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aka Noah Ben-Maor

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  • The Noah Killer

    Taking place 10 years after the events of Scream 3, Sidney Prescott returns home to Woodsboro to visit her Cousin and Aunt, as well as to promote her book. Sidney realizes that she could not have come at a worse time; as soon as she does, Ghostface returns. However, it becomes clear that Ghostface has a new focus, and a new target. Who can be trusted, and who will die?

    SIDNEY PRESCOTT (30): Our main heroine from the original trilogy. Sidney has moved on with her life and has a fiancé, Hunter. She’s returned to Woodsboro to visit her family, only to see her nightmares resurfacing. Although not the lead anymore, she is determined to help the new kids, even if it costs her life.

    DEWEY RILEY (38): The Sheriff of Woodsboro. It’s been great for hi…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey Everyone! Here’s my third and final installment to my Scream trilogy! It’s been a long hard path, and I hope you like the word I’ve been doing! Be sure to comment!

    Two years after another heartbreaking and devastating killing spree. The survivors have moved on with their lives and heading forward to college. However, fate has other plans. Natalie comes face to face with not one, not two, but four killers, led by a near unstoppable leader, intent on destroying her. Natalie is pushed to the limit to maintain her sanity, and survive at the same time.

    • 1. The Helper’s identity will be revealed in the fourth episode.
    • 2. The first survivor will die in Episode 3.
      • Some fans might start to riot on me when they see who it is. Lol.
    • 3. Adam will discove…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Hello everyone! I see that other people on here are creating their own fan fiction about Season 3. So, I decided to do one myself and test out my imagination. It will ignore the Halloween special. I'll try my best to make this as fun as possible. Please provide feedback!

    • There are 13 episodes total.
    • This will pick up three years after season 2.
    • This season will ignore the Halloween special.
    • A major character will die in the first episode (Hint: It's not Brooke)
    • There will be more deaths than last season.
      • In addition, they will certainly be far more brutal.
    • Tina Hudson and a few other minor characters will not return.
    • Now that Kieran is on the loose again, he will kill people without his costume.
    • One of the Lakewood Six had a mental breakdown this …

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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey Everyone! I’ve had such great success with my past few stories, I’ve decided to make a third one. It’s going to be pretty complicated, and I have a lot of planning to sort out to get it done. I decided to make an ideas/thoughts page on what I am going to do. So, here’s a list of ideas I have.

    • 1. All survivors from season 2 will return.
    • 2. The survivors will be signed up for college, two years later. They have their first day when the new killer comes in.
      • Although a survivor will NOT die in the first episode, they will “get the message” then.
    • 3. Jacob and Adam will have a bigger role than they did in Season 2.
      • Natalie’s new boyfriend will be Adam. They got along pretty well as they were fellow


    • 4. At least one survivor is keeping sec…

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  • The Noah Killer

    Hey everyone! This is Noahop, who has now changed his username to "The Noah Killer", continuing his fanfic. I promised you a sequel and here it is! I'll try my best to make it even better than before. Leave me some comments and let know what you think!

    One year after the tragic events of a killing spree, our survivors are starting a new life and moved on to Senior year. It should have been a happy ending to a tragedy, but fate has other plans. When the body count being pilling up again, Natalie Crane and her family realize that their torment is far from over.

    • There will be 11 episodes this season.
    • There will be more deaths than last season.
      • A major character will die in the first episode.
    • The Course of the season will be similar to the actual …

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