Hello everyone! Due to the very positive reviews my season 3 fanfiction has gotten, I have been resolved to engage in an entirely new one. One with a different setting and characters. I really hope you enjoy it and leave feedback!

Plot and Setting

The story takes place in a mostly quiet town named Treesboro. A series of brutal murders shakes the town to its core. The shocking violence shakes up memories that have long since been buried. As the body count files, nobody knows who to trust.

Spoilers/Fun Facts

  • The Crane family are not the only people keeping shocking secrets.
  • There will not be a death every episode.
    • However, there will be “a ton” of deaths in the finale.
  • There will be 10 episodes, like the real first season.
  • The killer will be revealed BEFORE the finale, in episode 9.
  • Nancy and Marcus will not be introduced until the second episode.
  • The First episode will have more than two victims.

All Characters and descriptions

Thomas Crane (18): Our male lead in the story. He’s a horror nerd like Hopper, is way fun and has a special bond with his friends and family, especially his sister. He is the boyfriend of Mandy. He is very confused when the bodies turn up dead, seeking advice from Hooper and Quint.

Natalie Crane (18): Thomas’ sexy sister and our final girl in the story. She likes horror, but not as much as her brother or boyfriend. She’s one of the most popular kids in school and has a practically perfect life. She also does gymnastics in school. The killer’s arrival changes her forever.

Johnathan Crane (47): Thomas and Natalie’s father. He loves his children more than anything. He has a secret, but he has forgotten due to a head injury he suffered a few years ago. His wife left him when the children were young. When the killer comes in, however, he realizes that the past can’t stay buried forever.

Adam Ward (17): Ian’s son. He loves history and horror. He is one of the most terrified when the killings begin. He’s one of Thomas and Natalie’s best friends and he isn’t the biggest horror fan like Hooper, but gets along with everybody fine.

Marcus Bates (33): A reporter traveling the country. He’s become a well-known man over the years, reporting on the most intriguing subjects. He came to Treesboro to relax in an apartment for a few days with his camerawoman, but it becomes clear when he is staying when he gets the latest news.

Nancy Slates (22): Marcus’ young camerawoman. She enjoys working with her boss, even if she sometimes doesn’t get paid too much. She simply follows him around and films. Marcus lets her talk when she wants.

Hooper Haller (16): Natalie’s boyfriend and Thomas’ best friend. He’s completely in love with horror, and he makes this no secret. He has the best of time with Natalie and Thomas as well as his foster brother, Quint He is very intrigued when the first murder is introduced. The brothers call themselves “the Jaws brothers”.

Quint Haller (16): Hooper’s foster brother. His parents died in a house fire just a month after his birth. Hooper’s family adopted him. He’s completely in love with horror, and just like Hooper, he makes no secret of it. Has a crush on Tabitha, started dating her recently. He works with Hooper to figure out the murders, not taking the potential consequences seriously.

Mandy Forest (17): Natalie’s best friend and Thomas’ boyfriend. A completely energetic girl, she takes gymnastic class with Natalie. She has a growing love for Thomas. Her father is out on a month long vacation in Hawaii.

Ian Ward (54): The mayor of Treesboro and Adam’s father. He appears to be trustworthy, but he likes to keep to himself, sometimes around his own family. His wife went missing around the same time that Ian was born and was never seen again. He has begun finding anonymous messages at his home, is he hiding something?

Sheriff Mary Forest (45): The Sheriff of Treesboro and Mandy’s mother. A good woman and a hard working Sheriff. She’s determined to help catch the killer, especially when she realizes her family could be targeted.

Deputy Megan Nash (35): One of Mary’s deputies, worked for the police for two years. Never really had to investigate any serious cases like this before. She welcomes the experience.

Deputy David Goldman (37): Working at the police station for over five years, became great friends with Mary and Megan. He’s shocked once the killing begins, never really thinking that anything so serious would come.

Mr. Henry Porter (34): Thomas and Natalie’s guidance counselor in the Treesboro high school. He looks like any regular teacher would. He is disabled and requires a wheelchair to move around. He is shocked when his students are being murdered and tries his best to help them cope.

Norman Maxwell (17): A very strange student at Treesboro high school. He likes to keep to himself and acts rather different than some people. Hard to tell whose side he’s really on, most people consider him creepy, making him a suspect. He had a recent falling out with Tabitha over something.

Tabitha Letterman (17): One of the most highly regarded students in the school. She likes to help people out whenever they need it, especially in math. Not a fan of horror at all. She tries to ignore the killings when it happens, but how long until it reaches her? Had a recent falling out with Norman, and recently started dating Adam.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: Pilot

After the news of a brutal event comes out, the shocking violence begins a seemingly endless era of bloodshed and loss. It raises many questions that may or may not be answered. Suspicions emerge among the teens.

Episode 2: The Stalker

The killer makes his move against the mayor and Jonathan to make it clear how much he knows. Quint heads his private investigation with an increasingly reluctant Hooper and find a prime suspect. Meanwhile, famous reporter Marcus Bates and his camerawoman emerge.

Episode 3: The Knife

The killer goes on a bloody rampage in which nobody is safe. Natalie and Thomas go face to face with the killer, violently. Meanwhile, Hooper and Quint take their investigations on their prime suspect too far.

Episode 4: The Torture

After the shocking rampage, the police officially get determined in their investigations and find a prime suspect with a distraught Hooper’s help. Meanwhile, the killer engages in some “delightful” work.

Episode 5: The body

The police put out an APB on their prime suspect, certain that the bloodshed will soon come to an end. Thomas and Natalie increase their relationships until the killer delivers a surprise.

Episode 6: Cold Case

After the emergence of the latest corpse, the police are back at square one to finding out the killer's identity. The killer forces Ian into making a desperate measure as Adam's suspicions increase. Meanwhile, Jonathan finds an important clue about his past.

Episode 7: One Missed Call

When one of their own is attacked by the killer, the remaining survivors come up with a very risky plan to trap the killer. The plan has disastrous results.

Episode 8: The Secrets

Jonathan goes on a last desperate measure to find out the truth about his past, and the results are horrifying. Adam confronts his father of his secrets and finally sees the truth.

Episode 9: The Stab

Following the shocking revelations of Ian and Jonathan, the remaining survivors piece together the killer’s motive and prepare the final showdown. Meanwhile, someone reveals their true colors...

Episode 10: The Insanity

The revealed killer and their partner are ready to end everything once and for all. Natalie and Thomas must come face to face with death itself in order to save their friends and family.

Episode detailed summary


The first few seconds of the season open with a young girl, Tabitha Letterman, getting into an argument with a young and strange boy, Norman Maxwell, as well as the mayor’s son, Adam Ward. It is revealed that Tabitha was dating Norman and that Tabitha has cheated on him by dating Adam. She tells Norman that she dated Adam because he is too “creepy” for him and orders Norman to leave. Adam tells Tabitha, she is breaking up with her for this, upsetting her. Frustrated, Norman leaves along with Adam. After they leave, she then gets a call from someone who blocked their ID and she picks up.

The person on the phone appears to be completely normal and be talkative. We can see a dark figure roaming outside watching her and walking around her windows. The person then gets sadistic and says that he can see her. Tabitha asks him to prove it, and he tells her about what clothing she is wearing. She gets frightened, but then accuses the caller of being Norman to pull a prank on her. The person tells her that she can’t do anything about it and Tabitha tells him that her parents will solve it.

The caller laughs and says he “already took care of that”, telling her to go upstairs to her bedroom. She hears thumping and footsteps as she goes up the stairs. Increasingly scared, Tabitha opens the door to her bedroom and finds both of her parents, bloodied and dead. Tabitha begins screaming as her closet bursts open; it’s the killer, wearing the Brandon James mask from the series and the cloak from the original films.

Panicking and terrorized, Tabitha runs to her parent’s bedroom, while the killer follows her. Tabitha locks the door and hides under the bed. As the killer bashes his way through the door, Tabitha uses her cell phone to call 911 for help. The killer bursts in as 911 promises to send help and hangs up. The killer searching the room and looks around. She tries to keep quiet, but sneezes, and the killer finds her under the bed. The killer drags her out the bed, and is kicked in the face, knocking him down. Tabitha frantically gets up and runs downstairs, with the killer in hot pursuit.

She attempts to escape until she is cornered in the kitchen. Tabitha draws a butcher knife, telling him to stay back. He doesn’t flinch. Tabitha tries to defend herself, and, after a brief knife fight, is disarmed. He then grabs her by the throat, drags her outside, and throws her to the ground. He begins to stab her several times, but before landing a fatal wound, he sees a large rock and throws away his knife. He then picks up the rock and bludgeons Tabitha to death with it instead, smashing her head in. He drags her corpse inside the kitchen and leaves his knife behind.

A few minutes later, the police, led by Sheriff Mary Forest, arrive on the scene to investigate. As the killer leaves, Mary goes into the kitchen and is shocked to find Tabitha’s corpse. Deputy Megan Nash goes upstairs with her partner, Deputy David Goldman. The two go upstairs and find the corpses of Tabitha’s parents. In the walls, written in blood, is a message that says “This is only the beginning”. In the morning, we are introduced our main characters, Thomas and Natalie Crane, along with their father, Johnathan, who had a head injury a while back and lost memory of some of his past.

Jonathan drops off his children at school and goes home, where he discovers the murders of the Letterman family on the news. At lunchtime, we are introduced to the gang: Hooper Haller, his foster brother Quint, Adam Ward, and Mandy Forest. Hooper and Quint inform the others about last night’s events. They talk about it for a bit. The group then get a video that records the killer killing Tabitha and stabbing both of her parents to death, followed by everyone else in the school. Hooper recognizes the costume as a mixture of the Scream TV and film series costumes. Mandy and Natalie wonder who could have done this.

They see Norman standing by himself in the distance. Adam explains that he and Norman were at Tabitha’s house the night she was murdered, but left before it happened. He wonders if Norman was the killer, as he might have been angry about her cheating on him with Adam. Thomas tells his sister to ignore this for now, and that it’s not going to evolve beyond an isolated issue. We zoom in on Norman, and we see he is looking at the video of Tabitha’s death. He begins to smile to himself. At class, we are introduced to Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor for the teens, who is bound to a wheelchair in order to move around since he is disabled. Deputy Goldman shows up and takes Adam and Norman down to the station for questioning.

There, they both explain that they were at Tabitha’s house at the night of her murder, but insist that they didn’t do it. Goldman believes Adam, but isn’t sure about Norman. He lets them go, and talks with Sheriff Mary and Nash. They decide Norman is a prime suspect, but decide not to arrest him until they can find actual proof that he did it. At gymnastics, Natalie and Mandy are seen doing some spectacular moves, with Thomas cheering them on. Afterward, Thomas and Mandy talk for a bit, with Mandy worried about what happened last night and the message. Thomas flirts and says that he’ll fend off the killer if he comes. After a kiss, Thomas leaves. Meanwhile, Adam goes home and meets up with Ian, his father and the mayor. He finds him in an argument with Sheriff Forest on the phone about the murders. Ian confesses he is worried about the killings going further and targeting more people, like Adam.

Adam assures him that it’s fine, but he isn’t sure what to believe. Once Adam leaves, Ian sighs and goes through a drawer. He takes out a photo, though we don’t see what’s on it. Ian looks worried, is that photo connected to the killer? Hooper and Quint walk home together. They are increasingly interested in Tabitha’s murder and the killer’s message, especially Quint. Quint suggests that, like Noah and Audrey did, they should do a private investigation to find out who the killer is on their own. Hooper is reluctant and reminds him that they suspected the wrong person, though he had always wanted to catch a serial killer. Quint convinces him to start their investigations tomorrow.

Natalie goes to her locker to pack up and finds the killer’s mask in her locker, which she throws away. Norman, who was watching her, goes to the trash can and takes the mask. Natalie goes home with Thomas and tells her father about the mask, though she says she thinks it’s a prank. He tells them that he isn’t sure whether they should be going to school until the murderer has been caught. They aren’t worried and are sure that they won’t get involved, joking that they could fight the killer off. Jonathan reluctantly accepts their proposal and goes upstairs to his room. There, he reviews a journal of his past, which is missing the first ten pages. He mumbles to himself “What did I do?”. He then gets a text message from his phone, he looks at the message, which says “You started an era that you can’t stop. The best part about all of this is that you don’t even know what you did”.

He replies to the sender and asks him what he wants. He responds with “You will learn. Tell anyone about me, and your children will have much shorter lives than you think”. The episode ends in a montage. Norman is seen holding a knife at his kitchen, though we can’t tell if it’s the killer’s buck knife. Hooper and Quint are seen taking notes on Noah and Audrey investigating Seth Branson in their TV. Ian is staring at some documents that he is keeping hidden in a drawer, which also houses the picture. Mandy and Mary are seen having dinner together, not noticing that the killer is watching them through the window, who points his knife at Mandy...

The Stalker

The episode opens with Ian waking up in the morning and going to the kitchen. He begins to make breakfast for Adam when he gets a call from the killer. He tells Ian that he knows everything about him and how he’s “fooled poor Adam”. Ian asks him what he wants, and he responds that he will know soon enough and hangs up. He deletes the recording of the call as Adam comes back downstairs and keeps it a secret. After breakfast, he calls someone and tells them they have “the same problem”

In the morning, Natalie and Thomas go to school and meet up with Hooper and Quint, who have clearly been watching a marathon of the Scream TV series last night. They explain that their prime suspect is Norman, due to his creepy attitude and connection to Tabitha. Natalie then tells them about the mask in her locker and that she thinks Norman might have done it. Hooper jokes about Natalie being the “perfect final girl” and they begin to kiss. Just then, Norman suddenly appears and walks up to them.

He chuckles awkwardly and denies putting the mask in her locker, but does confess to taking it out of the trash can as a “souvenir”. The bell then rings, and the students head off to class. Mr. Porter summons Natalie to his office and talks to her about Tabitha’s death and the mask. Natalie decides to brush it off, though Mr. Porter is somewhat reluctant, as he could be the easiest victim ever for the killer due to his disability.

At his home, Jonathan opens his door to find Ian on the other side. Ian explains that he got a call from the killer, who knows what happened in both of their pasts. They sit down and talk. Jonathan explains that he doesn’t remember his past due to his head injury he got years ago. Jonathan reveals that his children found him unconscious down the stairs. He assumes that he tripped and slammed his head at the bottom. Ian tells him that his past is too deadly to discuss and it would cause Adam to never love him again. Ian refuses to say anything, despite Jonathan’s imploring.

They then get a text message from the killer, who says that he is aware of their every move and tells them to look out the window to their side. They look and find the killer staring back at them. The killer leaves as the two adults watching in astonishment. At lunch, Hooper tells Quint he wants to stop investigating, noting that it might get them killed if they keep it up. Quint does not listen to his concerns and insists that it will be “fun”. Adam steps in and asks what they are arguing about. They explain the situation and he sides with Hooper, much to Quint’s displeasure.

After School, Natalie and Thomas go to a coffee shop and find famous reporter Marcus Bates there, along with his camerawoman Nancy Slates. The siblings introduce themselves, the resulting conversation is similar to how Piper and Emma first met. Marcus says that he is staying here to report on the murders, although he at first came here to rest in a hotel for a few days. Nancy gives Thomas Marcus’ number if she needs anything or has anything interesting to report. Thomas says that they will consider it and leave after getting some coffee.

Adam goes home to Ian, who he sees pacing nervously and thinking in the living room. He tells him he’s only thinking about his campaign issues and tells his son to focus on his homework, which he does. Ian takes out the photo and looks at it, which we still do not see. Meanwhile, at the police station, Deputy Nash goes to Sheriff Forest and explains that they have found the knife used to kill Tabitha, which has DNA on it. They are both confident that they will catch the murderer soon enough. They also conclude that the murder was an isolated incident.

Hooper and Quint go home after school, with Quint wanting to take the investigation to the “highest level”. He reveals that he snuck into Norman’s locker earlier and found a 120 Buck Knife, which is the same type as to the murder weapon the police found. He wants to sneak into Norman’s house tomorrow night and look for the final evidence. Hooper is completely against it and tells Quint he’s taking it too far. Quint insists that it will be “fun” and eventually persuades Hooper by bribing him with ten dollars and insisting the plan is “foolproof”.

The two shake hands and as Quint turns away, he stores the knife into his closet. He then gets a text message from an unknown number that says “I set everything up at the house. We’re clear”. Quint texts back that this is all part of his “plan”, indicating that his intentions go farther than what he is letting on. The episode ends with Quint looking out the window in a creepy fashion.

The Knife

The episode opens in a large unknown location outside of town at night. A door opens in this location, and the killer comes through. He goes to a room that has a picture of all the characters, his own identity included. He points his knife at Natalie and Thomas, then slices up someone's picture into pieces; he's out for blood. In the morning, Quint shows Hooper black suits that they will use to enter Norman’s house at night, which Hooper is still reluctant to do, but Quint insists that they will be fine, as he has a “contact on the inside”.

On his way to school with Natalie, Thomas is called by the killer, who taunts him about Tabitha’s death and says he’s coming for him soon. Thomas dismisses him as a prank caller, and he hangs up. At school, Thomas tells Adam about the call, who tells him to be careful. He confesses he has a bad feeling that Tabitha’s murder is about to turn into a full-fledged TV series. He says it can’t be a movie because most slasher films are over in one night. Mr. Porter goes into his office, and discovers a drawing of the killer stabbing him to death, much to his confusion.

He flips the paper over, and finds a message that says “You’ll be a fun toy”. Mr. Porter seems stunned, as he puts the note back inside his desk and doesn’t look back. He calls Norman down to his office, and demands to know if he wrote this. Norman denies it and says that Tabitha’s killer likely did it. He also says the note is right on the fact that a disabled man could be easily killed. Disgusted, Mr. Porter orders him out of the room, and he obeys.

After school, Thomas and Natalie go to the police and tells them about the call. Sheriff Forest decides to take a look, and explains that they are currently searching the buck knife they found earlier for DNA. She puts Deputy Goldman in charge of tracking down the number. Thomas talks to Mandy, who is waiting for her mother at the station, and confesses that he isn’t sure what is going to happen now. She tells him that she’ll be here for him. She offers to come by his house tonight, and he agrees.

At night, Hooper and Quint put on their black suits and go to Norman’s house, who is nowhere to be found. Hooper tries one last time to convince Quint that they are taking this too far, but he’s too thrilled and doesn’t relent. They sneak inside the house through a window and search. Hooper goes into the basement downstairs and finds a closet. He opens the closet and finds nothing. Suddenly, a dark figure appears, who shoves Hooper into the closet and locks him inside.

At the Crane house, Jonathan has gone to sleep, while Natalie and Thomas are getting ready for bed downstairs. Thomas goes to take out the trash into a dumpster near the house. He opens the dumpster and throws the garbage bag in. As he turns to leave, the garbage bag is suddenly thrown back out. Curious, he goes back to the dumpster and tries to throw the bag back in. He throws it back in, but the bag is thrown back at him. The killer climbs out of the dumpster and looks down at Thomas. He screams for Natalie and Jonathan. Jonathan can’t hear him, as his windows upstairs are closed, but Natalie rushes outside. She sees the killer strangling her brother and rushes forward to save him.

She tackles the killer. He throws her off of him and gets on top of her. She is able to kick him off and get up with her gymnastics. They get into a fight. The killer gains the upper hand and slams Natalie’s head against the dumpster until she is unconscious. Thomas recovers and gets back up, but is pinned against the dumpster and has the knife pointed at his throat. Just then, Mandy arrives. She picks up a flower pot and throws it at the killer; she misses. The killer puts Thomas down and tackles Mandy. He stabs her in the side, making her scream loudly as he digs it in deeper, and twists the knife. That’s when Jonathan finally hears what’s going on.

The killer leaves as Jonathan comes out of the house. Thomas runs to Natalie and Mandy while explaining the situation to his father, who immediately calls the police. Meanwhile, back at Norman’s house, Quint is now alone, unable to find Hooper anywhere. He goes upstairs and finds the killer costume in another closet. Quint takes out his cell phone and calls 911 for help, telling them that he is in danger and his location. Just then, the killer arrives. He stabs Quint in the back, crushes his phone with a stomp, and drags him into the darkness.

In the closet, Hooper eventually manages to burst his way out. He finds an object in the basement, which he recognizes as a poisonous syringe filled with a lethal toxin. He takes it and goes to search for Quint, whose mouth is being duct taped, blocking out his cries for help. He begins repeatedly stabbing Quint in the back, stomach and side as his muffled screams sound out. Hooper is about to search upstairs when the killer throws the bloodied Quint down the stairs right in front of Hooper. Hooper flips out. He runs to his brother as the killer leaves.

A dying Quint apologizes for not listening to his brother’s advice and says he should have been more careful. He also reveals that he had a mystery contact that told him he would take care of Norman. He now realizes that the contact was the killer luring him into a trap. Hooper tells him to hang in there and that he will call for help. Quint, knowing it’s too late and already called, tells him to stay. Hooper stays with his brother, holds his hand, and watches Quint die. Hooper sobs and cradles his brother’s corpse in his arms. Deputy Nash, responding to Quint’s 911 call, arrives and looks on in horror.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Forest and Deputy Goldman arrive at the Crane house. Marcus and Nancy are also on the scene. Sheriff Forest goes with Mandy to the hospital. The episode ends with the killer dragging something through the woods. We zoom on it; it’s Norman Maxwell, helpless and unconscious.

The Torture

Picking up where the last episode, the Killer drags Norman into his unknown and large lair from the woods. He restrains and straps him up to a surgery table as he wakes up. Norman and the Killer exchange looks before the killer duct tapes his mouth shut. Natalie and Thomas go to the police station and find a completely distraught Hooper, who informs them of Quint’s death. Thomas and Natalie are also very destroyed by this, though not as much as Hooper. He tells them about the trap the killer set up by being his contact.

Deputy Goldman appears and tells them Norman has gone missing; they think he’s the killer. In the morning, Hooper asks to stay at the Crane house since he doesn’t want to stay home alone, Jonathan grants his request. Natalie tries to cheer Hooper up, but it’s clear he isn’t in the mood. He and Thomas decide not to go to school today as Thomas wants to go visit Mandy at the hospital. He goes there and talks to Mandy, who tells him that her stab wound hurts a lot as the killer struck deep. He asks her why she tried to save him, and she says she would never let him die.

Mandy then asks to be left alone because of her painful wound, and he leaves. At the school, Ian does speech with Sheriff Mary in tribute to Quint and the Letterman’s. They inform the crowd they believe the killer will be caught soon and they hope the murders will end soon. Adam is the most confident, and also very sad about Quint. After the speech, Natalie gets a call from the killer, who confirms he is after the Crane family and taunts her about last night. She demands that he leave them alone, but he refuses and says the fun is far from over before hanging up.

After the call, the scene switches to the killer’s lair, where he approaches the restrained Norman. He begins pleading through his duct tape, and the killer sprays him with a hose. He then brings out a Taser and tortures Norman by shocking him with it. He then begins brutally beating Norman with a hammer, but not to death. Hooper and Jonathan talk about last night, and Hooper suggests that Norman might not actually be the culprit. He notes that he might be a red herring, and him being missing, is actually what Piper did to Tyler in the TV series.

Jonathan tells him the chance is slim and tells him it will be over soon, though Hooper doubts it. Hooper goes to a returning Thomas and shows him the poisonous syringe that he found in Norman’s basement. He tells him that he plans to use it against the killer if he encounters him again. He then leaves for his home and finds Marcus and Nancy parked in front of his house. They go up to him and give their condolences for Quint’s death, and asks him if he wants to say anything. He declines the offer and tells them to check to talk to Natalie.

Norman is bloody and exhausted from his torture and the killer appears ready to end it. Weakly, he asks the killer why he’s doing this, and he responds “Because you were home” (quoting the strangers). He then picks up his knife and viciously stabs Norman 10 times in the stomach, gutting and killing him. At the police station, Deputy Nash goes up to Sheriff Forest and tells her that they’ve analyzed the DNA on the buck knife; it’s Norman’s. The caller ID for Thomas’ earlier phone call was also traced to Norman.

Sheriff Forest is now completely convinced that Norman is the killer and puts out an APB on him. Natalie goes home to her father and talks about her fight with the killer last night. She confesses she didn’t think about herself when she attacked the killer, only about Thomas. She asks her father if he’s telling her the truth about everything, to which he responds “I don’t know”. At his home, Ian goes into his bedroom and finds his window open. He then finds a note that says “I’m not Norman. This goes far beyond him. You know it, I know it”. The episode ends as he finds a picture of Norman’s corpse next to the note.

The Body

After receiving the note and photo from the killer, Ian burns them in the fireplace and begins to delete the messages he has had from the killer. The killer simply messages him again and tells him that he can’t erase his past. Ian gives up and goes to bed after locking his window. In the morning, Jonathan has an argument with his children whether they should still be going to school or not. He is eventually convinced to let them go, but not before sharing his doubts about Norman being the killer, though Thomas is convinced it is him.

They arrive at school to find that Hooper has come back earlier than expected. They talk for a bit, with Hooper showing them the poisonous syringe, which he is storing in his backpack, planning to use it against the killer should he come after him. He has a moment with Natalie and kisses her until the bell rings for class. Meanwhile, at the police station, Deputy Goldman goes up to Sheriff Forest and tells her that they have found no sign of Norman, as if he has completely vanished.

Sheriff Forest insists that Norman is still out there and that Treesboro will not be a safe place until he is brought into custody. She orders him to continue looking into any leads he and Deputy Nash can find. Back at his home, Ian is called by the killer, who tells him to go to the woods near town tonight to make a deal about his blackmailing. Ian goes into his drawer and packs a handgun in the pocket of his coat. After school ends, Thomas visits Mandy at the hospital again, this time with Sheriff Forest. Mary tells him that Mandy should be able to get out of the hospital soon.

They talk about Norman for a bit and they are both certain he’s the killer. Thomas and Mandy also bond a bit, and they end up kissing in front of Mary, who has mixed emotions on her face. She then asks Thomas leave, which he does, confusing Mandy. Mary confesses to Mandy that she thinks that the Crane family is the prime target of the killing spree, due to Natalie and Thomas’s attack, and that it would be dangerous for her to hang around Thomas.

Mary eventually decides to let her be with him, but makes her daughter promise to be careful, as she has already gotten hurt. Mr. Porter talks to Natalie after school, as she requested an appointment. She feels like it’s too easy and that Norman is too obvious. Mr. Porter confesses that he feels the same way, but isn’t sure what to believe and tells her about his earlier conversation with Norman and shows her the note he found. Natalie thanks him and leaves with Jonathan.

After putting Adam to bed, Ian goes out into the woods to find the killer. As he leaves, Adam is awoken by the killer calling him, who tells him to go to the woods if he wants his father to live. Adam puts on his jacket and goes out after him. Ian finds the killer and confronts him at gunpoint. The killer taunts him about his secrets and challenges Ian to shoot him, but warns him that there will be consequences if he does. Ian pulls the trigger and nothing happens; the killer had removed the bullets and sabotaged the gun before he left. The killer then stabs him in the side, and steps back.

A pained Ian asks him what he wants, and he gives him an assignment on a piece of paper, though we can’t see what it says, it’s clear that he is shocked by what it says. Adam arrives and overhears the conversation. He doesn’t hear the blackmail part and is only aware that his father is working with the killer. Adam is horrified, he runs back home and goes to back to bed before they can see him. The killer walks away too, explaining that he is working on “another surprise”. An hour later, the Crane family are upstairs in their bedrooms when someone knocks on the door. Natalie opens it and sees Hooper, who asks to talk to her in private.

In Natalie’s bedroom, Hooper tells her that wants to find a way to cheer up after Quint’s death and confesses he is still very distraught. He asks her for a way to make himself better and forget about it for just one moment. Natalie looks at him for a moment, then leans forward and kisses him. Natalie strips to her bra and the two have sex, it’s very romantic and passionate. Hooper suddenly stops and reveals that he was a virgin until just now, he is shocked that he just had sex. Natalie convinces him to stay for the night and sleep with her.

Before they can resume having sex, Natalie gets text messages from the killer. She texts back, calling him Norman, and tells him he won’t get away with this. The killer tells her that she is way off on his identity and she tells him to prove it. The killer then hurls something through her kitchen window. Natalie and Hooper go to investigate and discovers that, much to their shock, it is Norman’s bloodied corpse. Natalie then gets one more text message that says “I bet you feel like a dumbass now”. The episode ends with Adam going to the apartment where Marcus and Nancy are staying and telling them that he needs help.

Cold Case

The episode opens with the Crane family at the police station. The police, especially Mary, are stunned to learn that their predictions were wrong all along. Natalie shows Deputy Goldman the text messages that she had with the killer before Norman’s corpse emerged, which makes him realize that she, as well as Thomas and Jonathan, are the killer’s targets. After some questioning, the family goes back home.

At school, the news spreads about Norman’s death. Mandy returns from the hospital and reunites with Thomas. They talk about how they wrongly incriminated a dead man, they both now have no idea who the killer is now. They agree that they can trust each other, as well as Natalie and Thomas. They also promise not to let anything happen to each other as long as the other is still around. Meanwhile, Adam tells Marcus and Nancy about seeing Ian with the killer last night. The three agree to keep what they to themselves for now. They decide to work together and find out what exactly the mayor is hiding.

They devise a plan: Marcus distracts Ian for an interview while Marcus and Adam go into his room and find out any information. At Ian’s home, Marcus asks the mayor for an interview about the murders, who is trying to hide his stab wound under his clothes, to distract him. Nancy and Adam go into his room and find the documents and photo from the first couple episodes. We see what the photo is: It shows Ian taking a baby from two young adults. Adam is shocked because he believes the baby might be him.

He takes the photo and some of the documents before leaving with Nancy. Marcus ends his interview with a suspicious Ian, who goes upstairs and finds the items Adam took missing, and realizes that Marcus set him up. He then looks at the assignment that the killer gave him. We see that he is supposed to kidnap someone and bring them to a location outside of town, but it doesn’t say who or where. Hooper and Natalie decide to stay after school to talk with Mr. Porter, but both go to the bathroom first.

Meanwhile, Mr. Porter hears someone knocking outside of his office and tells them they can come in. They keep knocking and don’t open the door. Annoyed, Mr. Porter goes over there to answer it himself. He opens the door and sees the killer right on the other side. He stabs Mr. Porter in the stomach and wheels him away in his own wheelchair. He begins screaming for help. Hooper and Natalie hear him after they finish in the bathroom and run to help.

They find the killer holding Mr. Porter on the second floor, and he throws the disabled man (still in the wheelchair) down the stairs in front of the two, destroying his wheelchair and injuring him further, before running off. Hooper goes to get an ambulance while Natalie tries to stabilize her guidance counselor. Marcus and Nancy appear on the scene, having wanting to interview Mr. Porter, as the ambulance arrives and take him off. The reporters, in a similar way with Piper to Emma, comfort Natalie, who is obviously not doing well and is beginning to succumb to the pressure, before Jonathan takes his daughter home.

Jonathan decides to send Natalie up to her room so she can have some alone time with her brother. Afterward, he gets a call from the killer, and Jonathan demands to know why he is doing this. The killer decides to give him some of the answers he wants and tells him to go to his room. Jonathan goes and finds a package on his bed. Opening it, he discovers a video and a letter that says "We're not so different". He plays the video; it reveals that the killer was responsible for Jonathan’s head injury that made him forget his past, as the killer had shoved him down the stairs.

He asks what the letter means, but the killer doesn’t answer that and tells him he will get answers soon, before hanging up. Jonathan examines the letter and clearly unable to understand what it means. Meanwhile, Ian tells Adam that some “important documents” were stolen from his office and asks if he knows anything. He lies and tells his father that he doesn’t, but it’s clear that he is suspicious. Adam asks Ian about his mother, which surprises Ian as they gave up hope after she went missing shortly after Adam’s birth. Ian says he can’t answer him. He then gets a message that it time for his job, and he leaves. Adam then sneaks out to meet Marcus and Nancy near Cornelia River, a river just outside of town that has a large waterfall.

They begin talking about what they found could mean and Adam suggests that they should wait to figure out what it means before exposing it. Just then, the killer ambushes them, knocks Adam out, and stabs Marcus in the back. Nancy tries to run away, but the killer tackles her and strangles her into unconsciousness. The killer drags away both Nancy and Marcus, but leaves Adam behind. As the episode ends, the killer removes his mask, revealing it is actually Ian on his assignment for the real killer.

One Missed Call

Adam wakes up to find himself still outside of Cornelia River in the morning. He finds a note that says “No cops. The Abandoned Mansion. Tonight, the whole group”. Ian drags Marcus and Nancy to the killer’s lair, now revealed to be an abandoned mansion, which Ian recognizes as one of his failed developments. The killer takes both of them away. Jonathan tells his children about the video and the letter. Jonathan decides to keep the letter for himself to try and figure out what it means. Natalie deduces that the reason the killer pushed him down the stairs was because he wanted to make him forget about his past.

At school, Adam goes to the group (Thomas, Natalie, Hooper and Mandy) and explains the situation. They realize that they must go to the mansion and rescue Marcus and Nancy, or they will both be killed. Mandy objects to the plan, partly out of concern for Thomas. Hooper and Thomas are able to convince her and plan to leave tonight. They make plans to bring weapons: Hooper brings his syringe, Natalie and Thomas bring kitchen knives, Mandy brings a crowbar and Adam brings a hammer. They plan to leave when their parents go to bed tonight.

At the lair, Marcus awakens to find himself strapped to the bottom of an elevator shaft. The elevator is dangling above him, halfway up the shaft. Nancy is stuck in room, with one window, which she can see Marcus through. She tries to bang her way out, but the window is made of reinforced glass and she can’t break it. Marcus is able to hear her through a small hole in the room, and they try to comfort each other by telling jokes, but both are clearly scared.

During the conversation, it revealed that Marcus and Nancy are dating each other, having bonded due to their time together. At night, the group drive their way to the mansion outside of town. They split into two. Hooper and Adam are together while Mandy, Thomas and Natalie are the other group. During the search, Hooper and Adam go into the living room, and hear the killer lurking. Hooper devises a risky approach: Adam distracts the killer while he sneaks up behind him, intending to lethally inject the killer with the syringe.

Adam ultimately decides to go with it and shouts, trying to get the killer’s attention. The killer appears, but he appears behind Hooper instead and stabs him in the back, causing him to drop the syringe before he can inject him. The killer stomps on the syringe as he drops Hooper, smashing it. Adam flees upstairs, pursued by the killer. Hearing the commotion, the other three go to the living room where they find an injured Hooper on the ground. He tells them to leave him behind and go after Adam, who he saw fleeing.

Natalie wants to stay behind, but Mandy stays instead, as Natalie and Thomas are the prime targets and that would put Hooper in further danger. Meanwhile, Adam attempts to hide in a locker in the main bedroom, but the killer sees him shut the door. He opens it, and Adam tries to hit him with the hammer, but he blocks the attack. The killer drags Adam down the hallway and throws him down an elevator shaft, landing on top of the elevator half-way down. A jagged splinter from the elevator's roof stabs into Adam's leg as he lands, reducing him to a limp after he painfully pulls it out. Adam slowly climbs his way out of the elevator shaft into a nearby air vent, where he searches for an exit that will take him outside.

The killer turns his attention to Thomas and Natalie, who are pursued to the basement. They manage to hide under tables and evade the killer. Eventually, they find themselves in front of the elevator, with Mandy and Hooper joining them, deciding not to be left alone. Seeing this, Adam resurfaces from the air vents and joins them. Natalie finds two levers that have the words “Die” and “Live” on them. She then gets a call from the killer, which informs her that one of the levers will kill Marcus, while the other will save him.

Hooper theorizes that the killer is using reverse psychology to trick them into killing Marcus, so he hits the “Die” switch, thinking that using “Live” is too obvious and easy. This causes the door to Nancy’s prison to unlock, letting Nancy out. However, it also causes the elevator to descend and crash on top of Marcus, crushing him to death and splattering the blood all over Nancy, who was barely out of range. The killer bursts into laughter over the phone, having tricked Hooper. Mandy immediately calls the police. The episode ends with Nancy screaming over Marcus.

The Secrets

Picking up where the last episode left off, a traumatized Nancy is taken out of elevator shaft following Marcus’ death. Hooper and Adam are taken to the hospital for their injuries. On Saturday morning, Natalie and Ian go to the hospital to check on them. The doctor informs them that they will both make a quick recovery, as Hooper’s stab wasn’t too deep, and Adam’s leg was not broken.

He also tells them that the wheelchair broke part of Mr. Porter’s fall, but he will have to remain in the hospital for a little while. Natalie visits Mr. Porter and apologizes, telling him that it’s her fault that he got injured. He rebuffs it and tells her it was the killer’s fault, nobody else’s. He then concludes that he got lucky in a “Ms. Lang” sort of way. Natalie tells him to get better before leaving with Hooper.

Nancy goes to Hooper’s home and finds him, who is obviously very destroyed about last night. He apologizes for causing Marcus’ death. Nancy asks her if they can do a report together as tribute to Marcus and Quint, they quickly start making plans. Ian puts Adam in bed so that he can recover from his leg injury. He then demands to know why Adam snuck out in the middle of the night and nearly got himself killed.

Adam then takes out the photo from his pocket, and demands to know who the baby in the photo is and why he has been acting strange. Ian refuses to answer and takes the photo back before ordering him not leave his room again. He goes into his office and finds the documents back on his table, with a bloodstained message that says “He’ll never love you again”. Jonathan reads on a news report that the school is being closed down until the killer has been captured. Jonathan convinces Natalie and Thomas to stay home until the killer has been caught.

Jonathan is then called by the killer, who tells him that it’s time that he finally gets some answers. The killer says that he has to bring Natalie and Thomas with him, or everything that they love will die. Jonathan decides that he has to play along and asks him what to do. Just then, there is a knock on the door. Jonathan opens it and finds an old wrapped newspaper. He stares at it for a moment, then brings it inside.

At her home, Mandy is now under constant supervision from Mary, who is becoming a bit overprotective. She tells Mandy that she can’t leave this house without letting her know where she is headed, and scolds her for walking out last night without her permission. Mandy argues that she was trying to save a life, and Marcus would have been killed instantly if the police got involved. Mary eventually relents but warns her to sneak out again.

To make her point clear, she explains that she is having Deputy Goldman watch over her while she is at work. On cue, Goldman arrives and Mary goes back to the station. Jonathan, Natalie and Thomas are about to unwrap the newspaper in Thomas’ room, acknowledging that whatever information it holds will change everything. They unwrap the newspaper and sees that it is about a local female adult found over 10 years ago. Thomas explains that it was a murder in which the case was never solved.

The autopsy showed that she was murdered with a kitchen knife. Jonathan examines a picture of the victim, while holding the letter he was given, and suddenly gasps. He drops the letter; it’s all coming back to him now. Jonathan reveals that he is the one who murdered that teen. Flashbacks reveal that while he was married to his wife, he was drunk and was rather unstable. One day, he seduced a woman at a bar and began an affair.

One day, the woman and he had an argument. During the argument, Jonathan snapped to due to his drunkenness and stabbed her in the heart with a kitchen knife, killing her instantly. Jonathan was horrified. He decided to take the body to an alley and call the police, telling them he had found her murdered. When Natalie and Thomas were young, his wife eventually discovered what he had done. Jonathan narrowly convinced her to keep the secret to themselves, but not before she made a permanent divorce with him. Heartbroken, Jonathan later decided that he was going to confess to the police what happened, but the killer shoved him down the stairs before he could, causing him to forget everything.

In the present, Jonathan remembers that the woman was a mother who had a family, but can’t remember her name. Jonathan breaks down in tears upon realizing he is a murderer. Thomas and Natalie are also horrified. Jonathan resolves to turn himself in after the killer has been caught, as the killer could use his past against him beforehand. After some persuasion, his children, seeing how regretful their father is, are in reluctant agreement. At night, Adam gets out of bed, using crutches for his injured leg, and confronts his father in his office.

He demands to know the truth about the photo. Ian refuses and orders him to leave until Adam explains that he saw him with the killer and makes it clear he is going to report him if he doesn’t explain everything now. Ian finally relents and shows Adam his stab wound, explaining that the killer was blackmailing him, and also confesses to knocking him out earlier at the river, then abducting Marcus and Nancy. He confirms that the baby in the photo is indeed Adam. Ian reveals he is not Adam’s father; the young adults in the photo are his real parents.

Ian reveals through flashbacks that he had committed abuses of power in his political career, such as bribery from criminals and other financial frauds. One day, the two young adults, named Jacob Griffin and Ginger Kent, had found out about his corruption and tried to expose them. Ian, dressed as Ghostface, threatened and blackmailed them into leaving town, which is what he used to kidnap Marcus and Nancy.

Eventually, four years later, Jacob and Ginger, now married, decided to return to Treesboro. By that time, they had given birth to a baby boy: Adam. Ian panicked and decided he had to stop them from coming back; he took Adam and told them he would be safe, as long as they never returned again. In the present, Adam is furious and accuses his adoptive father of never loving him to begin with. Ian, in a rage, reveals that at first, he didn’t love Adam, but grew attached to him when he realized what it was like to have a son.

Ian then decides if Adam wants him gone so badly, he should call the police on him. He gives him his cell phone and tells his adoptive son that he might never love him again, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do the right thing. He tells Adam to summon the police on him, willing to accept charges, and decides to wait in his office. Adam leaves the room and summons the police on his adoptive father, then goes to wait outside. Inside, Ian gets a text message from the killer, which tells him “You have outlived your usefulness”.

The killer, who was hiding under Ian’s desk, comes out and confronts him. Ian tries to flee out the door, but the killer stabs him the back as he opens it. As the police arrive, the killer forces the mayor across his office and hurls him out a window. Ian falls to his death below and lands right in front of Sheriff Forest and Adam. The episode ends as he hits the ground.

The Stab

The episode picks up in the morning after Ian’s death. The house is still a crime scene, and Ian’s body has been taken away. Mandy and Thomas go to Adam. He is obviously very shocked about his revelations and his false father’s death. Sheriff Forest highly recommends that someone stay with Adam until his biological parents can be found and informed of last night’s events. Mandy volunteers to stay, which her mother allows as long as Deputy Goldman is still watching over her.

At Hooper’s home, Nancy and Hooper have finished their new report tribute to Marcus and Quint when news Ian’s death comes on the TV. Both are surprised. They go outside and air live. They talk about Marcus and Quint, both are close to tears as it goes on. They stop after telling the audience that they can make it through and justice will be served to the killer once they are caught. Afterward, Nancy decides she can stay home on her own now and leaves. At the Crane home, Thomas returns and informs Natalie and Johnathan of Ian’s death.

Jonathan, dumbfounded that the killer was able to murder the mayor, tells his children to call 911 immediately if any trouble comes. Just then, the family gets shown a video of the mayor being stabbed and thrown out the window. The video spreads all over the internet, which everyone, including the police and Adam, sees. Natalie decides to go stay at Hooper’s home for now. Hooper tells her about his broadcast with Nancy and admits that it felt good.

Hooper then takes out a board and reveals that he has made a prime suspect for the killer. His prime suspect is Mandy Forest. He points out that she might be feigning her relationship with Thomas, and reveals he has done research on Billy Loomis and Kieran Wilcox. She is also the least impacted by the killer. He also admits that if Mandy is the killer, she must have an accomplice. He has no idea of the motive for the killer. Natalie decides to tell him about their discovery about her father as long as he keeps it a secret.

He concludes that the woman Jonathan murdered is connected to the killer in some way and that the killer wants revenge for her death. At Adam’s home, Thomas visits him and Mandy. He gives Adam his condolences for Ian’s death. Adam confesses that he isn’t sure if he should be mourning over his false father’s death, or ignoring it. Thomas tells him to follow his heart and do what it says. He then starts to cry and asks to be left alone. Mandy and Thomas talk privately. The two acknowledge that they might not make it out alive.

They are about to kiss, but Deputy Goldman ruins the moment by coming in to check on them, much to Mandy’s annoyance. Thomas then goes back home. Mandy considers bitch slapping Goldman, but ultimately decides not to. At the police station, Deputy Nash gets a call from the killer, who sends her a video that shows him creeping up on Jonathan in the kitchen. Deputy Nash immediately informs Sheriff Forest, and they two rush down there.

As Thomas and Natalie walk home, Nash and Mary arrives before them near nightmare, where they find Jonathan in the kitchen. As they inform Jonathan of the situation, they hear creaking and footsteps; the killer is here. Deputy Nash pulls out her gun, and asks where they think the killer is. Suddenly, Sheriff Forest smiles and says “Right here”; she pulls out the killer’s knife and stabs Nash right in the heart. Sheriff Mary Forest is the killer.

Mary lets out a psychotic laugh and points the knife at Jonathan. Horrified, he tries to run away, only to run into a second killer, who head-butts him into unconsciousness. Sheriff Forest looks at Nash’s corpse and says “Worst. Deputy. Ever.” She smiles at her partner before dragging Jonathan out of the house. The second killer calls up Thomas and Natalie using Jonathan’s phone. He tells them “The end is here”, before the episode ends.

The Insanity

After Jonathan’s abduction, Mary drags him to Lookout Point, a tall cliff outside of town overlooking a nearby forest. The fall is not survivable. She ties him up in a chair and watches over him as he awakens. The killer calls Thomas and Natalie and explains Jonathan’s abduction. He tells them that the end is coming and that someone else is going to die before they can get to the finale. The killer tells them to figure out who that, and not tell any cops before hanging up.

Natalie goes to check on Hooper while Thomas goes to Mandy and Adam. Natalie finds Nancy and Hooper in his house and explains the situation; they realize that Mandy is the next target and rush over to Adam’s house after recognizing they can’t call the police. There, the killer sneaks in through the back door, but Deputy Goldman sees him entering. Goldman follows him inside the house and warns Mandy and Adam.

When they attempt to leave through the front door, they find Nash’s corpse hanging upside down from a nearby tree. Just then, the killer pops out! He stabs Goldman in the back and tosses him aside. Mandy and Adam flee. Adam fumbles due to his injured leg, leaving him vulnerable, but the killer chases Mandy instead. Adam orders Mandy to hide in the bathroom, which she does. The killer tries to break down the door, but Mandy barricades it. Adam resolves to hide under a table while he is busy. Before losing consciousness, Goldman calls for backup on his walkie talkie, which connects to Mary.

The killer stops trying to break through and leaves upon hearing Mary coming. Sheriff Forest hears Mandy the bathroom. She lets her mother in, who then pulls her gun on her daughter, witnessed by a shocked Adam. Mary then carries Mandy off, insisting that what she is doing is “For her own good” Afterward, Thomas, Natalie, Hooper and Nancy arrive and find the unconscious Goldman. They find Adam hiding, who explains that Mary is the killer, much to their surprise.

The group of four splits into two to search if Mandy and Mary are still here. Hooper and Thomas go outside while Natalie, Nancy and Adam search upstairs. The group upstairs are attacked by the killer. Nancy is stabbed twice in the stomach and forced to be left behind. Natalie escapes outside, while Adam flees inside a closet and locks himself inside. The killer breaks his way in with a hammer and enters the closet, but finds no sign of Adam. It is then shown that Adam has escaped to the air vents, where he hides.

Outside, Mary, after handcuffing Mandy to a tree so that she doesn’t flee, attacks Hooper and Thomas. Thomas gets stabbed in the side, and Hooper is abducted. Natalie arrives and helps Thomas up. Thomas insists he is fine and that they must follow Sheriff Forest, who has freed Mandy. The siblings pursue her to Lookout point, where they find the killer looking over Jonathan, who is still tied up in the chair. The two confront the killer. Just then, Mary arrives with her daughter, whom she is holding at gunpoint. She reveals her motivation: The killer has manipulated her into going psychotic with greed and delusions.

The killer promised that she would be a hero, and that both her and her daughter would get famous if he would him with the killer spree. Mary intends her and Mandy to be the sole survivors, as well as her partner. She also admits that she takes pleasure in killing people, especially Nash. When Natalie demands to know where Hooper is, the killer then removes his mask and reveals himself to be Hooper Haller, who had Mary fake his abduction, devastating Natalie and shocking everyone. Hooper reveals that the woman Jonathan murdered was Margaret Haller, his mother; he wants revenge for her death. Her death lead his father to become abusive of him, which is why he lived on his own with Quint, whom he adopted from the orphanage.

He explains that killing Jonathan wasn’t enough and he wanted to make him suffer. Jonathan apologizes and offers life in exchange for his children, but Hooper refuses, saying it’s too late for that. Natalie asks him if their relationship was ever real. He confesses that he really did like Natalie, and is somewhat regretful about doing this, but not enough to spare her. Hooper decided to recruit Sheriff Forest as his accomplice, as nobody would suspect a police officer, promising that she and her daughter would become famous and be the main survivors. Thomas asks him why Quint was murdered.

Hooper then reveals that he really was sad over Quint. Mary had murdered Quint without letting Hooper know, which was why he was shocked and confused. He also had Mary stab him at the mansion, knowing it would be not be fatal. Mary then gives Mandy her gun and tells her to kill Thomas. Mandy, confessing she is in love with him, defies her mother, drops the gun, and turns her back. Enraged at Mandy’s disobedience, Mary shoots her daughter in the back, and she collapses.

Mary is horrified; she turns her gun on Hooper and accuses him of making her kill her own daughter. Hooper tells her that she should be pointing the gun at the person responsible, herself. He tells Sheriff Forest that it’s her own fault that Mandy is dead and manipulates her into pulling the gun on herself; ridden with guilt and unable to bear her daughter’s loss, Mary shoots herself in the head and commits suicide, horrifying everyone except for Hooper.

Looking down at Sheriff Forest’s corpse, Hooper laughs and calls Mary’s suicide his “best work yet”. He then announces his true intentions of framing Mary and Mandy for the killing spree, lying that they wanted to become famous for becoming heroes of their killing spree. He was also planning to kill Mary herself, as revenge for Quint, had she not done so herself. He then picks up Mary’s gun, and decides to kill Natalie and Thomas in front of Jonathan before killing him as well. He is about to shoot Natalie when Jonathan frees himself from his chair and lunges at Hooper. Hooper shoots him in the chest, it hits a major artery. He begins bleeding to death. Natalie flips out. She runs to her father.

Thomas tackles Hooper and fights him. Hooper gets the upper hand. He stabs Thomas the side (The same spot Mary stabbed in him), and vertically slashes deeply into his back, severely injuring him. As he gloats over Thomas, Natalie picks up Mary’s knife, and shoves into Hooper’s back. Hooper screams. Natalie continues to stab him like a madwoman. He spins around, grabs her wrist, and squeezes her hand so that she drops the knife. Hooper begins to strangle her. Natalie strangles him back, but his grip is stronger.

Seeing that Natalie is losing breath, Jonathan, with the last of his strength, picks up Mary’s gun and shoots Hooper in the chest. He stumbles backward and trips off the edge of the cliff; Hooper falls to his death below. Natalie goes back to her dying father and forgives him for his past. Jonathan strokes his daughter’s face for the last time, then succumbs to his fatal gunshot wound and dies. Goldman, who is still alive and has called for backup, arrives on the scene. Thomas and Mandy are taken away in an ambulance, both are holding hands and are clinging to life. An injured Nancy is also taken to the hospital.

Adam resurfaces from the air vents, and finds Natalie. She is clearly very distraught over Hooper’s betrayal and her father’s death. He hugs her and tells her it’s all over. In an aftermath taking place sometime later, Mr. Porter, who was released from the hospital, is seen working on a book with Nancy. Mandy and Thomas, who both survived their injuries, are seen watching a movie together, it’s clear that they are really bonding now. Adam and Natalie become close friends and play basketball at school. However, we cut to a flashback.

We see Hooper and Mary talking, taking place after Quint’s death. Hooper is obviously enraged and begins berating Mary for failing to stop Quint’s death. During the argument, it is revealed that they had recruited a third killer to join them. It turns out that this killer murdered Quint, not Mary; Hooper had purposely lied on the cliff to hide the third killer’s existence. They agree to have the third killer not show up at the cliff in case if anything goes wrong and continue their work for them. The third killer then arrives and joins his partners.

At the bottom of the cliff, taking place minutes after Hooper’s death, the third killer arrives and looks over Hooper’s corpse, which he kneels and stares at. He begins dragging it away and looks at the audience. He mutters the words “They’ll pay. They’re all going to pay. Just wait and see”.

Deaths And Survivors

  • 1/2. Mr. and Ms. Letterman: Stabbed to death, (shown in a video only). (Killer to be revealed in Season 2)
  • 3. Tabitha Letterman: Stabbed several times, head smashed in with a rock. (Killer to be revealed in Season 2)
  • 4. Quint Haller: Stabbed repeatedly in the back, stomach, and side. Died in Hooper's arms. (The Third Killer)
  • 5. Norman Maxwell: Sprayed and tortured with a tazer, brutally beaten with a hammer, stabbed 10 times in the stomach (gutted) (Killer to be revealed in Season 2)
  • 6. Marcus Bates: Crushed to death by an elevator (Intentionally triggered by Hooper)
  • 7. Mayor Ian Ward: Stabbed in the back, thrown out a window to his death (Killer to be revealed in Season 2)
  • 8. Deputy Megan Nash: Stabbed in the heart (Sheriff Mary Forest)
  • 9. Sheriff Mary Forest: Shot herself in the head and committed suicide (Manipulated by Hooper)
  • 10. Hooper Haller: Stabbed repeatedly in the back, Shot in the chest, knocked off of Lookout Point to his death (Natalie and Jonathan)
  • 11. Jonathan Crane: Shot fatally in the chest, died in Natalie’s arms after Hooper’s death (Hooper)

SURVIVORS: Adam Ward, Natalie Crane, Thomas Crane, Mandy Forest, Deputy Goldman, Mr. Henry Porter, Nancy Bates, The Third Killer (Who could be one of the other survivors).