Hey Everyone! Here’s my third and final installment to my Scream trilogy! It’s been a long hard path, and I hope you like the word I’ve been doing! Be sure to comment!

Plot and Setting

Two years after another heartbreaking and devastating killing spree. The survivors have moved on with their lives and heading forward to college. However, fate has other plans. Natalie comes face to face with not one, not two, but four killers, led by a near unstoppable leader, intent on destroying her. Natalie is pushed to the limit to maintain her sanity, and survive at the same time.

Spoilers/Fun Facts

  • 1. The Helper’s identity will be revealed in the fourth episode.
  • 2. The first survivor will die in Episode 3.
    • Some fans might start to riot on me when they see who it is. Lol.
  • 3. Adam will discover the identity of the first killer to be revealed.
  • 4. There will be a ton of deaths in the opening.
    • There will, however, be a sole survivor.
  • 5. There will be an amount of hallucinations/dreams.
    • You will know the first one when you see it, trust me.

All Returning Characters and Descriptions

Natalie Crane (21): Still our final girl. She’s matured more over recent years. Although, she admitted herself to go to a mental ward for a couple months, due to her heartbreaking loses two years ago. She is now dating fellow survivor Adam Griffin, and has adopted Mandy into her family. She also took martial arts lessons with Mandy. When the killings return, Natalie tries to maintain her sanity, but an “old friend” encourages her otherwise…

Barbara Crane (51): Shocked at the revelation of her “husband”. She’s gladly accepted Mandy into her family. It’s been difficult for her to raise three children, but she’s determined to see them through their lives. She’s shocked to learn about the new killers, and does everything she can to support her daughter.

Brian Manera (20): Shocked at the revelation of his Stepfather. He’s gone dating Goldman’s foster daughter, also he is cautious of her, and the new killing spree adds distance to them. He tries to help his sister and becomes desperate for answers.

Mandy Forest (20): Much like Natalie over the recent years. She went with Natalie to the mental ward for a couple months, and has been adopted into her family due to Terry and Mary’s deaths. She’s bonded with Natalie, now more than ever. She’s never dated anyone after Thomas’ death. She’s braver and tougher than ever. Mandy is determined to keep her friends, especially Natalie, safe, even if it costs her life.

Adam Griffin (20): He’s been recovering very well from the events of Season 2, despite his mother’s death. He’s started dating Natalie, and has become attracted to her very quickly, much to Jacob’s approval. He’s horrified when the killings start again, and goes to Natalie’s aid as the killer affects her mentally and physically.

Sheriff David Goldman (40): Still the Sheriff of Clearsboro. He’s healed from his injuries, and is back on the job. He’s adopted a foster daughter, Isabella, to have a family (since he never got married). He’s recently been organizing retirement plans, wanting to go off in peace. Goldman quickly postpones it upon receiving word of the new killers. But will the new Dewey Riley’s luck finally run out?

Jacob Griffin (47): Adam’s father, and his now lone parent. He’s been depressed over Ginger’s death, but has been able to recover. He’s becoming very worried for his son when the killings begin yet again, and tries to keep him safe.

Brooke Maddox (28): The main survivor from my Season 3 fanfic. She's gotten tougher and more mature over the years. Married to Gustavo Acosta. She comes to help the survivors, sharing their pain in her younger years.

Gustavo Acosta (28): The son of Miguel Acosta, and one of the survivors from my Season 3 fanfic. His love for horror has not faded over the years, but has lessened due to his experiences. He's tough and gives the "don't mess with me" vibe.

Noah Foster (28): The most traumatized survivor of Season 3. He was very distraught over Vanessa' betrayal and temporarly gave up love until he met Velma. He's very protective of her, unable to bear the mere thought of losing his fourth lover.

Brandon James (49): A survivor from Season 3. He's gotten famous over the years after Season 3. He never really did get past Maggie dying, but has ultimately moved on. He tries to help the Clearsboro survivors, having felt the same experience.

All New Characters and Descriptions (except minor ones)

Zombie Ghostface (??): One of the four killers in the story. He wears an old Ghostface costume, that’s old, worn out, and wrinkly to make him more like a zombie. His costume also has rips and holes in it. He made a “deal” with Uber Ghostface to join, causing Scarecrow to doubt him.

Scarecrow Ghostface (??): One of the four killers in the story. He’s the second in command, and Uber Ghostface’s most reliable asset. Dressed in brown and black, mixed with some scarecrow elements. He expresses distrust in Zombie.

Skeleton Ghostface (??): One of the four killers in the story. He wears a black costume, with bones painted on it. The Ghostface mask, is a skull. His motive of joining the foursome is the most distant from the others. He focuses mainly on the Helper on their friends, and makes sure they don’t get in the way.

Uber Ghostface (??): The main killer in the story. The toughest serial killer around. You don’t want to mess with him, like EVER. The founder and leader of the foursome. Everything goes by him. He wears an armored mask and can take a lot of damage. He takes on the toughest of the tasks to torment the survivors.

Velma Carter (27): Noah's new love interest and recent wife. She's accompanied Noah on his journey to Clearsboro. Noah's very protective of her, due to his past of losing girlfriends.

Isabella Goldman (20): Goldman’s foster daughter. She was originally from an orphanage until Goldman adopted her, since he never got married and wanted a family of sorts. She’s the girlfriend of Brian Crane. She shows shady behavior throughout the story, and becomes a prime suspect amongst the survivors.

Lawrence Griffin (21): Adam’s cousin, and Jacob’s nephew. He’s come in to visit from Miami, wanting to know get to know his family. He quickly realizes, however, that he has come at the wrong time.

Matias Wolver (21): A college student and a horror geek. He’s a co-president of the Clearsboro College cinema club, similar to Robbie Mercer. He’s one of Natalie’s newer friends, having gotten to know her in senior year. He tries not to act too geeky around Natalie, knowing her troublesome past. Matias quickly becomes interested in the activities of the killers, but will his interest get the better of him?

Lars Finch (21): A college student and a horror geek. Matias’ best friend and a co-president of the cinema club. He’s more nervous and panicky than Matias, and doesn’t like to put himself in danger. Matias has to counsel Lars when the killers return, which makes him paranoid of being the next victim.

Dr. Rick Anderson (35): A doctor at the local hospital in Clearsboro. He quickly finds himself busy as the killers come along. The killers definitely do not like Rick trying to heal their victims…

Dr. Hayden Long (22): Natalie’s therapist. He contributed to her, and Mandy’s recovery from the events of Season 2. He becomes determined to help when he can, but it quickly becomes clear the killer doesn’t like it.

Ms. Leslie Portman (37): A teacher in college. Similar to Kirstin Lang, she develops an interest on Natalie and survivors, which causes them to distrust her.

Natasha Anderson (20): A newcomer to Clearsboro and Rick's daughter. Having barely survived the opening, she becomes a main target of Uber Ghostface, and it soon becomes clear she has a connection to the past...

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: The Return of Ghostface

The murders of 4 teens shock the town of Clearsboro. The survivors soon realize that this can only mean one thing: Ghostface has returned.

Episode 2: The Shining

The killers hold a meeting to discuss their plan. The survivors debate on a suspect and the helper. Uber Ghostface stalks the Opening Survivor.

Episode 3: The Walking Dead

Natalie and Mandy go rogue to try and stop the killers before they do fatal damage, which results in a main character’s death. Meanwhile, Adam investigates The Helper.

Episode 4: American Psycho

As the survivors grieve over the loss of a loved one, in yet another shocking twist, the Helper’s identity is finally revealed. Meanwhile, an “old friend” returns.

Episode 5: Interference

The Clearsboro survivors finally meet the Lakewood Five, and learn their history over the years. Skeleton springs into action.

Episode 6: Revelations

Skeleton makes his move on the Lakewood Survivors and leaves a permanent scar. Meanwhile, Adam locates evidence that leads him to a shocking discovery.

Episode 7: Silent Night, Deadly Night

After the shocking revelation of Zombie Ghostface, the formation of the four killers are revealed. Adam is thrown into chaos for the night.

Episode 8: The Graveyard Shift

The survivors recover from the events of last night, and develop a new prime suspect, as well as investigate their old one. Meanwhile, Goldman personally investigates the identity of Uber Ghostface.

Episode 9: Shaun of The Dead

Goldman’s recent discovery puts himself in peril, as the origins of Uber Ghostface are beginning to unravel. Meanwhile, a prime suspect is confronted.

Episode 10: Ginger Snaps

As the origins of Uber Ghostface are fully revealed, the three killers launch a massive attack on the characters, leaving several, including more survivors, dead.

Episode 11: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The remaining survivors grieve over the shocking massacre. The police finally determine a prime suspect. Meanwhile, Uber Ghostface claims another victim.

Episode 12: The Last of Us

Following some inactivity from the remaining killers, the survivors organize a vacation trip to relieve the pressure. However, Skeleton and Uber Ghostface aren’t far behind.

Episode 13: Friday the 13th

The survivors arrive at Camp Crystal Lake for vacation, where Lars and Uber Ghostface finally begin the end of their long killing spree, leaving yet another survivor dead.

Episode 14: Scream

Distraught at the latest loss, the remaining group finally confront Uber Ghostface and Lars themselves, while Matias makes his last stand to prove his innocence.

Episode 15: Scream Part 2

The final survivors finally gain their revenge on the revealed Uber GHostface and Lars, in the most epic and intense episode in the trilogy. Who will survive? Only the person behind the mask will know.

Episode Detailed Summaries

Episode 1: The Return of Ghostface

We open up with five teens watching the newly released Rogue One in a home near Clearsboro. The names of the teens are Louis, his girlfriend Selena, Howard, Sheldon, and his girlfriend Natasha Anderson, Rick’s daughter. As the opening of Rogue One begins, Howard goes to get the popcorn from the kitchen.

He hears a knock on the back door. Howard becomes curious and opens it. Behind it is a killer. It’s not just any killer, however. His mask and costume is mixed with Brown and Black. This is Scarecrow Ghostface. He grabs Howard, and pulls him outside. When Howard does not return, Selena goes to look for him. She looks out a window and screams at what she sees. It is then shown that Howard is dead with both his eyes gouged out.

Selena runs back and screams that Howard is dead. They believe it is a prank she is pulling until a figure appears behind her. The figure is wearing a Ghostface costume, but with bones all over it, and the mask is a skull. This is Skeleton Ghostface. Skeleton stabs Selena in the head. The other three panic. Louis runs upstairs, while Natasha and Sheldon rush for the front door. At the top of the stairs, Louis bumps into another figure.

His mask is old and Wrinkly, as is his costume. This is Zombie Ghostface. He grabs Louis’ neck, and violently jerks it all of his strength, snapping it. Back downstairs, Natasha and Sheldon open the front door, and see another figure. It’s just like a regular Ghostface, but his mask looks to be tougher and thicker. This is Uber Ghostface. He slices Sheldon’s throat open. Natasha screams. She kicks Uber Ghostface in the groin, and runs to the kitchen. Uber Ghostface runs after her. The other killers watch him and don’t do anything.

Natasha grabs a butcher knife, but Uber Ghostface knocks it off. Uber Ghostface punches her. Natasha kicks him in the stomach, and punches him in the face. Uber Ghostface grabs a nearby pair of scissors, and stabs Natasha in the arm. Natasha shrieks. She swiftly kicks Uber Ghostface in the chest, knocking him down. She runs to the backdoor. Uber Ghostface tells Scarecrow to run after her, everyone else stay.

Natasha gets in her car, and sees Howard’s eyeless corpse, which is now in the back seat. Scarecrow runs up to the car, and starts smashing the driver’s window with a hammer. Before he can enter, Natalie gets the engine going just as he breaks the window. She drives off as Scarecrow watches. Scarecrow walks back to his boss. Uber Ghostface declares that “the legacy” has finally been renewed.

We cut to the following morning. Natalie, Brian, Mandy and Barbara are at home. They are excited as today marks their first day in Clearsboro College. Barbara turns on the TV to check the news, and sees the murders last night. Everyone is shocked, especially Natalie. The family are uncertain of whether Ghostface is coming for them and decide to go to College, but remain cautious.

At the hospital, we see Rick Anderson, the doctor and Natasha’s father, taking care of Natasha. Sheriff Goldman is questioning them. Natasha tells him about all four killers. This worries him, especially at the numbers of assailants. He asks if she might know any of the Ghostfaces. She says no. After Goldman leaves, Rick asks Natasha if this is “about what happened when you were a baby”.

She says that it wouldn’t be connected, since it was so long ago. Rick is uncertain. At college, Natalie finds Adam. He’s already heard about what happened. He’s worried that it’s happening again, and it was bad enough with the first two killing sprees. Adam and Natalie hug, and promise to protect each other. Just then, Natalie gets a call. It’s her therapist, Hayden Long. He tells that he saw the news, and wants to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. They schedule one for tomorrow.

In class, we meet the psychology teacher, Ms. Leslie Portman. She has some similarities to Branson, and Ms. Lang. She wonders whether the killings of the teens is connected to the past two killing sprees. She refrains from going further since the survivors are in the room. We meet cinema club co-presidents Matias Wolver and Lars Finch. Matias offers his horror knowledge help to Natalie if she needs it, though Lars is reluctant.

At lunch, Natalie spots Brian’s girlfriend, Isabella Goldman, who was adopted by Sheriff Goldman from an orphanage. Natalie, who is sitting next to Mandy and hasn’t met Isabella yet, notices that she looks a bit like her. Mandy notices that she has a calm and reassuring manner when Brian mentions the killings. Isabella doesn’t appear to be concerned. Natalie and Mandy talk to Brian about it, but he insists that she doesn’t full grasp the meaning of a killing spree yet, and therefore doesn’t feel too much.

At home, Barbara gets a call from a killer. He tells her about how things aren’t over yet, and that there are some loose ends that must be tied up. Barbara asks him what could be possibly be the cause of this now. The killer tells her that she won’t live to see it, and that her time will come soon enough, but first, he’s planning a special move. A move she will never see coming. The killer hangs up.

When Natalie, Brian and Mandy arrive home, Barbara tells them about the call. They discuss who it could be. Brian refuses to suspect Isabella unless there is solid proof. As Natalie argues with Brian, Mandy’s phone rings, and the ID is unknown. Thinking it is the killer, Natalie answers it. The caller has a disoriented voice, and tells them he is not the killer. Natalie asks who it is. The person calls himself “The Helper”, and says that they are here to help, not kill.

Episode 2: The Shining

Picking up immediately where the last episode left off, it is shown that Scarecrow is spying on the Crane family, and has witnessed the call. Scarecrow dials a number, and says “Get a meeting set up. I believe Skeleton is getting what he wants soon”. We cut to the next morning. Natalie is with Dr. Long for her appointment they scheduled yesterday. She tells him about how she felt in the last two killing sprees. Hopeless, afraid. Helpless. Dr. Long asks Natalie to close her eyes and tell him what she sees.

Natalie closes her eyes, and hears Hooper Haller, the main killer from the first season, talking to her, using the words from his reveal. Natalie snaps out of it. Before leaving, Natalie tells Dr. Long that she’s not the only person that needs help, she is particularly referring to Mandy, considering she lost both her parents and Thomas. Dr. Long writes it down. After Natalie leaves, Ms. Portman comes in. It isn’t seen what happens between them.

Meanwhile, we cut to Adam’s house. He talks with Jacob, who tells him that he was sad enough about the loss of his wife (Ginger, a victim from last season) and tells him that he doesn’t want to lose him too. Adam tells him that he’s a survivor, and he won’t go down that easily. Just then, they hear the doorbell ring. They open it and see Lawrence Griffin, Adam’s cousin from Miami, Florida. He tells them that he came to get to know his family, and didn’t know about the killing spree until he arrived.

Adam takes Lawrence over to visit college so he can meet his friends, and introduces him to Natalie and Mandy. Lawrence tells them that he wants in on investigating the new killers, saying that it “sounds exciting”. Adam tells him that it’s not a joke, and that actual lives are in danger. Lawrence rebuffs him, then walks on home. After he leaves, Mandy spots Natasha sitting by herself. They decide to go check on her, and see if they can gather any information.

The trio introduce themselves to Natasha. She initially tells them to go away, but stops when she realizes it’s the main survivors. She tells them that she was “very lucky” when she got away. She shows them her arm wound, which was bandaged up to prove it. Adam asks them if she wants to join the group. Natasha says that she’ll “think about it” and walks off.

In the afternoon, we cut to the mansion. Scarecrow walks inside. He sees Skeleton, Zombie, and Uber Ghostface sitting in chairs around a table. Scarecrow joins them. Skeleton asks what Scarecrow heard. Scarecrow tells them about the Helper, and that Skeleton will get what he wants soon. Skeleton sounds excited. Uber A tells Skeleton to prepare his plan at the warehouse, and he needs alone time with Zombie.

In a private room, Zombie tells Uber Ghostface about their deal to leave “him” unharmed. Uber Ghostface says he will uphold their bargain, as long as Zombie does the same. Zombie agrees, and the two shake hands. Back at college, Brian tells them that he can’t find Isabella anywhere. She appears immediately after, and says she ran late because of “traffic”, when there was no traffic today. The trio are growing suspicious, but Brian hides it.

After school, Natalie walks up to Isabella as she is waiting for her ride. Natalie examines Isabella a bit, which creeps her out. Natalie tells her about how the past two killing sprees affected her, and how she loves Brian. She then threatens Isabella with a knife, warning her that if she is one of the killers, she will not hesitate to defend herself. Isabella insists that she is not capable of murder and walks off when Goldman comes to pick her up.

We cut to the cinema club. Mandy is asking Matias and Lars about the Helper. Both of them deny being the Helper, and conclude that the Helper could be two things: A trap set by the killer, or, a potential ally. They are unable to think of someone who would be willing to help them though. Matias suggests that Ms. Portman might have some answers next class, as she is going to be talking about “similar incidents” compared to this.

Meanwhile, Natasha gets a call from a killer while walking home. The killer tells her that she cannot hide her past; in this town, everyone’s secrets are exposed. Natasha asks him what her past has anything to do with the killing spree. The killer replies “Everything”, and then tells her to look to right. She sees Uber Ghostface looking at her. Natasha runs off. Uber Ghostface initially follows her, but stops and watches her go. She escapes to her home, and runs to her father. She tells Rick that he was right, and that she needs to know more from him. Rick gives a worried expression as the episode ends.

Episode 3: The Walking Dead

The following morning, Brian, Mandy and Barbara go downstairs for breakfast. They wonder where Natalie is. Brian goes up to check on her, and discovers that Natalie is not in her bed. He finds no sign of Natalie except for that the window is open. Barbara calls Goldman, who arrives and, finding no sign of Natalie, concludes she has been kidnapped. Everyone is worried.

We cut to the mansion. An unconscious Natalie is there, tied in a chair. She wakes up, and sees that Uber Ghostface and Skeleton are in front of her. Natalie asks that killers what they want. Skeleton tells her that their motives are distant from the usual kind of revenge that the other killers had, but “no spoilers” are allowed. Uber Ghostface says he has some very special planned for her, something she will never see coming. They leave Natalie alone.

Goldman and some officers search the warehouse and find nothing. Later, they try the mansion as well. Zombie moves Natalie, who has been unable to free herself, to the warehouse to evade the police, who find nothing. Goldman is very worried now. At college, Mandy, Brian and Adam meet with Matias and Lars. Matias analyzes the situation where the final girl is missing in a horror film.

He concludes there is an 80% chance Natalie will survive, and a 20% that she will die. Lars predicts that the killer will down a survivor to come get her, and that the “no cops” situation will repeat itself. If Natalie dies, Mandy will becomes the new final girl, which she does not want. After school ends, Mandy gets a call from the Helper. He tells her that he figured out where Natalie is, having sent a “friend” down to Clearsboro to check it out”.

Mandy doesn’t trust him, and wants to know if he’s lying. The Helper says he isn’t, and that Mandy must trust him. He promises that they’ll know who he is soon. The Helper hangs up. Just then, a paper airplane hits Mandy’s back. She picks it up, and sees the words “He’s telling the truth. Come to the warehouse, alone, or Natalie will die”. She then looks up and sees Scarecrow, who threw the airplane. He runs off.

Mandy explains the situation to Brian and Barbara. Barbara is strictly against Mandy going alone, while Brian thinks she should. With no other way to save Natalie, Barbara reluctantly agrees to let Mandy go, and gives her a butcher knife. She gives her a half hour to rescue Natalie before she calls the police. At night, Mandy arrives at the warehouse. He sees an arrow pointed to a door. She opens it to see Natalie still tied to the chair.

As Mandy begins to untie Natalie, Uber Ghostface shows up. He pulls out a handgun and holds Mandy at gunpoint. He gives Mandy an ultimatum: Uber Ghostface will shoot both her, and Natalie dead unless Mandy uses the knife. She must stab Natalie eight times in the chest, which will kill her. If she does so, Uber Ghostface will spare Mandy. Mandy is heartbroken, she can’t do it. She begs Uber Ghostface to take her instead. It’s very similar to Rick, Negan and Carl’s scene, in Walking Dead 7x01.

Impatient, Uber Ghostface starts counting to 10, and continues to ignore Mandy’s pleas. When he reaches 7, Natalie implores Mandy to comply with the command, so that she can be spared. Anguished, and with no choice, Mandy raises the knife and, just as Uber Ghostface begins to say “10”, stabs Natalie in the chest. Wailing, Mandy stabs Natalie three more times, and hesitates to continue. Uber Ghostface orders her to keep going, and she stabs Natalie four more times, which reaches 8. Natalie Crane, the final girl of the trilogy, is dead.

Satisfied, Uber Ghostface then runs off. The police arrive shortly after, along with most of the characters, including Brian, Adam, and Barbara. Mandy comes out. She is carrying Natalie’s corpse in her arms, horror all over her face. Barbara falls to the ground in tears, as does Brian. Adam and Goldman watch in horror, as well as the others. Mandy places Natalie’s corpse on a police car, before bursting in tears herself. The episode ends with Isabella being shown the distance watching the scene unfold. She walks off.

Episode 4: American Psycho

We cut through all the main characters after learning of Natalie’s death. Goldman is at the police station. He’s obviously very shocked at the events of last night. Barbara, Mandy and Brian are together at their home. They do a group hug and cry together. We cut to Adam’s home. He looks at a photo of Natalie when they were dating, he’s depressed as well. Jacob is trying to comfort him.

We cut to the following morning, and go back to the police station. Goldman is talking to an officer. The officer tells him they may have a lead. He says that he saw a black hooded figure outside when Natalie’s corpse was taken out. He gives him a description of the figure, whom Goldman realizes is Isabella. He decides to ask her about it after college.

At college, Mandy is sitting alone at lunch. The other survivors join her, along with Matias and Lars. Adam organizes a vow from each team member to work together. Lars is the most hesitant, but agrees at Matias’ encouraging. They “declare war” on Uber Ghostface and the other three killers. Mandy asks permission to personally kill Uber Ghostface if she gets the chance. The others agree. Isabella overhears them from afar.

The bell rings, and the kids go to Ms. Portman’s class. Matias tells them that today is when she will talk about that other killing spree. Brian realizes this could be an opportunity for them to find out who The Helper might be. She says that there has only been one time that a murder spree has gotten this much people. She says that it ended in 2016, around Hooper and Mary’s killing spree. A 4 people, 3 time long spree of terror.

Only five people survived, and one of them is now deceased. After Class, Brian gets a call from Scarecrow. Scarecrow asks Brian if they were able to kill Natalie, what hope does Brian have against him? He hangs up. Isabella comes it right afterward. She asks Brian if he’s ok. He says that he isn’t. Isabella comforts him, though there appears to be distrust between them. Goldman picks Isabella up, and tells her about what the officer told him. Isabella asks her father if he thinks his daughter is a murderer. Goldman then stops talking.

At home, Adam talks with Jacob. He wonders who the Helper could be. Just then, Adam’s cell phone rings, it’s The Helper. Adam takes the phone. He tells him that with Natalie dead, if they really want to help, they will reveal their identity now. The Helper tells him to think back to Ms. Portman’s lesson. He thinks for a moment. Adam asks the Helper if they are one of the survivors. The Helper says yes. He arranges to meet with Adam in person tomorrow. He hangs up. We cut to where The Helper is staying at. We finally see their identity.

It’s Brooke Maddox, the main survivor from my Season 3 fanfiction of the actual Scream TV Series. She yells for “everyone” to come down. Four more people come downstairs. Three are Noah Foster, Gustavo Acosta and Brandon James, the other survivors. The fourth is Velma Carter, Noah’s latest love interest and recent wife. Miguel Acosta, Gustavo’s father and the fifth survivor, is nowhere to be found. Is he the deceased survivor? Brooke tells them that “It’s time. We’re heading to Clearsboro”.

We cut to Mandy’s room. She’s looking worse for wear. She begins to cry again for Natalie. Just then, she hears something. A gun cocking. She spins to the side. She’s shocked by what she sees, and starts to scream. We finally see what she’s looking at: Mary Forest, the secondary killer from the first story and Mandy’s deceased mother. She’s holding a gun to Mandy’s forehead. She says “Miss me, sweetie?” before pulling the trigger.

Episode 5: Interference

Picking up where the last episode left off, Mandy sees Mary, her deceased mother. The gun has no effect; she is a hallucination. Mary asks Mandy why she doesn’t like seeing her mother. Mandy says that Mary is not her mother; she is a psychopath who shot her own daughter. Mary frowns. She says that the more trauma she suffers, the more Mandy will hallucinate her, and hopefully be just like her one day. Mandy refuses to become a psychopath like her. Mary frowns again, and disappears.

In the morning, there’s a knock on the door. Brian opens it to find the Lakewood Five (now including Velma). Brooke explains that she is the Helper, and that these are the other survivors. He lets them in. Mandy calls over her other friends (Matias, Lars, Natasha, Lawrence, Adam, Jacob, and Goldman). Everyone is at Mandy’s house for the meeting. They get chills when they see the stumps on Brooke’s hand (from the severing of several of her fingers). Brooke and Brandon explain the events of the Scream TV series to everyone. Goldman is familiar with the events of Lakewood. He asks where Miguel Acosta, the fifth survivor, is.

Gustavo sighs. He reveals through flashbacks that a year after the 3rd killing spree, Acosta was run over and killed by a driver in their car. The driver in the other car was never found. The car was found burnt down outside of town, and void of evidence. Noah has privately theorized that the killer might be obsessed with the Lakewood Four and coming back, but it’s a long shot. The first killing spree in Season 1 began around the time of the final killing spree in Lakewood. We learn what happened to everyone after that.

Brandon become pretty famous, for going into hiding for the past 20 years. He and the other Lakewood survivors wrote a long book on the events of the Scream TV Series. Brandon also had a temporary job as a police officer. There’s also a movie series out dedicated to that. Noah was traumatized after Vanessa’s betray and death, and vowed never to date a girl again out of fear of losing her. Upon falling in love with Velma, he couldn’t resist and decided to give in. They got married two weeks ago. Lars remembers watching the TV series (which was adapted into an actual true story) before, but never thought about it being connected to the helper.

Upon hearing of the killers’ return, the survivors debated amongst themselves whether or not to help. Brooke and Gustavo wanted to, though Brandon, Velma and especially Noah were opposed. After Natalie’s death, they decided that the teens definitely needed their help and the others were convinced. The survivors unanimously vote to accept the help of the Lakewood Four. While the teens head off to college, Barbara tells the Lakewood Four the specifics of the events of the past two seasons.

Goldman, knowing that it would be good to have a survivor on his side, asks Brandon if he wants to rejoin the police force, since he’s old enough. Brandon accepts. Mandy decides not to go to college again and instead visit Dr. Long. She arrives at his office, and tells him about the return of the Lakewood Five. Dr. Long is surprised. Mandy asks him if he has any private suspects for the killer. He thinks for a moment, and says that he doesn’t. Mandy leaves.

We flash back to what he and Ms. Portman were doing in the 2nd episode. They were talking about the survivors. Ms. Portman says that she’s “interested” in their ordeals. Noah and Brandon come into the cinema club. Matias is geeking out about having a horror conversation with his Lakewood counterpart. Brandon and Lars are less excited. They talk about any killer theories that they might have. Since Noah just got here, he’s not sure who. Matias suggests Isabella and points out her shady behavior. They then discuss red herrings, which Noah studied more about at Season 3.

We cut to someone’s first person POV in a home. The person gets a text message on their phone. It’s from Scarecrow. It says “They’re taking a walk outside. You wanted to finish your work with the Lakewood Four so badly, so get to it.” The person opens the closet, revealing the Skeleton Ghostface costume. Gustavo and Brooke are taking a walk outside. Gustavo wonders if the killers will start targeting them, for interfering in their plans.

Brooke tells Gustavo that it’s too late to back out now, and that they have taken the risks to help the teens. They hold hands, and vow not to die. After they finish, Skeleton runs at them. Gustavo sees him, and pushes Brooke out of the way. Skeleton hits him in the face with a shovel, knocking him unconscious. Brooke goes to kick Skeleton, but he grabs her foot, and flips her over. After announcing that “You’re mine now, bitch” Skeleton knocks her out with the shovel as well. He drags both of them off.

Episode 6: Revelations

Brooke and Gustavo wake up the next morning in the Warehouse. Gustavo is handcuffed to a pipe. Brooke is tied to a chair. They talk about how they thought this would never happen again after Kevin’s death. Just then, Skeleton walks up. Brooke and Gustavo ask him who he is and what he wants. Skeleton says that he has a special “Interest” in the Lakewood Six, unlike the other three killers. He says that he predicted that they would come in, despite the risks. He doesn’t care about the current trilogy’s survivors. Brooke asks what they could have possibly done to provoke him.

Skeleton says that they’ll “never see it coming”. Gustavo asks him about Miguel’s death; Skeleton then reveals that he was the driver in the car that ran over and killed Miguel. He is back to finish the job with the other Lakewood Four. Gustavo tries to lung forward, but can’t break free. Skeleton says that he has a “very special game” planned. He takes out a barrel and stares pouring an unknown liquid around the floors of the warehouse. Skeleton then walks off, promising to return.

At college, the teens are walking in the halls when Velma and Noah appear. They ask them if they have seen Brooke or Gustavo, explaining that they have gone missing. They say no. Just then, Natasha walks up. She’s delighted to meet two of the Lakewood Four, before telling them of her being stalked by Uber Ghostface. They ask her why they would kill all the victims at the house, except for her. She says that she has a dark secret, one that she is not ready to share yet. She asks to join the group. The go into a private huddle. They decide to trust her.

We cut back to the warehouse. Skeleton has a meat cleaver. He puts it into Gustavo’s reach. He takes it and slashes at Skeleton, but he’s too far away. Skeleton tells Gustavo to hang on to that, as he will need it for the game. He walks off again. Brandon is shown around the police department by Goldman, who puts out an APB on Gustavo and Brooke upon learning they are missing. Goldman gives Brandon his badge and gun. Back at college, Isabella approaches Brian. She asks him why she has been distant from her recently.

Brian tells her that people that he trusted turned out to be killers, referring to Brody. Isabella is digested upon realizing that Brian is suspicious. She tells him not to see her until Brian is ready to recognize that his girlfriend is not a murderer. She walks off. Brian obviously has guilt on his face. Adam talks with Lawrence. He tells him that he’s worried about his safety, and the timing that he came to Lakewood. Lawrence tells Adam he can handle himself. He walks off on his own.

Shortly after he is out of sight, Adam gets a call from Scarecrow. He tells Adam that he and the other killers and connected to him in a way. Adam asks how this could possibly have anything to do him. Scarecrow says that he will leave a “gift” for Adam to see under his bed, and advises him to take a look at it tonight.

We cut back to the warehouse. Skeleton returns again. He says that it’s time for the game. He takes out a match, and reveals that the liquid substance on the floor is gasoline; he is going to burn the entire warehouse down with Brooke and Gustavo inside. Only one thing will thing can save them both: Gustavo must sever his right hand with the meat cleaver to free himself from the handcuffs.

He can also use it to cut Brooke’s ropes to free her as well. Ignoring their protests, Skeleton throws the match on the floor, and the resulting fire quickly starts spreading. He runs off. Gustavo raises the meat cleaver, and tells Brooke to close her eyes. She does. Gustavo swings the meat cleaver down through his wrist, severing his right hand and freeing himself. As he bleeds out, he slashes Brooke’s ropes, freeing her.

Gustavo passes out from blood loss, and Brooke carries him out of the burning warehouse to safety before calling 911 to get help. At night, after Lawrence and Jacob are in bed, Adam looks under the bed and sees Jacob’s cell phone. He goes through the lists of messages and sees that he has been receiving some from Uber Ghostface. A new message tells Adam to look inside the closet downstairs for “The Truth”.

Adam goes downstairs and opens the closet. He looks around the finds the Zombie Ghostface costume; Jacob Griffin is the Zombie Ghostface. As Adam stares at the costume in shock, he hears the words “You know, don’t you?” Adam looks around and sees his father. Adam replies “Yes.” Smash to black.

Episode 7: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Adam is disgusted. He asks Jacob how he could do this to his own son. Jacob corrects Adam and says he is doing this for his son. He begin flashbacks. We see how he became Zombie Ghostface. He was distraught after Ginger’s death. Eventually, he was privately approached by Uber Ghostface. He says that Uber Ghostface never took of his mask in front of him, and therefore doesn’t know who he is. Adam dismisses it as a lie, but nevertheless allows Jacob to continue. Uber Ghostface told Jacob that it was Natalie’s fault that Ginger was killed, as Theodore killed her to torment Natalie’s friends, which included Adam at the time.

Jacob learned of the developing killing spree and was recruited to join. If Natalie was killed, Adam wouldn’t be connected to the “angel of death” anymore and he could finally live a life where he wasn’t stalked by killers. Uber Ghostface also promised to leave Adam alone if he helped. Adam screams at Jacob that he loved Natalie and that killing her only made his life worse. Jacob reminds him that Uber Ghostface and Mandy were responsible for that, and says that refusing wasn’t an option.

After Natalie’s death, Jacob wanted to end the killing spree and leave. Uber Ghostface refused to let him, explaining that his intentions go far beyond just killing Natalie, unlike the previous killers. At one point, Jacob attempted to psychically force Uber Ghostface let him leave. Jacob lifts up his shirt, revealing a stab wound on his side.

Uber Ghostface stabbed Jacob in the side and threatened to have Adam tortured to death in front of him, as well as Lawrence, if he didn’t comply. He made his point clearer by twisting the knife, and not allowing him to get medical aid. Jacob confesses the only kill that he did was Sheldon, and it took much of his strength to snap his neck. Adam is disgusted, and asks him if he knows the identity of any of the killers.

Jacob says that he knows who Scarecrow is, but not Uber Ghostface or Skeleton. He explains that Skeleton’s motive revolves completely around the Lakewood Six, and that Scarecrow is doing this “for” Uber Ghostface. He prepares to tell Adam who Scarecrow is, but before he can finish his sentence, Scarecrow pops out. He shoves his knife into the back of Jacob’s neck. Jacob mutters “run”. Scarecrow spins him around and stabs him in the forehead. Jacob Griffin, Adam’s father and the Zombie Ghostface killer, is dead. Adam screams.

He grabs a book. He hits Scarecrow over the head with it. Adam runs out of the house. He is about to leave in his car when he realizes that Lawrence is still inside with Scarecrow. Adam runs back in, and goes up to Lawrence’s room to see that he is gone. Scarecrow jumps out again, and slashes Adam’s arm. Adam runs downstairs, with Scarecrow actually chasing him this time. As Adam reaches for the front door, Scarecrow grabs him; Adam slams the back of his head onto Scarecrow’s.

He lets go of him. Adam runs outside and drives off in his car. Scarecrow gets up and watches on, before taking out his phone and calling Adam. He tells him that running away will not save his cousin. Adam demands to know where Lawrence is. Scarecrow tells him to head to the mansion, no cops, and hangs up. Adam drives to the mansion, and arrives around midnight. He looks and sees a figure slumped against a pillar.

Adam shines his flashlight on it and sees that it is Lawrence, who has a knife lodged into his heart. Adam screams. He runs to his cousin’s corpse. He begins crying; just then, Lawrence breaths. The knife is not lodged into his heart after all. It’s similar to Jake and Brooke’s scene in 1x07. Adam pulls the knife out. After calling Goldman on his phone, who has just taken Gustavo from the hospital, he goes outside with Lawrence.

As they wait for the ambulance to arrive, Adam informs his cousin that Jacob is dead, but doesn’t tell him yet that he was one of the killers. They both start crying as the police arrive.

Episode 8: The Graveyard Shift

We cut to the hospital the following morning. Rick is talking to all the main characters. He says that Gustavo’s charred severed hand has already been recovered from the fire, and he won’t be getting it back. Lawrence is lucky to be alive, the knife stopped just short of hitting a major artery. Brooke talks to Gustavo in his room. Brooke swears that Skeleton won’t get away with this, and asks Gustavo if he has any ideas for a suspect.

He tells her about the gun accident with his best friend, Kyle, in Phoenix, that Miguel revealed to Maggie in Season 2. He accidently shot Kyle in the face and killed him. He reveals that Kyle’s full name is Kyle Wolver, which is Matias’ last name; they then realize that Kyle and Matias must be related, and begin to believe that he is Skeleton, wanting revenge for Kyle’s death. Meanwhile, Adam sees Lawrence in his room. Lawrence asks him about how Jacob died.

Adam sighs, he tells him that Jacob was the Zombie Ghostface, and the fact that he was trying to protect him from Uber Ghostface. Lawrence is shocked. Goldman comes in, and asks if he can see Adam. He gives him the story with Zombie. Goldman goes to see Brooke next, and gets the word on Skeleton’s connection, but she doesn’t tell him about Matias’ connection with Kyle. After he leaves, Brooke meets up with others, and tells them about Matias, who is at the bathroom right now.

They debate about what to do about him. They agree to keep this to themselves, as they don’t want Matias to think that they are on to him. Lars defends Matias, pointing out that he’s never acted weird around Gustavo. They stop talking when he returns. As Goldman drives back to the station with Brandon, he gets a call from Uber Ghostface. Goldman tells Brandon to trace the call, and tries to keep him on for sixty seconds.

Goldman asks Uber Ghostface want he wants. He tells him that he knows who he is, technically. Goldman is confused. Uber Ghostface says that he has been involved in his past, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He says that he’ll get clues if he comes to the graveyard alone tonight. He hangs up at the 58th second. Brandon agrees to keep this between them, but is going to alert everyone afterward.

Brian goes out on a date with Isabella in a Chinese restraint called Cherry Blossom. Brian apologizes again for suspecting her. She says that she forgives him, and tells him that she has a suspect of her own. She says that she thinks Ms. Portman has an interest in the survivors, and that she showed a “strong” reaction to the arrival of the Lakewood Five. They decide to sneak into her office at school tonight and find out what they can. Meanwhile, Ms. Portman visits Dr. Long again. He asks her why she’s into the survivors so much.

She says that she has a fascination with the killings spree being connected together, and the fact that three have happened the same town, especially now that Jacob has been revealed. Dr. Long tells her that she should keep her thoughts her to herself, and that it might get people to seriously suspect her as a murderer. Ms. Portman asks him if he thinks she is one of the killers. He says no.

We cut to later tonight. Goldman heads down to the graveyard. He has his gun drawn out, and shouts for Uber Ghostface to come out. There’s no answer. He sees a letter that has his name on it next to a grave. There’s a piece of paper taped to the grave that says “Waylon Jones”. A grave next to it says “Emily Jones”. Goldman is shocked; it’s clear that he recognizes those names. He opens the letter, which has an old case file.

The case file says that there were a series of disappearances in a town called Ashland in Ohio. It’s dated 20 years ago. When Goldman opens the file to get a better look, Uber Ghostface pops out. He hits Goldman over the head with a sledgehammer, knocking him unconscious. He picks up the case file, and looks at the papers with the names for a moment. He puts them in his pocket, and then drags Goldman off.

Episode 9: Shaun of The Dead

The episode opens with a flashback 20 years ago. We cut to Ashland, Ohio. Goldman’s working there as a detective with his partner and twin brother, Blake Goldman. They’re in a parked police car. They are talking about the current top case. It is revealed that five people have gone missing over the course of a month. No trace has ever been found of them. It has been recently discovered that two thrill serial killers and couple, known as Waylon and Emily Jones, were responsible for the disappearances, which were actually murders. It was found out from a surviving victim and their baby. Blake and Goldman are amongst the officers looking around town.

We cut to the mansion. Goldman wakes up. He’s handcuffed to a chair. Uber Ghostface is right in front of him. Goldman asks him what he wants. Uber Ghostface says that he wants to resolve the past, and that Goldman was involved it in. Goldman seems to know what he’s talking about. He asks him how something 20 years ago could lead to something like this. Uber Ghostface points out Kevin Duval’s motive extended back to 20 years ago. Goldman asks him who he is. Uber Ghostface says he will know soon, and walks off.

The following morning, we cut to the Crane home. Brandon comes and informs the family of Goldman’s disappearance. He’s taking over as temporary sheriff until Goldman is found. He asks if they have any idea where he could be. They say no. Brandon leaves. We cut to Noah and Velma. She tells him that she is worried about each other, and what would happen if the other was murdered. Noah says he would never let that happen. He’s lost too much already. They kiss.

We cut back to the mansion. Goldman thinks further back to the past. While in the police car, Goldman gets a call on his walkie talkie that Emily and Waylon have been found in an alleyway near the edge of town. They are currently engaged in a shootout with two other police officers, they also have two hostages. Blake and Goldman drive over there. They arrive and see that that both the officers have been killed. They notice Emily and Waylon running off with the hostages and pursue them in their car. We cut back to the mansion as they take off. Uber Ghostface approaches Goldman. He asks him who he is.

Uber Ghostface takes off his mask, revealing his unseen face to Goldman. He is shocked. Uber Ghostface puts his mask back on. Goldman asks if he is back because of what he did to Emily and Waylon at the end of the chase. Uber Ghostface nods, and leaves Goldman speechless. He has some guilt on his face. We cut back to college after Ms. Portman’s class. Brian and Isabella sneak into her office. They play some tapes, which shows she is deeply interesting in the survivors.

They play another one with Matias. It is shown that Ms. Portman knows that Matias is Kyle’s brother. Brian and Isabella become convinced that two of the killers are Ms. Portman and Matias. They hide when Ms. Portman returns. She realizes that someone has been in here when she finds her tapes misplaced. She looks around, but doesn’t find Brian or Isabella. Ms. Portman leaves.

Back at college, Brian and Isabella inform the other survivors about the tapes. The group is becoming convinced that Matias and Ms. Portman are two of the killers. They can’t agree on a third though. As they debate whether or not to call Brandon, Brooke gets a call from Scarecrow. He threatens to have Uber Ghostface kill Goldman if they inform the cops of their prime suspects. He hangs up. Isabella encourages the group to do as he says until they can get confirmation. Brooke agrees on the condition that she can confront Matias, with Lars around to restrain her if she goes too far.

After classes end, Brooke walks up to Matias with Lars. She asks him if he’s Kyle’s brother. Matias says yes. He denies being Skeleton, and says that he’s way too obvious for a suspect. Brooke isn’t sure whether to believe him. Matias tells her that he forgave Gustavo for Kyle’s death because it was an accident, and besides, he doesn’t have the psychical or emotional strength, to murder anybody. They ask him about Ms. Portman. Matias admits to the tape with her, and says he felt in a confessing mood.

We cut back to the mansion again. Uber Ghostface comes in. He grabs Goldman, and drags him outside toward the road. Goldman tells Uber Ghostface that he doesn’t have to do this, and that he’s sorry for that what happened. Uber Ghostface ignores his apology. He tells him that this time, he will not interfere in his family’s affairs, and that their legacy will go on forever. Uber Ghostface continues dragging Goldman until they reach a light pole. He bashes Goldman’s head 9 times against the light pole. David Goldman, Season 1 survivor and Sheriff of Clearsboro, is dead.

Episode 10: Ginger Snaps

We cut to Natasha’s home. She’s having breakfast with Rick. She says that it’s time to tell the survivors their secret. Rick asks if they really have to. Natasha says that there is no other way. Rick reluctantly agrees. He tells her to gather up the survivors here so he can tell them. We cut to an hour later. Most of the characters, including Gustavo and Lawrence, who were released from hospital, are there (excluding Velma, Barbara, Lars, Dr. Long and Ms.Portman). Rick tells them the story. He reveals that the survivor and the baby of Emily and Waylon Jones’ rampage are him and Natasha. Natasha was a baby when this happened.

Their last victim was his wife, Violet. Rick managed to escape with Natasha and informed the police, thus leading to the events of the flashbacks in Episode 9. Emily and Waylon were eventually cornered by Goldman and Blake and a shootout ensued. They managed to kill Blake, but were gunned down, in turn, by Goldman. Afterward, it turns out that the two “hostages” that they had were actually their children, Bennett and Sarah Jones. They were trying to escape with them. Bennett was a baby, while Sarah was an 8 year old.

Bennett was asleep in his baby stroller while this happened. Sarah suffered a mental breakdown after seeing her parents gunned down and was committed to a mental institution until she was 11. After which, she was admitted to a foster care along with Bennett. Both were released and adopted by parents. Nobody knows where they are now. Brandon asks Rick if he thinks that two of the killers are Bennett and Sarah as adults. He says yes. Brooke concludes that Scarecrow and Uber Ghostface are Bennett and Sarah.

Brandon is going to try and look up any information he can find about Sarah and Bennett, but first, he asks if anyone has a prime suspect. Isabella tells him about Ms. Portman. He decides to question her. Just then, news of Goldman’s just comes up on Brandon’s walkie talkie. The survivors are shocked. Isabella starts crying. Brian comforts her. She says that she needs to be alone right now. Isabella runs off. The group also departs. We cut to Ms. Portman at her home. She gets a call from Uber Ghostface. He tells her that he is the one who is obsessed with the survivors, not her. She’s getting in the way. After hanging up, Uber Ghostface jumps out. He throws Ms. Portman through a mirror, then guts her.

Uber Ghostface texts Skeleton and Scarecrow, telling them that “It’s time, you know what to do”. He runs off. Brandon arrives at her home and finds blood on the floor. He looks around and soon spots Ms. Portman’s corpse. He calls for backup. We cut to Noah’s place. He goes to tell Velma about the meeting, but finds her gone. He gets a call from Skeleton. He tells him now that he’s made his point with Brooke and Gustavo, he needs to make his with Noah. He tells Skeleton not to hurt Velma. He says he’ll consider it if he comes into the woods. Noah runs off.

Meanwhile, Brian and Mandy return home to tell Barbara about the meeting. They go up to her room and find the place trashed. She’s been kidnapped. Uber Ghostface calls Mandy. He says that he’s sorry that he hasn’t talked to her for so long, he’s been busy with other people. He decides to make up for lost times. Uber Ghostface wants Mandy at the mansion alone. Brian threatens to kill him if he hurts Barbara. He then threatens to light Barbara on fire and let them watch her burn if they continue. Brian shuts up. He hangs up.

Noah goes off into the woods. He sees Velma tied to a tree. He runs up and frees her. Velma thanks Noah. Skeleton pops out from behind a tree. He has a spear. Velma and Noah run off, but Skeleton follows them. He throws the spear into Velma’s stomach, and pushes it in deeper to ensure it is fatal. Noah screams. He runs to his wife. Skeleton watches this. Noah tells Velma that she can’t leave him, he can’t take it anymore, and he’s lost too much. Velma says that she’s sorry. Noah screams at her not to close her eyes.

She closes her eyes. Velma Carter, the wife of Noah Foster, is dead. Noah screams hysterically. Skeleton walks up to him. Noah doesn’t even care. Skeleton takes the spear. Noah looks at him. His eyes are completely broken; he’s lost all hope. He’s finally giving up. Noah says “Just kill me. Please.” Skeleton obliges and plunges the spear into Noah’s chest. He runs off. Noah looks up into the sky. He thinks back to his moments with Riley, Zoe, Velma, and even Vanessa.

We flashback to the times with Riley, including her kiss and death scene. We cut to the times with Zoe, including her sex and death scene. We cut Noah’s times with Vanessa, and her betrayal. We cut to Noah and Velma’s wedding. We cut back to present time. All four appear as hallucinations. They tell Noah that they are finally together again. Noah smiles. He lets out a tear and lets himself go. Noah goes completely limp. Noah Foster, a main Lakewood Five survivor, is dead.

At night, Mandy arrives at the mansion. She walks in through the front door. Uber Ghostface calls her. He tells her to throw the knife she has with her away. She does so. She also slips off her shoes so that she can fight. Mandy then asks Uber Ghostface if he is either Sarah or Bennett. He tells her that he is one of them, but won’t say which, as that would give away his gender. He says that he is continuing the legacy of his parents.

He explains that since Goldman gunned down Emily and Waylon, it was only fair that he gained revenge. Mandy tells him that murdering people was never a good thing to do to begin with. Uber Ghostface says that she knows what it feels like to commit murder. She murdered Mr. Porter and Natalie. Uber Ghostface asks if she enjoyed it. She says that Mr. Porter deserved it, and that he forced her to kill Natalie. Uber Ghostface recalls Natalie’s death as “good times”. He then tells her to move through the hallways forward.

She looks and sees Barbara tied to a chair in a bedroom, with Uber Ghostface standing right next to her. He slams the door shut. Mandy starts ramming and banging the door. Uber Ghostface stabs the door several times, all of which are close to hitting Mandy, but miss. Uber Ghostface then turns his attention to Barbara. He takes out a large brick. He bashes Barbara’s head in until it is a bloody and obliterated mess. Barbara Crane, the mother of Thomas, Natalie, Brian and (Foster, in this case) Mandy, is dead. Just then, Mandy breaks through the door. She screams upon seeing Barbara’s corpse. She starts crying.

Uber Ghostface laughs at her suffering. Mandy stops crying when she hears this. She turns to Uber Ghostface and tells him to stop. Uber Ghostface continues. He mocks her about all her friends and family that have died over the years. Mandy takes a step toward Uber Ghostface, and clenches her fists. As usual, she is too powerless and weak too stop it. Mandy screams at him to stop. Uber Ghostface calls Barbara “yet another stunning failure”, just like her biological parents. He laughs again. Mandy loses it.

She screams at Uber Ghostface in blind fury. She kicks him in the stomach, then across the face, and then leg sweeps him. She gets on top of Uber Ghostface. She begins repeatedly punching him in the face, harder and harder. Mandy screams at him that she is sick of being the victim, and if Uber Ghostface wants to kill her, then bring it on. Accepting the challenge, he kicks Mandy off of him. Uber Ghostface swings his knife at her, but she knocks if out of his hands. They engage in hand to hand combat.

They seem to be equally matched. Uber Ghostface takes less damage due to his mask, and Mandy just keeps on coming. Eventually, Mandy catches his arm when he tries to punch her, and bites his hand. Uber Ghostface shouts. He headbutts Mandy, then picks up his knife, and stabs Mandy in the side. Mandy shrieks, but she toughens it out. She kicks Uber Ghostface again, this time right in the face, knocking him back, and punches him hard in the face. She picks up a lamp and throws it at him, but he ducks.

He throws a blanket on top of Mandy. Mandy throws the blanket off of her, and lunges. They throw punch after punch. Mandy manages to knock down Uber Ghostface. She raises her foot and tries to stomp on his face, but he rolls out of the way, and leg sweeps her. They fight on the floor. Mandy tries to strangle Uber Ghostface, beating his head against the floor. He reaches for his knife, gets it, and stabs Mandy in the stomach. Mandy gasps. Uber Ghostface stabs the knife in deeper. He finally has the upper hand.

He tells her that everyone will always be a victim of him, even Mandy. Defeated, she collapses. Uber Ghostface looks down, exhausted himself. Mandy spits blood on Uber Ghostface. He’s amused. He decides not to finish her off yet. He says that he has more than just Mandy on his agenda, and although this was the challenge he wanted, he doesn’t consider this the grand finale yet. He sees Brian’s car coming, and leaves. Brian goes up, and sees Mandy wounded, and Barbara dead. He is shocked and distraught. He calls Brandon, and cries with Mandy.

At the Griffin house, Adam is asleep when he gets a call from Scarecrow. He tells him that he’s decided to have some more fun with Adam. He says that he’s going to pay for killing Jacob. Scarecrow asks Adam why he didn’t like it, as his father was a killer. Adam doesn’t know what to say. Scarecrow laughs, and says that he’s working on the “rest of the family”. Adam’s eyes widen, he rushes to Lawrence’s room. He’s gone. Adam demands to know where his cousin is. Scarecrow tells him to look behind him.

Scarecrow is there. Adam asks again where Lawrence is. Scarecrow stops using the voice changer, and says “Guess”. Adam gasps. Scarecrow rips off his mask; it’s Lawrence Griffin. Adam’s own cousin. Adam is shocked. He asks Lawrence why he killed his own uncle. He says that Jacob never meant much to him, and that he was a disgrace to the Ghostface name. He killed only one person, and he expressed remorse, so he had to be disposed of. Adam tells him he got stabbed at the mansion. Lawrence says he had Uber Ghostface do it very carefully, and didn’t care if he died or not, knowing Uber Ghostface and Skeleton would carry on his work.

Adam would be devastated at his death anyway. Adam asks him why he became Scarecrow in the first place. Lawrence says that he’s very close to Uber Ghostface, in a way that Adam would never suspect. He says that Adam doesn’t deserve to know the full story. He’s not a survivor. Adam says that he is, and calls Lawrence a “sick fuck”. Lawrence asks Adam if killing his cousin would make him sicker. He laughs and lunges at Adam, who ducks his knife swing and runs outside. He gets in his car, and locks all the doors.

Lawrence jumps on the hood, and tries to break the windshield open with a hammer. Before Lawrence can enter the vehicle, Adam starts it. He starts driving forward. Lawrence is still on the hood and trying to break through. Adam notices a concrete wall. He deliberately crashes the car onto it; Lawrence is crushed to death between the car and the concrete. Adam survives due to an emergency air bag. Dazed, he gets out of the car. He stares at his cousin’s corpse at the episode ends.

Episode 11: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We cut to the following morning. Brandon has got his hands full at the police station. He looks pretty stressed out. He’s learned about all the events of last night, including Lawrence’s reveal. He’s also been unable to find any info about Bennett or Sarah, despite searching all over the internet. He decides to personally inform Brooke and Gustavo about Noah and Velma’s demise, saddened himself. He arrives at their home, and tells them about it. Gustavo and Brooke are shocked. The three begin to cry.

Gustavo admits that he viewed Noah like a brother to him, as he and Noah wrote the book together, and were great horror fans. Brooke says that Noah was the funniest childhood friend that she had. Velma was a good girl as well. She vows to make sure Skeleton pays for this. Gustavo and Brandon agree. Brandon also tells them about Lawrence’s demise, and what happened with Mandy, now there’s only Uber Ghostface and Skeleton to deal with. We cut to Mandy at the hospital. Brian and Rick are with her. Rick says that Mandy is one tough girl, and that she’s in stable condition despite her injuries.

He gives his condolences about Barbara’s death. Just then, Adam comes in, frowning. Brian asks him what’s wrong. Adam tells them about Lawrence’s reveal as Scarecrow and subsequent death. Everyone is surprised. Rick asks if Lawrence was Bennett. Adam explains that Lawrence didn’t give his motive, and that he wasn’t from an orphanage, so it’s unclear if Bennett is Lawrence or not. He starts crying, he’s obviously destroyed that both his father and cousin are dead now. Brian hugs him, and says that he knows what it feels like. Adam agrees.

Lars gets a knock on his door. He opens it to see Isabella. She looks a bit worse since hearing of Goldman’s death. She asks if she can talk to Lars. He says yes. Isabella says that she thinks Matias is Skeleton. Lars says he doesn’t think so, but eventually admits that he doesn’t want to believe it, as Matias has been one of his best friends. Isabella gives a proposal; they go to Matias’ house tonight, during which he will be out for dinner at Cherry Blossom, and scout around. She wants to look for evidence to see if he is Skeleton.

Lars asks what they do if they find out he’s actually Skeleton or Uber Ghostface. Isabella says ambush and kill him when he gets home. Lars says she should just knock him out from behind, since he’ll be spending life in jail, and they need him alive so that the police can interrogate him about Uber Ghostface’s identity. Lars also admits that he likely wouldn’t be able to bring himself to kill Matias. Isabella agrees. They shake hands, sealing the deal. Brooke and Gustavo go to the hospital to go and see Mandy. Brooke sits next to her, and asks if she wants to talk about what happened.

Mandy tells Brooke about the whole fight scene with Uber Ghostface. She tells her she fought back because she was tired of being a victim. The same thing with happened with Mr. Porter. She tells her about how she watched as she burnt him to death for Thomas and Terry. Brooke tells Mandy she felt the same way. We flashback to her fight scene with Kieran. Brooke tells her she fought back because she couldn’t take being a victim anymore. She was sick of it all. She wanted to be a fighter, so she fought back, and killed Vanessa, and almost Kieran.

Mandy asks her why she really came to help. She says that compared the situation to her life, and she knew that it would cost her something. Brooke felt that she couldn’t let the teens handle this alone. Mandy asks if it was worth it to her so far. Brooke says yes. Mandy says that they could be twins. They don’t back down, and they fight back. They aren’t victims, but fighters. Gustavo says that Brooke and Mandy are unstoppable together. Brooke and Mandy hold hands. They vow to work together, acknowledging that neither can do this alone. The girls hug. Gustavo joins in.

We cut to nighttime at Rick’s home. He tells her about the news about Lawrence’s reveal. Natasha says that they’ve caught Bennett. Rick disagrees, as Adam confirmed that Lawrence was not from an orphanage, he doubts that he is Bennett. Natasha says that if Lawrence isn’t Bennett, then Skeleton has to be. Just then, Rick’s phone rings. It’s Uber Ghostface. Rick asks him about Lawrence. Uber Ghostface confirms that Lawrence wasn’t Bennett after all, but won’t say what his motive was, stating that “it’s personal”.

Rick asks him if he is Bennett or Sarah. Uber Ghostface says that it doesn’t really matter if he tells him or not. Rick asks why; Uber Ghostface says that he won’t live to tell anyone. Uber Ghostface hangs up, then a sound of a revving machine is heard. Uber Ghostface appears, holding an active chainsaw, and swings it at Natasha. Rick shoves Natasha out of the way. Uber Ghostface decapitates Rick with the chainsaw. Rick Anderson, survivor of Emily and Waylon’s killing spree, and father Natasha Anderson, is dead. Natasha screams.

She shoves a chair at Uber Ghostface. She runs upstairs, and locks herself in her bedroom. Uber Ghostface begins sawing through the door with the chainsaw. Natasha panics. She sees a window. She opens it just as Uber Ghostface breaks down the door. Before she can climb out, Uber Ghostface grabs her leg. Natasha kicks him in the face, then falls from the roof onto a bush. Uber Ghostface watches from the window as Natasha limps away.

He then texts Skeleton “Have you planted the evidence yet?” Skeleton texts back “Yes. They have no idea what they are doing” We cut to Matias’ home. Isabella and Lars are there. Isabella enters through the front door, which has been unlocked. They go inside and upstairs to Matias’ room. They find the Buck 120 knife that the killers use. Isabella opens a closet, and sees the Skeleton Ghostface costume. They are now fully convinced Matias is Skeleton.

Just then, Matias returns home from dinner. Isabella and Lars grab frying pans from the kitchen. When Matias goes inside, they hit him from behind with the frying pans, knocking him unconscious. Isabella calls Brandon over. Brandon arrives while Matias is still unconscious. He assigns two officers to take Matias to the station, while Lars and Isabella show Brandon the evidence they found. The two cops leave and begin to drive Matias to the station.

On the way over, Skeleton, who is obviously not Matias, appears on the road in front of the car. The driver swerves off the road and crashes to avoid hitting Skelton. Skeleton then runs up to the crashed car. He stabs the first cop in the side of the head, killing him. He grabs the driver and smashes him through all the windows, killing him as well. Just after, Matias regains consciousness, only to see Skeleton standing before him. Skeleton grabs Matias. Smash to black.

Episode 12: The Last of Us

We cut to three weeks after Matias’s kidnapping. No trace of Matias has been found since then, despite extensive searches led by Brandon. Uber Ghostface and Skeleton have not struck again since then. Everyone now believes Matias is Skeleton, and is on the run. Mandy, as well as Adam, have been going to Dr. Long after getting out of the hospital to recover. They’ve recovered emotionally, although still scarred. The survivors have been awaiting the return of the killers, knowing that they will be back to finish what they started.

We cut to the present. All the survivors are at Adam’s house. He says that he wants to take a real vacation from Clearsboro. Isabella asks what he has in mind. Adam says that they take a trip down to the real Camp Crystal Lake. He says that this one does not have an undead serial killer wearing a hockey mask (Jason Voorhees) in it, although the setting is similar to the place in Friday the 13th. Adam says that he just needs to get out of here, and that there is enough room for all of them to go.

The survivors decide to go out. Mandy asks if she can bring Dr. Long with her. Adam says sure. We zoom in on a window. Unbeknownst to the survivors, Uber Ghostface is watching. He knows where they are going. He runs off into the woods. He heads inside the mansion. He goes into a room. Matias is there, ankle chained to a pipe. He looks much worse for wear. It is shown that Uber Ghostface has been keeping him alive since his kidnapping. Uber Ghostface tosses him a bag of chips for him to eat.

Matias asks Uber Ghostface why he is keeping him alive. Uber Ghostface says that they already when over this, and he isn’t going to repeat it again. He says that they are moving soon, but first he needs to enact a long awaited part of his plan, and exits the room. Mandy goes to Dr. Long again. He asks how she is doing. Mandy says that she is recovering. She tells him about the vacation they are setting up, and asks if he wants to come along.

Dr. Long says that he would like that very much. She tells him that they will be leaving tonight at around 8:00 PM. She walks off. Meanwhile, we cut to Brandon at his home. He’s relaxing on his bed. He looks less stressed than last episode, he’s been able to catch a break. Just then, his phone rings. He hears Skeleton, who says that it’s time to end the break. Brandon grabs his gun, and asks if Skeleton if he is in house.

Skeleton says maybe, and asks Brandon if he wants to die. Brandon says that he doesn’t; Skeleton replies “As you wish”, and hangs up. Brandon calls for backup on his walkie talkie before heading downstairs to find Skeleton. Brandon walks through the hallway, his gun drawn, until Skeleton comes out behind him. He is holding a small glass jar of acid. He walks up to Brandon from behind, opening the jar as he does. Brandon hears him coming and spins around, just as Skeleton hurls the acid into Brandon’s eyes.

Brandon begins screaming in pain and lies on the ground. Skeleton takes his gun, and runs off as the backup arrives (Brandon doesn’t live far from the police station). We smash cut to the hospital. It’s later in the day. Mandy, Gustavo, Adam and Brooke are standing over Brandon, who has pads on his face. Surgery has been done. A doctor comes and informs them that Brandon will survive, but he has gone blind. He will never be able to see again. Everyone is shocked, especially Brandon. Adam says they can abort the vacation if Brooke wants. Brandon then speaks up. He tells everyone to go on without him.

He says that he will clearly be staying in the hospital for a while, and that he wants everyone else to have fun. Gustavo asks if he is sure. Brandon says to go on, and that they deserve to have happiness. Mandy instructs to the doctor to take good care of Brandon. The doctor promises to do so. Everyone hugs Brandon and tell him to get better, before leaving. While driving away, Brooke gets a call from Skeleton. He tells her the break is over, and what he did to Brandon proved it.

Brooke tells Skeleton, who she calls Matias, that he is sick of all of this, and just end it already. She also asks why he spared Brandon from death. Skeleton says that he felt "generous", and decided to just leave Brandon with a permanent scar, like he did to Gustavo. Skeleton also says that he couldn’t afford to have the sheriff in the way in the finale, which is also why he took his gun. Brooke tells Skeleton that she knows he is Matias, so give himself up. Skeleton doesn’t deny being Matias, but doesn’t admit it either. He says that Brooke doesn’t know the whole story about him yet. He also says that he and Uber Ghostface have “switched places” at one point.

Brooke tells him that he and Uber Ghostface will never win. Skeleton begs to differ, and hangs up. Brooke goes home, and walks up to Gustavo. He can tells something is wrong. They talk about what happened to Brandon. She confesses that “Matias” is really starting to get to her, and can’t bear to lose any more people. Gustavo puts his remaining hand on her shoulder. Gustavo says that they can’t be separated, and there isn’t a damn thing “Matias” can do about it. Brooke says that she agrees. She presses Gustavo’s face against hers.

They kiss. They begin stripping down their clothes. Brooke and Gustavo go into their room. Brooke says that she loves doing this. Gustavo says he couldn’t agree more. They go onto the bed, and begin kissing again. They’re having sex. They strip off their clothes, and continue kissing. It’s obvious that they are having fun. They continue having sex for a while. We eventually cut to later tonight. All the remaining characters are in their cars, packing up and getting ready to go. Mandy tells Dr. Long that she feels bad for leaving Brandon. Adam steps in and says this is exactly what Brandon wants, and says that she could always call him.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to finally get some relaxation. Mandy agrees. The characters get into their cars and drive off. We zoom in on Lars’ car, who is driving alone. He starts to laugh. He looks on his phone and texts to someone “We have them right where we want them boss” It is then shown that he is sending texts to Uber Ghostface, who asks him if he packed both their costumes. Lars says yes, and that nobody will suspect either of them to be the killers. Lars hangs up. He talks to the audience in his head. He reveals that he is the Skeleton Ghostface.

Lars further reveals that he was the one who suggested that they go on vacation at the Camp Crystal Lake to Adam. Lars announces his intentions to isolate the group there and finally finish them off. Flashbacks show that the “Skeleton” killing the two cops and kidnapping Matias was actually Uber Ghostface, using the Skeleton costume. Uber Ghostface wanted to try the Skeleton costume on, which is what Lars was referring to in his call to Brooke.

Lars says that Natasha, Brooke and Mandy are their main targets. Adam is the main secondary target. Lars says that all of them will be dead when they are done. Natasha because she was the baby survivor in Waylon and Emily’s killing spree, Adam since he killed Scarecrow, and Brooke and Mandy since they are survivors. He doesn’t state his exact motives, but does confess they are going to frame two people. He says that one is tied up in his car trunk. We zoom into the car trunk. Matias is in there, bound and gagged. Lars lets out a creepy smile. Cut to black.

Episode 13: Friday the 13th

All the remaining characters (excluding Brandon) arrive at Camp Crystal Lake. They are met by their camp guide, Carl Johnson. He gives them a map of the camp, and says that they need to follow a brown trail that will lead them to the cabin. The survivors arrive and find that it is a bit bigger than they expected. They have a pretty good time there. Adam takes out his map and shows them the points of interest in the woods. They include a dock, outhouse, the parking lot, and a tool shed out back.

Adam gives everyone a copy of the map so that they don’t get lost. He tells everyone to have fun and do whatever they want, as long as they are back by 8:00 PM. Dr. Long goes for a walk around the forest to explore. Natasha goes off on her own. Privately, Lars texts Uber Ghostface and asks him if he can take down another survivor. Uber Ghostface replies that they should do it together, and after he chooses the survivor, lure him or her to the docks. Lars spends time thinking, and pulls out Brandon’s gun, which he smuggled with him to camp.

He has three candidates: Gustavo Acosta, Brian Manera or Adam Griffin. He eventually makes a choice, but we don’t see who he chooses. Brooke and Mandy talk on the couch. Mandy tells her that it feels so great to finally get some relaxation and be away from the killer. Brooke says that it is too. They decide to go outside and play tag. Brooke is it, and Mandy runs away, though they stay close to the cabin. They laugh together in amusement.

Gustavo watches them from a window. Just then, Lars walks up, and notices Gustavo looks worried. Lars asks him what’s wrong. Gustavo confesses that he’s been nervous, pointing out that Uber Ghostface could pull “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” setting on them. Lars asks him to “translate” that. Gustavo explains that the killers might try to isolate them in the woods and finish them off here, while they are distracted having fun. Lars says he feels the same way.

He asks if he wants to go to the docks and talk about killer theories privately. Gustavo agrees. They walk off. We cut to Natasha. She’s sitting on her own outside the cabin. She’s clearly not doing very well. Just then, Adam walks in. He sits next to Natasha, and asks if she is ok. Natasha confesses that she’s not. Adam says that he knows what the pain she is feeling is like. Natasha agrees, and tells Adam how she can have fun with the killers are still out there.

Adam says that this is exactly what they want, to break them both psychically and emotionally. He says that if Natasha takes her mind off it, she’ll be defying them. Natasha smiles. She decides to go along with it, and asks what Adam has in mind. Adam asks if she wants to play chess together. She says sure, and walks inside. We cut to Gustavo and Lars at the docks. Lars asks Gustavo what killer theories he has in mind.

He says that he’s running out of theories, and has come to two conclusions. He believes that Dr. Long is Uber Ghostface, should the killer strike here. He also believes that someone might have faked their death. Lars asks what he means. Gustavo says that after the person was “killed”, they might have gotten back up and put a decoy corpse in their place, and then they would be free to strike whenever they want, hiding and taking shelter in Skeleton’s house. He is also skeptical of Matias being Skeleton, as it seems too easy, and he knows about red herrings.

Lars says that he has good theories, and asks if he wants to hear his. Gustavo asks what he has in mind; Lars then pulls out his knife and stabs Gustavo in the leg. He shoves Brandon’s gun into his mouth to block out his screams, and “theorizes” that he is Skeleton. Gustavo is shocked and then knocked unconscious and dragged off by Lars. Lars texts Uber Ghostface to meet him at the tool shed, as it’s time for the “fun part”.

We cut to Isabella and Brian. They’re in the woods together. Isabella says that the number one rule in horror films is to never have sex, especially out alone in the woods. Brian says that they have a map to guide them, and that Jason Voorhees is not around here. With that, they go into the outside. They strip down and have sex. Uber Ghostface watches them, mumbling that they should “enjoy it while they can”, before heading into the tool shed.

He finds Lars with a still unconscious Gustavo. They both pick up axes and wait for Gustavo to awaken. A few moments later, he does. Lars says that he will have much enjoyment for what he is about to do. Gustavo kicks Lars in the groin, and tries to escape. Uber Ghostface grabs him and throws him against a wall. Gustavo punches him in the face. Lars tackles Gustavo, and puts him in a head lock with his arm. Uber Ghostface picks up the axe, and dismembers Gustavo’s left arm.

Gustavo screams in extreme pain, and bleeds profusely. Lars picks up his axe. The two killers completely dismember Gustavo until he is finally decapitated. Gustavo Acosta, Brooke’s wife and main Lakewood survivor, is dead. Uber Ghostface congratulates Lars for a job well done, then tells him that they need to isolate the group. Uber Ghostface gathers up Gustavo’s dismembered body parts, while Lars heads inside the cabin.

He sneaks into the basement, and cuts off power to the cabin. Carl, the camp guide from earlier, notices this. He goes inside and offers to the group to go investigate. Brooke says that would be nice. Carl goes down into the basement and turns the power back on. When he tries to leave, Lars, who was hiding in the darkness, grabs Carl and hurls him facefirst into the fuse box, electrocuting him to death and permanently severing the power. It similar to Chuck's death in Friday the 13th Part 3. Lars runs off before anyone sees him.

After Lars sneaks out, the others arrive back. The people missing from the group are Dr. Long, Lars and Gustavo, which reveals that Dr. Long has disappeared. Brian asks what happened to the power. Brooke says that she sent Carl to fix it. They go downstairs and find Carl dead. Isabella realizes that the killer is in the camp with them. Brooke tries to call 911; just then, Mandy’s phone rings. She answers it. Uber Ghostface is on there, and orders them not to call for help, and says that he wants to finish up his game. Mandy tells him to come out now. He refuses, and states that he has a “surprise” for Brooke upstairs.

Realizing that Gustavo is not around, Brooke takes the phone, and demands to know where he is. Uber Ghostface repeats his suggestion to go upstairs, and hang up. Brooke runs upstairs, with the others following. She screams for Gustavo, and sees a blanket covering something up on the floor. There is a lot of blood seeping out of the blanket. Brooke approaches the blanket and lifts it; she instantly begins screaming hysterically at what she sees. It’s so loud that Brian and Isabella have to cover their ears. It is then shown that Gustavo’s dismembered corpse, including his head, are under the blanket. The episode ends with Lars going to his car to check on Matias, only to discover that he has escaped.

Episode 14: Scream Part 1

We cut to the cabin’s bedroom. It is now nightime. Brooke is on the bed, with Mandy in front of her. Brooke asks what happened. Mandy explains that she passed out after she lifted up the blanket and they brought her upstairs. The rest of the survivors have put the cabin on lockdown, nobody gets in and nobody gets out. The plan to keep it this way until the morning. Brooke asks what she saw under the blanket. Mandy then confesses that Gustavo is dead. Brooke remembers, and cries again. Mandy hugs her. Brooke asks Mandy to kill this bastard slowly and painfully.

Mandy vows to do so, but first wants to stay with Brooke for a bit. Downstairs, the other survivors have locked the door and all the windows. They debate on who the killers could be. Adam says that since they “know” that Matias is Skeleton, Uber Ghostface would have to be Dr. Long or Lars. Isabella also suggests they could have been murdered already. They don’t rule out either option. Natasha suggests the killer could be already inside, and suggests that they search throughout the house just in case. Everyone takes knifes and looks around.

They find no sign of the killer in the house. Eventually, Brian hears shouting and knocking on the front door. He investigates and sees a ragged and tattered Matias, who tells Brian to let him in. Everyone else except Mandy and Brooke come over. Isabella asks what happened to Matias. Matias tells them the whole story about how Skeleton kidnapped him and brought him to the camp, but managed to escape. He tells them to let him in before he is recaptured.

The survivors debate Matias’ fate. Brian goes upstairs to ask Mandy and Brooke for advice. Brooke wants to come down, but Mandy is hesitant. Brooke says she can take care of herself, and looks right in Mandy’s eyes. Mandy sees Brooke’s determination and agrees to let her come down. They see Matias, and take a vote on whether to let him in or not. The vote 4-3. Brian tells Matias to leave. Matias starts swearing, and walks off. As he leaves, he notices a large rock, and a window beside him. He gets an idea.

A few moments later, the survivors hear a loud shattering. Mandy realizes that Matias is breaking into the cabin through a window and rush to intercept him. They find him in a supply closet, and see he broke through the window with a rock. Matias pulls out a stick of dynamite and threatens to light it with a match, which will blow up the whole cabin, if they attack him. It’s similar to R.J. Macready in The Thing.

It is then shown that the “dynamite” is a prop, as it has a “Made in China” logo on it. The survivors back off. Matias exits the closet and notices that Isabella and Brian are not around. He asks where they are. Just then, Isabella and Brian grab Matias from behind. He throws Isabella off of him, but is wrestled to the ground and knocked out by Brian. Adam notices the logo and realizes that the dynamite is fake. They decide to lock Matias in the tool shed out back and interrogate him there.

Isabella and Brian bring him out, taking knives with them as a precaution. A few minutes later, Isabella and Brian do not return. Noticing this, Adam gives Natasha a knife and sends her to the tool shed to investigate. Mandy talks with Brooke again, and tells her that she knows how it feels to lose her boyfriend. She tells her about Thomas’ death, and how she saw it on the TV, and also that her dad was involved. Brooke compares it to Jake’s death, and realizes it is similar. They hold hands. Brooke tells Mandy that she can’t lose any more people she loves, and that she’s lost too much already.

They touch foreheads together. Mandy calls Brooke her sister, and Brooke does the same. Their bonding is interrupted by shouting from Natasha to come down to the tool shed at once. Adam, Mandy, Brooke arrive. There, they discover that Brian and Matias are missing. Isabella has been murdered, as she is impaled to a wall through the chest with a pitchfork. Mandy gets a text message to head to the back room. They enter and see Dr. Long, who has a wooden splinter lodged into his neck.

Flashbacks show that, off-screen, Dr. Long was chased by Uber Ghostface into the tool shed, where he locked himself in the back room. When Uber Ghostface began to break through, Dr. Long realized he has no way out of this. Rather than allow Uber Ghostface the pleasure of killing him, he committed suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with a wooden splinter for a quick death. Back to present day. The survivors are shocked. Just then, Lars, wearing the Skeleton costume, runs up. Brooke goes to attack him, but he pulls out Brandon’s gun.

Realizing that charging Lars head on is suicide, the survivors run off. Lars runs after them, and is soon joined by Uber Ghostface. He fires his gun at them three times, all missing. Lars shouts that he will stop chasing them if one of the foursome are sacrificed. Natasha sighs. Adam realizes that she is doing, and shouts at her not to do it. Natasha stops dead in her tracks. The other three do so. Natasha screams at them to keep running; it’s too late for her. Lars shoots her in the leg. Distraught, the others run off.

Lars pins Natasha down, who spits in his face and says that she will see him in hell. Uber Ghostface tilts his head, and takes out a saw. He begins sawing through Natasha’s throat with it. He continues sawing through it until she is completely decapitated. Natasha Anderson, daughter of Rick Anderson and baby survivor of Waylon and Emily, is dead. Uber Ghostface is satisfied. Lars asks his boss if it’s time. He says yes, and they walk off.

We cut to the remaining people, Adam, Mandy and Brooke. They lament over Natasha. After some mourning, Brooke stands up. She says that she is not going to just stand around and let any more of her friends die. Mandy stands up too, and says she wants to rescue Brian. Adam is encouraged, and he stands up. Just then, Adam gets a call. It’s Uber Ghostface. He says that it’s finally time for the moment they have all been waiting for. He tells them to head down to the docks, and that Brian is there. Only two of them are allowed to bring a knife. The truth will finally be revealed. He hangs up.

The trio walk down to the docks, with Mandy and Adam carrying the knives. They can’t believe that everything is about to finally end. Adam asks how they do this. Brooke says she will take on Skeleton, whether or not he is Matias. Mandy and Adam agree. Mandy says that all three of them should take on Uber Ghostface after dealing with Skeleton and saving Brian, while one of them keeps him busy. Brooke says she has her own “method” for killing Skeleton, and asks how they kill Uber Ghostface. Adam suggests a film that he watched in 2007 for Uber Ghostface.

Off-screen, they make up their minds on how to kill Skeleton and Uber Ghostface. They arrive at the docks, and see Skeleton and Uber Ghostface on the dock. The trio walk forward. Lars holds them at gunpoint again. Mandy asks where Brian is; the killers step aside, revealing Brian tied to a chair, which is tied to a brick. Matias is also tied to a chair. Both are duct taped. Lars takes off his mask, and reveals himself to the group. They are surprised. Brooke demands to know why he killed Gustavo and everyone else. After explaining that Uber Ghostface helped him out with that, Lars reveals that he is the cousin Zoe and Vanessa, the latter of which was killed by Brooke. Avenging his cousins is not his main motive, however.

He explains through flashbacks that he was the last recruited member of the team. Uber Ghostface realized that the Lakewood survivors might interfere and had Lars recruited to specially take care of them. Lars explains that he wants to become famous for killing all the Lakewood survivors, and says he wanted to “break” Brandon. Lars tells them that he wanted to make Brandon lose hope by blinding him, and killing the other Lakewood survivors, hoping that this will manipulate him into committing suicide, Lars views as the funniest way to kill someone, by breaking their spirit completely, like he did to Noah. Brooke says that he won’t live to see it happen. Lars reminds her he has a gun, then takes out his knife.

He says that he was originally going to frame Dr. Long and Matias for the killing spree, but decided that in order to be famous, he needed to take responsibly, and plans to “disappear” with Uber Ghostface and become famous fugitives. They will be talking about them in the news for a very long time. He’s going to leave a confession note on Brooke’s corpse after they are done here. He then stabs Matias once in the shoulder, side and stomach. He stops moving after the third stab. Lars said that he needed to get the “useless new blood” out of the way, then says that what happens next will be nothing compared what he just did. Lars tells Uber Ghostface to reveal himself. Uber Ghostface laughs.

He says that they have been waiting for this day for a long time. He is the nightmare of everything that the trio fear, and the one who caused all their suffering in Season 3. Mandy screams at him to get to the point. Ignoring her, Uber Ghostface says that they could never handle the truth, which makes this so much fun. Uber Ghostface reaches for the mask, and, slowly but surely, rips it off. We cut to the survivors’ reactions. Everyone is absolutely floored by this reveal, as is Brian. Lars lets out a very devious smile. We cut back to Uber Ghostface. We finally see their identity. It’s Velma Carter, alive and well. Smash to black.

Episode 15: Scream Part 2

Picking up immediately after the last episode, Velma, now revealed to be alive and Uber Ghostface, shouts “Surprise Bitches” and throws the voice changer aside. Brooke says that she is dead. Velma corrects her, and reveals that she killed a woman the same age as her (by throwing a spear into her stomach) to make them think she was dead. We flashback to her “death”. Lars threw a spear into her stomach, which hit a blood vest and made Noah think she was dead. The whole point of that was to manipulate Noah into losing hope.

After getting up, Velma switched places with the woman and escaped, taking shelter at Lars’ house until the finale. Adam asks her why she and Lawrence did all of this. Velma first explains Lawrence. She reveals that she seduced Lawrence into helping her. She lied about her age and said that she was 24 around Lawrence, and she always dressed herself up pretty around him. Velma gloats that blind love can do anything.

She then confesses that she didn’t really love him back, making Lawrence’s motive for nothing. Velma admits that she loves Lars more, who doesn’t care how older Velma is. They begin kissing. Adam tries to rush them, but Lars stops him at gunpoint. Mandy asks Velma what her motive is. Velma reveals that she is Sarah Jones, the daughter of Waylon and Emily from 20 years ago. She explains that she wants to continue their legacy of serial killing.

She laughs and says she enjoyed everything. Her favorite kills so far were probably either Barbara, Isabella, Rick. Velma laughs again, and says it was fun beyond belief, and just couldn’t stop doing it. Lars says the same way. Brooke asks who Bennett is. Velma then reveals that Quint Haller, Hooper’s brother and a victim of first season, is Bennett. The four survivors are shocked. Velma explains that due to her mental breakdown at her parents’ deaths, Bennett was lied to as a baby and told his parents died in a house fire.

He was eventually adopted by the Haller family as Quint and brought to Clearsboro. Velma never had time to reunite with her brother due to his murder by Mr. Porter in Season 1. She thanks Mandy for burning Mr. Porter to death in the mansion. It is then shown in a flashback that Velma was watching in the shadows when Mr. Porter was killed. She found out about Mr. Porter’s reveal and tried to kill him herself, only to see Mandy do it.

She became inspired when she saw how painful he suffered and admits to enjoying the sensation of it. Now, Lars and Velma are ready to finish the whole thing. Right here. Right now. Lars aims the gun at Adam’s head. Brooke says that if they weren’t cowards, they would fight without guns. Lars agrees. He fires all remaining bullets into the air until the gun is empty. The final showdown is ready to begin. Velma says that they should “fix the numbers”

Velma throws the brick tied to Brian’s chair into the lake, and then the chair itself. Brian begins drowning underwater. Mandy rushes to the dock and dives into the water to save him, while Brooke takes on Lars, and Adam does the same to Velma. The final battle has officially begun. Underwater, Mandy, while holding her breath, cuts the rope tying the brick to Brian’s chair. She goes back up to breathe before working on Brian’s binds.

On the surface, Brooke fights Lars. Brooke gets the better of him, as she is older and very motivated. Lars is seven years younger, and hasn’t had a straight up fight like this before. Eventually, despite besting Brooke at the start of the fight, Lars is subdued by Brooke, who uses her legs to put Lars in a head lock. Brooke finally has her husband’s killer at her mercy. Lars yells at her to let him go. Brooke says “ok” before breaking Lars’ neck, killing him.

Meanwhile, Adam fights Velma. It quickly becomes clear that Velma is way better in a straight up battle than Lars. She toys around with Adam for a bit, and dodges most of his blows. She slashes Adam’s knife hand, causing him to cry out and drop his knife, which Velma chucks into the lake. Velma begins beating up Adam, showing her near unstoppable skills as Uber Ghostface, saying that it was fun messing with his family. She eventually does a crescent kick onto Adam’s face/head, and knocks him out.

Mandy cuts Brian free and brings up to the surface, and sees he is unresponsive. Mandy slams on his chest to get him to respond, and nothing happens. Mandy does CPR to revive Brian, and he awakens. It becomes clear that Brian is exhausted, and is in no condition to fight. Mandy lets Brian stay there while she helps Brooke and Adam. By that time, Lars has been killed and Adam has been knocked out. Velma walks forward after seeing Lars’ corpse.

She says that she can always find a replacement for Lars, and she works better alone anyway, saying that the only reason she had three partners was because it was such a massive operation for her. Velma says that there will be more holding back, and now she’s ready to really end everything. She slips off her shoes so that she can fight, and takes out her knife. Brooke and Mandy do the same. They say that they’ve been waiting a long time for this, and now Velma will be the victim. With that, Brooke and Mandy charge. The final fight scene of the series begins. The three girls fight ferociously.

It becomes clear that Velma is as good as fighter as Brooke or Mandy are. She kicks Mandy in the face, and slashes Brooke’s arm. Brooke shrieks, but kicks Velma in the stomach. Brooke tries to squeeze Velma’s knife out of her hand, but Velma bites Brooke’s wrist, and then head-butts her. Mandy jumps on Velma’s back, shoving her knife into it. Velma shrieks, and throws Mandy off of her. Velma pulls the knife out, and throws it into the lake. Velma is now the only one who has a knife. She continues fighting Mandy and Brooke.

Just then, Adam wakes up. He’s obviously hurt, but he’s not giving up, he’s too determined and motivated for that. He runs back into the fight. Velma is now outnumbered three to one. Velma does everything she can to kill the trio, stabbing Mandy in the side, and slashing Adam’s shoulder. They just won’t give up. Velma screams at them that resisting is pointless, and demands to know why they won’t just “fucking die already!?” Brooke says that they are survivors, and that they will never give up, and never stop resisting Velma.

Brooke starts strangling Velma, who strangles her back. They eventually let go of each other out of exhaustion. They stay down, clearly, the foursome are very wounded and tired at this point. Velma and Mandy are the first to get up, and lung at each other. They throw punch after punch. They stop when Adam puts her elbow around Velma’s neck. She slams the back of her head into Adam’s, but loses even more of her energy at this point. Brooke knees Velma in the face, which breaks her nose and causes her to drop her knife. Velma is finally too wounded and exhausted to continue.

Adam, Brooke and Mandy look down at her. Velma tries to get back up, and, she manages to do so. Adam asks if this is where they use his idea from earlier. It is then revealed that the film he was referring to was “Death Proof” (2007). He was referring to the ending where the women beat up Stuntman Mike. Mandy says yes. Brooke kicks the knife away. Velma weakly tries to punch Brooke, but Brooke grabs her wrist. Brooke screams at her that this is for everyone she has murdered, and that she, as well as Mandy and Adam, are going to enjoy this so much. Their revenge begins.

Brooke punches Velma, which sends her tumbling toward Mandy, who kicks her in the face. This sends her toward Adam, who punches her in the face. The trio take turns brutally punching and kicking Velma in the head. It’s very similar to Mike’s beat down at the end of Death Proof, except with more kicking. They continue for a little while. It’s very agonizing. At one point, Brooke does a spin kick across Velma’s face, which knocks out one of her teeth. Eventually, Adam’s final move is an elbow to the face. Mandy and Brooke then kick Velma in the face at the same time, which causes her to finally fall to the ground, bloodied and half beaten to death.

Brooke says that they agreed to let Mandy do the finishing move. Mandy smiles and lifts her leg up. She does an axe kick down onto Velma’s head, crushing her skull. Velma Carter/Sarah Jones, Uber Ghostface and daughter of Waylon and Emily Jones, is finally dead. Her reign of terror, and Ghostface himself, is finally over. The trio are relieved, it’s finally over. Just then, Brian walks up to them. He is carrying Matias, who is badly wounded, but still alive. The foursome apologize for accusing Matias, who forgives them and announces that would like to get back to civilization soon.

Brooke calls 911. We cut to three years later. Adam, Brian, Mandy, and Matias have graduated from college. The time jump reveals that Mandy is dating Adam, and the two have become a great couple. Matias has become famous over the years, and made a book with Adam for this season. Brandon and Brooke have ultimately moved on, although Brooke always comes to visit Gustavo’s grave once a year on the day he died with Brandon, visiting Noah’s as well. Brandon has learned how to cope with being blind. He wears a blindfold and carries a stick for blind people.

The six survivors gather together on the third anniversary of Velma’s death, and the end of the murders. They lie down together on a field, holding hands and looking up into the sky. The sun shines down upon them and the setting is very peaceful. There’s nothing more to worry about anymore for them. My four part Scream saga is finally over. Thank you all for watching.


  • 1. Howard: Eyes gouged out (Lawrence)
  • 2. Selena: Stabbed in the head (Lars)
  • 3. Louis: Neck twisted/snapped (Jacob)
  • 4. Sheldon: Throat sliced open (Velma)
  • 5. Natalie Crane: Stabbed 8 times in the chest (Mandy, forced by Velma)
  • 6. Miguel Acosta: Run over and killed by a car before Season 3 (Skeleton)
  • 7. Jacob Griffin (Zombie): Stabbed in the back of the neck and forehead (Lawrence)
  • 8. Sheriff David Goldman: Head bashed 9 times against a light pole (Velma)
  • 9. Ms. Leslie Portman: Thrown through a mirror, gutted (Velma)
  • 10. Velma Carter/ Jones FAKE DEATH (Uber Ghostface) : Spear thrown into stomach, died in Noah's arms (Lars)
  • 11. Noah Foster: Spear plunged into chest (Lars, permitted by Noah)
  • 12. Barbara Crane: Head bashed in with a brick (Velma)
  • 13. Lawrence Griffin (Scarecrow): Crushed to death between Adam's car and a concrete wall (Adam)
  • 14. Rick Anderson: Decapitated with a chainsaw (Velma)
  • 15. Cop #1: Stabbed in the side of the head (Velma, dressed as Skeleton)
  • 16. Cop #2: Head smashed through all the windows (Velma, dressed as Skeleton)
  • 17. Gustavo Acosta: Completely dismembered with axes (Lars and Velma)
  • 18. Carl Johnson: Hurled face first into a fuse box and electrocuted to death (Lars)
  • 19. Isabella Goldman: Impaled through the chest to a wall with a pitchfork (Velma, off-screen)
  • 20. Doctor Hayden Long: Stabbed himself in the neck with a wooden splinter to give himself a quick death (Off-screen)
  • 21. Natasha Anderson: Shot in the leg, throat completely sawed through and decapitated (Lars and Velma)
  • 22. Lars Finch (Skeleton): Wrapped in a headlock and neck twisted/broken (Brooke)
  • 23. Velma Carter/Jones REAL DEATH (Uber Ghostface): Stabbed in the back, beaten savagely and skull crushed with a final axe kick (Adam, Brooke and Mandy)

SURVIVORS: Brandon James, Matias Wolver, Brian Crane, Brooke Maddox, Mandy Forest and Adam Griffin.

Fun Facts

  • 1. Two other choices for Uber Ghostface were Isabella and Quint, the latter having faked his death in the beginning. I decided to stick with Velma so that she wouldn't be a completely useless character.
  • 2. One idea that I almost went through that Natlaie would have ended up killing Mandy in episode 3. I decided that since Mandy was a fan favorite, she should survive, and that Natalie dying would be more shocking.
  • 3. Originally, Gustavo and Natasha were going to survive, but I decided to lower it to six survivors and have them killed off.
  • 4. I am planning a new trilogy. The page itself will be released on my birthday, aka February 5th. It will be a reboot of the Scream Movie Series starting from Scream 4. It will have characters from that same movie, and also new ones.


Identity Jacob Griffin (Zombie)

Lawrence Griffin (Scarecrow) Lars Finch (Skeleton) Velma Carter/Jones (Uber Ghostface)

Gender Three male, one Female
Motive Wanted to protect Adam (Jacob)

In love with Velma and wanted to prove himself (Lawrence) Wanted to avenge his cousins' deaths and to be famous for killing the Lakewood Five (Lars) Wanted to continue her family's legacy of murder and kill all the survivors (Velma)

Target Clearsboro and Lakewood survivors (Velma and Lawrence)

Lakewood survivors only (Lars) None in particular (Jacob)

Secrets Velma is the daughter of Waylon and Emily Jones. Lars is the cousin of Zoe and Vanessa
Status All deceased; Lawrence kills Jacob, before being killed himself by Adam. Lars is killed by Brooke, who, along with Adam and Mandy, brutally kill Velma as well.