her life.

Tyler becomes furious.

TYLER: You leave Nancy alone. You touch her and I will...

GHOSTFACE: Find me and you will kill me. You swear to God..Blah! Blah! Blah! Like I haven't heard that before. But that's not how the game works. You will find me when I decide that you will find me. In fact, I'll come to you.

Ghostface disconnects the call.

Tyler couldn't bring himself to tell the Carter's the truth. His secret. The entire day after tomorrow, Tyler was extremely nervous. Checking up on Nancy to see if she was safe or if somebody approached her with something bad.

The gang is hanging out in the Carter driveway. Tyler is among them. Scott, Charlie, and Nick are playing basketball. Melissa is leaning against the garage door. Andrew, Daphne, and Emilia are sitting at the porch with Tyler.

TYLER: So where did Clarence and Kathy go?

ANDREW: They took Nancy to a school. She's going to be starting the first grade.

EMILIA: Aww! Good for her.

TYLER: Has any of you been getting weird phone calls from a stranger?

The gang look at each other. They shake their heads.

SCOTT: Nope.

NICK: Nah.


Everyone turns to Charlie with curiosity. Tyler is worried.

TYLER: What did your caller say?

CHARLIE: "You're gonna pay for your sins."

Charlie and everyone else but Tyler, who is now horrified, shrugs it off. No big deal.

SCOTT: Must have been a prank call.

Melissa turns to the garage door behind her..

MELISSA: Something smells in your Dad's garage, Andrew.

ANDREW: Probably another mess that he's going to make me clean up.

The CARTER'S return home. Clarence, Kathy, and Nancy gets out of the car. Nancy is excited.


The gang applaud her. Tyler is very proud. He hugs. Meanwhile, Clarence heads for the garage door.

MELISSA: Mr. Carter, something stinks in your garage.

CLARENCE: Probably time for another clean up. (Turns to Andrew) Andrew, whatever is in here, I'd like you to clean it up for me.

Andrew rolls his eyes up.

ANDREW: I knew it.

Clarence opens up the garage door. When it opens...everyone backs away and screams. Nancy sees whatever is inside, too. She's horrified. She screams.


We finally see it: JOHN'S DEAD BODY! He's hanging in the middle of the garage. "CHARLIE" is carved into his forehead and "LORRAINE" across his chest. Hanging around his neck is a picture. It's a picture of Andrew, Daphne, Scott, Nick, Melissa, and Charlie as they're celebrating their high school graduation together. Lorraine is also in the picture with her arms around Charlie. An X mark is on Lorraine's face...pointing out her recent death...but a target above Charlie's head. Circles are around everyone else.

This is a message to everyone in Lorraine's life. Every single person who ever knew Lorraine is now a target and Charlie is Ghostface's primary target.

Clarence holds Nancy tightly and covers her eyes. But it's too late. She's already seen it enough to know what has happened. Everyone is in shocked. Tyler is filled with guilt. He knew something was up but didn't say anything. Charlie is frightened. Seeing his name and a target above his head in the picture.

CHARLIE: What is going here?

Tyler turns to Charlie. Why Charlie? What did Charlie do? What is Ghostface's beef with Charlie?

The police have arrived. Investigators are taking photos of John's body. Detectives are speaking with each witness. Kathy is holding Nancy. They're both crying. Nancy is now traumatized after seeing her father's corpse. Clarence is trying to talk to an officer but he's still trying to register the entire incident. Charlie is also being interviewed as he is seen as a potential target.

Tyler is off to the other side of the house. He's vomiting. He cannot believe what has happened.

TYLER: (to himself) He fuckking did it. He fucking killed him. Oh, God. Who is this guy? What am I gonna do now?

Suddenly Scott appears out of nowhere.

SCOTT: Are you okay?

Tyler is startled by Scott's sudden appearance.

TYLER: I'm fine, Scott. Just totally disturbed by all of this.

SCOTT: Nancy's know anything about this?

Tyler realizes what Scott is indicating. He takes offense to it.

TYLER: I lived with him for many years while he abused Lorraine. But I had nothing to do with his murder. Messed him up, yes. But I did not do this. I did not cut him up and hang him in the Carter's garage.

SCOTT: Okay. But a week ago Millerton disappears...the night after you took off after getting in a heated discussion with Andrew. A few days later, you bring Nancy to us. And now both Millerton and Riley are dead. One found a few days ago at the same campsite we had on the eve of our graduation...where Lorraine and Charlie hooked up...and now Riley's body is found in the Carter's garage with Charlie's name carved on him. And a picture of us on graduation day. What am I supposed to believe? What is going on Tyler? Who is doing this and why is Charlie the target?

TYLER: I don't know. But whoever this is, he knows more secrets. Knows more than I do.

SCOTT: How do you know that?

Tyler realizes he just slipped. Scott sees this.

SCOTT: You know who did this, don't you?

TYLER: I don't know who he is. But he called me the other day. He threatened me.

SCOTT: The same guy who "prank called" Charlie? That's why you're so concerned about rather we got strange phone calls. You knew someone was planning something.

TYLER: Look, Scott. This guy isn't fucking around. He said he was going to finish the job for me.

SCOTT: What job?

Tyler hesitates.

TYLER: I came here to do more than just connect with Lorraine's family. I wanted to show everyone the error of their ways. He knew about my mission. Except he's taking it a step further. I've confronted two men...and now they're both dead. And I'm afraid by coming to you guys for the same reason I’ve confronted those men, I just put targets on your backs.

SCOTT: Are you saying that you're leading this killer right to us? Did you set this up?

TYLER: No. I may have a bone to pick...but I do not have a vendetta against you guys.

SCOTT: This isn't about you bringing Nancy to her family. This isn't about you connecting with Lorraine's family or for anyone to make peace. You want us to feel bad. What did we supposedly do to Lorraine?

TYLER: I am giving you guys another chance to see it before I can tell you.

SCOTT: Don't play this fucking game with me. You tell me what we done...why are you or this guy after us all?

TYLER: I don't know his reasons. But my reasons are so clear as day. But you don't see it. You're closed minded.

Tyler is getting agitated that he goes to walk off. Scott, being the tough-ass he normally is, won't take it. He grabs Tyler.

SCOTT: I'm not done with you, boy.

Scott turns him around and WHAM! Scott finds himself suddenly on the grass. His lip is bleeding. Tyler is standing over him, looking extremely surprised. Neither one of them saw this coming.

TYLER: I'm so sorry.

Full of guilt and anger...Tyler runs off. Scott is still shocked that this kid just decked him. Scott is usually the tough one who wins the fights. But this time, finally, he's lost the fight.

That night, Clarence is putting Nancy to bed.

NANCY: Grandpa?

CLARENCE: Yes, sweetheart?

NANCY: Is the man who killed my daddy coming to get me, too?

CLARENCE: No. He's not. I won't let him.

Clarence kisses her on the head.

CLARENCE: I love you, Nancy.

NANCY: I love you, too, Grandpa.

Outside the driveway, Charlie is standing on the porch. He has his eyes on the garage. The yellow crime scene tape still surrounds it. Charlie can't get over what he saw. Even worse is that he knows that he is now the target.

Clarence comes out with two beers. He gives one to Charlie.

CHARLIE: Thank you, Clarence.

They both stare at the garage while drinking their beers.

CLARENCE: Isn't that something? I still don't understand why this man is doing this shlt. We never did anything wrong.

CHARLIE: Nor did I. I was just a Foreign Exchange Student. All I did was follow Andrew around. But I'm a target. Nancy's father's head had my name on it. A target above my head in the graduation picture. Not to mention Lorraine old teacher's body was found where we hooked up the night before we got married.

CLARENCE: You suggesting the man responsible for this is somebody who is angry about your brief marriage with my daughter?

CHARLIE: That's what's been on my mind all day. Who did it hurt that we got married?

Clarence clears his throat...remember?

CHARLIE: Oh, that's right. But I mean...somebody who'd want me dead.

Charlie thinks for a moment and remembers something.

CHARLIE: Well you did say "Kill the African" to Kathy while you thought you were dying from the heart attack. So I guess, technically you're the only suspect in this.

CLARENCE: Right. But if I wanted to kill you I would have done it twenty years ago...before I changed my ways.

CHARLIE: True. And I know you wouldn't hang Mr. Riley's body like that for everyone to see. Especially little Nancy.

CLARENCE: That's what hurts me the most about this. That son of a bitch hung my granddaughter's father's body in my garage for her and everyone else to see. I swear if I ever see him, I am gonna kill him.

Charlie nods. He wishes the same.

CLARENCE: You know it's funny. It was twenty-one years ago that I had my first heart attack right here because of your marriage with my daughter. I hated you so much.

CHARLIE: I know.

CLARENCE: I'm sorry for the way I treated you, son. You know all of you kids did stupid things. But you guys grew up in my basement. You became family. Your own parents weren't around. Nick's parents ignored him, Scott's parents abandoned him, Melissa's parents were in jail or hiding out, and Daphne's parents were out dating a lot that they never paid attention to her. So…

CHARLIE: You and Kathy were always there for us.

CLARENCE: Right. We took you guys in. And though back then...I would of gladly have said that you kids were nothing to me but a bunch of dumbass kids who invaded my basement. But today I'd be proud to call you my kids. I love you, Charlie.

Charlie is surprised to hear this. But glad that he finally said it. It's a moment that was overdue.

CHARLIE: I love you, too, Dad.

Clarence and Charlie hug. They're not just former Father and Son-Law anymore. They're Father and Son through their years of being around each other regardless of what all happened between them. All the racist remarks, the threatening, the sham marriage, the heart attack, etc. They've been through so much together to not have any kind of love for each other.

CLARENCE: No matter what, we will get through this. Whoever is behind this, we'll find him and bring him to justice. We will not let this man control us. We will not let him make us afraid to go out. Whoever he is, we'll expose him and make sure he never hurts anyone ever again. For you, for Nancy, for all of us...For Lorraine.

Charlie nods.

CHARLIE: Well, I better get going. Goodnight, Clarence.

CLARENCE: Goodnight, son.

Charlie walks off.

Clarence looks at his garage. He's angry. Some of the old Clarence that we've heard about is temporarily back in his moment of anger towards the man who just hurt his family with today's incident.

CLARENCE: Whoever you are...if you plan on making us afraid, making us suffer for your anger, planning to take everything away from us...bring it on. Because I will not allow you to hurt my family and take everything away from us. Face me, you coward.

We stay outside as Clarence walks inside the house. He locks the sliding glass door. He turns off the kitchen lights.

We pan over to the bushes between the Carter's and the neighbor's house...we find GHOSTFACE standing there. Hiding. He heard everything Clarence said.

The next day, Tyler, Kathy, and Charlie are in the spare bedroom in the basement. They're going through Lorraine's old stuff. Tyler is looking at pictures of her.

TYLER: I love this picture of her. She was so beautiful.

CHARLIE: (obviously still in love) Yeah. She was.

Tyler goes through other pictures. He finds one of a large abandoned building. Charlie sees it and recognizes it.

TYLER: What is this place?

CHARLIE: That's a building in Marysville. It's where Lorraine and I last made love to each other as a celebration of our divorce. She never slept with me during our marriage. But she was willing to after it.

KATHY: She went there a lot to…*very hesitant*

TYLER: I see.

Later, Tyler comes out of the spare bedroom when Scott walks into the basement. The two are face to face. Intense.

TYLER: I'm sorry for punching you yesterday.

SCOTT: And I'm sorry for accusing you for causing all of this horrible stuff. We were all feeling intense over what happened.

TYLER: We cool?

SCOTT: We're cool.

Chapter 8

That night, MIKE (An ex-boyfriend of Lorraine's) is driving around in his nice car through the empty deserted streets of Clearwood. He stops at a red light. He waits for it to turn green.

An unmasked but hooded Ghostface (face concealed by darkness) starts to walk across the crosswalk. He stops and turns to stare at Mike.

MIKE: What are you doing, kid? Keep walking.

Ghostface does just that. Keeps walking. Mike watches him cross the crosswalk and disappearing into the dark night.

The light turns green. Mike continues on through the street until he has to stop at another red light not far from the last one. It's frustrating him.

MIKE: Freaking lights. There's not a single car or person on the other side.

Out of nowhere, Mike's driver side window SHATTERS. Ghostface pulls him out.


Ghostface succeeds in pulling him out and stabs him a few time. Mike is weak and critically injured. He looks up at the killer. Ghostface pulls out a picture of Lorraine.

GHOSTFACE: Do you remember this girl?

Mike stares at the picture. He's dated several hot blonds over the years. Apparently Lorraine was nothing special.

MIKE: I don't know her.

GHOSTFACE: Yes, you do. You lived with her in an apartment briefly in 1977.

It finally hits him.

MIKE: Lorraine. Lorraine Carter.

GHOSTFACE: That's right. You broke her heart and left her to go back to your wife. Like every man in her life, you hurt her and made her feel like trash. And for shall pay the ultimate price for hurting her.

Mike starts whimpering as Ghostface wields his knife at him.

The next morning, Tyler and Bella are at the local park with Jeff, Veronica, and Nancy. Nancy is getting to know the older kids.

BELLA: Nancy fits in nicely with the family.

TYLER: She does. She really is a Carter. She is all we have Lorraine. She's just like how I remember Lorraine.

BELLA: We have you, too.

TYLER: True. But Nancy is Lorraine in more ways than I am. She is sweet, loyal, vulnerable, beautiful, and innocent. Just like Lorraine

BELLA: At least someone remembers her that way. All I ever heard about her growing up was terrible things. It still gets to me that my Dad slept with her...while he was with Melissa, too.

They laugh. They stop laughing and stare into each other's eyes. There is a strong connection and chemistry between them. Bella is beginning to fall for him and he knows it. This idea is making him extremely nervous. But he even must admit to himself that she's very attractive. But he cannot surrender the feelings that are beginning to grow. Especially because he must focus on his goal of coming to Clearwood. She is totally unaware of what's going on in his head. And now he's afraid for her to know the truth.

Bella hears familiar footsteps. She turns around. Walking towards them is a pissed off DAN WILSON (21) - Bella's ex-boyfriend.

BELLA: Oh, crap. That's Dan. My ex. Do me a favor. Kiss me.

TYLER: I'm not sure that's such a….

Bella ignores his pleas. She pulls him to her and kisses him long and passionate.

DAN: Hey, Bella!

BELLA: Oh, hi, Dan.

DAN: Who is this douchebag?

Bella puts on a smile. She puts her arm around Tyler and sets her head on his shoulder. He plays along and holds her hand.

BELLA: This is boyfriend.

DAN: So this is loser that you left me for? You cheated with him, too?

BELLA: I didn't cheat with anyone. You were the one who cheated on me.

DAN: Because you weren't letting me get any.

BELLA: Because you weren't worth it. I told you I wasn't ready. I told you wanted to wait until I was at least twenty-one.

DAN: Right. You're such a liar. You're just like the entire Carter-Price-Lane-Curtis-Howard family. Lying, hypocritical, cheating, whoring, pieces of trash. Every single one of them. You're just like your father and that dead Carter bitch...whores.

Tyler snaps!


Tyler tackles Dan and begins punching him viciously. The three kids are shocked by this. Bella isn't sure what to do.

BELLA: TYLER! DON'T! He's not worth it!

Bella has a difficult time pulling Tyler off of Dan. Eventually she is able to get him off. Dan is all bloodied and bruised up. He can barely fight back.

BELLA: Tyler, please, stop.

Dan gets up and gives them an angry glare. He's had enough.

TYLER: If you ever talk about her family like that, any of them...Carter’s, Curtis's, Price's, Lane's, or the Howard’s...I will break you permanently.

DAN: Screw you, bitch. You ain't worth my time and trouble. I hope you enjoy the fun, loser. Because eventually like her father, she will cheat on you.

Dan walks off.

Betsy turns to the kids.

BELLA: Are you guys okay?

They nod.

TYLER: I'm sorry I snapped like that.

BELLA: It's okay. He insulted your foster mother and my father.

TYLER: Were you honest when you said you didn't cheat?

BELLA: Yes. I'm a Curtis and a virgin. I'm not going to make the same mistakes that my Dad made. I'm waiting for the right one.

TYLER: That's good.

BELLA: Anyways. Thanks for sticking up for me.

TYLER: Of course. You're family.

Bella is confused by this comment.

BELLA: What do you mean I'm family?

Tyler realizes his mistake. He stutters as he tries to cover it up.

TYLER: I mean that you're family in the sense that you're part of the group of families together. You know the Carter-Curtis-Price-Lane-Howard family.

BELLA: Oh, right. Well I think we should get these kids home.

TYLER: Right.

Bella goes to collect the kids. As she takes them back to the van, Tyler takes a deep breath. Close call. Tyler turns to us.

TYLER: She's going to need therapy after she learns the truth.

Later, Clarence and Nancy are on his chair watching football. The Seahawks make a touchdown. They cheer together. Nancy has really become CLARENCE'S GRANDDAUGHTER and Clarence has become HER GRANDPA. Much like how Clarence was LORRAINE'S DADDY and Lorraine was CLARENCE'S LITTLE GIRL.

Kathy is sitting on the couch. The gang (Andrew, Daphne, Scott, Nick, Melissa, Charlie, and Emilia) all walk into the living room.

ANDREW: Hey, Mom, Dad.

CLARENCE: Hey, Andrew. We just got a touchdown. We're now up by three.

ANDREW: Awesome.

DAPHNE: Oh, remember when we went to the Seahawks game twenty years ago?

ANDREW: Yeah. I got into a fight over accidentally wearing the wrong jersey.

CLARENCE: You totally kicked his ass. You made me proud that day.

Tyler walks in through the kitchen door.

TYLER: Afternoon.

EVERYONE: Hey, Tyler!

TYLER: What's...

Suddenly they hear a CRASH! They all turn towards the kitchen. Everyone gets up and heads for the kitchen. They go through the kitchen and out the back sliding glass door.

Outside they find that MIKE'S CAR has crashed into the garage. They noticed that the driver's door is opened. The person responsible for this must have jumped out before the crash. But there is nobody around.


Clarence goes inside the car and finds...MIKE'S DEAD BODY!

CLARENCE: (frightened) Dear Lord.

Clarence gets out and approaches everyone. He gives Kathy the keys to their car.

CLARENCE: Kathy, take Nancy and go someplace safe. Someplace public where people can see you two.

KATHY: What's going on, Clarence?

CLARENCE: Later, Kathy. I don't want Nancy to see this. Please, just go.

Kathy doesn't argue. She grabs Nancy and heads for the Toyota on the other side of the house.

KATHY: Come on, baby. We're going to go for a ride.

NANCY: What's going on, Grandma?

KATHY: Oh, nothing. Someone is just playing a joke on us. Nothing to be worried about.

Clarence waits until Nancy is out of sight and out of earshot.

CLARENCE: Andrew, you remember that guy that we caught Lorraine living with when she first moved out of the house?

ANDREW: You mean that married guy Mike?


ANDREW: Yeah. What about him?

CLARENCE: It's his dead body in there.

Everyone gasps.

ANDREW: Not again.

TYLER: Son of a bitch.

Nick looks into the car and notices a tape recorder on Mike's body.

NICK: There's a tape recorder inside.

Clarence grabs some gloves from inside a drawer in the garage. He grabs the tape recorder. He and everyone else gather around together. He presses play.

GHOSTFACE: (tape) Hello, Everyone.

Everyone is frightened by Ghostface's monstrous and sinister voice.

GHOSTFACE: By now you already know that there are three...dead people. People who I've killed in Lorraine's honor. Men who have hurt her. Made her feel like trash. They got off easy. I just killed them. But I got more coming for you. You shouldn't have challenged me the other night, Clarence.

Clarence is shocked.

GHOSTFACE: That's right...I heard you beg me to "bring it on." and all I have to say is...challenge accepted. My first agenda in this little game of ours is to make Tyler tell you everything.

They all turn to Tyler. He is pissed the fuck off. He's not ready yet to spill his secret. But now he may not have a choice.

GHOSTFACE: That's right, Tyler. Now is the time for you to tell everyone your little secret. You've been dragging it out long enough. Now is the time for everyone to know who you truly are.

Clarence is giving Tyler negative glares. How could Tyler be keeping a secret from them that could possibly be causing people to die?

Ghostface: You're probably wondering who I am and why I'm doing this. Well, Tyler isn't the only person who has a history with Lorraine. See the thing is, Lorraine has done a lot of things. She's been with a lot of people. She's loved a lot of people. I was one of them. But what you did to her prevented any future I had with her. Especially you, Charlie. What you did ruined me. So I'm gonna make you pay the most. You're all gonna pay for what you've done. But before I kill you, I want you to feel the pain. So until I decided to take your lives like you took hers, I am going to make you feel the pain you made her feel all her life.


Everyone turns to Tyler. They no longer feel that they know him anymore. He's been keeping a secret from them and now he knows he must tell them everything.

Chapter 9

Tyler will finally tell them the truth about his origins, his relations with Lorraine, his connection to the main characters, and why everything that happened to Lorraine is all connected to what is currently happening. ENJOY!

The police have once again finished taking over the Carter's garage. Two Agents are assigned to guard both sides of the house. The Detectives and other cops have finished processing the crime scene. Mike's body and car are taken away.

Bella is watching over Nancy, Jeff, and Veronica in Nancy's bedroom. They're not taking any chances at separating their kids now. Bella listens to everything being said down stairs from the bedroom door.

Downstairs in the living room, Kathy has just finished listening to the tape recorded message that Ghostface left behind. She is horrified and upset with Tyler.

The entire family and gang (Clarence, Kathy, Andrew, Daphne, Scott, Nick, Charlie, Emilia, Melissa, and Bob) all turn to Tyler. They are not happy with him. They all feel betrayed. They allowed this mysterious guy into their lives with the hope of reconnecting with their loss of Lorraine. But his presence and his secret, whatever it is, has now proven fatal for three people already and appears to be a threat to them all.

CLARENCE: Who are you really? What have you not told us?

TYLER: It's nothing that would make this guy wanna kill anyone.

CLARENCE: That's no longer your place to say. Three people are dead. None of this happened until you showed up. Are you working with this man?

TYLER: NO! Never. I have good intentions in being here. I admit that I may have confronted Millerton and Riley, but I never did more than threaten them. I may have physically assaulted them. But I did not kill them nor am I responsible for this.

SCOTT: I asked you about this the other day. This guy, like you, said he has the same goal.

Everyone is shocked by this.

CLARENCE: WHAT GOAL?! You do know something.

TYLER: All I know is that this guy and I both have a history with Lorraine. And the things that you guys and everyone else in her life have done to her is our reasons for being here. I don't know anything about him or who he is or his relationship with Lorraine. It appears his intentions are obviously deadly. But I have different intentions.

CLARENCE: What are your intentions?

TYLER: To make you see what you've done to her. To make you understand why Lorraine became who she became. Because she died never making peace with those who she loved. That is why I came here to Clearwood. To finish the goal that she never had the chance to succeed in doing. She wanted you to know that she loved you all and she forgives you all for what happened.

Everyone is confused by this.

CLARENCE: What did we supposedly do to her?

TYLER: What you guys did is the reason why she never came back. And why you never knew about me. She didn't tell you about me for a reason. You don't even know who I am because of it.

CLARENCE: Who the hell are you? What is your connection to Lorraine?

Tyler sighs. The moment of truth. He cannot keep it a secret…

TYLER: Remember when I said that my mother and Lorraine were friends? How my mother died giving birth to me and that Lorraine took me in afterwards?

Everyone nods. They remember his origin story.

TYLER: Well, the thing is...It's both a lie and the truth. Lorraine and my mother were not friends. My mother didn't die giving birth to me, therefore, Lorraine didn't take me in as a result. That is because…Lorraine is my mother.

Everyone is confused. Clarence is not buying it.

CLARENCE: Why should we believe you? You've lied to us already. How do we know you're telling the truth?

Tyler gets up.

TYLER: There is only one way I can prove it to you.

Tyler approaches Clarence and Kathy. With both hands, he touches their faces. One hand per parent's face. Then he moves his hands away from them and slowly touches his own...and there it is. The PROOF. Tyler is a CARTER! He has Lorraine's features with some of Clarence, Andrew, and Kathy. It's now clear as day...He's one of their own.

Everyone is shocked by this. They cannot believe the twist of Tyler's secret. Tyler is Lorraine Carter's son and Lorraine is Tyler's birth mother. But why did he keep this a secret?

CLARENCE: Dear Lord. It's true. You're…

TYLER: That's right, Grandpa. I'm your Grandson.

CLARENCE: Why didn't you tell us this when we first met you? Why didn't she say anything to us?

TYLER: She tried to. Think about…

Clarence thinks and suddenly remembers.

CLARENCE: The phone call in 1990.

TYLER: That's right. That was the thing special thing that she wanted to share with you guys. The reason she wanted to come home. She was trying to tell you that you had a grandchild. But you didn't listen.

Clarence is on the verge of breaking down. He has come to realize that the last time he spoke to his daughter, which ended in a heartbreaking argument, she was trying to tell him about his grandchild. Which she never got to tell him because of his anger over who she had confessed to sleeping with.

TYLER: You guys raised Lorraine and Andrew to believe that premarital sex and that having a child out of wedlock was wrong. She was afraid to tell you when she first found out that she was pregnant with me. She was afraid that you would disown her and her baby. So after my father, the man you hate…

Everyone's eyes are wide open upon hearing this. They know exactly who he's talking about. They all know who his father is. Bella heard this upstairs. She's horrified by learning the identity of Tyler's father is. She knows his father as well. She thinks back to when she kissed Tyler in the park. Her stomach turns and she begins to feel sick.

TYLER: After he rejected her, she felt that she had nobody to go to. Because she was afraid you wouldn't accept her child born out of wedlock. Especially should you have learned who my father was. So she ran away to California, where she debated on rather or not to have me. When I said that my mother and Lorraine were at odds with each other...claiming that Mom wanted to live a good life and that Lorraine wanted to continue the carefree life...I was talking about the emotions that she was going through during her pregnancy. And when I told you how my mother died giving birth to me and that Lorraine took me in, I was talking about the Lorraine that you knew and the Lorraine I knew. When Lorraine saw me for the first time upon giving birth to me...she decided from then on that she'd be a devoted the mother who died giving birth to me was the Lorraine you knew. The Lorraine who was an easy-cheap, lying, stealing, partying whore. She died the day I was born and your Lorraine ceased to exist. Because the Lorraine who was my mother was nothing like the girl you knew. So what I told you was true...from a cert…

ANDREW: (finishing his sentence)...certain point of view.

The two point at each other. Tyler is giving kudos to Andrew for recognizing the Star Wars reference and Andrew is giving Tyler kudos for using Star Wars in this particular ironic situation.

CLARENCE: Okay. So you're my Grandson. But what does all of this have to do with what you and this killer are up to? What did we supposedly do to hurt Lorraine so bad that it resulted in this guy murdering people?

TYLER: You really don't know what you've done?

Everyone shakes their head. They really don't know what they've done.

TYLER: It was 1971. a thirteen year old virgin. She was innocent and naive, much like my sister Nancy is now. As you all was Millerton who stole her innocence. But Kathy and ignited the slandering.

KATHY: I did what?

ANDREW: (that dumb) Wait, what?

TYLER: Instead of accepting what Lorraine did was something every girl does eventually, yes, even thirteen year olds, you made her feel like trash. You called her a whore.

KATHY: She had sex with her teacher. She knew better…

TYLER: But it was mistake. We all make them. Not only that...but she was vulnerable. She was afraid. She was about to fail a very important class. She was being threatened with having to repeat the course the next year. She was afraid of disappointing you and Clarence. She didn't know what to do. It was Millerton who took advantage of her. He put her in that position. Not her. She didn't realize what was happening until after it happened.

KATHY: She could said "no" though. She even admitted that it felt good. That she enjoyed it.

TYLER: She was thirteen years old. She never had a boyfriend. She was lonely. Millerton was giving her the attention that she never had before with a boy before. She was doing what every single lonely teenager girl does when someone claims that they love her. She fell for what she thought was the feelings of love. He made her trust him. He made her believe that he loved her and that she was special. But he only used her for sex. And you didn't see that. All you saw was your daughter...YOUR DAUGHTER...sleeping with an older man. And you couldn't accept that the incident happened without seeing the truth of it all. You just saw that your daughter lost her virginity to an older man and for the reason that you believed it happened. So instead of seeing her as a victim that she was, who fell for the oldest trick in the book, you made yourself believe that she was a whore who didn't care for the values that you taught her. Because no daughter of yours could be a victim of something you believe that you or her would have prevented from happening. It was a flaw and a mistake that many people make. And you just didn't want to accept that she made the mistake.

Kathy breaks down. She knows what he's saying is the truth.

KATHY: You're right. I didn't want to believe that my own daughter was a victim. My daughter does not make mistakes. My family does not make mistakes. I taught Lorraine to not fall for such tricks. She should have been strong enough. It's not who we are.

TYLER: But it is who WE are. Because we are human beings. We all make mistakes. Even ones we're raised all of our lives not to make. That's what makes us human. She was human just like you and the rest of us.

CLARENCE: But we don't make those kind of mistakes.

TYLER: Oh really?

Tyler stands up and looks at everyone.

TYLER: You think out of all the mistakes that were made by this entire family that Lorraine was the one who made the worst one of all? Shall I tell you some mistakes you've made?

Everyone just looks at him. It's a challenge. A challenge accepted.

TYLER: Clarence, do you love your wife?

CLARENCE: Yes, of course. I love Kathy more than I can ever explain. I would die without her.

Kathy smiles.

TYLER: Remember what happened in Vietnam?

Clarence is horrified. Everyone turns to him. Shocked. They know where Tyler is going with this.

CLARENCE: I told Kathy.

KATHY: He did. I've forgiven him...just like… how he's forgiven you?

Everyone's even more shocked now. Kathy Carter is the image of a faithful wife, loving mother, and devoted Christian. Basically the ideal woman of their times. Yet, she's made the mistake that nobody ever thought she'd make.

KATHY: He was overseas. I was afraid he would die.

CLARENCE: I was scared, too. That's why it happened.

TYLER: I understand that. But you two were married, mature, adults. Now shall we compared that mistake to the mistake of an innocent, naive, lonely vulnerable thirteen year old girl who is being told that if she has sex with her teacher not only will she get the passing grade she needs but that she will be given the love she so desired for like a good girl deserves? Which mistake do you think is worst?

Clarence and Kathy begin to cry. They realize that they've made an even bigger mistake than their daughter.

TYLER: Lorraine was vulnerable. Even when she pretended to be tough around Andrew or mature around you. Truthfully, she was extremely weak inside. She was falling apart. She never had the chance to understand what true love was. Her mistake costed her that. But it was a mistake that could have stopped continuing if you had only understood that really happened and was there to support her. Had you consoled her over what happened instead of of scolding her, maybe should have recovered. Maybe she would have been able to accept what happened was a mistake that she could move on from. Then maybe she could have stayed being the innocent girl even after that mistake. If you had only been there for her when it happened. But you didn't. All you saw was a thirteen you old slut who slept with her teacher to get a passing grade rather than what it really was. You emotionally abandoned her. Everyone in Clearwood, including her own family, made her believe that was a whore. And that she was nothing more than a lying, manipulating, partying, whore. And because everyone, including you, kept accusing her of it...she really became one. Because you made her believe it. She was taken advantaged of and violated. And instead of protecting her, her own family and friends victim-blamed her. That is why she became who was became. And that is why she left for California. That is why you never got to see the birth of your first grandchild. And that is why she died without reconciliation. Because she was afraid that you would never see her for who she was deep down inside. Your daughter, a lost soul who only seeked to be loved and understood...which she never got.

Tyler turns to Andrew.

TYLER: Andrew, you are at fault, too. It was you who read her diary when she wrote about the incident. You showed it to your friends. You exposed her secret to others. But instead of protecting her, you made fun of her. You called her a whore and instigated the rest of the schools calling her names and giving her a bad reputation. All because you wanted to get back at her for being like every older sibling and pushing you around. You decided not to just accept a normal sibling relationship and made her look bad to the social circle of Clearwood's youth.

ANDREW: I was just eleven years old. I didn't know what I was doing.

TYLER: You were old enough to know what you did was wrong. You just didn't care. You wanted to hurt her.

Andrew begins to get emotional. Finally the guilt is hitting him.

ANDREW: I just wanted to...I was just trying strengthen my relationship with Dad. He favored her over me. I thought maybe if I found out that she did something bad that he'd look at me as the good one and treat me better. I didn't know how bad things would really get. I didn't understand that.

Everyone is stunned by this. They've come to realize how bad they made things.

Bella has been listening to all of this upstairs. She is crying. She never met Lorraine but she knew enough. And now she's learning the horrible truth about her family's treatment of her. It breaks her heart to hear all of this.

TYLER: It was your words, your thoughts, and your misunderstanding of Lorraine's tragic rape that made her become who she became. Think about that…

Tyler watches as everyone processes everything. It's heartbreaking and disturbing to see. They're all full of guilt. They've all done some of the most horrible things we can ever think of yet they made Lorraine out to be a villain when really, Lorraine was the victim and it is they: Clarence for not supporting his daughter, Kathy for making Lorraine feel that she did wrong, Andrew for slandering her to his friends, Daphne for accepting Andrew's slanders and played along, Scott for playing along and making mean jokes to her, Nick for believing it and used it to his advantage to sleep with her, Melissa for just being her usual bitchy self and played along by constantly calling her out as whore out loud, and Bob for playing along without learning the truth from Lorraine herself. Charlie is the only who never said anything bad about Lorraine because he truly loved her...yet he's a target of the killer for something he supposedly did to her.

KATHY: (looking up) I'm so sorry, Lorraine. I am sorry I was never there for you when you needed me. Can you ever forgive me?

Tyler approaches his Grandmother. He holds her hands and looks her in the eyes.

TYLER: She already has. That is why I'm here. I didn't come here on my own accord. It was her last wish. I came here because she asked me to. She knew that she was going to die without having this chance. So I'm here to fulfill her final wish. The wish she wanted the most in her life.

KATHY: Lorraine sent you here?

TYLER: Yes. Because she wanted you to meet your Grandchildren. She didn't think you'd ever meet Nancy. And I was afraid of how you'd react to me. So I made a mistake myself when I saved Nancy.

Everyone is confused.

CLARENCE: Saving Nancy wasn't a mistake. You did the right thing.

TYLER: I had ulterior motives for doing so. Like I said...this family makes horrible mistakes. And I made one when I brought her to you. You see...because Mom and I knew you were against having children out of wedlock, we were afraid of how you'd react to I used Nancy, who you obviously know was born out of wedlock. And your response was positive. You love her despite how she was brought into this world. So now that I knew you accepted her, I was waiting for the right moment to finally tell you the truth. But you hurt my mother so badly..that I almost didn't want to even though it was her wish. But now you know.

Everyone closes their eyes as they reflect everything that's been said. Clarence is the first to speak.

CLARENCE: You're a good man, Tyler...uh...what is your…?

TYLER: Carter. I refuse to take my father's name…(turns to the gang) offense to those who may know people who share my paternal name.

That's right. Someone within the gang aside from Andrew is related to Tyler. The gang shrugs. No offense. They don't blame him. Especially one of them who knows his father very well.

TYLER: But now...despite how we started this conversation with anger...we must let our anger on each other go so that we come together to face another crisis...our lives. Whoever this killer is, he is threatening us all. Like me, he is putting blame on everyone for Lorraine's tragic life. But unlike me, he's taking the punishment to another level. I have found my family after spending eighteen years of my life without them. I will not let him take you away from me now. I lost my mother. I will not lose you, too. So we must stick together and solve the mystery behind this killer before we're all slaughtered by him.

Everyone nods in agreement.

CLARENCE: I'm with you.

KATHY: So am I.

Andrew and Daphne hold hands as Andrew speaks for them both.

ANDREW: So are we.

Bob pats his daughter Daphne and son in law Andrew on the shoulders.

BOB: Me, too.

Scott, Nick, and Melissa all put there arms around each other like a tribe.

SCOTT: Count us in as well.

Charlie and Emilia are seen with their arms around each other like they're father and daughter.

CHARLIE: Us as well.


Everyone looks up at Bella. She and Tyler stare into each other's eyes. Despite the possible connection that we're beginning to speculate between them, Bella still shows signs of having romantic feelings for him. Tyler finally can no longer hold back. He gives her the same smile...basically admitting through his facial expression his love for her, too.

Everyone is slightly disturbed by their interaction. Although we don't know who Tyler's father is yet, they do. And it's because of this, they are disturbed by this.

NICK: Um...Tyler...don't forget who you are.

TYLER: Right.

They all come in for a group hug. Bella joins. They are a united family prepared to fight to the death to stop the killer from destroying their family.

Chapter 10

At Charlie's apartment, he is sleeping in bed. We can tell by his movement that he's having a dream via a flashback.


From "Chapter 8" - Tyler finds the picture of Lorraine's Party Building in Marysville.

TYLER: What is this place?

CHARLIE: That's a building in Marysville. It's where Lorraine and I last made love to each other as a celebration of our divorce. She never slept with me during our marriage. But she was willing to after it.

KATHY: She went there a lot to…*very hesitant*

FLASH TO - 1978

Lorraine (20) and Charlie (18) are outside the PARTY BUILDING. They're drunk and playfully chasing each other. Lorraine nearly falls but Charlie catches her. They look into each other's eyes. Despite their bad marriage, there are signs of actual feelings for each other.

LORRAINE: I'm sorry that I was not a good wife.

CHARLIE: It's okay, Lorraine. I know you only married me to save me for deportation.

LORRAINE: That was not the only reason I married you.

CHARLIE: Really?


Lorraine gives Charlie a beautiful genuine smile. Perhaps the first time we've seen her actually smile with real sincere and with true feeling. We begin to wonder if perhaps Lorraine actually fell in love with Charlie.

They kiss.

LORRAINE: Let me make it up to you.

CHARLIE: You don't have to.

LORRAINE: But I want to. I want us know...and it actually feels right.

CHARLIE: You're not just wanting this because of your past?

LORRAINE: No. I really want this. For the first time in my life...this feels right.

They go inside. As they roam through the large building, they're getting hot and heavy. Removing articles of their clothes. We finally see an actual love making scene with Lorraine that is not of her "crying for help" or "whoring around." This is actually a moment between two people who may actually be in love with each other.

Some moments later we find them on a mattress. Naked. Making love. It's a beautiful scene. It's not just about getting laid or pleasuring each other for the fun.

Later, they're just laying down together. In love. Lorraine has her head on Charlie's shoulder.

CHARLIE: Why did we have to get a divorce?

LORRAINE: I don't know.

CHARLIE: Do you love me?

Lorraine thinks for a moment.

LORRAINE: Yes. I love you, Charlie.

CHARLIE: I love you, too. I've never felt this way about anyone before.

LORRAINE: Me, too.

CHARLIE: Then why? Let's get remarried.

Lorraine thinks. She has a plan. A test to see how determined he is to be with her.

LORRAINE: I can't.

CHARLIE: Why not?

LORRAINE: Because I'm a whore and Daddy hates you. And knowing how much he'll trash you if we stayed married, it'd drive me to cheat on you. And I don't want that. I wanna a husband who not only loves me, but someone I would stay faithful with, and that daddy would approve of. If I knew you loved me like you say you would then I would. But I don't know if you're ready to face Daddy.

CHARLIE: Oh, jeez. Daddy's little girl. If he doesn't approve now what makes you think he'd ever approve? You're gonna let him decide?

LORRAINE: I'm letting you decide. Are you ready to face him or are you gonna let him trash our relationship to the point it drives a wedge between us?

CHARLIE: I am not gonna get in between you and your Daddy who hates me by getting in his face at the risk of getting my ass kicked. If you're worried about this then you talk to him.

LORRAINE: I know what I want...but what about you?

CHARLIE: What do you want?

Lorraine isn't sure how to respond. She can't ruin her plan, which isn't going so well. Charlie, not understanding what's going on inside her mind, misunderstands her reaction and lack of response.

CHARLIE: You don't even know. You don't even love me, don't you?

LORRAINE: That's not true.

CHARLIE: It is. Was this just another night of fun for you? You say you like me to sleep with me and then you won't make a commitment unless I face your Daddy? Is that your way of rejecting me? Using your Daddy's rejection as a scare tactic to get rid of me? I should have saw that coming. You planned this, didn't you?


CHARLIE: You know what? This isn't worth it. If you're gonna sleep with me then use your Dad as a way to reject me by scaring me, then I'm just not gonna waste my time on you.

Lorraine begins to cry. Her plan has backfired. He misunderstood the situation. And now she's hurt.

LORRAINE: I'm sorry, Charlie.

Lorraine grabs her clothes and runs off crying. Charlie cries as well. He's heartbroken. He feels like he's been played.


Charlie gasps. He cannot believe what he has just said. He has just said the one thing a man should never say to the woman he loves. He continues to cry.

A few days later, Charlie is looking out a window. An airplane flies into the sky. He's crying as he watches the plane disappeared into the sky. We're meant to believe that this is the plane that Lorraine is flying in to go to California.

CHARLIE: Goodbye, Lorraine.


It's the party at the Carter's when they last saw Lorraine. She's walking into the kitchen when she sees Charlie with Melissa. They are kissing and holding each other. Unaware that Lorraine is right there.

Lorraine runs out of the kitchen. She passes everyone as she runs upstairs into her old bedroom. She closes her bedroom door and jumps onto her bed. She sobs uncontrollably. Heartbroken that Charlie has already moved on from her.

The door opens. A man walks in. Lorraine tries to get rid of any evidence that's she's upset. But the man knows that she's sad. We do not see his face as the back of his head is facing our view. The man is about her age.

He sits down on the bed and rubs her hair and face like the way Millerton had done when she was thirteen. She falls for the man's charms. They kiss. He leans Lorraine down on the bed...where we know what happens from there.

We finally realizes that this man...whoever he TYLER'S FATHER.

BACK TO 1999.

Charlie wakes up. He cries.

CHARLIE: I miss you, Lorraine.

Tyler is in his studio apartment. He's laying on his bed. He's holding the picture of Lorraine's PARTY BUILDING.

Tyler closes his eyes. His surroundings suddenly change. He opens his eyes and finds that...

He's in a large room. A party is occurring. The partiers are drunk, doing drugs, and engaging in sexual activities. He looks around and he's wondering where he's at.

Tyler realizes, as do we, that he's inside LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING in Marysville. He continues to walk through the crowd of messed up partiers. He stops when he sees...a blonde girl. She turns around and shows herself to Tyler. It's LORRAINE!


Lorraine gives Tyler a smile. She begins walking away. She gives Tyler a "follow me" look as she walks off. Tyler does just that. She takes him to a door. She opens it and waves her hand in as if to tell him to "go inside."

Tyler walks in. Inside he finds Lorraine and Charlie making love as we saw before. As he stands there uncomfortable, they suddenly turn to him. This creeps him out. Then Lorraine and Charlie's bodies join together and form themselves into a single person...GHOSTFACE!

Tyler is frightened by Ghostface's appearance.

TYLER: Who are you?

Ghostface approaches him. Ghostface removes his hood…reveals himself as Charlie.

TYLER: Charlie?


Suddenly Charlie turns into Lorraine.



Lorraine's face fades to black as she puts the Ghostface mask back on.

GHOSTFACE: Just another part of you.

Suddenly Tyler is flashed away from the room and finds himself outside the PARTY BUILDING. He finds Loraine on her knees, rubbing the building's brick wall like she's praising it.

LORRAINE: (about the building) I'll never forget this place.

We realize that this building was more than just a place where Lorraine partied at. It's where she came to escape from the pain that her family and loved one caused her. When she can no longer depend on her father for the love and support she desired...THE PARTY BUILDING...was her place of solace.

Tyler cries as he watches his mother leave the one place she felt safe and happy at. Suddenly Ghostface comes up from behind him. Ghostface grabs him and slices Tyler's throat and...

Tyler jerks awake. He is hyperventilating. He realizes it was all a dream.

MEANWHILE...(Not a dream for the rest of this chapter)

We find that Ghostface is at his place. From the looks of the building's interior, we begin to realize that his "headquarters" is actually LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING.

There are pictures of Lorraine, Charlie, and the rest of the main characters everywhere. We find pictures of all the men who were in Lorraine's life. The pictures of Robert Millerton, John Riley, and Mike Barker are seen with red X marks on them...indicating their deaths. Other photos of other men show the same red X marks. This implies that Ghostface has killed more people than we know.

Ghostface hooks up two more pictures within the group of pictures of our main characters. They're the pictures of Tyler and targets now that they're apart of the family.

Ghostface moves his head around the place. Observing what use to be Lorraine's party headquarters and her place of solace. Although, we're suppose hate him and be afraid of him...there is a sad vibe within him. Like Lorraine's Party Building is somehow haunting Ghostface and torturing his soul.

GHOSTFACE: This is where my pain began...and it's here that my pain will end.

Ghostface stares at the pictures of all of our main characters including Tyler and Nancy. With this shot of all the pictures and with his "pain" comment, it's implying that Ghostface has special plans for our main characters that involves Lorraine's Party Building.

But what? What is his plans? Why does this place mean so much? Why is Charlie his main target within the family?

Chapter 11

Scott and Tyler are at the record store working. The store is mostly consisted of older hippies, people of Scott's generation, and rebellious teens of this new generation.

Emilia walks in.

EMILIA: Hey, Scott. Where's Charlie?

SCOTT: He's in the bathroom.

Charlie comes out of the bathroom. He see's Emilia.

CHARLIE: Hey, Emilia.

EMILIA: Hey, Charlie. What's up?

CHARLIE: Just hanging out. How about you?

EMILIA: Oh, I just won two tickets to this play that's being played in Marysvin about an hour. I was wondering if you wanna join me.


Emilia gives him a smile. The two walk out of the store together.

SCOTT: It's nice to see Charlie happy. She's a sweet kid.

TYLER: She is. It's nice that they've found each other. Charlie seeing her as his own daughter and Emilia seeing Charlie as her own father. They do look cute together in a father-daughter way.

SCOTT: Yeah, they do.

TYLER: You know you, me, Charlie, and Emilia are all orphans. Our parents either died or abandoned us or were never around.

SCOTT: That is so true. The Carter house is like a orphanage. But we have parents. It's Clarence and Kathy.

Tyler nods in agreement.

TYLER: They're all who we have left. I miss my mom so much. My Grandparents and Nancy are all I have left.

That night Charlie and Emilia are driving through Everett. They've left the play that they saw earlier that night.

EMILIA: That was fun, wasn't it?

CHARLIE: It was very fun.

EMILIA: I'm so glad that you came with me. You've really been there for me when I needed someone the most.

CHARLIE: It's been my pleasure.

EMILIA: How come you don't have any kids?

CHARLIE: Lorraine and I never got the chance to have any kids. We got divorce after I got my green card and Lorraine left town. Then I got with Melissa. I was ready to be a father. She wasn't ready to have kids. She had major goals of becoming rich and famous on her own without her father's money. We both had goals and dreams that did not consist with each other. So we broke up after two years of dating. I haven't found the right woman to have kids with yet.

EMILIA: I'm so sorry.

CHARLIE: It's okay. I have a family. And that's what's important.

EMILIA: That's good to hear. I never had a family.

CHARLIE: And that is very sad.

Charlie suddenly looks uncomfortable.



CHARLIE: I gotta go...pee.

EMILIA: Oh...there's no bathroom around here.

CHARLIE: Sorry..I gotta pull over.

Charlie pulls over on the side of the road. He gets out and goes into the woods. Emilia sits inside the car alone. She hums to herself. She suddenly hears something.

EMILIA: Charlie? Is that you?

Emilia gets out of the car and heads into the woods.

In the woods, she's alone. No sign of Charlie. She's nearly lost.

EMILIA: Where are you, Charlie?

Suddenly she hears footsteps.

EMILIA: Charlie?

Emilia sees a man in the distance. It's GHOSTFACE, unmasked but hooded. He's unaware of her presence. He reaches to an area close to her. Emilia hides behind a tree. She's frightened by his appearance.

Ghostface removes his hood. The dark night completely shields his face from both our view and Emilia's view. In another angle shot, we see the back of Ghostface's head. It's the same exact body, shape, and posture as...the man who Lorraine slept with in 1980...TYLER'S FATHER!

He begins digging up the spot he's standing at.

Emilia starts to back away from his general view. She steps on a twig. SNAP!

Ghostface hears the snap. He looks up. He sees Emilia. She takes off. Ghostface puts his hood back on. He pulls out his knife and starts chasing her.

Emilia keeps running. She's extremely scared. She looks back..she's lost the killer...she turns forward and runs into - CHARLIE.

CHARLIE: What's wrong?

EMILIA: There's a man chasing me.


The sound of a blade scraping is heard. Both Charlie and Emilia look behind her and slowly approaching them is Ghostface. Charlie sees his knife. He realizes that his knife is the same kind of knife that was used to kill Millerton, Riley, and Mike...therefore...this is the guy targeting him.


Emilia begins running with Charlie behind her. Ghostface continues to slowly walk. But his speed chases from slow walking, walking, fast walking, running, to sprinting. Picturing it is extremely creepy.

Charlie and Emilia make it to their car. They get it. Charlie tries to start the car but it won't start. Emilia looks out her window. Ghostface has ran out of the woods and going for the car.

EMILIA: He's coming!

Just as Charlie is finally able to make the car start, Ghostface makes it to the car. He grabs the passenger side door handle. As Ghostface pulls the handle, Charlie steps on the gas and they speed off before Ghostface can open the door.

Charlie and Emilia sigh in relief. Their hearts are pounding. A close freaking call.

CHARLIE: Are you okay?

EMILIA: Yeah. Are you okay?


Charlie thinks for a moment. He now realizes the true danger that he's in. He has just escaped the clutches of the man who is killing people and threatening him over Lorraine.

Stay tune for the next Chapter. We will finally get some murders.

Chapter 12

Melissa gets out of the shower. She still has her natural beauty from when she was a teenager. She grabs her towel and starts drying herself off. She leaves the shower curtain open.

Melissa goes to her bedroom that the bathroom is connected to. On her bed is a pair of clothes that she's set for herself to wear for the day. As she begins to get dress, we see a large black figure...which we cannot make out...enters her bedroom and goes into the bathroom without her knowing it.

Moments later, we see Melissa, fully dressed, go into the bathroom. She starts putting makeup on herself. She smiles as if to gloat to herself about how pretty she is. Typical Melissa. She's so concentrated on herself that she isn't even aware that the shower curtain, which she had left opened moments ago, is now closed.

MELISSA: I am the prettiest girl in the world. Bitches are jealous of me.

A knife is heard scraping from inside her shower.

MELISSA: (spinning to the shower) What the hell?

Melissa is confused and startled. She slowly approaches the shower. She opens it…

Ghostface slams his knife into Melissa. She screams out. He pushes her down, which pulls the knife out. Melissa falls to the floor. On impact we -


We're in the Carter basement in the mid-late 70s. Melissa and Nick are together. Lorraine walks by looking sexy….purposely walking in a sexual manner to get Nick's attention and make Melissa jealous.

MELISSA: How could you like that whore, Nick? She's full of diseases. She's a piece of trash!


Ghostface starts blowing punches and stabs at Melissa. Each blow gives us several flashback incidents of Melissa insulting Lorraine or hurting her feelings.

The final flashback is of when Melissa attacks Lorraine and eventually wins the fight.

Melissa is on the floor. Injured. Crying. Ghostface grabs her by the hair, pulling her head back. Ghostface knows what's about to happen and begins to plead for her life.


Her pleas are ignored. Ghostface slashes Melissa's throat with his knife. He carelessly and coldly throws her head down and there is no sign of life in Melissa anymore. Her blood forms a pool around her corpse.

Melissa Howard is DEAD.

Her death is confirmed later as we dissolve to a few hours later as a white sheet is put over her body. Police are investigating the scene of the crime.

At the Carter's, the entire "Family" as we will now refer to the main characters (Andrew, Daphne their kids, Scott, Nick, Charlie, Emilia, Bella, Tyler, Nancy, Kathy, Clarence, and Bob) is mourning Melissa. Nick and Charlie are taking it the hardest. They loved her the most.

NICK: I never stopped loving her. Even after twenty years of not being with her. I never stopped loving her. I…(Gets too emotional)

Nick breaks down crying. Scott consoles him. It's a sincere real crying from Nick. Daphne can't take it anymore. She goes into the kitchen and Andrew follows her.

Daphne cries over the sink. Andrew goes over to her and rubs his wife's back.

ANDREW: Are you okay, Daphne?

DAPHNE: No, Andrew. I'm not. Melissa was my best friend. I know she said shlt to me but she said it to everyone. That was her way of letting us know that she loved us. She was a bitch. But she was my best friend. My sister basically. I loved her very much. I can't believe she's gone.

ANDREW: I know.

The younger Carter couple hug each other. Daphne continues to cry.

Nick, Scott, and Charlie - All three of Melissa's ex-boyfriends - mourn her together on top of the very thing they usually fell off of, usually while they argued over her, which she hated them being on. THE WATER TOWER.

NICK: All those times we fell off of here because we argued over her.

SCOTT: The times she blamed each of us for one of us falling off of this.

CHARLIE: And the time Melissa and I had our first kiss.

They bow their heads down, trying not to cry in front of each other. But the pain is just too much. Even Scott begins crying.

SCOTT: You know what we should do in honor of the woman who hated us falling off of this thing?...JUMP!

NICK: Good idea.

CHARLIE: Maybe we'll die and join her.

Scott and Nick glance at each other. The idea of dying to join Melissa sounds tempting to them.

NICK: Well, let's see what happens.

The three guys get up and go over the railing. They're in jumping position.

NICK: Now remember you, guys. We jump together this time. No pretending to jump and only I end up jumping. Alright?

Scott and Charlie nod in agreement. All three look down.




And it happens. All three let go and jump off together. Their position and posture in the fall is extremely dangerous. Of all the moments that they could die from falling/jumping off the water's now. And clearly they do not care.


All three land on the ground. There's movement. They're okay.

CHARLIE: Well, we're still alive.

SCOTT: Yeah. It didn't work.

NICK: (Looks up at the sky) That was for you, Melissa.

They get up. Despite the height and the danger of their jump, they're just fine.

The next day, Kathy is in the kitchen cooking some cookies. Emilia walks in through the sliding glass door.

EMILIA: Hello, Mrs.Carter.

KATHY: Hello, Emilia. How are you, sweetie?

EMILIA: I'm doing okay.

KATHY: That's great.

Nancy comes in from the living room.

NANCY: Grandma, are we still going to the park?

Kathy is feeling guilty. She totally forgot and she's not able to go.

KATHY: I'm sorry, honey. I've just been so upset over Auntie Melissa. I can't take you today.

NANCY: But you promised.

KATHY: I know, Nancy. But that was before Auntie Melissa...went away.

EMILIA: I'll take her.

KATHY: Are you sure?

EMILIA: Yeah. I'd love to.

Nancy looks up to Emilia. They smile at each other.

EMILIA: You want me to go with you to the park?

NANCY: Yeah.

EMILIA: (Offers her hand) Then let's go.

Nancy takes Emilia's hand and they go out together.

At the park, Emilia is pushing Nancy on the swing. It's a sweet moment between these two. They were strangers a few hours ago. But Nancy and Emilia has quickly become best friends. Emilia looks like a young mother taking her daughter out for fun. A quick connection was made between them.

Out of nowhere, Jeff and Veronica run up to them.

JEFF: Hey, Nancy.

NANCY: Jeff. Veronica.

Bob and Daphne appear.

DAPHNE: Emilia.

EMILIA: Hey, Daphne.

DAPHNE: I thought Kathy was suppose to take Nancy to the park.

EMILIA: She was but she's still upset over Melissa.

BOB: I'll be right, Daphne. I gotta go number two.

DAPHNE: Okay, Dad. Go. We didn't need to know that.

Emilia and Daphne laughs as Bob walks off.

Jeff, Veronica, and Nancy go running around the playground. Daphne and Emilia sit on a bench and watch the kids.

DAPHNE: So how are things between you and Charlie?

EMILIA: What do you mean? We're just...

DAPHNE: Oh, I know. But I mean; have you two feel like you found what you both been looking for in each other?

EMILIA: I think so. Charlie is the father I never had. And apparently I'm the daughter he never had.

DAPHNE: You doing okay after what happened in Everett?

EMILIA: Yeah. That was so frightening. And to think this guy is the one who killed Melissa and is threatening Charlie and everyone else. It's scary.

Andrew arrives with two water bottles. He gives one to Daphne. He realizes that he looks bad for not bringing one to Emilia.

ANDREW: Sorry, Emila. I didn't know that you were here, too.

EMILIA: Oh, it's okay…(She gets up)...I can get one myself. I'll be back. You'll watch Nancy?

DAPHNE: Of course.

EMILIA: Thanks.

Emilia walks over to the Park's Mini Store.

ANDREW: Where's your Dad?

DAPHNE: Oh, he went to the bathroom.


Andrew turns his head somewhere off screen.

ANDREW: I’ll be right back.

DAPHNE: Alright.

Andrew gets up and walks off screen.

In the Men's bathroom, Bob is on a toilet. He hears the bathroom door open. Someone (A MAN) walks in. Since we're in Bob's stall, we don't see who the man is. The man passes Bob's stall and goes into the one next to him.

Bob does his business and flushes the toilet. He exits the stall and goes to a sink. He washes his hands. He is unaware that the man...who we come to realize is slowly opening his stall door.

Bob turns away from the sink, allowing Ghostface to come out of the stall. Bob dries his hands off with paper towels. Ghostface is slowly watching and following him. Bob throws the paper towels into the garbage and heads for the door. Bob makes it to the door and goes to push it when - Ghostface grabs him. Ghostface pulls Bob out of our view.

We don't see what happens but we hear everything. Bob cries out as he's being murdered. We hear the stabbing occur off screen.

A few minutes later, Daphne is knocking at the men's bathroom door.

DAPHNE: Dad! Are you still in there?

A hand suddenly touches Daphne's shoulder from behind. She shrieks, jumps, spinning around. It's Andrew.

ANDREW: Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. What you doing?

DAPHNE: Dad has been in there for a long time.

ANDREW: I'll check on him.

Andrew walks in.


Andrew sees Bob's legs in a "sitting position" under the stall he was in. He goes straight to the stall and opens it. Andrew has a blank expression on his face, like he's not sure how to react when he sees -- BOB'S DEAD BODY.

Daphne comes up behind.

DAPHNE: What’s going on?

Daphne sees her father’s dead body and scream.


Her screaming turns into police sirens as we transition into the next scene. The police car that was sirening on is turned off when the officer joins other officers at the scene at the park.

Emilia is tending to Nancy, Jeff, and Veronica as they're crying. Andrew, still showing no emotion, is holding Daphne, whose devastated by the murder of her father.

The Coroner's paramedics wheels Bob's sheet covered body. There is blood soaking on top. Daphne starts sobbing when she sees it. Andrew just stares like he’s fascinated by it. Emilia shields Nancy, Jeff, and Veronica from seeing this.

Clarence, Tyler, and Charlie arrive on time as Bob's body is being loaded into the Morgue's bus. They cannot believe this has happened. Clarence goes to Nancy.

CLARENCE: Come here, Nancy.

Clarence picks her up and holds her. She cries on his shoulders.

CLARENCE: I'm so glad that you're okay, baby.

NANCY: I'm scared, Grandpa.

CLARENCE: I know, honey. I am, too.

Charlie and Emilia hug. Emilia is so emotional.

CHARLIE: Are you okay?

EMILIA: Yeah. But I just can't believe it. He killed Bob. He was here...while I was with Nancy. He must have followed Nancy and I. Oh, God.

Emilia breaks down in Charlie's shoulders.

Tyler approaches Andrew and Daphne.

TYLER: I am so sorry, Daphne.

He hugs her as she continues to cry.

DAPHNE: How could this have happened? Why my Dad? He never did anything to Lorraine. He never said anything to her.

TYLER: I don't know.

Later, Clarence is driving with Nancy in the back with her big brother. Charlie is on the passenger's side. Behind their car is Andrew and Daphne's car.

CHARLIE: First Melissa and now Bob.

CLARENCE: We've got to find him before he hurts anyone else. The hunt is on.

TYLER: And we're the ones being hunted.

CLARENCE: Then let's make the hunted the hunter.

Stay tune for the next chapter. A mysterious character will finally be revealed. Not the killer...but somebody else.

Chapter 13

In this chapter, we finally meet another person from Tyler's life. Another mysterious twist revealed. One we've been waiting for. The time has come to identify another relative.

At the Carter's home, Clarence parks the car outside the garage. Clarence, Charlie, Tyler, and Nancy exits the car. Andrew and Daphne also arrive.

Inside the living room, they all enter where Kathy is standing there waiting. She holds her arms out for Daphne, who falls into her arms.

Nick and Scott enter the room from the basement.

KATHY: I am sorry, honey. He was a good man.

DAPHNE: Thank you, Mother.

Kathy moves away to allow Clarence to hug her, too.

Tyler is getting emotional as he watches Clarence hug his daughter-in-law. A reminder to him of what's missing in his life. He begins walking off.

Clarence: Where are you going, Tyler?

TYLER: I think it's time that I pay a certain family member in Marysville a visit.

Tyler leaves. Everyone is confused by this.

CLARENCE: What family member is he talking about? Who lives in Marysville?

They begin to think about this. Nick is in mid thought when he finally realizes who it is.

NICK: Oh, no. I know who it is…

They all turn to Nick. Upon looking at Nick...they realize it, too.

ANDREW: Oh, my God. I know it, too.

CLARENCE: He's going to visit...HIM!

KATHY: Well, it's an overdue visit.

Tyler arrives in Marysville. He parks outside a big house. A party is on-going.

In the house, he witnesses people drinking and dancing. He approaches a guy.

TYLER: I'm looking for…

The loud music prevents us from hearing the name of the person that Tyler came to visit. The guy points upstairs. He gives directions to Tyler as the loud music plays. We can see Tyler mouth "Thank you" as he pats the guy on the shoulder.

Tyler walks through the crowd of people. He goes up the stairs. As he does we -

FLASHBACK (B&W) - 1980

Get a quick glimpse of Lorraine and Tyler's father as they begin to make love that resulted in Tyler's conception.

BACK TO 1999

Tyler continues to walk up the stairs.


Lorraine is crying as she and Tyler's father get into an argument.

LORRAINE: I want the baby and I want you to be there with me.

TYLER'S FATHER: I don't like babies. And what happened between us was nothing. We just screwed that was all. You're nothing to me but another whore I messed around with.

Lorraine begins to cry.

BACK TO 1999

Tyler makes it to the second floor. He sees a door at the very end of the hall. He walks towards it.


Lorraine is driving away. It's this moment with Tyler's father not willing to support her and without the support of her family that she leaves Clearwood and never comes back. The last time Washington state saw Lorraine Carter until her death.

BACK TO 1999

Tyler goes to the door. He slowly opens it. As he does so, he pulls out his knife. He peeks in and sees two girls...definitely underage...on the bed on top of a man. Tyler's eyes and anger are all on the man.

Tyler walks into the bedroom and slams the door shut. The slamming gets the attention of both girls and the MAN...who we now learn is TYLER'S FATHER.

TYLER: To quote my Grandpa Clarence's favorite movie line…"Bitches, leave."

Tyler shows how serious he is by showing off the knife. The "Bitches" won't argue with a man carrying a knife. They get up and run out the door. They close the door as they leave. It's now just Tyler and his father.

We get a glimpse of his father and we finally learn his identity. His name is KEITH CURTIS (43). He is Nick’s older brother and Bella’s Uncle. This means that Tyler and Bella are cousins and that Nick is Tyler’s Uncle.

KEITH: Who the hell are you?

TYLER: My name is Tyler. And, obviously, you don't recognize me.

KEITH: Do I know you, Tyler?

TYLER: You never had interested in knowing me. You rejected my mother when she told you about me.

KEITH: Wait, what? Are we…

TYLER: Yes, Keith. I'm your son.

Keith glances carefully at Tyler. He now sees it. His own son.

KEITH: Oh, so you are. It's nice to finally meet one of the many kids I must have fathered. So which whore did I knock you up in?

Tyler is not taking his "whore" comment kindly. He shows some anger in him

TYLER: Lorraine Carter.

KEITH: Ah, Carter's sister. I remember her. She was a sexy thing alright. I would have violated her again just to get on Andrew and Clarence's nerves but the bitch got pregnant. I almost got lucky with that cute little Grandma of yours.

Keith laughs.

TYLER: (Aggressively) SHUT UP!

Tyler shows up his knife and Keith shuts up.

KEITH: Wow. Clarence's anger, Lorraine's bitchiness, Andrew's loud mouth, and Kathy's drunken really are a Carter.

TYLER: I don't have time for your bullshit...Dad. I came here to finally meet you. Because maybe neither of us has any time left. Because I came here to also warn you.

KEITH: About what?

TYLER: Someone is killing people out there who were connected to Lorraine. He's after her family, her friends, and the men she slept with. That includes you. Five people are dead already. Her teacher Millerton, My sister’s father John Riley, her ex-boyfriend Mike Barker, Melissa Howard, and Bob Price. They're dead because of this son of a bitch. And he's taking us all out like flies. So I wanted to take this opportunity...on the off chance that I don't get the chance to meet you before either you or I or both of us are killed.

KEITH: You're serious?

TYLER: I wouldn't barge in on my father's fun time with a knife if it wasn't serious. I don't know you. You weren't there. My mother raised me alone. But I'm not here because of that. I wanted to see in person before you or I die. I'm also here to tell you that Lorraine forgives you for abandoning us.

KEITH: Well, that's very nice to hear, son.

TYLER: Of course, coming here I saw exactly what I expected. A pig who would rather fxxk around with most likely underage girls than meet his son. So now that I have finally met you...I will go and let you have you illegal fun. Goodbye, Keith Curtis. It was a pleasure.

Tyler puts his knife away and heads for the door. Keith thinks for a moment.

KEITH: Tyler…

Tyler stops and turns back to Keith.

KEITH: I'm sorry that I was not there. I know that I'm not a real man. I'm an immature ass hole. But now that I see you, it's nice to know about you. So I was wondering if when this guy is caught and things settle down after that if...if you'd like to do something with me? Father and Son stuff. My treat.

Tyler stares into his father's eyes. His tone and eyes show that for once in Keith's life...he actually means it. Keith Curtis, someone who we've all learned to suddenly hate for his actions, is attempting to reach out to the one person he should be. Tyler smiles.

TYLER: I'd like that.

The father and son smile with great understanding.

KEITH: Goodbye, Son.

TYLER: Goodbye, Dad.

Tyler walks out and shuts the door.

KEITH: (to himself) Well, what do you know? There is a Carter-Curtis in this world.

Keith gets up from the bed and goes to his closet. He opens it and inside is the BLACK COAT WITH THE HOOD...just like GHOSTFACE's entire attire.

Keith opens a drawer and pulls a Buck 120 knife...the same type of knife that belongs to Ghostface.

Is Keith Curtis the Killer?

Stay tune for the next Chapter.

Chapter 14

It's been half a week since Melissa Howard and Bob Price were murdered. It's been half a week since Tyler Carter finally met his biological father Keith Curtis in person. Things have been intense. Fear has grown to the highest level in the history of Clearwood, Washington. The reputation and legacy that the Carter family has even in the past has now been given a black mark more blacker than ever before. The entire town knows that this killer is murdering people who were either close or knew or were associated to the late Lorraine Carter. Especially those within the Carter family. People are afraid to go near the Carter's. Old friends, neighbors, co-workers, Clarence's army buddies, Kathy's house-wife friends. To Clarence and Kathy, their presence around those who they saw as friends is now like the plague. If they make any contact with someone that they were once close to, then the chances of their friends dying are almost certain.

Trust is also being questioned all around. When Ghostface made it known through his messages that he had a history with Lorraine, he implicated the entire city of Clearwood, half of the state of Washington including Marysville, and California. Nobody knows who to trust anymore. Not even their loved ones feel safe around each other. Because most people in the listed locations knew Lorraine. And now they're all targeted and they're all now suspects. Nobody is safe and everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

Lorraine Carter known as a whore, a liar, a cheat, a thief, and a bitch in the eyes of many has now caused a national emergency over her tragic life.

Although there is some good news.

Emilia and Nancy have gotten close. With Clarence getting old and trying to find his way to continue his normal tradition of being an active man even in his Senior years, Nancy has looked up to Emillia for love and attention. The two are so good together that you swear to God that they were either mother and daughter or sisters. They do everything together. It's like they've become a package deal. You can't just have one without the other anymore.

Emilia and Nancy are in Nancy's bedroom. Emilia is sitting on the bed with Nancy on her lap. She is reading to her. It reminds us of that time when Grandpa Clarence was reading to her in Chapter 6. It's almost like an exact copy. And it looks so right and natural.

Out of nowhere, Nancy puts her little arms around Emilia and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She then leans her head on Emilia's shoulder like she's falling asleep. Emilia becomes emotional. Growing up alone without parents or siblings, she has never felt so loved or needed by anyone before let alone a child. Nancy is showing her what it means to be needed.

NANCY: I love you, Emilia.

EMILIA: I love you, Nancy.

NANCY: Why are we always together? Why do we love each other if we're not family?

EMILIA: Well, we are family. Family is not about blood. It's about those who need you, who accept you, and who want you around. And that's why we love each other like family. Because we need each other. And we want each other around.

Nancy smiles as she dozes off in her arms. Emilia puts her into her bed. She tucks her in, covering her with the blanket like a mother. Emilia just watches her as she sleeps in her bed. She's never tucked a child in before. And not only did she do it right on her first time, she did it the way Nancy likes it. It just feels right to the both of them.

EMILIA: Goodnight, Baby.

Emilia heads out the bedroom door. She gives the little girl one last glance and smile before leaving her to sleep.

That night, an unmasked but hooded Ghostface is walking through the same woods that he had chased Charlie and Emilia away from a week ago in Chapter 11. He finds that same exact spot that he'd been digging up before Emilia's presence interrupted him.

Ghostface removes his hood and we finally see him. IT'S KEITH CURTIS.

KEITH: I really hope I don't have to scare off anymore nlggers hanging around my secret hideout.

That comment confirms to what we already suspected. It was Keith Curtis who attacked and chased Charlie and Emilia that night.

Keith begins to continue digging up the spot. He's hard at work. We have no idea what he's digging for. Is he retrieving something or is he going to bury something? Is it important?

Keith hears footsteps. He looks around. It better not be those two nlggers again.

KEITH: God damn Negros. Invading my special place. (Shouts) IF YOU STUPID ASS DARKIES DON'T LEAVE, I WILL STAB YOUR ASSES THIS TIME!

There is no response and the footsteps have stopped. Keith sighs. They must have left. He continues digging. He begins to sing to himself as he digs hard into the ground.

KEITH: (singing) This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend. The end...of our elaborate plans. The end...of everything that stands. The end. No safety or surprise. The end. I'll never look into your eyes…again. Can you picture what will be so limitless and free...desperately…

The footsteps continue again. Keith looks around. He cannot see or hear anything out there. Where are those footsteps coming from?


The sounds of flesh and bone being penetrated is heard. Keith lets out a blood curling scream as he drops to the ground. We find that a spear has been shot through his leg.

Another spear is shot through his hand. He continues to scream. Keith is badly hurt. He cannot get up or move much at all.


He hears footsteps again. They're much louder. They're approaching him. Keith turns around and he sees his attacker. He's horrified by the image of his attacker.

His attacker finally walks into our view. IT'S GHOSTFACE. THE REAL GHOSTFACE. That's right. Plot twist: Keith Curtis is not the killer. It is a coincidence that he had the same outfit and knife as Ghostface.

GHOSTFACE: (mocking and continuing the song) The end of laughter and soft lies.

Ghostface pulls the spear out of Keith's hand and he cries out in pain. Keith is helpless as the killer hovers over him. It's an intense moment. Ghostface raises the spear above him.

KEITH: (Begging) No! NO! PLEASE!

GHOSTFACE: (continues to sing) The end of nights we've tried to...DIIIIIIE!

And with that, Ghostface slams the spear into Keith's face. Keith Curtis, Brother of Nick Curtis, Uncle of Bella Curtis, and Father of Tyler Carter, is DEAD.

With the spear sticking out of Keith's face, Ghostface grabs a hold of the spear and uses it to drag Keith's body. He swings the body down into the large hole that Keith had dug up. Ghostface only buries him half way. He wants him to be found.

Ghostface looks up to us and ends the song that Keith had been singing.

GHOSTFACE: This is the ennnnnddddd!

Ghostface walks off, leaving Keith's partially buried body exposed for the world to see. We make a transition from night to morning when the police are removing Keith's body from the hole. A white sheet is covering Keith's body.

At his studio apartment, Tyler's anger and emotions are built up. He finally snaps. He grabs a glass cup and throws it to the wall. It shatters. Tyler breaks down and cries. He's now officially lost both of his parents to death. He may not have known Keith nor appreciated him over his treatment towards Lorraine nor the fact that he didn't want to be apart of Tyler's life growing up. But he was his father still. He had just met him. They had plans to make up for lost times. But now they will never have that chance.

PHONE RINGS. Tyler turns to the phone. He has a feeling that he knows who's calling him. But nevertheless, he picks up the phone.

TYLER: (Angry) Hello?

GHOSTFACE: Hey, Tyler. Enjoying the game?

TYLER: Listen here, you sick fuck. Whoever you are, wherever you go...I will find you. I will expose you. And I will fucking cut you into pieces until there is nothing left of you.

GHOSTFACE: Oh, there it is. That rage. That anger. The same anger and rage that I have. You and I have the same of everything. We are one in the same person. You and I.

TYLER: I am nothing like you.

GHOSTFACE: Oh, Tyler. You're so naive. You have no idea how close we truly are. We have the same mission. The same goal. The same love. The same hate. The same pattern. The same of everything. And pretty soon, we will finally be able to come together the way we should have all our lives.

TYLER: What the hell are you talking about?

GHOSTFACE: The truth that which you have no knowledge of. See, you came here like a big shot because you knew the real side of Lorraine that nobody else did. You knew her fears, her interests, her weakness...her secrets. You knew everything about her that even her own family didn't know. But you didn't know everything. There is a secret that she even kept from you. A secret I will expose. I will expose it to you, to her little girl, to her her ex-husband Charlie. And when I finally come out from the shadows of the night...Charlie will die a broken man when he learns the truth about his part in Lorraine's life that hurt her the most.

Ghostface hangs up.

Sometime later, Tyler is at the Carter's in the kitchen. He's lost in thought. Emilia comes in through the sliding glass door.

EMILIA: Hey, you.

TYLER: Oh, hey, Emilia. What's up?

EMILIA: Just thought I'd come by for support. I'm so sorry about your father. I know how you feel. I've been alone all of my life. My parents divorced before I was born. I was given up for an adoption so I never met my parents.

TYLER: I'm so sorry.

EMILIA: Oh, don't worry about me. It's you who we're worried about right now. You've now lost both of your parents. But you should at least feel lucky. You've at least had the chance to have met your parents. Even if any of the moments with them were bad, you should always cherish what you had with them.

TYLER: Well, things began kinda badly when I met Dad. But I left him on good terms. We had plans to make up for lost times.

EMILIA: See. That's was a great moment. Something you should never forget. It's worth it.

They smile at each other. There is a connection. They can related to each other. Emilia is giving Tyler the support that she never had over her own loss.

Nancy walks in and puts her arms up for her big brother to pick her up. He picks his little sister up. She hugs him. Then she turns to Emilia for a hug. Then...with one arm around Emilia and the other around Tyler, Nancy begins to pull each other in for a group hug. Tyler and Emilia smile at each other and obliges the innocent little girl. A group hug between them commences. It's a sweet moment between the three.

As this occurs, Bella walks into the kitchen through the living room. She sees the smile that Tyler and Emilia are giving each other. It hits Bella hard. Even though Bella knows that she and Tyler are cousins, her feelings for him are still there. She can't handle the interaction between Tyler and Emilia. She starts to get emotional and walks out of the kitchen crying.

This scene reminds us of the flashback from Chapter 10 when Lorraine walks in on Charlie and Melissa together in the kitchen...the night when Lorraine and Keith conceived Tyler.

The weird thing is that all three young adults represents a major person of that night. Tyler is Lorraine's son, Emilia is Charlie's "adopted" daughter, and Bella is Keith's niece. However, their roles are different. Emilia's role is the same as Charlie's some love which makes someone else jealous, Tyler is apart of the loving, but it's Bella who walks out crying like Lorraine.

The next generation repeating the same sad the very same kitchen.

Chapter 15

Charlie and Emilia are in his car. They park in a parking lot and get out. They join the rest of the family, whom all appear to be sad. All the guys are wearing suits and the women are wearing skirts. But it finally hits us...they're all wearing black and crying. It's a funeral. A double funeral for Melissa and Bob.

The funeral commences. The entire Family is together. Melissa’s parents are mourning their daughter. MARY, Bob’s ex-wife and Daphne’s mother, is mourning Bob.

Standing around in several places at the funeral are the bodyguards charged with protecting the "Family" from Ghostface.

As the funeral continues on, we see Ghostface's legs walking across grass. He is nearby the funeral. Out of sight of the bodyguards. Everyone is oblivious to his presence. We pan up to get a good shot of Ghostface watching the funeral from afar. He's waiting for something.

The Priest finishes his part.

PRIEST: If anyone wishes to say a few words about Melissa or Bob, their families would appreciate it.

Nick is the first to get up to the podium to speak.

NICK: Hello, everyone. It's very hard for me to say goodbye. Melissa was my first love. The first girl I ever did it with.

The attendees all sigh at his inappropriate comment. Bella is embarrassed.

NICK: I've always said that even after we broke that I never stopped loving her. And I never will. She was my first my love. And that is something that will always be special to me. This is the second woman who I've loved that I've lost in tragedy. Lorraine was the first. She was really fun to mess around with.

Another comment that upsets the attendees.

Ghostface has heard this. Now is the time for him to make his move. He holds up a handle with a red button at the top. He presses the red buttons.


Nick flies off the podium. Everyone is in a panic and begins running from the fire. Nick lands hard on the grass at the front of the first row of chairs.

All the bodyguards surround the family. Guns are drawn. Other agents comb the area. Hoping to find the killer. But he's nowhere to be found.

Andrew and Daphne are with their kids and Nancy as bodyguards are whisking them away. Clarence, Tyler, and Emilia are being escorted out by their bodyguards. A few bodyguards are trying to pull Bella away as she begins screaming and crying, trying to reach her unconscious father on the ground.


Charlie and Scott, Nick's most loyal and best friends, stand by him. Protecting him. Trying to figure out if he's okay. Kathy, a former nurse, joins them and checks him out.

KATHY: He's still breathing.

Andrew, Daphne and the kids are pushed into vans by the bodyguards. Bodyguards take over taking care of Nick as Kathy, Charlie, and Scott are escorted away. Clarence, Tyler, Emilia and Bella are put into another van.

The scene appears like a movie about the Secret Service protecting the President and his family.

LEAD BODYGUARD: What's your status? Report!

BODYGUARD 1: Subjects are secured.

BODYGUARD 2: Suspect not found.

The "Family" all cry as they stare at Nick's unconscious body. They're afraid for him as they're driven away from the cemetery.

We get a long shot of our beloved Nick Curtis unconscious. Despite all the bad things he has done, the image of him lying possibly dying is heart wrenching to us.


At the hospital, Nick is connected to machines. Bella is crying while she's holding her father's hand. The machines indicated that he's alive and in stable condition.

Kathy is outside of his hospital room talking to Clarence, Tyler, and Charlie.

KATHY: The doctor says that he'll be okay. But he is suffering a concussion and several broken bones. He's going to be needing to stay here for a few days.

CLARENCE: Well, thank God he's okay.

CHARLIE: He could have been killed.

TYLER: It was after his "Mess around with Lorraine" comment when the explosion occurred. Which means he had to of heard the comment which means that he was there. That son of a bitch was at the funeral.

Andrew approaches his parents.

ANDREW: Daphne and I are going to take the kids to your house. Nancy wants to go home where she feels safe.

CLARENCE: Of course. We'll see you there when we get home.

Andrew takes Nancy by the hand and walks with her, his wife, and their kids towards the elevator, where their bodyguards are standing by.

Andrew, Daphne, their kids, and Nancy are put in a protection van. There are three rows in the back. The couple are in the first row, the kids in the middle, and two bodyguards in the back. Another bodyguard is driving and another on the side passenger. Who'd dare try to mess with this family with this many bodyguards protecting them? Nobody...right?

In Nick's hospital room, Clarence is consoling Bella while Kathy is sitting by Nick. Outside Nick's room, Charlie is watching through the window. Emilia, who's on the phone, approaches Charlie. She appears frustrated and upset. We can hear someone yelling at her over the phone.

EMILIA: I have to go. My associate is having a fit about something. I have to go deal with it. I'll see you at the Carter's later.

CHARLIE: Alright. See ya.

They give each other a father-daughter-like kiss before she walks off.

EMILIA: (on the phone) Chill, man. I'm on my way.

At the Carter's, the kids are playing in Nancy's bedroom. Their bodyguard (KG) stands outside the bedroom.

We find that the entire Carter home is surrounded by several bodyguards. There is no way that Ghostface can get through them. Right?

A bodyguard stands by the trees between the Carter's and the Price's old home. He hears movement from behind the tree of the Price's old side. Suspicious, he walks behind the tree, passing over the Carter's property. There is nothing.

He turns when - SLASH! A blade has ran acrossed his throat. He grabs his own neck as it bleeds out. He falls to his knees where we find the killer's legs standing by him. The bodyguard dies.

The GARAGE BODYGUARD (THOMAS) and BACKDOOR BODYGUARD (BD GUARD) are standing at their posts. The BD Guard turns to the sliding glass door and looks inside the kitchen for a moment. Scott is laughing at the guards as he's preparing to make brownies. Getting away with baking special brownies. The BD Guard turns back to where Thomas was standing but he's not there.

BD BODYGUARD: (In radio) Agent Thomas, get back to your post.

The BD goes to the garage. He turns inside to find Thomas's body on the ground. The back door of the garage is open. He checks on Thomas's body. Thomas is dead. The BD goes to get his radio to call for help when - Ghostface grabs him and pulls him out through the back garage door. We don't see what happens. But we hear the struggle. Through the door, we see the BD Guard's body fall to the ground. He's dead.

There are two bodyguards at the side of the house. One at the end towards the backyard (BY GUARD) and the other towards the end where the front yard (FY GUARD) is. Ghostface sneaks up on the BY Guard, holding him to a headlock. FY Guard goes to pull his gun out but Ghostface throws a blade into his chest and the FY Guard goes down. Ghostface grabs the BY Guard's head and twists it, snapping his neck. He lets go of the body.

The FRONT DOOR GUARD (FD GUARD) is standing by the front door. He has his eyes on the main road. He has no idea of the trouble that's been going on. He hears footsteps. He turns his head towards the side of the house and a blade is thrown into his eye. He drops to the ground dead.

In the Kitchen, Scott has just prepared the stuff he needs to bake his special brownies. The phone rings. He goes and answers it.

SCOTT: Hello? Hey…

As Scott is distracted on the phone, we see his brown paper bag on the counter. Ghostface approaches it and takes out the plastic bag of weed from inside the brown bag. He replaces it with another bag of weed. We have a really bad feeling about this.

Later, Andrew, Daphne, and Scott are in the basement. They're eating the brownies. But they're not feeling good.

SCOTT: Something doesn't seem right here. They shouldn't be hitting us this quickly.

DAPHNE: I don't feel so good.

ANDREW: I feel a bit woozy.

Outside the hospital, Clarence, Kathy, Charlie, and Tyler are getting into their protection van, the same type as the other van that Andrew and Daphne took earlier. Bodyguards are standing by. Clarence and Kathy are in the first row while Charlie and Tyler take the middle. The other two bodyguards get into the very back.

The van drives off.

CLARENCE: (Holding Kathy's hand) Everything will be okay, sweetheart.

KATHY: I hope so.

Back at the house, Daphne walks into the kitchen. She is unstable. Stumbling.

DAPHNE: Oh, God. I feel sick.

In her POV, we find that her vision is horrible. Blurry, double-vision, and out of focus. Worst than how it usually looks when you're drunk or high.

As Daphne reaches for the sink, we see Ghostface sneaking up behind her. He raises up a baton, which he obviously stole from one of the bodyguards.

Daphne makes it to the sink and begins vomiting. She coughs and spits up the rest of the vomit. She's really feeling it bad. She looks up at the sliding glass door. She realizes that the bodyguards are not at their post.

Before she can say or do anything, Ghostface makes his move and whacks her in the back of the head with the baton. Daphne drops to the floor. She's out cold.

Andrew leaves Scott alone in the basement. Scott is zoned out in his chair. Andrew struggles to go up the stairs in his condition.

ANDREW: Since when has it been this hard to go up these stairs?

Andrew makes it to the top and walks through the door, which Daphne had left open. Andrew goes into the kitchen. He finds Daphne on the floor. But in his drugged out condition, he doesn't understand what has happened.

ANDREW: Hey, sweetie, why are you sleeping on the floor?

Ghostface slowly approaches Andrew from behind. He doesn't see it coming. Ghostface stabs Eric in the back. He cries out. Andrew turns around only to be stabbed in the chest/shoulder area. Ghostface pulls the knife out of him.

Andrew backs away from Ghostface in fear. Already drugged out, now frightened by the killer's appearance, and because of the shock of being stabbed and losing blood - Andrew passes out.

Down in the basement, Scott is still zoned out. His eyes are closed. He's nearly passed out. He opens his eyes. In front of him is CHARLIE.

SCOTT: Charlie?

CHARLIE: I hurt her. I deserve to die.

Scott closes his eyes. When he opens his eyes, the person standing in front of him is no longer Charlie but LORRAINE.

SCOTT: Lorraine?

LORRAINE: I'm hurt, Scott. Nobody understands me. I just wanted to be accepted and loved. I'm broken. You've all killed me. Especially Charlie.

SCOTT: What the…?

Lorraine slashes Scott in the chest with a knife. Scott screams out. His vision clears up. Lorraine's appearances transforms into the real person standing in front of him - GHOSTFACE.

The laced weed that Ghostface had replaced Scott's weed with caused hallucinations. Scott really wasn't seeing Charlie or Lorraine.

Scott loses blood and passes out. He drops to the floor.

The Protection Van parks in the driveway. The driver notices Thomas's body.

DRIVER: Son of a bitch.

The bodyguards get out of the van.


The other van solely containing bodyguards pulls up and they all storm out like a stampede. They all draw their guns. They surround the house. Many go inside. The bodyguards outside check on the bodies of their fallen agents.


In the kitchen, two bodyguards check on Andrew and Daphne, who are still unconcious.



LEAD BODYGUARD: (In radio) We need an ambulance at the Carter's house. We have wounded civilians.

Down in the basement, a few bodyguards hurries down and finds Scott. One of them checks him out. He's in critical condition.


They try to contain his injury and keep him alive.

BODYGUARD: Mr. Lane, stay with me. Scott! Stay with us.

Clarence and Kathy run into their house. A bodyguard shields them.

BODYGUARD: Mr. and Mrs. Carter, it's not safe yet.

CLARENCE: (Angry, not giving a damn) WHERE'S OUR GRANDKIDS?!

BODYGUARD: Mr. Carter, please.


LEAD BODYGUARD: Take the Carter's upstairs to check on the kids.

BODYGUARD: Yes, sir. (To Clarence & Kathy) Follow me.

Clarence and Kathy follow the bodyguard through the living room and up the stairs. His gun is drawn. Signals for them to stay behind him. They find the KG's body by Nancy's bedroom. The door is closed. The bodyguard checks on the KG. He's dead. The bodyguard hears whimpering from inside the bedroom. He points the gun at the door. He kicks the door open.

Jeff and Veronica are huddle together. Crying. You can tell that they have seen the most frightening thing in their lives. Nancy is not there.


Clarence and Kathy come in and hug their grandkids.

CLARENCE: Where's Nancy?

JEFF: The scary man got her. The scary man took her away.

KATHY: (panicking & crying) OH, MY GOD! CLARENCE!

Clarence is getting emotional. His granddaughter has been kidnapped.

BODYGUARD: (In radio) Send units out there. Alert the city. All communications on high alert. Nancy Carter has been kidnapped.

Clarence and Kathy hold each other. Crying. Scared for Nancy.

Stay tune for the next Chapter. Will Nancy be saved? Find out soon.

Chapter 16

It's dark outside the Carter's house. White sheets cover the bodies of the fallen bodyguards. It's pandemonium out here. Police are everywhere. Crowds are forming outside the house. Three different ambulances are attending to injured survivors.

Daphne is the only one of the three injured conscious and talking. The drugs have worn off. She's holding an ice pack on the back of her head. She's talking to an officer.

Andrew is barely awake as he's being wheeled into an ambulance. Kathy holds his hand as they're taking him in.

KATHY: I'll be coming to see you soon, honey. You just hang in there, baby.

Andrew is loaded in and the ambulance leaves. Kathy and Clarence turn around. They gasp and break down as the paramedics are rushing Scott to an ambulance. He's the one whose fate is ambiguous right now. They watch their “second” son being loaded into the ambulance. They're not messing around. He's in serious critical condition. Questionable.

PARAMEDICS: We have to take him now or we'll lose him.

KATHY: (crying) Oh, Scott.

As Clarence holds Kathy, he closes his eyes. He can't help but to think about Nancy.

CLARENCE: Oh, Nancy. I'll come find you, baby.

Speaking of which...Nancy is in a large dark room. She's tied to a chair with rope. She looks around the place. We recognize it as LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING. The place where Nancy's mother use to party and escape to for solace from her pain. But why did Ghostface bring her here?

Ghostface appears. Nancy starts crying. Frightened of his appearance.

NANCY: Don't hurt me. Please.

Ghostface slowly approaches her. It's getting very intense for us. We have no idea what his intentions are with this precious little girl. He gets in front of her. Nancy starts sobbing uncontrollably...scared for her life.

NANCY: (crying) I want my Grandpa!

Ghostface suddenly rubs her face. He is being gentle and kind to her. Nancy begins to calm down as Ghostface makes her realize that he doesn't want to hurt her.

Ghostface removes his mask. We can’t see his face. The hood and the darkness conceal his face. But we can see his eyes.

Nancy looks into his eyes. She recognizes the eyes. She knows him but can’t tell who he is. His eyes are saying the same things to her. He cares about her. His eyes are protective and loving towards her. The look in his eyes is the same look that Tyler had when he saved her from her abusive father.

It's not until now do we understand the real meaning behind her kidnapping. Ghostface was not intending to harm her. But rather in his mind, he's trying to protect her from the Carter's. The same people who hurt Lorraine and lead her to a miserable life. Perhaps he's trying to keep her away from being exposed to their "evilness" and protect her from suffering the same fate as her mother.

GHOSTFACE: I won't let anyone hurt you. I love you, Nancy.

Nancy is confused. Why does the scary man love her? Why does the scary man wanna protect her?

At the hospital, Andrew is resting. He's still sleeping. Daphne is by his side. Holding his hand. She's still processing her own attack. Kathy is also by his side. Clarence walks in.

DAPHNE: It's my fault. We should never have had those brownies.

KATHY: You shouldn't have. But this isn't your fault either. You're a victim, too.

CLARENCE: The bodyguards were there, too. They were doing their jobs. And they died doing so. There was nothing you could have done. The sick bastard was going to get his way, one way or another.

DAPHNE: My poor kids. Having to watch people around them get killed. (Begins to cry) And Nancy. Oh, my God. Poor Nancy. I can't help but wonder if I could have saved her if I wasn't high.

Clarence hugs Daphne.

DAPHNE: I hope they find her alive. And if they do...I'm never taking my eye off of her. They'll have Nancy after they pry her from my cold dead hands.

Clarence smiles. He feels the same.

Tyler is watching from outside Andrew's hospital room. He moves away and finds Nick's room. Nick is sleeping. Bella is asleep on the chair next to him. They're safe and sound.

Tyler stares the same time we see Ghostface sitting at his desk in LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING. They both close their eyes at the same time. Some kind of telepathic connection is occurring between the two. A suppressed memory being brought to light…


10 year old Tyler is hiding in the bathroom. He can hear Lorraine and John arguing. We hear loud footsteps running to the bathroom. Lorraine runs in and slams the door. She locks it. John is outside the door, pounding on it.

Lorraine sits with Tyler and holds him.

LORRAINE: It's okay, sweetie. He won't get in here.

The mother and son are crying. Frightened.


The harder he pounds on the door, the tighter she holds her son.

We PAN above them. We see outside the window that an unmasked but hooded Ghostface is watching them. His eyes show concern and worry for the mother and son. He's acting like a guardian angel for them both. He turns his eyes towards the door. It shows anger and hostile towards John.


It's another night. Lorraine is leaving a bar. Two drunk men are hitting on her. We see Ghostface watching her in the background.

LORRAINE: I have to go home. I have to see my boy.

MAN 1: He can wait. You see him everyday. How about some fun time with us?

MAN 2: Yeah. We'd love to play with a kitten like you.

Lorraine pushes them. Gives them a serious look. The "Back the fuck off" look. She gets into her car as the drunken men fail to stop her.

She drives off.

MAN 1: What a bitch.

MAN 2: Cock blocker.

They begin to walk away from the bar. Ghostface approaches them. A beer bottle is slammed against MAN 2's head. He drops to the ground. Ghostface knocks out MAN 1. Ghostface hovers over MAN 1, threatening him with his knife.

GHOSTFACE: You stay away from her or I will rip your insides out and hang you with your own intestines.


15 year old Tyler is walking home from school. Suddenly, he's surrounded by four older boys. Seniors. Most likely jocks. They chase him. Tyler falls down. They laugh as they gang up on him while he's still on the ground. That's when suddenly...somebody's feet walks up next to Tyler's head. The bullies are frightened...the person is an unmasked but hooded Ghostface.

GHOSTFACE: (to bullies) BACK OFF!

Ghostface pulls out his knife. He's not messing around. Even though the bullies out number them both, Ghostface's appearance is too frightening to challenge. They run away.

Ghostface offers his hand to Tyler, who accepts it. It is very much like the time Tyler offered his hand to Nancy when he saves her from her father. This must be how he learned to give his hand to a helpless victim.

Ghostface helps Tyler up. Tyler and Ghostface are face to face. There is no animosity between them.

GHOSTFACE: Take care, Tyler.

Ghostface walks away. Tyler watches as the mysterious figure disappears into the crowd of people wearing the same black hooded coats. We now can't figure out which one is Ghostface.


Tyler has an "Oh, My God" look on his face. He has finally remembered everything.

TYLER: I know who he is.

Later, Clarence, Kathy, Tyler, and Charlie are in the waiting room. Kathy is too emotional to do anything. Clarence is watching the TV. Charlie is on his cell phone.

CHARLIE: Don't worry, Emilia. I'm okay. Yeah, I wasn't even there.

A doctor approaches Clarence and Kathy. They stand up. Worried. Charlie sees this.

CHARLIE: I gotta go. I'll call you later.

Charlie hangs up the phone. He joins them with Tyler as the doctor gives them the news on Scott.

DOCTOR: He's stable now. He's going to survive.

CLARENCE: Oh, Thank God.

Kathy hugs her husband. Cries in relief.

DOCTOR: He lost a lot of blood. If he had wait any longer we may have lost him. He's very lucky. He's going to have to stay here for a few nights.

CLARENCE: Thank you, Doctor.

The Doctor smiles and nods. He walks off. Everyone sighs in relief.

KATHY: I am so glad that Scott will be okay. I just hope this night doesn't get any worse.

Suddenly a phone rings. It's Tyler's cellphone. Tyler answers the phone.

TYLER: Hello?

GHOSTFACE: Hello, Tyler.

TYLER: You son of a bitch!

Clarence, Kathy, and Charlie, alerted, turns to Tyler.

GHOSTFACE: Watch who you call a son of a bitch. You might realize your mistake of this ironic name-calling.

TYLER: Where is Nancy?

GHOSTFACE: She's here with me. She's safe.

CLARENCE: Give me the phone!

Tyler hands Clarence the phone.

CLARENCE: Listen here, you sick bastard. You hurt my granddaughter, I swear to God, I will gut you and feed your insides to the dogs.

GHOSTFACE: And you think you're fit to care for Nancy with that kind of attitude? If you wanna see her again...come find us.

CLARENCE: And how can I find you when I don't even know where you're at?

GHOSTFACE: Just ask Charlie where to go to celebrate and have sex at. Just ask Tyler where to go to party. Once you find that...then you'll find your Granddaughter waiting you.

Ghostface hangs up. Clarence is confused.

KATHY: What did he say?

CLARENCE: He said to ask Charlie where to go to celebrate and have sex at. And to ask Tyler where to go to party.

Charlie and Tyler look at each other. It hits them. They know exactly where Ghostface took Nancy.

TYLER: I think I know where they're at.

The Carter's park their car some place in the middle of nowhere. Clarence, Kathy, Tyler, and Charlie get out of the car. They stare at something.

CHARLIE: I never thought I'd see this place ever again.

We find that they're outside LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING. They head to the main entrance of the building. But why are they there? Why did Ghostface bring them here?

STAY TUNE...because it’s the one you’ve been waiting for.

We finally learn:

Ghostface’s identity. Ghostface’s motive. Ghostface’s beef with Charlie. Ghostface’s connection to Lorraine. Ghostface’s connection to the Carter’s and their friends.


Chapter 17 (REVEAL)

Here it is, everyone. The chapter that you've been waiting for. We will finally learn the identity of Ghostface, his reason for the murders, his grudge against Charlie, the significance between Ghostfacer and Lorraine's Party Building, Ghostface's connection to Lorraine, Carter's, Charlie, and the rest of the "Family." It all unravels and comes together now…

Clarence, Kathy, Tyler, and Charlie enter LORRAINE'S PARTY BUILDING. Charlie recognizes the old abandoning-dump appearance of the building. It has not changed since he was last in here twenty-years ago.

The Family runs around the building. Looking for Nancy.



NANCY: (voice heard in the distance) HELP ME!

They hear her voice and follow it.


NANCY: (voice heard closer) I'm over here!

They make a turn. At the end of the path of their turn is Nancy tied to the chair. They see her and sigh in relief. They all run to her. It's a long path.

CLARENCE: Are you okay, sweetheart?

NANCY: Yeah.

CLARENCE: I told you I would not let him hurt you, remember?

Nancy smiles. Grandpa Red has fulfilled his promise.

CLARENCE: Let's get her out of here.

Tyler pulls out his knife and begins cutting the rope. They're all so concentrated on her that they don't feel the presence of a dark figure make the same turn they did to find them. Nancy is the only one who sees this. She begins whimpering.

NANCY: The scary man is here!

They all get up and turn around. Standing at the very end from which they came from is Ghostface. In between them and the killer, in the middle of the long path, is a light shining down into the building. It's most likely from the full moon.

Tyler shows off his knife to Ghostface. Prepared to fight. But Charlie stops him.

CHARLIE: No. This is where I take my stand.

Charlie begins walking towards Charlie, much to the concern of his family.

KATHY: No, don't.

CLARENCE: Charlie, come back.

TYLER: He'll kill you.


Charlie ignores their pleas. He's not willing to go without a fight. He knows that Ghostface is aiming for him the most. He won't allow his family to suffer for whatever the reason is for the killer to attack them. Charlie shows off his anger and fearlessness to Ghostface.

He stops in the middle between his family and the light. Now it's Ghostface's turn to come towards the light.

CHARLIE: Okay. I'm here. It's me you want not them. Let Nancy go and you can have me. I won't fight you if you spare her. Please. Tell me what you want. Show yourself to me.

Ghostface cocks his head like Michael Myers. He agrees. Now is the moment for them to know the truth. He removes his hood and his mask. But the dark continues to shield his face.

Ghostface starts walking towards the light. The entire family is tensing up. It feels like it's taking forever to see his face. They want to know...but at the same time they're afraid to know.

Tyler walks next to Charlie as they watch the killer reveal himself together.

Ghostface finally walks into the light and reveals himself as…

- Are












EMILIA. She looks at Charlie and Tyler and gives them a smile. It's a smile all too familiar to us. We've seen it a million times. The same smile worn by both Lorraine and Charlie.

EMILIA: (to everyone) Hello, my dear family. Surprise!

EVERYONE: (shocked) Emilia?!

They're all shocked at not only by Ghostface's true identity but what she implicated by that “dear family” comment while using that familiar voice and tone. They all take a hard glance at Emilia. It hits them and it hits them hard. They finally see it, as do we. Emilia looks exactly like Lorraine and Charlie.

CLARENCE: You mean you're…(too shocked to finish).

EMILIA: Yes...Grandpa. Did you really think that Tyler and Nancy were the only ones? Oh, I am sure there is a few more out there that we don't know about.

Tyler thinks back to the phone call he got from Ghostface a few chapters ago. The secret.

TYLER: So the secret that you told me about. The one even I didn't know about. This is it, isn't it?

EMILIA: That's right, little brother. You and Nancy have an older sister. Me. And mom didn't tell you about it either.

They look around the place and finally realize the significance of the place.

CHARLIE: So when Lorraine and I were happened.

EMILIA: That's right, Daddy. It was here that my pain began. And it will be here that my pain ends.

TYLER: So are you doing this because Mom gave you up for adoption while she kept Nancy and I? Are you jealous of me?

PAY ATTENTION TO HER MOTIVE (She’s no Roman or Piper)

EMILIA: Oh, please. That whole "Mommy abandoned me and you had the better life" motive is so stupid and been done to death. No, my motive is much for fresher than that. You see, I’m not killing people for me...I’m killing for all of us. For you, for me, for Nancy...FOR MOM!

TYLER: I don’t understand.

EMILIA: You know whose fault this is? (Points to Charlie, Clarence, and Kathy) It’s their fault. Everyone who knew mom trashed her. Made her feel like trash. As a result, she suffered, which in the end made all three of us kids suffer. I was given up, you grew up with your own family, and Nancy was abused. So the only way for you, Nancy, and I to heal from our pain is for Mommy to heal from hers. And I felt the only way to do that was to give her justice. And there is only one kind of justice I felt necessary to heal us. Death. Mommy was innocent. A good woman. She didn’t deserve the hate she received. Even from her own parents and her own brother.

TYLER: So you’re getting revenge for the way mom was treated? But what did Charlie do? He loved her.

CHARLIE: I did. I still do.

Emilia gives both Charlie and Clarence angry glares.

EMILIA: It was Clarence who forced them to divorce. The pressure made them not get along during their marriage. They blamed each other for the lectures and trash-talking they were getting from Grandpa. When they got their divorce, he layed off of them. So to celebrate their new freedom from Clarence's wrath, they came here and got drunk. Then they did it...right here in this very room. Conceiving me in the process. They fell in love again. More so than before. Lorraine wanted Charlie to show her how much he wanted her….(to Charlie)...when she rejected your post-divorce marriage proposal...she didn't really mean it. She was challenging you. That night, after falling in love with you, she was ready to face Clarence and tell him what she really wanted. But before she could, she needed to know if you really wanted it as badly as she did. After saying no to you, she got up and ran...hoping that you'd run to her and tell her you wouldn't let their love break over Clarence's bigotry. But what did you do? You just sat there. You called her a whore and told her that you never wanted to see her again. Yeah. She heard that instead of seeing her man run up to her and telling her that he loved her and wasn't going to give up on her. But you didn't do that. You did what every other man in her life did. You called her a whore and let her go like she was nothing. Because you were afraid. You let Clarence win! You didn't fight for your love for her. And that is why she left for California again. She couldn't come back to this building. The place she came to escape from all of her pain. Because it now reminded of her the worst pain of all. The man she loved not fighting for her and calling her a whore. She was so heartbroken that when I was born, she saw me and realized that she was alone. That my father or her parents weren't there for us. She couldn't do it. She didn't have the strength at the time to raise a baby alone. So I was put in foster care. By the time that Tyler was born, she'd given up waiting for others to help and support her. So when Tyler was born, he became the first child she ever had and actually gave raising a child alone a chance. Because she was alone and by then she realized that having a baby in her life was all she needed in life to feel loved and needed by someone. But she didn't have that strength and feeling at the time I was born because she was still licking the wounds from Charlie and Clarence's final insult towards her.

Clarence and Charlie are full of guilt. They cannot believe that the pain they caused Lorraine resulted in the abandonment of their own daughter and granddaughter.

EMILIA: I don’t blame mom. I love my mom. She was not at fault. I’m happy she made the decision she made, believing that it was for the best. She didn’t know I’d be abused at foster care. When I was twelve, I ran away from the Foster Home. I always wondered why I was given up. Then I found my mother...with my little brother. Of course, I was hurt and jealous at first. Then I found her letters, journals, notes, and diaries. Including the one that mentioned her first time with Millerton. And that's when I realized that it wasn't her fault. She let me go because of the pain she suffered. Trying to spare me that same pain. It was pain you inflicted. It was all your fault. Every single person in her life was responsible for what happened to her. Her parents who trashed her for not being their dream daughter, her brother who could not accept that every sibling has fights so he exposed her secret, her friends who called her a whore, the men in her life who passed her around like she was nothing but used toys, and my dad for not fighting for his love for her and not being there for her when she...when we...needed him the most. You all hurt her. Destroyed her. Ruined her. Scarred her. And in the was Tyler, Nancy, and I...her kids... who suffered her pain the most. So the only way for me to give us peace, to have justice, to avenge the pain inflicted upon on us...was to do the same for her first. Because our pain was one in the same connected. Once one pain is healed, the other will begin to heal. And that is why I did it. I did it all. I killed Robert Millerton, John Riley, had Mike Barker killed, and I also killed Keith Curtis, Melissa Howard, had Bob Price killed, as well as other men in her life. It's why I attacked Andrew, Daphne, Scott, and kidnapped Nancy.

Nancy begins to cry as she listens to all of this. To see her Emilia turn out to be the evil scary man. Emilia sees her crying. Feels like crying, too. Doesn't want Nancy to see her as evil.

EMILIA: Because Nancy deserves a better life. You don't deserve that innocent child. I will not allow my baby sister to be exposed to your evilness. Because she maybe your little girl right now, but once she becomes a teenager, you will emotionally abandon her like you did my mother. I will not let that happen to her. I am the only one who can truly love her. To raise her. I will be her rightful mother. And you shall die!

She raises her knife up and goes for Clarence, but Charlie grabs her. The Father and Daughter struggle. Meanwhile, Clarence, Kathy, and Tyler try to free Nancy.

Emilia grabs Charlie by the throat. He struggles to fight back.

CHARLIE: Emilia. Please. Listen to your father...

EMILIA: Oh, Daddy. You didn't fight for Mom. You didn't fight for me. Don't think that you're going to fight for Nancy.

Emilia stabs her father in the shoulder a few times. Charlie passes out from the shock as his own daughter throws him to the ground.

Tyler pulls out his own knife and charges at his sister. But she slashes his hand that is holding the knife. He cries out as he drops the knife. Emilia starts punching and kicking Tyler.

Emilia continues to show off her badass unstoppable skills she used as Ghostface. As a result, the much taller and masculine Tyler, whom we already know kicks ass, is getting his ass handed by his much shorter, skinnier, feminine older sister. Normally, you'd think when looking at Tyler's body appearance compared to Emilia, that he'd win. But it's not the case this time. He's getting his ass kicked so badly. Emilia is obviously the superior one of the two siblings.

Out of nowhere, Emilia does a Crescent kick on Tyler's face/head….and Tyler goes down and is not getting up.

Emilia approaches her grandparents and her little sister. Clarence faces her.


Emilia and Clarence go head to head. Both are prepared as they make their moves at the same time. Emilia goes to stab him but he catches it. Clarence is showing even in his old age that he's still the same strong tough soldier that we all knew him to be. The two struggle. It's hard to decide who's winning the struggle. A skilled young killer and an aging life-trained soldier. Who will win this fight?


EMILIA: You don't get to tell me what to you did to my mother.

CLARENCE: Don't make me…

Emilia knees Clarence in the groin area. With Clarence hurt, it allows her to get free from his grip. She stabs him in the shoulder. He cries out. Kathy and Nancy scream in horror.


NANCY: (crying) GRANDPA!

Clarence is on the ground. He's weak. Emilia hovers over she did as Ghostface to all of the other victims. She looks up at Nancy and Kathy, back to Clarence, then back to them. She's enjoying the fear, anxiety, and horror she's putting on them. This is the exact revenge she's been waiting and looking for all of her life.

EMILIA: Now, my dear Grandma and precious get to watch me slowly rip Grandpa Clarence apart and savor the moment as he suffers the same pain that he put on mommy dearest. And there is nothing that anybody can….

We suddenly hear the sounds of flesh ripping. Emilia gasps...she's in pain.

Kathy, Nancy, and Clarence look behind her and standing not far behind Emilia is…TYLER. He is weak, bloodied, and bruised up. But was strong enough to stand up and to make whatever move he made.

Emilia, weakening and in agony, turns to see her attacker. As she turns her to see Tyler, we find that TYLER'S KNIFE is sticking out of her back.

Charlie wakes up to see this…

The brother and sister stare into each other's eyes one last time.

TYLER: Like you said...your pain began here and it ends here.

Emilia smiles at him. Nearly laughs at the comment. How true and ironic. Then it happens...she slumps down to the ground...never to get up again.

EMILIA, the Daughter of Lorraine Carter and Charlie, Granddaughter of Clarence and Kathy Carter, Older Sister of Tyler and Nancy Carter, the Killer known as FINALLY DEAD!

Clarence, Kathy, Tyler, Charlie, and Nancy stare at her body. They're relieved that it's over. But at the same time, they're devastated. This woman was responsible for several murders and attacks on their own. But she was still their Granddaughter, daughter, and sister. She was a Carter. One of their own.

This traumatic fact along with the entire traumatic incident will take them a very long time to recover from...especially poor innocent Nancy who has witnessed a girl, whom she bonded with, murder and attack several people then be kidnapped by her...only to learn that this is her sister and she watched her be killed by their own brother.


Chapter 18 (Final with a twist)

Tyler, now recovered from his injuries, is looking over files, notes, and pictures of evidence given to him by a cop-friend of his. As he reads and examines everything...he remembers something.


Emilia, revealing herself, confesses to the murders. But she says something that didn't make sense.

Emilia: I killed Robert Millerton, John Riley, had Mike Barker killed, and I also killed Keith Curtis, Melissa Howard, had Bob Price killed, as well as other men in her life. It's why I attacked Andrew, Daphne, Scott, and kidnapped Nancy.

Wait a minute! She admits to murdering everyone else but Mike Barker and Bob Pirce. What did she mean when she said "HAD THEM KILLED"? Did she do it or not? And if not...then who did it? And why didn’t she admit to the murders of the bodyguard?

TYLER: Wait a minute.

Tyler looks at the photos of the deceased Bodyguards killed at the Carter's. He examines their coroner's report. The time of deaths and the manner in which they were killed. A new realization…

TYLER: Oh, my God…


We rewitness the massacre of the CARTER BODYGUARDS which took place outside the Carter's house. But this time from another perspective...the true reality of the massacre. We come to realize that there were two Ghostface's there. One of them being Emilia and the other is the mysterious one.

While the mysterious Ghostface kills many bodyguards, Emilia kills the FRONT DOOR BODYGUARD. She goes inside through the front door. She's the one who replaced Scott's weed for the laced bag.

We see that the other Ghostface continued on killing the bodyguards while Emilia killed the KIDS BODYGUARD by Nancy's bedroom by throwing a blade into his chest. Emilia puts on her hood and the mask, and goes inside Nancy's room...where she kidnapped her little sister.

As Emilia is taking an unconscious Nancy (which explains why she doesn't know about the second killer) to the van, we see the other Ghostface, Emilia's partner, casually walking to the van to join her. His back is facing us...therefore we wouldn't see his face...he removes his hood and mask. This Ghostface is definitely a MAN.

Through the naked eye, rather than the illusion of seeing the image of a killer, we see what Emilia's partner's body is like. He is a large man. About 6'3", muscular, fit, and handy to have around to dispatch tougher-stronger victims like the bodyguards.


Clarence, Kathy, Tyler, Charlie, and Nancy...the survivors...leave Emilia's body to get help. Once they're gone...the deceased on it's own...we see the other Ghostface approach her body. He breaks down to his knees. Crying. Mourning his loss of Emilia.


It all comes to him. He cannot believe what he just realized. It explains everything. Emilia could not have done all of this on her alone. Especially with both her confession and the evidence that Tyler just found that Emilia couldn't have been the one who killed the bodyguards aside from the Front Door Guard and the Kids Guard.

TYLER: There's another one. It's not over yet…


THE END...or is it?