Hello everyone! I see that other people on here are creating their own fan fiction about Season 3. So, I decided to do one myself and test out my imagination. It will ignore the Halloween special. I'll try my best to make this as fun as possible. Please provide feedback!


  • There are 13 episodes total.
  • This will pick up three years after season 2.
  • This season will ignore the Halloween special.
  • A major character will die in the first episode (Hint: It's not Brooke)
  • There will be more deaths than last season.
    • In addition, they will certainly be far more brutal.
  • Tina Hudson and a few other minor characters will not return.
  • Now that Kieran is on the loose again, he will kill people without his costume.
  • One of the Lakewood Six had a mental breakdown this season.
  • The killer's motive will go back to the "very beginning"
  • There be an extremely shocking death in the finale as well as episode 10.
  • The killer will be revealed in the finale, but we will learn much about the killer in episode 12.


Three years after the events of Kieran's betrayal, Emma and her friends have moved on to Lakewood college. They've been living normal lives in Lakewood to finally put the past behind them. However, the past doesn't want to left out. When one of her friends ends up dead, Emma realizes that her torment is far from over...

Returning Cast and Descriptions

Emma Duval (13/13): Devastated by Kieran's betrayal but ultimately managed to put it behind her with the help of a therapist. She's gotten a new boyfriend that she ultimately trusts. She's more determined than ever to put a stop to the new killer.

Audrey Jensen (05/13): Wanting to put the past behind her, Audrey has told the police about her bringing Piper to Lakewood. She was forgiven. She also has a new girlfriend now and they bond sometimes even better than Rachel. She's happier than she's ever been, having nothing to worry about anymore...until now.

Noah Foster (13/13): Never really got over the loss of Zoe, Noah's never dated anyone in Zoe's honor. He's ultimately grown more attracted to Audrey but never told her though. Noah's love of horror hasn't stopped though and has been running out of ideas for the morgue. When the murders come, he certainly has more to talk about...

Brooke Maddox (12/13): Living with Gustavo, Miguel and Jill. She's developed a growing romance with Gustavo. For the first time, she really feels like as if she has a real family. No secrets, no trouble, just paradise. Brooke is distraught when the murders start all over again.

Gustavo Acosta (12/13): He's been less involved with horror since Brooke's injury, seeing where it got her. That doesn't mean he's still the creepy guy we've gotten to know. He's astonished when the murders start up again but doesn't stop his drawings.

Maggie Duval (11/13): The letter from Brandon has left her very confused. She's sometimes seen hallucinations of a hooded figure outside, but doesn't tell Kevin or Emma, knowing Emma has been through enough. She could not be more horrified when the murders start again, believing Brandon is back.

Brandon James (06/13): The murderer from 1994. He likes to remain in the shadows for now, roaming around a black hoodie. He wants to see Maggie again, to reveal some secrets that have been kept hidden for far too long. But will he have that chance?

Kieran Wilcox (08/13): Still in prison. Has remained rather silent except for tamper tantrums in his cell. He's received multiple calls and messages from who called him 3 years ago. Kieran hopes his time for freedom will come. If he does get free, he will stop at nothing to destroy Emma Duval and everything she holds dear.

Kevin Duval (11/13): He's come back to see Maggie and Emma. Maggie has been very reluctant to have him back, but eventually got used to it. He wants a real relationship with his daughter, but Emma isn't getting along there and Maggie's barely letting him up.

Miguel Acosta (13/13): Retired from being Sheriff of Lakewood. He's mostly been at peace, quitting his job to bond with his new foster daughter and marrying another woman. When the murders start again, he does everything he can to help.

Sheriff Dwayne (04/13): His injury at the funhouse left him incapacitated for most of the time until the finale. After Miguel's retirement and Stevens' death, he took over as Sheriff. He's more determined to do his job than before.

Howard Jensen (05/13): We don't know too much about him. Audrey's coming to visit him again in Lakewood, they haven't seen each other for a while.

Kristin Lang (08/13): After recovering from her injuries, she's spent some of her time making an informal case study about Kieran's killing spree. She also seems to have an obsession with it. People have been more distant from her and don't trust her as a result. She's still working as a teacher.

Doctor Craig Patterson (10/13): Emma and Brooke's therapist. He got a job as a therapist after his daughter's death. His wife, Tracy, died of in a house fire sometime between Season 2 and Season 3. He's very kind and considerate to his patients, especially Emma. He doesn't like to talk about Nina though.

Lorraine Brock (06/13): The detective that questioned Audrey from Season 1. She left Lakewood police out of depression for Clark's death. She's back on the force to help, will she prove herself to be a new Dewey? Or knife fodder?

New Cast

Gunther Park (07/13): Emma's new boyfriend. They used to be classmates a while back in middle school. He left Lakewood for some unknown reason, He eventually reunited with Emma and he looks like the perfect guy. He shows strange behavior around Brooke, such as walking away from her when she shows up. Can he really be trusted?

Vanessa Vaughn (12/13): Zoe's sister. She's the new girlfriend of Audrey Jensen. They've gotten along well, sometimes even better than Rachel. Her arrival at the survivor's reunion brings back some secrets that died with her sister.

Jill Acosta (06/13): Miguel's new wife. They got married two years after Kieran's defeat. She's being a caring mother toward Gustavo and Brooke, though she doesn't like Gustavo's obsession with horror.

Conner Shaw (10/13): Piper's foster father. He was the one who took care of her and adopted her after the Orphanage (he never got married). He teached Piper how to be a reporter. Conner offered to help Piper in Lakewood several times, but she insisted to be left alone. He could not have been more horrified when she was revealed to be the mastermind behind it all. Conner claims that he came to seek closure over Piper's death and wants to help, but most people, especially Emma, are reluctant.


1. The Hills Have Eyes

Three years after Kieran's killing spree, the survivors move into college to put past at rest, but they soon learn that, when someone ends up dead, the past will never leave. Meanwhile, Kieran discovers a surprise for him in prison.

2. The Collector

Everyone tries to cope with a heartbreaking death, especially Vanessa, while Maggie works with Miguel to figure out the truth about Brandon James.

3. Hell Night

Noah and Vanessa work together to investigate Conner Shaw. Brooke plots to find the killer with Gustavo. Meanwhile, tensions increase with Emma and her mother.

4. Saw

Brooke becomes determined to find answers from her new prime suspect, discovering a secret while she does. Noah's relationship with Vanessa increases while Kieran makes his next move on a survivor. Meanwhile, Maggie begins to experience overwhelming pressure and guilt.

5. The Exorcist

The Lakewood five attempt to uncover Gunther's secret. In doing so, they discover something that will change everything. Meanwhile, Maggie finally comes face to face with "BJ".

6. Don't Breathe

The Lakewood Six act desperately to save one of their own from certain death. In order to do so, they must play a fatal game with the killer, which ends in tragedy.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street

Everyone is devastated at the death of a close one, especially Emma. Brandon James begins to make his move. Meanwhile, Kieran begins to grow tired of his partner's leash over him.

8. Resident Evil

Emma goes to full length to stop Kieran Wilcox from murdering any more of her friends, with Kieran equally determined to murder her. When she finds him, one of them will not make it out alive.

9. Wolf Creek

With Emma in the hospital and helpless, the killer uses his darkest tactics yet in an effort to drive one of her closet friends mentally insane.

10. Final Destination

Conner Shaw is arrested for the murders, but Emma begins to realize his innocence. The Duval family go to meet Brandon James, but in the process, Emma makes the worst mistake of her life.

11. Lights Out

Everyone, especially Emma, is distraught at her mistake. Emma goes rogue to finally get valuable information about the killer.

12. Ghost Ship

Everyone is shocked to learn about the return of Brandon James. The killer prepares for his final game with Emma. Meanwhile, a new prime suspect emerges for the murders.

13. Scream

The killer begins his final game. This time, nobody is safe. And when Emma faces the killer, she must muster all her strength to defeat the killer and conquer her past once and for all.

Episode Detailed Summary

The Hills Have Eyes

The episode begins with a monologue from Noah over what has been going on for the past three years: Kieran spending life in prison, Emma dating Gunther, Brooke living with the Acosta family, Audrey dating Vanessa, the gang moving on to college and Kevin returning to Lakewood.

The actual opening of the episode begins with Kieran being escorted to his cell from the Halloween sneak peek. Kieran sees the new killer above him, who notions Kieran to be quiet. While being taken to the bathroom by the two guards, the killer emerges from the air vents and kills them both by slashing one's throat and stabbing the other in the heart, surprising Kieran, who is then injected with anesthetic. He later awakens to find himself dressed as one of the guards, in a parked large van, near a sign that says "Welcome to Lakewood".

The killer appears and explains that he dressed up one of the guards as Kieran and left his corpse with his head down in the cell. It won't be until tomorrow tonight that they realize the trick and they have until then to make their first move. He wants a partnership with Kieran, pointing out they want the same thing: Emma Duval and everything she loves dead. To make his point clear, he reveals his unseen face to Kieran. Amused, Kieran and new partner shake hands.

The same night, Audrey gets a threatening call from the killer, which she brushes off at first, but arms herself with a butcher knife when she realizes it is real. She goes downstairs to find Howard; she goes to the kitchen and her father's gutted corpse is thrown through the window. Kieran then appears behind Audrey, stabs her in the back, and yanks her into the darkness. In the morning, Brooke and Gustavo sleep together again and are woken up by Jill, Miguel's new wife. Brooke finds the killer mask Gustavo keeps and throws it out of the window in anger, surprising Gustavo. When Gustavo goes to get the mask, he finds it gone.

Emma wakes up in the morning having breakfast with her mother and father. Once Emma goes off to school, Maggie tells Kevin that she will have a close eye on him, but Kevin insists that he has changed and that she needs to let go of the past. At College, Emma meets Vanessa and introduces her new boyfriend, Gunther Park, to the gang. However, he seems to act strangely toward Brooke, as he doesn't talk to her. In psychology class, they discover that Ms. Lang is their new teacher, having moved on from high school. Having learned about her case study, the Lakewood Three don't trust her and refuse her "interviews". Gustavo asks Gunther why he ignores Brooke, but he doesn't respond and changes the subject.

They soon realize that Audrey isn't around, but then get a text from "Audrey", saying that she had a fight with her father and wants to talk to Emma in private later, confusing Vanessa as that's what they would normally do. Meanwhile, Maggie and Kevin hear a dark figure outside their house near the tree. The figure leaves a note on the tree and runs away. The note says "I missed you, Daisy", much to Kevin's confusion. Emma walks home after college and runs into Conner Shaw, Piper's foster father. They have a rather awkward conversation until Conner, seeing how nervous Emma is, leaves and says they can talk later.

At Audrey's house, she awakens to find herself restrained to an wheelchair and being taunted by Kieran. While loosening her binds, Kieran says he wants to make Audrey pay for ruining his plans. Audrey tells him a cop is behind him, he turns around while Audrey grabs a nearby hammer and clubs Kieran with it, but is then knocked out by Kieran's partner. Emma tells her parents about Conner and Maggie tells her she should be careful around him, but Kevin says he just wants to get closure.

Gunther takes Emma to Audrey's house just after Kevin discovers on the news that Kieran has escaped prison and informs Maggie. Awakening again, Audrey sees Kieran washing the blood of his face from his clubbing. He taunts Audrey with his knife; defiant to the end, she spits in his face. Kieran leaves for a minute, returns with a circular power saw, turns it on, and slaughters Audrey with it, much to his partner's amusement.

Gunther waits in the car while Emma goes inside and finds a blood trail. She goes downstairs to the basement and is horrified to find Audrey's mangled corpse and a message in blood that says "You should have killed me when you had the chance". Kieran, armed with his knife and drenched in Audrey's blood, appears behind Emma armed with his knife. She turns around, sees Kieran, and screams.

The Collector

Picking up where the last episode left off, Kieran pins Emma to a wall and begins bragging about what he did to Audrey. She shoves him off and runs upstairs. She opens the front door...and finds the second killer calmly waving at her. Screaming, she slams the door and runs up the stairs, pursued by both Kieran and the second killer. The second killer tackles her to the ground but Emma kicks him off and runs into Audrey's bedroom, becoming even more panicked when she finds Howard's corpse on the bed. She tries to climb out of a window, but Kieran enters the room and grabs her foot. He begins to drag her inside and says "Get ready for Kieran" while raising his knife. Emma kicks him in the face with her other foot and knocks him down, then falls down to the ground below. Hearing the noise, Gunther comes and drags a sobbing and dazed Emma to his car, informing him of Kieran's return, as well as his new friend.

However, just as the car begins to drive away, the second killer bursts through the driver's window and attacks Gunther, choking him. The car nearly crashes into a tree, but Gunther puts up enough resistance so that he can shove the second killer out of the car and continue driving away. Gunther immediately takes a practically hysterical Emma to the police station and goes to see Sheriff Dwayne, informing him of the situation. Emma stays at the station for the night with Gunther while the police check out the house. They don't find the corpses, but find plenty of blood and signs of the struggle. In the killer's unseen lair, we see Kieran dragging Audrey and Howard's corpses, laughing while he does.

Everyone is informed the next day of Audrey's death, the news especially devastates Noah and Vanessa. Dwayne goes to the Acosta house and reinstates Miguel in the police force as a deputy so he can help catch the new killer. He places him on guard duty at the Duval house. Emma stays home for the day at school with her parents. Kevin comforts her and says that no matter what, they are in this together. Emma tells Kevin that she is sick of all her friends dying around her and just wants it to end. She then sobs on the bed. Meanwhile, Maggie receives a text on her phone that says "What? She didn't like my gift?". There is also an alias on the text, "BJ", horrifying Maggie. She goes outside to see Miguel and shows him the text.

At College, Noah and Vanessa bond over Audrey's death. Brooke is horrified that the killings are starting up again. Gustavo comforts her and suggests that they team up and try to find out who did it, like what Brooke did to Branson. Brooke tells him she never wants to do something like that again. At lunch, Noah decides to officially add Gustavo and Gunther to the Lakewood three (now five) and tells them his theory of Kieran's accomplice. Gunther points out that all survivors were attacked except for Gustavo, making him the prime suspect. Outraged at these accusations, Gustavo starts an argument with Gunther, which is defused when Gunther walks away.

Meanwhile, Kevin takes Emma to see her therapist, Doctor Craig Patterson, Nina's father. Emma talks for a bit with Patterson. Emma expresses her doubts, but Patterson says that she isn't a bug to be pushed around and she can fight back, she always has and always will. Emma thanks him and before leaving, asks him how he recovered from Nina's death. He doesn't want to talk about and bids her farewell. After she leaves, Ms. Lang suddenly shows up, surprising Patterson. The killer watches from the bushes as Kevin drives Emma away. After Class, Noah and Vanessa see Conner taking a walk on the streets. Vanessa wonders if he killed Audrey, as does Noah. He says that he is a possible red herring, remembering that Eli and Seth seemed to be the killers, only to be found completely innocent. They decide to talk to him the next day and find out what they can.

Maggie and Miguel talk at the station about Brandon James and tells her about the phone calls Kieran has been receiving in his time in prison. They all imply that the killer was the original killer over 20 years ago. Miguel then gets a call from the killer, who tells him to hand Maggie the phone. When he refuses, the killer shows him a picture of him spying on Emma through the window. Maggie takes the phone and asks if he is Brandon James; the killer tells her to go to the Orphanage. Escorted by Miguel, the two enter the Orphanage, they uncover the many pictures of Piper. They also find a journal that has all the good times that Brandon had with Maggie in it. The last page has a message that says "My suffering is now yours, BJ".

Hell Night

In the morning, Emma wakes up from bed to receive a call from Kieran. Emma tell him that he's beaten him before and she'll do it again. Kieran mocks her efforts and tells her that beating him won't make a difference and that this is far more connected than last time. Emma tells him to leave her alone, he says that he will if she commits suicide and hangs up. Emma tells her parents about the killer and Kevin leaves for the police while Emma talks to Maggie privately. Emma demands to know if there are anymore secrets about Brandon James that she is unaware of, Maggie lies and says that she has no idea what happened to Brandon after he got shot. Kevin goes to Sheriff Dwayne and tells him about the phone call, who places Miguel in charge. Miguel tells Kevin about what happened last night at the Orphanage and is concerned that Brandon is back, having to inform him of Maggie and his role of recovering Brandon.

At the grindhouse Café, Emma meets with Noah and Vanessa to discuss the latest killer theories. Vanessa is suspicious of Conner, who had come to Lakewood just as the new killings began, as is Emma. Noah suggests he is being used as a red herring and that they should talk to him. At that moment, Conner arrives and orders some coffee, then sits down to chat. They question Conner, who quickly realizes they are suspicious of him. Conner reveals that he was the one who told Piper who her biological parents were, leaving Emma unnerved, but insists that he had no idea she would have murdered people. He asks to be on Noah's morgue to talk about Piper next time he airs. He also reveals that he visits the Orphanage sometimes to find the pictures of Piper, last night, he saw Maggie and Miguel there, discovering their secret in the journal, which he took. He gives it to Emma and she leaves to confront Maggie about this. Noah and Vanessa conclude that Conner is not the murderer.

Meanwhile, Jill takes Brooke to Dr. Patterson's office for an appointment. As Brooke goes in, she sees Ms. Lang roaming around in the black hoodie that the killer wears. Dr. Patterson advices and comforts Brooke in a similar way he did to Emma. He also tells Brooke that Ms. Lang has developed an "unhealthy obsession" with the Lakewood Six and suggests that she stay away from her. Brooke suggests to Gustavo that Ms. Lang could be the new killer, her obsession with the Lakewood Six being her motive. They decide to go to her office and search for evidence. Emma confronts her mother about keeping more secrets from her. Maggie insists she was just doing what was right and says that it is irrelevant, believing Brandon is dead. Emma, sick of all the lies, tells Maggie she is completely incapable of being a decent mother and leaves, leaving Maggie devastated and Kevin comforting her.

Emma heads over to Gunther's house to stay with him for the day. To take her mind off all the trouble she's had, he watches Looney Tunes with Emma and tells creative jokes. Maggie texts Emma numerous times to come home, but she ignores all the messages. As time passes, Emma eventually has sex with Gunther for the first time, not noticing that Kieran is waving at them from the window outside. As Brooke waits for Gustavo upstairs to leave, she takes a look at his drawings. She discovers that they closely resemble how the victims were murdered, such as Jake being sliced open with a scythe and her father being murdered with the pitchfork. An increasingly disturbed Brooke looks and finds that the Brandon James mask is back in it's case...and it has dried blood on it. Gustavo arrives shortly afterwards and Brooke, convinced he is the killer, tells him to stay back and grabs a pair of scissors.

Gustavo says that he can explain, but before he can, the killer, who was hiding in the closet, comes out and stabs Gustavo twice in the back. Panicking, Brooke throws the scissors at the killer and misses. The killer blocks her from leaving and holds the knife up at her. The killer attacks, but Brooke fights back, leading to a violent struggle. The struggle gets Jill's attention and causes her to call the police (as the door to the room is locked). Despite receiving numerous blows from Brooke, the killer overpowers her and begins to strangle Brooke to death. However, upon hearing Dwayne and Miguel coming, the killer aborts the attack, jumps out of the window and runs off into the woods. Dwayne pursues while Miguel checks on his children, but the killer outruns him. Gustavo is rushed to the hospital in critical condition while his family looks on in horror.

The episode ends with a depressed Maggie, who is lying in her bed, getting another text from "BJ" that tells her to look out the window. She looks and finds the hooded figure staring back at her.


Picking up where the last episode left off, Maggie opens the window for the hooded figure. The figure enters through the window and stares at Maggie. Maggie asks him why he is doing this, and he responds by pulling out a knife and stabbing her to death. As Maggie “dies”, the sequence is revealed to be a dream, as Maggie jolts awake in her bed. The Lakewood Five visit Gustavo. The doctor tells them that he will live, but he will have to use a cane to help him walk, as the stabs struck him deep. Gustavo expresses annoyance at this, but nevertheless goes with it. Once alone, Brooke vows to Gustavo that she will find out whether Ms. Lang is the killer or not. Gustavo tells her to hold nothing back, like she did to Seth.

Noah and Vanessa begin to flirt with one another, but Noah stops, hoping that Vanessa won't end up like Zoe or Riley. Emma returns home to her parents and apologizes for storming out earlier, with Maggie vowing to stop keeping secrets from her from now on. Maggie explains that a hooded figure has been stalking her and she thinks that it's Brandon James. Kevin suggests that the killer is trying to mentally damage Maggie by pretending to be Brandon, with Emma agreeing. Maggie leaves to her room and looks at the journal of the good times she had with Brandon; she sheds a tear on the page and slams it shut. Meanwhile, Brooke convinces Noah and Vanessa to help her find evidence that Ms. Lang is the killer. Noah suggests, inaccurately, that she could have faked her attack back at the school by throwing herself down the stairs and is actually Kieran's accomplice, taking revenge with Kieran. Emma goes to Gunther's home again who tells him about the trouble her mother's been having with Brandon James and that she feels defenseless.

Gunther decides to train Emma how to fight, explaining that his father was a boxer and has some equipment in the basement. At College, Vanessa distracts Ms. Lang by pretending to be interested in an interview while Brooke and Noah search for evidence in her tapes. Noah finds a tape that has her recording Gunther. Brooke plays that tape, which reveals that Gunther is hiding a "major secret" that could ruin his relationship with Emma forever should she find out. It also reveals that Gunther's last name was changed from his original one, but doesn't say what his real name was. Brooke and Noah sneak out while Vanessa changes her mind about the interview and leaves. Meanwhile, Gunther shows Emma a punching bag and gives her some gloves, telling her to hit the bag. To give her motivation, he gives her headsets with loud rock music. Emma punches the bag repeatedly and suddenly does a high kick on it, much to Emma and Gunther's surprise.

He jokes that Emma is the best final girl ever now. Happy, Emma kisses Gunther, with Gunther kissing her back. Noah, impressed with Vanessa, adds her to the Lakewood Five (Now Six once again) with Brooke's approval. They discuss what Gunther's secret is what he could be hiding, suggesting that maybe he was Kieran's accomplice. After Brooke leaves, Vanessa and Noah talk for a bit about Zoe. Vanessa reveals the reason Zoe needed a therapist was because one day, a few years ago, she fell in love with someone her parents didn't like. Zoe and her parents got into an escalating argument in front of Vanessa. Zoe smacked her mother, causing her father to hit her. Zoe ran away and didn't come back for several days until her father literally begged on a text message for her to come back. The emotional chat causes Noah and Vanessa to kiss for the first time. They don't notice the killer through a peephole just outside the door and pointing his knife at Vanessa.

Meanwhile, Miguel informs Sheriff Dwayne that he has discovered that the killer's calls have been coming from Ms. Lang's phone. They go to her house to question her, but then see her car off in the distance going somewhere else, so they follow her. Ms. Lang goes to Patterson's home for business that is unknown. When she leaves, Kieran smuggles something in her car. She enters the home and finds Sage, the dog, dead in its cage, with a message in blood that says "The dog guts on command...but I gut faster". She investigates further and discovers an injured Patterson the ground, stabbed in the shoulder and gut. He tries to ask him what is happening, but he is unresponsive, although he still has a pulse. Kieran suddenly appears behind Ms. Lang and grabs her; she smacks him with the back of her head and runs upstairs.

He tackles her in Nina’s bedroom. She grabs his wrist when he plunges the knife down and punches him hard, making him angry. She continues to run, but Kieran finally corners the kitchen. She then grabs a steak knife and strikes Kieran with it, aiming for his heart, but it only hits his arm and makes him even angrier. He jerks the knife away, drives it into her chest, leaves for a minute, returns with a hard brick, and smashes Ms. Lang's face in with it, reducing her head to a bloody pulp. Kieran drags her body away, ignoring his arm injury as he does, not noticing that Patterson is still faintly breathing. He throws her body into his large van (the same one from the first episode) and drives away just before Dwayne arrives with Miguel. In Ms. Lang's car, they find the Brandon James mask. Heading inside, they find Patterson unconscious. Dwayne orders Miguel to take Patterson to the hospital while he puts out an APB on Ms. Lang, convinced she is the killer.

Meanwhile, at Emma's home, Maggie receives another text from "BJ" that says "It's all YOUR fault". She clicks on an attachment: It has a recording of Brandon being shot at Wren Lake, causing Maggie to cry on the bed. The episode ends with Gunther going to bed and staring at his closet. He opens the closet, revealing the Brandon James costume, without the mask, much to his surprise. He inspects the robes until he receives a phone call from Kieran. He greets Gunther with "Hello, Partner", much to his horror, implying that his "major secret" is that he was helping Kieran. He immediately hangs up on him and grabs the robes to dispose of them.

The Exorcist

In the morning, Jill picks up Gustavo from the hospital, having to use a cane to walk him walk, much to his clear annoyance. Miguel gets a call from Maggie, who says that she has a plan to draw out Brandon, telling him to meet her at the station. At College, Noah, Brooke and Vanessa show Emma the tape recording of Gunther, which makes her horrified at the notion of her second boyfriend keeping secrets. Gunther, who has become somewhat paranoid after his call from Kieran, overhears their conversation from a corner. He hears that they plan to investigate his house for further proof of his secret. Emma sees Gunther and confronts him, but he insists that he can’t talk about this right now and runs off to his locker.

Maggie explains to Miguel that she sent a text message to Brandon telling him to stop hiding and meet her at the pig farm tonight. Miguel demands that he coming along, saying that it’s too dangerous, but Maggie insists that she should go alone, knowing Brandon might leave if Miguel comes with her. At psychology class, the group learns that Ms. Lang is nowhere to be found at that she is the prime suspect for the new killer, as well as Patterson’s attack, who is still alive. Conner meets Noah and informs him that he has changed his mind about going on the Morgue needs more time to think about what he has to say. Dwayne goes to Patterson’s room and asks him to tell him about his attack. Patterson explains that he found his dog dead in the cage. He was then attacked and stabbed by the killer.

As he collapsed, he pulled off his attacker’s mask. He couldn’t get a good look at his attacker’s face, but says it could have been a female. He also says that Ms. Lang was coming to her house to ask about his notes on Brooke and Emma. Dwayne becomes further convinced that Ms. Lang is the killer. Meanwhile, at the killer’s unseen lair, Kieran is seen stringing up Ms. Lang’s corpse on the wall, creating a line along with Audrey and Howard’s corpses. Kevin finds out about Maggie’s plans to confront Brandon and gets into an argument with her about it. She rebuffs his objects and demands that she go alone. Kevin suggests that Brandon will kill her like he what did 20 years ago, but Maggie is firmly convinced that he isn’t a murderer and needs to see him for herself.

After College, the Lakewood Four go to Gunther’s house to investigate him. They leave Gustavo out because of his injuries, much to his frustration. They go inside and, in his room, find the Brandon James costume under his bed. They also find entries in his journal that has him interacting with Kieran at the time of his killing spree. They decide to call the police on him, but Gunther, who was listening behind the door, enters the room. They demand he stay back, but he insists that he can explain that situation of they give him enough time. Brooke considers tackling her way past Gunther, but ultimately decides to listen to him, demanding to know why he changed his last name.

Gunther then reveals that his real and original name is actually Gunther Palmer, making him Seth Branson/Palmer’s Brother, much to Brooke’s surprise. He also confirms that he was Kieran’s accomplice, but only helped him because he was blackmailed. Emma could not feel more betrayed, but he begs Emma to let him finish his story. In flashbacks, he reveals the truth about Olivia Finley, the girl that died that lead to Seth change his name and move to Lakewood: It turns out she was jerk like Nina and cheated on Seth with Gunther. Seth confronted her about this, and, during the argument, accidently shoved Olivia down the stairs, where she snapped her neck.

Seth was horrified and the only thing he could think of was trying to dispose of the body in the woods, while wearing a black hoodie. A man discovered him, forcing Seth to flee. He explained the situation to Gunther, who decided they had to go their separate ways and leave the past behind. Gunther decided to come visit during Kieran’s killing spree (before Jake’s body was revealed) to have a reunion with him. He also reveals that he heard Brooke torturing his brother in his apartment when he came over to visit him. This is why he acts strange around Brooke, but never turned her in for it since he felt bad for her, as her father and boyfriend died.

Kieran had found out about Seth’s accident with Olivia and demanded that Gunther help him, or he would expose both their parts on it. He was even more distraught about his brother’s death, as Kieran had kept Seth’s death hidden from him and didn’t find out until after Kieran was caught. He tearfully admits to several actions such as faking Kieran’s kidnapping, some of the calls to Emma (including the one in the theater), and Dwayne’s attack in the funhouse. He hated killing people, which is why he didn’t finish off Dwayne and the only kill he did was Mayor Maddox. When Brooke starts yelling at him, he then breaks down crying and swears that he never wanted any of this to happen. While everyone stares at him in wonder and shock, Gunther decides that he is going to do the right thing for once and turn himself in, as Emma hates him anyway. He also reveals that the guilt for his role in tormenting her caused Gunther to start a relationship with her in his way of apologizing.

He then gives Emma a butcher knife and says that he’ll let her do whatever she wants to him first and closes his eyes, predicting Emma will stab him. Now understanding that the past was too painful for him to discuss, Emma throws the knife away and decides to forgive him, as do the other members of the group. Although touched, Gunther doesn’t back down from turning himself in and so calls the police to come get him. Gunther and Emma say their final goodbyes before Dwayne arrives and escorts Gunther away in his car. Meanwhile, Maggie arrives at the barn to find Brandon. Once inside, she hears footsteps behind her and turns around to see the hooded figure walking away outside.

Maggie catches up with the figure and turns them around outside. She asks him if he’s Brandon James. The figure removes his hood; it’s Brandon James, who is wearing a flesh mask to conceal his disfigured face. They stare at each other silently for a little while until Maggie breaks the silence and asks him “Why?”. Brandon shakes his head and says “I’ve never murdered anyone in my life” and then walks off into the darkness. Maggie, wanting more answers, tries to chase after him, but he disappears.

While Dwayne is driving Gunther to the police station, the large van suddenly slams into the car, flipping it over. The driver is then revealed to be Kieran, who steps out and heads for the car. Dazed, Gunther shouts for Dwayne to grab his gun, but Kieran throws his knife into Dwayne’s eye, killing him. After telling Gunther that this is exactly what he should have done in the funhouse, Kieran then proceeds to abduct Gunther by dragging him out of the overturned car and locking him into the trunk of the van. After torching the car (and Dwayne's corpse), he drives away, takes out his cell phone, calls his partner and says “I’ve got him. Now, the fun begins”, smiling sadistically.

Don't Breathe

Kieran arrives at Orphanage where he had been defeated at 3 years ago, seemingly revealing it to be his lair. He drags Gunther into the building, gags him, and gives him to his partner, who stabs Gunther in the back of his shoulder and drags him off. Kieran hears Gunther’s muffled screams and slowly forms a smile. In the morning, Emma awakens to a call from Gunther’s cell phone and hears Kieran on the other side. Kieran demands that Emma come to the Orphanage tonight with no cops, or else Gunther will die. To make his point clear, he makes Emma hear Gunther’s screams before she hangs up out of horror.

Maggie returns from the night to explain that she saw Brandon James out in the woods. She hasn’t told Miguel about it though, remembering what happened last time the police got involved. Emma doesn’t tell her about Kieran’s call and pretends to be calm. Maggie asks Emma to keep Brandon being alive to herself, insisting that he isn’t the killer, but Kevin overhears their conversation from another room. Meanwhile, at the Orphanage, Kieran proceeds to torture Gunther by beating him with a hammer, while lecturing him on how terrible he was at being his accomplice and how to murder people. At College, Emma meets with the Lakewood five and informs them of the situation with Gunther.

Emma insists that they must team up at the Orphanage to rescue Gunther from Kieran and the killer. Brooke is reluctant to rescue her father’s killer, but is eventually convinced due to Emma’s pleas. Gustavo, who has mostly recovered from his injuries, makes it clear that he is going to join them, or else he will tell Miguel. During lunchtime, they discuss who the killer could be, now that Kieran’s accomplice has been revealed. Noah suggests that this new killer could be the mastermind behind everything from day one, being in charge of Piper and Kieran. He also adds that it could be Brandon James, back for revenge back from 1994, as his body was never found. Emma doesn’t tell them about last night and rejects the idea. After College, Emma meets up with Conner again at the Café. He asks about Piper and she tells him everything about Piper and what she was like during her reveal. He thanks her and leaves, holding back tears.

Meanwhile, Miguel learns from an officer that Dwayne is dead and Gunther has disappeared. Miguel is now Sheriff again due to Dwayne’s death and his experience. He is also nervous to hear that Dwayne’s gun is missing, realizing the killer is now armed with a fully loaded gun. He further realizes that he has no deputies, thanks to Stevens’ death. He asks the officer to recruit an “old friend” and gives him the address. Shortly after, Kevin arrives and tells him about Brandon and Maggie’s encounter last night. Miguel confronts Maggie with Kevin. The three get into an argument about Brandon being the murderer. Maggie refuses to believe that he is avenging Piper, noting that Brandon never even knew his daughter and therefore, wouldn’t love her enough. Miguel considers this and ultimately leaves. Maggie berates Kevin for telling on her and says that Brandon was private business. He calls Brandon a “psychopathic murderer” and Maggie smacks him out of anger. Kevin storms out of the house in response, leaving Maggie alone.

Emma returns to her home to find Maggie alone and depressed. Maggie tells her about fight that she and Kevin had and that he is staying for the day at Crescent Palms. She tells Emma she needs to be alone right now, which gives her the opportunity to sneak out of the window when it’s time to go. The Lakewood Five all meet up outside the Orphanage, who are all armed with various close range weapons. The killer calls them and tells the group to play a hide and seek game to find Gunther in one hour. He also sends them a video of him beating Gunther. To cover more ground, they split up into two groups: Gustavo, Emma, Brooke, and the second being Noah and Vanessa. Noah and Vanessa enter the Orphanage and find a hooded person viewing pictures of Piper. Assuming that it is the killer, they attempt to attack the person from behind, but the person hears them coming and quickly runs off and escapes.

Upon seeing something being thrown into the room, Noah shines a flashlight on it and discovers that it is Zoe’s corpse. Vanessa begins to cry to see her sister’s corpse and Noah tries to calm her down, near tears himself. The killer runs in and shoots Vanessa in the shoulder with Dwayne’s gun, and she collapses. Noah tries to strike him with his weapon, a machete, but is disarmed. A horrified Noah then flees into a large main room, which has a pulley system used to hang people. He finds dummies of the Season 1 victims strung up, including Riley. It reminds him of one of his favorite horror games (Outlast). The killer wraps a noose around Noah’s neck and begins to hoist him up using the pulley system. As he reaches the top and loses breath, the scene switches to the other group. Brooke asks Gustavo about the drawings she found earlier.

He tells her that he sneaks into his father’s office once a week to find a way to improve his drawings. He didn’t want to show them to Brooke out of fear of how she would react. He promises to dispose of those drawings once the killing spree is over. He then steps into a rope set by the killer, which drags him up to the ceiling and hangs him upside down. He tells the girls leave him behind, as the killer can’t reach him from up here and they can’t get him down anyway. As they press on, Kieran appears out of nowhere, knocks Emma out and disarms Brooke. He chases Brooke around and taunts her about how he killed Jake, which makes her stop running and scream at him to stop. Laughing, he taunts her that maybe he’ll kill Gustavo next and drop his body on her.

Brooke goes psycho on Kieran and kicks him right in the face, knocking him to the ground. She leaps on top of him and begins repeatedly punching him in the face, harder and harder. He starts to bleed. He finally shoves her off and then gets into a fistfight with her, punching each other as hard as they can. She gets the upper hand when she scratches Kieran’s face with her nails, then grabs his knife and shoves it into his back. However, he takes out a second knife and slams its blunt side into Brooke’s forehead, knocking her out. He then drags the unconscious girls off. The scene switches back to Noah, who is being hung by the killer. Noah begins to lose breath and die, however, he is saved at the last second when Brandon, in his hoodie, tackles the killer, letting Noah drop. He shouts for a confused Noah to run while he fights the killer, which he does. The killer fights off Brandon and tries to shoot him, but he runs fast enough to evade him.

An exhausted Kieran appears with the unconscious girls, who is given the gun while the killer chases after Brandon. Brandon works with Noah to evade the killer. After escaping outside, Noah asks him who he is, but he doesn’t answer and orders him to call the police on his cell phone before running back inside. Gunther is shown to have escaped his binds and is searching for a way out. He finds Brooke’s butcher knife on the floor and takes it. In the main room, Emma and Brooke awaken, tied to chairs, with Kieran, trying to ignore his battle wounds, standing over them. He taunts Emma that he’s the perfect boyfriend and forcefully kisses her; she bites his lip in response, causing Kieran to slash her cheek. Gunther arrives in the room, causing Kieran to pull out Dwayne’s gun. He gives Gunther an ultimatum: Kieran will execute Emma and Brooke unless Gunther kills himself with the knife to prevent it. Kieran gives him two minutes to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Jill discovers her children are missing and informs Miguel just before he receives a call from Noah, who explains the situation and requests help. Emma, unable to lose her third boyfriend, begs Gunther to just let her die and save himself. Gunther refuses and tells Emma he loves her. Emma, knowing this is the end, declares that she loves him too and kisses Gunther for the last time. Gunther apologizes to Brooke for the last time, who says she forgives him for her father’s death. Gunther then plunges the knife into the top of his head, sacrificing himself and saving the girls. Satisfied, Kieran loosens the binds partially, allowing him enough time to leave with Gunther’s corpse before they break free. Emma, while having flashbacks of all the good times she had with him, falls to her knees and breaks down in tears.

Brandon drags out a wounded Vanessa and brings him to Noah. Hearing the sirens, Brandon immediately flees the scene, much to Noah and Vanessa’s confusion. Maggie and Acosta take Vanessa to the hospital, while Noah stays with her. They then go inside to find Emma still sobbing over Gunther, with Brooke crying with her, confirming she truly forgave him. Maggie and Miguel take their children away, while Maggie notices Brandon in the distance, but focuses on Emma. The police find that Zoe’s corpse is nowhere to be found while Gustavo is cut down and freed. Kieran, weakened from his battle wounds, and his partner drag Gunther and Zoe’s corpses into their actual and still unknown lair, as the Orphanage was a decoy to lure the cops away from their hideout. They hang up the corpses and add them to the “Collection”. The episode ends with the hooded figure that Noah and Vanessa saw at the Orphanage being revealed as Conner. In his house, he picks up a journal, which reveals that Conner bought her killer costume online and was aware of her interactions with Kieran.

Nightmare on Elm Street

The episode opens with Emma going to bed after Gunther’s death. She has a nightmare back to the scene of his death. Kieran leaves Gunther’s corpse there, which rises up and kills Emma. She wakes up from the nightmare and silently cries to herself all night, not even getting a second of sleep. Emma finds out in the morning that College has been canceled for the day for Gunther’s death and requests that she see Dr. Patterson, who has been released from the hospital. At the hospital, Noah goes to see Vanessa, and finds Maggie and Miguel there too. Vanessa explains that she saw a glimpse of her savior’s face and recognized that he was wearing a flesh mask. Maggie and Miguel realize that her savior was Brandon James, but don’t tell Noah about it. After they leave, Noah has a touching moment with Vanessa and they end up kissing before Noah leaves.

At the police station, Miguel sees that his “old friend” has arrived, who is revealed to be Lorraine Brock from season one, the detective that questioned Audrey. Miguel requests that she become a deputy in order to replace Dwayne that they work together to catch the killer. Lorraine agrees. It is also revealed that she left the police force out of depression over Clark’s death, which is why we haven’t seen her. He also requests that she go on guard duty at his house to watch over his children. Emma arrives to see Dr. Patterson, who is bandaged up from his injuries. He asks Emma to close her eyes and tell him what she sees; she sees her earlier confrontation with Kieran in Season 2. In this version, Kieran kills her and Audrey.

To help her cope, he reveals his life after Nina’s death: His wife, Tracy, was more depressed than he was, though he was definitely distraught. It is also revealed that Tracy started the fire to kill herself in a suicide. After this, he vowed to help other people with stress and grief, having the same feelings. He also reveals that he used to hurt himself, but stopped when he realized it wasn’t helping anybody. Patterson’s phone suddenly rings. He picks it up and it’s the killer, who instantly begins mocking him. Emma snatches the phone and swears that she will make him pay for Gunther. He laughs and says that everyone she loves will die, and it’s all her fault. He tells her to look out the window, Patterson sees the killer holding the phone and waving at them from the other side, who walks off into an alley. Emma cries again, with Patterson trying to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Kieran is seen lying in a bed, recovering from his fight with Brooke. He calls his partner and they get into an argument about when to kill Emma. Kieran demands that he get the chance to kill Emma immediately, having been obsessed with her and wanting now, more than ever, to murder her (It is implied that he even believes that he fought with Emma, not Brooke, last night). The killer refuses his requests and orders him to be patient, threatening to kill him if he argues with him again. Kieran gets mad and wrecks the room with the hammer he used to torture Gunther. At the Acosta house, the family meets Lorraine, who is stationed right outside the house and gives Jill a walkie talkie should she need anything. Gustavo and Brooke talk for a bit about Gunther and how he didn’t deserve to die. She tells him about her fight with Kieran, and he calls her the “real final girl”. Brooke kisses him and leaves, after which Gustavo begins to draw her fighting Kieran.

While preparing to take Emma to Gunther’s funeral, she gets a call from Brandon. He apologizes for hiding so long and asks her to meet him at the barn tomorrow night so she can have answers. She can bring Miguel or Emma if she wants, but not Kevin, not stating why. Kevin requests that he be allowed to come, but Maggie wants answers, now more than ever, on what Brandon has been doing. At the funeral, all the main characters are there, including the Acosta family and Noah. Emma gets a text message from the killer, who tells her to look behind her. She spins around and sees him in the woods, behind the crowd. She shouts to her father, who finds nobody there. Kevin realizes that she needs to go back home to get some rest, and so takes her there. Brooke does a speech on Gunther and talks about how he was a tragic hero, revealing his involvement as Kieran’s accomplice to everyone. She tells everyone about how he sacrificed himself and tells them to remember him as a hero and walks off.

Maggie tells Miguel about Brandon’s call and immediately agrees to come with her, wanting to see Brandon too. After they leave, Gustavo enters his office and discovers for himself that Brandon James is still alive. He rushes back to the home and tells Brooke. They question Miguel once he comes home, he implores them not to tell anyone that Brandon is alive until they see him tomorrow night. At his home, Noah discovers that the killer has wrecked his podcast and burned his room down. The killer then bursts from a closet, wielding a hatchet and begins swinging at Noah. Noah flips out and runs downstairs. He tries to leave through the front door, but he sees it’s being blocked from the other side. The killer swings his hatchet at him, but he ducks, causing it to be lodged in the door, allowing him enough time to call 911. While the killer breaks the hatchet free, Noah hides in a closet, where he finds Ms. Lang’s long dead corpse smuggled in there, realizing that she isn’t the killer.

The killer moves toward the closet as if to check it, but just as his hand reaches the doorknob, he backs down and walks out of the room. Noah, relived, gets out of the closet and the killer comes barreling at him from the side. He tackles Noah to the ground and swings the hatchet down to his face. Noah grips the hatchet and tries to push it back. The killer’s grip is clearly much stronger, as it begins to touch the tip of Noah’s nose. Just then, Miguel arrives and kicks down the door, causing the killer to flee. Miguel sends two police officers to chase him down. The killer ambushes them and kills one with a swift strike to the forehead, then hacks the other to death. Miguel finds Ms. Lang’s body and realizes they have been way off on the killer’s identity. At his lair, the killer goes in to find Kieran gone and a note on his bed. The note reveals that Kieran is abandoning his partner and going solo to kill Emma himself, much to the killer’s visible frustration, who texts Kieran and demands he come back.

He immediately gets a response that says “You are nothing without me. Goodbye nothing”. The killer takes out Gunther’s corpse and mutilates it in anger with the hatchet. Emma is seen writing down in her journal “I should never have spared him. I’ll kill him for you. I swear. He’ll pay for everything. I love you Gunther. Forever”. She then takes her anger out on Gunther’s punching bag, inflicting much harder hits than last time and actually screaming in fury when she does her last kick. After she finishes, Kieran calls her and tells her to look on the news; she finds out about Noah’s attack. She tells him to come out, and he gives her instructions to meet him at Lakewood graveyard tomorrow night, or everyone she loves will die. To make his point clear, he tells her to look in the closet. She opens it and finds Gunther’s mutilated corpse looking back at her. The episode ends with a shocked Emma calling for her parents.

Resident Evil

Picking up where the last episode left off, Emma is reeling from seeing Gunther’s corpse, which is now being taken away to the morgue. Emma sleeps for the night, with Kieran entering her room through the window. He holds his knife up to her throat and strokes her hair, without waking her. He then leaves the room through the window without waking her up. In the morning, Maggie instructs Kevin to look after Emma while she goes out to meet Brandon later tonight. Emma tells Kevin that she is ready to go back to College, which he reluctantly approves of. At College, she meets with Noah. He comforts Emma for Gunther’s death and finding his corpse in the closet. She doesn’t tell them about her call from Kieran and tells them not to check in on her tonight.

Vanessa shows up at College, having been released from the hospital, and hugs Noah. She asks him why he’s so in love with horror if two of his girlfriends were murdered, and he himself was almost murdered three times. He tells her that Gustavo’s drawings urged him on and then tells her about the destruction of his podcast. He examined the damage and says that it will take months to rebuild everything from scratch. Vanessa offers to help him, but Noah refuses and says this is something he has to take care of on his own. Meanwhile, Miguel and Maggie talk about Brandon and conclude that he is not murderer, as he would not have saved Noah from certain death if he was. Miguel then suggests that if Brandon confesses to being innocent, the real 1994 Lakewood murderer could be back to finish the job from before. Meanwhile, Conner shows up and meets with Dr. Patterson, and tells him he has some “private confessions” to make.

After College, Kevin picks up Emma and takes her home. He then reveals that he knows that she plans to meet Kieran tonight, having been listening to her phone conversation, and implores her not to go. Emma tells Kevin that she is tired of running away from her fears and demands that she be allowed. Eventually, after much debate, Kevin remains firm and has to lock Emma in her room when she doesn’t back down. Emma, preparing to leave through the window, writes a goodbye letter on her computer saying that she loves her parents and all her friends. She tells them to take down Kieran and the killer in her place should she fail. Emma trains on Gunther’s punching bag (which she moved to her room) again.

Maggie returns home to inform Emma that she is visiting Brandon James with Miguel. Emma makes up an excuse to explain Kevin’s absence, and tells her to be careful before setting out. At the barn, Miguel and Maggie enter, with Miguel’s gun drawn. Brandon appears from the shadows, sitting in a chair. He tells them to sit down, saying he has a lot to talk about, which they do. A few minutes before 9:00 PM, Emma takes a large butcher knife as a weapon (as she doesn’t have a gun this time), leaves through the window, and heads for the graveyard. Once there, she finds Kieran standing over Piper’s grave. Kieran and Emma are now face to face, Emma looks pissed off. She tells him that she is done running and that she’s going to make him pay for everything that he’s done. Kieran tells Emma that she has always been weak and only won last time with Audrey’s help.

He taunts her about everyone that’s died, then tells her that she loves him too much to kill him, stating that’s why she spared him before. Emma pulls out her knife and says she never loved him. Kieran then pulls out his own knife, and lunges at her, beginning their final battle. At the barn, Brandon explains that he wanted to leave Lakewood behind him and moved out of the country, living a new life in Canada with his brother, Troy. Troy died in a car accident about two years ago. He used a deceased man who also had Proteus syndrome (that nobody knew was dead) as an alias so that nobody would recognize him; the flesh mask that he wears now looked much like his, so nobody knew the difference. He tells them that he was using the pig farm as a hideout for the past year. He fled when Miguel came to investigate last season. He explains that he didn’t send Maggie any of her text messages as “BJ”, as he would never hurt her. He swears that he isn’t responsible for the murders and would never hurt anybody. They believe him.

Miguel asks Brandon to come out to the public, but he refuses, stating that it is best if he was kept hidden. He also tells them he came back to Lakewood to see Maggie again, but backed out of revealing himself due to the murders going on. He now wants to help. He tells them that he suspects the original 1994 killer is back to finish the job. He says that his prime suspect is Kevin, but Maggie and Miguel insist that although he wasn’t the nicest person back then, he wouldn’t murder people. Brandon says that he will be back when he gets proof on who the current killer is and vanishes into the darkness. Maggie and Miguel try to go after him, but they quickly lose him. Meanwhile, Kevin enters Emma’s room to comfort her and discovers she has left through the window. Back at the graveyard, Emma and Kieran are soon in a full on fight to the death. Emma, who has become much more formidable over the years, manages to stab Kieran in the side of his gut.

He then knocks Emma’s knife out her hand, and she does the same to him. They get into a brutal hand to hand fight. Kieran throws several hard punches to her stomach and face, quickly making her bleed. He also punches her hard enough in the nose to break it. Emma kicks off her shoes and uses her feet to fight, kicking him several times in his open wound, making him scream louder and louder each time she does. Emma leg sweeps him, then tries strangling him, beating his head against the ground as she does. Kieran, who is quite durable, knocks Emma off, and they begin throwing punch after punch, with Emma getting more blows than Kieran is. She kicks him in the face, then knees him in the face, knocking him down. Seeing that he is losing, Kieran grabs his knife and stabs it into her foot, then her side, making Emma collapse.

At this point, both grow weak, but Kieran manages to pin Emma down and begin strangling her, while mocking her about Gunther. She slowly reaches for her knife, and manages to shove it into Kieran’s back, lodging it. Emma grabs Kieran’s knife and stomps on Kieran’s face, subduing him. Then, in a fit of pure rage, she, unmercifully and relentlessly, stabs away at his chest and stomach, a total of 15 times. Kieran is a bloody mess within seconds, dead before she even finishes. She finally stops with a stab to the forehead while screaming “HOW DO YOU F#@KING LIKE IT!?!”. Kevin, who called the police, arrives on the scene a few moments after and comforts a battle-torn Emma as the police arrive, including Maggie and Miguel. As Emma is rushed to the hospital and Kieran’s corpse is taken away, Maggie receives a call from the killer, who can be seen in the distance. He assures her that even with Kieran dead, things are far from over…

Wolf Creek

The episode picks up the following morning after Kieran’s death. The Lakewood four visit Emma in the hospital, who is traumatized by the amount of damage she did to Kieran. Noah assures her that she just did what she had to do. Emma tells them that she feels like she needs to be alone right now, and so they leave. Brooke and Gustavo drive home with Miguel. During the drive, Gustavo gets a call from the killer, who shows him a video of him creeping up on Jill at their home. He threatens to kill her unless the three of them come over to the house alone, preventing Miguel from calling backup. They arrive at the house and look for Jill, finding nothing. The killer bursts from the shower curtain and surprises the group, who disarms Miguel and shoots him in the heart with his own gun, much to Brooke’s horror and distress. The killer then pistol whips Gustavo in the face. Panicking, Brooke grabs a pair of scissors and stabs at the killer with it, but the killer uses the shower curtain to render her unconscious.

Gustavo and Brooke wake up tied to chairs at the abandoned Lakewood general, Piper’s old lair. They soon realize that this is the killer’s real lair and see a large screen in front of them. The killer approaches and taunts them with his knife. Gustavo starts shouting that he won’t get away with killing Miguel; the killer then duct tapes his mouth to shut him up. He then turns on the screen, which begins playing Jake’s death with the bear trap and the scythe, over and over again, causing Brooke to break down sobbing. It becomes increasingly clear that the killer is attempting to drive Brooke insane. Meanwhile, Maggie visits Emma in the hospital and gives her encouragement. They have a talk about surviving and how they’ll move on once all of this is over. Emma questions whether everything will end, even if they catch the new killer. Vanessa visits Noah in order to help him deal with his most recent attack by the killer.

He admits to Vanessa that his love for horror is waning, but that doesn’t mean he won’t help catch the new killer. Vanessa flirts with him, and they end up having sex, more passionately than he did with Zoe even. Back at the killer’s lair, the killer drags Brooke and Gustavo to a different room. There, they find Jill also tied up. The killer removes the duct tape from Gustavo’s mouth and decides to play a “game” with him. He will ask him a total of 7 horror questions. If he gets four questions right, he will let them go. However, if Gustavo gets a question wrong, he will sever one of Brooke’s fingers. If he gets four questions wrong, Jill dies. Gustavo easily answers three questions correctly thanks to his horror experience. Seeing that he is losing, the killer then plays unfair and gives Gustavo questions about horror movies that he never watched (Exorcist 2, Jaws: The Revenge, The Collection).

The killer then hacks off three of Brooke’s fingers (2 on right hand and 1 on left hand) with a meat cleaver. For the final question, the killer asks Gustavo for the identity and number of the killers in the Black Christmas movie. He answers “Billy. Just Billy”. The killer reveals he was referring to the remake (Which had two killers; Billy and Agnes). He then picks up defibrillator pads and electrocutes Jill to death in front of her screaming children. The scene cuts to Maggie at her home again. She gets another call from Brandon, who tells her that he has proof of who the new killer is. He tells her to meet him at the barn tomorrow and to bring Emma along too. Maggie goes to the police station to tell Miguel and becomes suspicious when she doesn’t find him there. At the hospital, Emma is visited by Dr. Patterson.

Emma tells him about her feelings when she stabbed Kieran to death and confesses she felt like a wild animal when she did it and lost control over herself. Dr. Patterson concludes that the killer is trying to mentally torture her into insanity if killing her does not work. He assures her that she will make it through and that she’ll always be a fighter, and last night proved it. Outside the killer’s lair, a dark figure is seen sneaking his way inside. The killer sees the figure entering his lair and runs toward him. The figure manages to escape by hiding in the darkness. The figure finds Gustavo and Brooke, then reveals himself to be Miguel Acosta, who explains that he wore a bulletproof vest when he was shot and was only briefly knocked out.

Gustavo is overjoyed to see his father is still alive. However, Brooke is in shock and doesn’t react. Miguel is saddened to see that Jill is dead, but focuses on the task of freeing Gustavo and Brooke. After calling for backup, Miguel has carry Brooke when she doesn’t move or say anything. The killer appears again and shoots at the trio with Miguel’s gun. The killer corners them at a dead end, but the gun jams when he tries to fire. After a struggle, Miguel and Gustavo manage to force the killer into a nearby closet and apparently knock him out. Miguel takes his gun back before leaving. The trio climb out of the lair into the moonlight. The police come to take Brooke to the hospital. When the police touch Brooke, she suffers a mental breakdown over everything, crying and screaming hysterically.

Maggie and the paramedics are forced to sedate Brooke to calm her down. Gustavo and Miguel are horrified at this. The police, led by Deputy Lorraine, enter the killer’s liar and find the killer still slumping unconscious in the closet. Lorraine takes off the mask, revealing Conner Shaw. Believing him to have committed the murders, they arrest him. Flashbacks reveal that after calling Maggie last night, the real killer found Conner walking on the sidewalk, ambushed him from behind and abducted him. After pretending to be unconscious, he dressed up Conner as the killer and is now using him as a decoy to put the police way off track on who the killer really is. The killer watches in satisfaction as Brooke is taken away, knowing he has very likely succeeded in driving her insane.

Final Destination

Picking up where the last episode left off, Conner Shaw is brought into the police station and arrested. Emma, who now walks more slowly due to her injured foot, is released from the hospital in the morning and discovers Conner’s arrest on the news. Gustavo and Miguel are informed by Dr. Patterson that Brooke’s mental condition is rapidly decreasing and has begun hallucinating the killer and Jake’s corpse. He suggests that if Gustavo sees her, she may calm down. Gustavo enters Brooke’s room and tries to convince her that everything will be ok. Brooke hallucinates him as the killer and begins to strangle him, forcing Patterson to sedate her. Miguel and Gustavo are extremely concerned on whether Brooke will regain her sanity or not.

Emma returns home to her parents and overhears Maggie arguing with Kevin about letting Emma go to fight and kill Kieran earlier. Emma corrects Maggie and explains that she snuck out. Maggie orders her not to do something like that again, but Emma refuses and states that she is done running. Maggie then decides to bring Kevin and Emma to the barn to meet Brandon James tomorrow night. Emma goes up to her room and gets a call from Noah. Noah doesn’t believe Conner is the killer and says that it feels like it’s too easy. He asks her to come over so they can discuss it with Vanessa. When Emma arrives, Vanessa strongly believes Conner is the killer, pointing out that he was caught in the costume and that he arrived at Lakewood at the same time the killer did.

Noah and Emma are hesitant, remembering that their earlier suspicions on Branson, Eli, and Ms. Lang were utterly wrong. Emma decides to go to the police station to speak with Conner. Vanessa and Noah begin to argue about Conner, which leads to Noah kissing Vanessa to defuse the situation. Vanessa then tells Noah that she wants this to be over and wishes her sister was here. They for a bit about Zoe. Vanessa begins to cry thinking of Zoe and leaves. At the station, Conner is interrogated by Miguel. Conner swears that he didn’t kill his wife and that he would never murder anyone. Miguel explains that they searched his home for evidence earlier and they found his journal.

Conner then reveals the reason he bought the costume is because that it is what Piper wore when she went trick or treating on Halloween night. Conner also says he didn’t know Kieran was dating Emma at the same time, although aware of her relationship with Kieran. Emma arrives at the station and manages to convince Miguel to let her talk to him. Emma notices that Conner, unlike Branson was, is very nervous and explains his abduction to Emma, who believes his story. She tells Miguel this, but he explains that since he was found in the killer’s costume, he needs concrete proof that he is not the killer before Conner can be released. Miguel asks Emma to visit Brooke and informs her of her poor mental condition. Horrified, Emma goes to the hospital and convinces Patterson to let her in. Brooke is considerably calmer now and is able to talk to Emma peacefully.

She makes Brooke promise that she won’t succumb to insanity, knowing that it is what the killer wants. Brooke admits that she feels helpless and is considering committing suicide once she is released. She tells her about the specifics of the torture that the killer put her through and shows Emma that her fingers were amputated. She then makes Emma promise to make the killer pay. Gustavo visits Brooke shortly after Emma leaves and the two begin to kiss. They also cry together for Jill’s death. At night, the Duval family all set out for the barn. They go inside and Maggie gets a call from Brandon, but then discovers it is the killer using Brandon’s voice.

It is then revealed that Brandon never wanted to meet Maggie at the barn; it was all a set up by the killer to lure the family together in an isolated location. The killer attacks Kevin and stabs him in the arm, then tries to shoot him with Dwayne’s gun. However, Emma manages to take away the gun from the killer. Before she can fire, the killer grabs Maggie and retreats into the darkness, yanking her with him. An injured Kevin orders Emma to rescue Maggie while he calls for help on his phone. Emma ventures into the barn and the killer calls her. Emma swears that she will kill him if he dares to hurt Maggie and demands that he let her go.

The killer laughs and tells Emma that everyone who talks to her dies and Maggie is no exception. The killer says that if she wants Maggie back, she must “shoot fast” and hangs up. Upon seeing a dark figure bursting through a door at her, Emma, assuming that it is the killer, shoots the person three times, fatally injuring them. However, when Emma looks down to see who the killer is, she discovers that the killer had shoved Maggie through the door as a decoy, and so Emma fatally shot her own mother instead. Emma flips out and runs to her mother, tearfully begging Maggie not to leave her. Maggie, in her final dying moments, comforts Emma and assures her that her death wasn’t her fault. After telling her daughter that she will always love her, Maggie goes limp and dies her daughter’s arms.

Emma breaks down crying and cradles her mother’s corpse. Kevin runs in and asks what is wrong. Upon seeing Maggie’s corpse, he falls to the ground in tears and mourns with his daughter. Brandon, who is hiding in the shadows, watches in horror. Miguel arrives on the scene with Lorraine while Brandon flees. The episode ends with the killer playing a recording of Emma shooting and killing her mother, over and over again, laughing while he does.

Lights Out

The episode opens with a reporter doing a news report about Maggie’s death and the events of last night. The reporter explains that Maggie’s death has devastated her family as well as many other people. In the morning, Kevin asks Emma to come out, wanting her to have breakfast. Emma, who has practically barricaded herself in her room, refuses and shouts at her father to leave her alone, which he does. He is visited by Miguel, who is also saddened at Maggie’s death. He tells him that they have released Conner, knowing that he cannot possibly be the killer since he was in jail. He also tells Kevin that Emma will heal in time and that she just needs time alone. They can hear Emma’s loud sobbing in her room from downstairs, discouraging Kevin.

Miguel then gives Kevin a fully loaded gun for Emma to keep for protection. At College, Noah meets with Vanessa and Gustavo, who are all shocked at the events of last night. Noah admits that the only suspect for the killer he can think of by now is Brandon James. Vanessa admits that she has no other ideas on who it could be either, now that Conner has been released. Gustavo isn’t sure what to believe and says it could be anybody at this point. Noah asks about Brooke and Gustavo says that she is beginning to recover in the hospital, but will not be released until the killer has been caught to ensure she is safe. Meanwhile, Emma is at her home, motionless on the bed, when she gets a call. She decides to pick it up and sees that it’s Brandon James on the other line.

Brandon explains that he was at the barn when Maggie was killed because he saw them heading there and wanted to help, but was too late to intervene. Emma accuses him of being the killer, but Brandon makes it clear he is as distraught as she is. Brandon claims that he has found proof of who the killer is and tells Emma to bring Miguel with him to the woods, in case the killer intervenes. Emma hangs up on Brandon, unsure whether she can trust anyone. Emma looks at a picture of her and Maggie and thinks back to all the good times she had with her. Emma has a nervous breakdown and trashes her room.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Dr. Patterson talk at the hospital. Brooke tells him that she just can’t stop thinking about what happened to Jill. Dr. Patterson takes note of this and gives her grief counseling, telling her his story about Tracy and why he became a therapist. He asks Brooke to close her eyes and tell him what she sees. She closes her eyes and sees Jake’s dead corpse coming to life on the stage three years ago and attacking her. Brooke begins to cry, with Patterson comforting her. After calming her down, Patterson leaves the room and goes to his car. He gets a text; it reveals the killer is sitting in the back seat right behind him. Before Patterson can act, the killer stabs him several times in the back through the driver’s seat, and then slits his throat.

He then shoves Patterson’s corpse in the backseat, moves to the wheel, and drives away, stealing the car. At Emma’s home, Kevin, unable to bear his daughter’s cries anymore, unlocks her room door and talks to her. Kevin tells her that he knows how it feels to have their friends murdered and their mother. Kevin reveals that his mother (Emma’s grandmother), Margaret Duval, was stabbed and killed in a bank robbery when he was young right in front of him. Kevin tells Emma that he loves her that he will always be her for her, then gives her the gun. Emma, now fully accepting her father, lets him hug her and they cry together for Maggie.

At night, while Kevin is asleep, Emma, armed with the gun, walks near the dock and looks for Brandon. She finds him walking out of the woods in front of her. Emma holds him at gunpoint and questions him. Brandon explains his entire backstory to Emma, exactly how he told Maggie. He swears that he would never hurt anyone and tells her that he didn’t commit the 1994 murders. Emma says she believes him but still doesn’t lower the gun. Brandon then explains that he found out the killer’s identity, as he said earlier on the phone.

However, before Brandon can say anything, the killer appears in Patterson’s car and rams Brandon with it, sending him flying onto the dock. Emma shoots the car’s tires as it passes by, causing it to crash into a tree. Hearing the commotion, Miguel arrives to investigate, and Emma explains the situation. Miguel takes the gun from Emma and goes to inspect the crashed car while Emma calls the police for Brandon, who she sees is bloody and critically wounded, but still breathing. The killer, dazed, exits the car and runs off into the woods upon seeing Miguel coming.

The killer manages to outrun Miguel and escape. He then runs back to Emma and finds that the ambulance has already arrived and is taking Brandon away. Emma is now convinced that Brandon isn’t the killer and that the killer rammed him with the van to cover up his identity. Miguel agrees and says he is going to search the car for evidence to see who it belongs to. When Emma goes to walk home, alone, the killer calls her and taunts her that she will never figure out his identity. He then taunts her about Maggie; Emma loses her temper and screams that she will kill him. There’s some silence. The killer responds “Let’s see you try” and hangs up.

The killer appears in the woods to the side. Emma sees him and tries to take out the gun, but sees that Miguel forgot to give it back earlier. Emma then begins running toward the killer to attack him, despite not even having a weapon. Amused, and not wanting to end things now, he walks away. Emma tries to chase him but he disappears. The episode ends with the killer sending her a text that says “Soon enough, Emma. Soon enough”.

Ghost Ship

Emma goes to the police station after her encounter with the killer and talks to Miguel. She doesn’t tell him about her latest encounter with the killer and asks him to give her the gun back, which he does. Meanwhile, the killer goes to his lair, where he goes to a cage that is housing a dog. The dog is revealed to be Sage, alive and well. Flashbacks reveal that the killer had placed a random dog’s corpse in the cage and made it look like Sage. The killer has now taken Sage for himself and appears to have a bond with him, as Sage acts nice around him. In the morning, Kevin and Emma talk about Brandon, with Kevin realizing that he wasn’t the one who attacked him twenty years ago. Miguel comes over and joins the conversation.

Miguel explains that Brandon is in a coma at the hospital and barely alive. They do not know whether he will make it or not, but they are doing everything they can to make sure he survives. At College, Emma meets up with Noah and Vanessa. They explain that Gustavo isn’t coming over today so that he can be with Brooke. Emma tells them about the events of last night, including her encounter with the killer. Both are shocked to hear that Brandon James is still alive and not the killer. Noah admits that he now has absolutely no suspects for the killer. They try to think of who it could be. They decide to focus on motives, hoping that will narrow down the identity. They ultimately believe the killer to be the original 1994 Lakewood killer, back to finish what he started. At the hospital, Miguel comes in with Gustavo and asks where Patterson is.

Brooke tells him that “Patterson” (The Killer) called in and said he would be running late due to issues at his home. Gustavo notices that Brooke’s condition is improving and they talk for a bit. Miguel informs her about Brandon James being alive and in a coma, much to her surprise. Miguel tells them that they should have evidence on the killer’s identity when the ownership of the car that hit Brandon is identified. After they leave, Miguel and Gustavo talk privately and Gustavo pulls out something from his pocket; it’s an engagement ring. Gustavo reveals that he intends to propose to Brooke should they both survive the killing spree. Miguel is touched and it makes him even more determined to catch the killer. The two hug and depart. Shortly after they leave, the killer, who is disguised as Dr. Patterson using a flesh mask and his uniform, enters Brooke’s room.

Brooke recognizes the flesh mask, but the killer injects her with anesthetic before she can react. The killer climbs out of a window (they are on the first floor) and sneaks her to his large van, then drives away. During the drive, he sees Conner walking alone on the sidewalk. Seeing no witnesses, the killer hits him with the van, injuring him, and takes him captive too. At the police station, Miguel learns from a police officer that the car that ran Brandon over and crashed was Dr. Patterson’s. Miguel is convinced that Patterson is the killer and puts out an APB on him, then rushes to the hospital with Gustavo to inform Brooke, only to discover she is gone, much to Gustavo’s horror. In the afternoon, Emma drives home early and is called by the killer.

The killer expresses amusement at their last encounter and declares his intentions to bring everything to an end. Emma challenges him and he tells her to go to her home. He shows her a video of him creeping up on an unaware Kevin. Emma rushes back to the house and yells for her father. She finds him making lunch and informs him of the situation. She goes to her closet to get the gun (as she couldn’t bring it to College). The killer appears and knocks Kevin unconscious with a frying pan, then grabs Emma before she can get the gun out. In the ensuing fight, Emma delivers several blows to the killer’s head and knocks off the mask. However, the killer puts the mask back on before Emma can see his face, and he manages to overpower Emma and strangle her into unconsciousness.

He leaves her a note, then drags Kevin away, leaving Emma behind. At the lair, the killer drags Kevin away into the darkness. He then goes to Brooke, who is still unconscious, and locks her inside a red trunk. After he finishes, the killer sees a dark figure approaching them; it’s a second killer. It is now revealed that there has always been, not one, but two killers all along. Killer #1 says “That settles it. We’re ready” and the second killer responds “This time, there are no survivors. Bring him in”. Killer #1 nods in approval, leaves, and returns with the injured Conner. Killer #2 lets Sage out of the cage and commands him to “Gut” Conner. Sage then proceeds to viciously maul and kill Conner, much to the amusement of Killer #2, who says “Good Boy”.


Emma awakens from her recent fight from the killer to find the note he had left for her. The note tells her that in order to save her father and Brooke, she must come to an abandoned warehouse. She must also bring Noah, Vanessa, Gustavo and Miguel with her. She has one hour to arrive there with everyone. Emma rushes off to Noah’s house, keeping her gun in her pocket. At the killer’s lair, one of the killers are shown setting up traps at the warehouse in preparation for the group’s arrival. One trap is covered by a blanket, the other is a trap of unknown means at the front door. Emma arrives to Noah’s house and explains the situation to him and Vanessa. Vanessa makes sure that everyone is armed with a weapon before heading for the Acosta home to get Miguel and Gustavo.

After setting up the traps, the killer goes to sit on the trunk where Brooke is locked in and watches slides of their victims being murdered. Inside the trunk, Brooke is heard screaming that she will kill him once she gets out; the killer then stabs the trunk, barely missing her face, to shut her up. Noah, Vanessa and Emma go to the Acosta house, find Gustavo and Miguel, and explain the situation. At first, Miguel considers the plan suicidal and far too dangerous, but relents when Gustavo reminds him about Brooke and reveals his plan to engage her to the teens. Miguel agrees to go only if they can bring deputy Lorraine with him, so that they can have two cops on their side. Taking Lorraine and Miguel’s police cars on the way, they discuss who the killer could be and ultimately decide Patterson is their prime suspect.

Emma is called by the killer and taunted. She taunts him back, but he isn’t having any of that and makes Emma hear Kevin’s screaming. Emma hangs up out of horror. When the group arrive at the warehouse, Miguel finds the killer’s large van, which he recognizes. He explains that this van was reported stolen six months ago and not seen since. They are then texted to go through the front door. Lorraine leads the way and opens the front door. This triggers the front door trap, which has an axe swing down and hit Lorraine in the face, killing her instantly. After a few moments of horror, the group calm down and slowly walk inside, with Miguel leading the way.

Miguel sees one of the killers in the distance and orders them to surrender. They respond by running away. Miguel pursues him and gets caught in the blanket trap, which was covering a deep pit, which Miguel falls into. The pit is too deep for the group to pull Miguel out, forcing the group to leave him behind. The group decides to split into two parts; Gustavo and Emma to upstairs and Noah and Vanessa to the basement. In the basement, Noah and Vanessa find the red trunk Brooke was locked in. Opening it, they find nothing, revealing she had gotten out somehow. A killer suddenly appears behind Vanessa and stabs her repeatedly in front of a screaming Noah, too horrified to do something. Vanessa mumbles “run” and collapses. A sobbing Noah flees, while the killer watches Vanessa die.

Upstairs, Emma and Gustavo search for the killer and Kevin. Eventually, they find Kevin tied to a chair, whose face has been slashed, and try to free him. Before they can, the killer attacks Gustavo and throws him off the balcony to the first floor, knocking him unconscious. Emma tries to shoot him and sees that she forgot to turn the safety off, which allows him to shut off the lights, cloaking himself. Emma shoots the darkness several times, all missing the killer. When the lights come back on, Kevin and the killer are gone. The doors suddenly lock; the killer has trapped Emma inside the room, alone.

In the basement, Noah is completely horrified and desperately looks for a way out. He stumbles into a bloody and seriously wounded, but still alive Vanessa. Noah is somewhat relieved, until he suddenly lets out a loud gasp. He looks down and sees that the killer’s knife in his stomach. He looks up and sees Vanessa smiling and holding the knife. She takes out the killer’s voice changer and says “Surprise Noah!”. Noah realizes, to his horror, that Vanessa is one of the killers, having feigned her injuries “Billy Loomis Style”. Vanessa admits to this. Vanessa explains that she did this for Zoe. She blames the Lakewood Five and Maggie for her sister’s death: Maggie for giving birth to Piper, which lead to her killing spree; Emma and Audrey for killing Piper, therefore causing Kieran to kill Zoe; Brooke for encouraging Zoe to ask out Noah; Noah for having sex with Zoe, which led the killer to target her; and Kieran for killing her.

She explains that she is going to frame Dr. Patterson for the killings, which is why she kept his dog alive, to further implicate him. Vanessa also confesses she was going to betray and kill Kieran, had Emma not gotten to him first and watched him die. She also explains that the killer had purposely missed a vital spot when she was shot at the Orphanage. Vanessa also taunts Noah that her feelings for him (and also for Audrey) were never real and talks about Noah’s “bad luck” in finding a girl. She then stabs Noah’s stomach again and straps him to an operating table. She takes out the hatchet used to attack Noah in episode 7 and prepares to dismember him with it (The order being his arms, legs, then his head). As she raises the hatchet, ready to chop off Noah’s right arm, Brooke, who had been searching for a weapon, shoves a knife she found in one of the nearby crates into Vanessa’s back.

Vanessa shrieks, drops the hatchet, spins around and attacks Brooke. Meanwhile, Miguel, after several unsuccessful attempts, manages to climb his way out of the pit, but not before dropping his gun in the pit in the process. He then finds and wakes up Gustavo. The other killer appears and commands Sage to “gut” them. While being pursued by Sage, the two flee upstairs to the bathroom and lock themselves in. As Sage breaks in, Gustavo reenacts a scene from a horror movie that he watched (The Collector 2009) by lighting a trash can on fire. Sage breaks through the door and attacks Gustavo before he can get the trash can ready. After a brief struggle, Sage overpowers and is about to “Gut” Gustavo when Miguel grabs the trash can and shoves it into Sage’s head, killing him.

The killer, visibly infuriated at Sage’s death, runs in the room, grabs Miguel, and forces him out of the room. The killer locks Gustavo in the room before attacking Miguel. Miguel puts up a struggle and rips off the killer’s mask, horrified to see who it is. He then shoves Miguel onto a window and forces a horrified Gustavo to watch as he stabs his father, over and over again. Miguel tries to say who the killer is, but he’s in too much pain, and he collapses, bloodied. Gustavo breaks down crying and the killer enters the room and stabs him twice, then tosses him aside. Back at the basement, Brooke and Vanessa are in a full on fight to the death. Vanessa and Brooke are evenly matched, due to Vanessa’s overall strength and Brooke’s “Full-blown Psycho Mode”. During the fight, Vanessa taunts her about her earlier torture; Brooke responds by kicking the knife out of her hand, then kicking Vanessa right in the nose, breaking it.

Vanessa replaces her weapon with her hatchet. When Vanessa begins to overpower Brooke, she begins searching the crates for a weapon at Noah’s weak urging. She finds an aluminum baseball bat and thwacks it against Vanessa’s head as she charges at her. She then proceeds to beat the hell out of Vanessa, screaming while she does. After she finishes, she goes to Noah, who warns her that Vanessa is getting up, who then begins to strangle Brooke. Eventually, Vanessa gets too exhausted to continue, and Brooke is still standing. She then grabs Vanessa’s machete and hacks her head in with it, not stopping even after she’s dead. She goes for a total of 10 times before Gustavo, injured but still alive, finally stops her.

Gustavo, seeing her traumatized state, cannot bring himself to tell her about Miguel. He consoles her and they tend to Noah, before Brooke calls for help on her cell phone. Meanwhile, Emma manages to escape the room was locked in through the ventilation systems. Emma gets a call from the killer that tells her to go to the barn, where Kevin has been relocated. Emma sneaks out of the warehouse and goes into the woods. The killer creeps up on her from behind, but accidently gives himself away when he steps on a tree branch. Emma spins around, but he grabs her wrist before she can shoot him, beginning a struggle. The killer takes the gun away and holds Emma at gunpoint, forcing her to the barn, not noticing the butcher knife she packed with her in her pocket.

At the barn, the killer shows Emma that he has strung up Audrey, Howard, Lorraine, Conner and Patterson’s corpses strung up on the walls. He has also strung up life size dolls of everyone else who has died in Season 3. Emma demands to know where her father is. The killer responds by removing his mask and revealing himself to be Kevin Duval, who had Vanessa fake his abduction. Kevin explains to a distraught Emma that he is the real 1994 Lakewood Slasher and the season 3 mastermind. He had in fact committed the murders in 1994 for Maggie, having wanted her all for himself and increasingly developed an obsession. The last victim was supposed to be Brandon. He had stabbed himself to make it look like Brandon attacked him.

He was saddened when he became abused Maggie and had to leave. Hearing about Piper’s death, he saw an opportunity to come back and try to reconnect with Maggie. He soon realized that Maggie cared about Emma more than him. Increasingly delusional, he was going to be the Season two killer. However, when he came to check up on Emma at Kieran’s birthday party, he saw the killer (Gunther) in the costume and purposely lied not seeing him. Kevin realized someone else already had the same idea as he did as decided not to act. He had hoped Kieran would kill Emma and therefore, enable him to come back after having the right amount of therapy done and be with Maggie by himself. When Kieran failed, Kevin decided to start a new killing spree to kill Emma and have Maggie for himself at last.

He busted Kieran out of jail and recruited Vanessa to ensure nothing would go wrong. Emma asks him why Maggie was killed if she was the point of all of this. Kevin reveals that Vanessa had been responsible for Maggie’s death against his orders. Kevin was completely distraught and had a meltdown. It becomes increasingly clear that Kevin is now totally insane and wants them both to die together, hoping to be together with Maggie in the “afterlife”. He also plans to kill Vanessa in revenge for Maggie before killing himself. First, he will now kill Emma and finish the job that he started long ago. Emma attempts to flee, with Kevin shooting at her several times, missing. He corners his daughter at a dead end and shoots again, but runs out of bullets.

Kevin then attacks Emma with his knife and she begins her final battle against the Lakewood Slasher. Emma inflicts numerous blows with her hand to hand combat skills, but finds herself unable to defeat a fully grown adult and murderer directly. Emma hides in the darkness, while Kevin grabs a pitchfork and searches for her. Emma calls Noah on her phone. Brooke, who is waiting for Gustavo and Noah for an ambulance that they called, picks it up. Emma explains the situation. At Noah’s approval, Gustavo and Brooke go down to the barn to help when they hear the police arriving. Kevin finds Emma in the darkness and stabs at her with the pitchfork.

Emma evades her father’s strikes at him, jerks the pitchfork away and stabs it into Kevin’s side. Kevin, who is quite durable, slowly pulls it out. Emma and her father engage in a knife fight and stab each other numerous times, with Emma getting more stabs on Kevin than he is on her. The fight moves outside, where one of Emma’s stabs hits a major artery on Kevin’s chest. Loosing blood fast, Kevin disarms Emma and begins to strangle her, but she is able to claw his face with her fingernails. He then shoves and impales her through the abdomen on a loose sharp tree branch. A bloodied Kevin goes back inside the house for the pitchfork, intending to use it to finish Emma off. When he returns, Emma sees her father advancing toward her and prepares for her death.

However, just as Kevin gets within a few feet of his daughter, he finally succumbs to his many injuries, coughs up blood, collapses to the ground, and dies before he can kill Emma. Relieved, Emma attempts to get up, but realizes that her impalement was fatal and is going to die. Gustavo and Brooke arrive and find Kevin dead and Emma dying. They tell Emma that she can’t just die after all that she’s gone through. Emma accepts her fate and tells her that this is the end of the Lakewood Slasher.

Brooke decides to say a lullaby to Emma that Quinn sung to her when she was a child. Emma smiles at Brooke and Gustavo, closes her eyes, and slowly dies in Brooke’s arms. The screen zooms out as Brooke cries, with Gustavo comforting her. The aftermath takes place at Emma’s funeral. There, it is revealed that Miguel has survived his injuries, though he now requires a cane to walk. It is also revealed that Noah and Brandon James are also still alive, though Brandon needs a wheelchair to go around. Brandon is finally living a normal life, now that the real 1994 killer has been revealed. Brooke goes up on the podium and does a speech about Emma.

She describes her as the hero that went down fighting. Brooke refers Emma as her “sister” and says she will always remember her. Noah tears up, as does Miguel and Brandon. Brandon goes to Maggie’s grave and places some flowers on it, mumbling “I love you”, before leaving. Emma is buried next to her mother’s grave. After the funeral, the five survivors (Miguel, Brandon, Noah, Gustavo and Brooke) meet up and express relief now that it’s all over. It is here when Gustavo takes out his engagement ring and asks Brooke to marry him. Brooke immediately grabs and kisses him in pure happiness, while the other three watch on in pride. The screen zooms out as they kiss with peaceful music. The credits show photos from Brooke and Gustavo’s wedding.

In a post credit scene taking place one year later, the five survivors gather at Noah’s house for a special occasion. Noah carries the killer’s mask; Brandon takes it and throws the mask into the fireplace. Scream ends with the mask slowly burning to ashes, Ghostface burning away once and for all.

Deaths and Survivors

  • 1. Kieran's guard #1: Throat slashed (Kevin)
  • 2. Kieran's guard #2: Stabbed in the heart (Kevin)
  • 3. Howard Jensen: Gutted (Off-screen) (Vanessa)
  • 4. Audrey Jensen: Slaughtered with a circular power saw (Kieran)
  • 5. Sage lookalike: Unknown method, presumably stabbed (Off-screen) (Kevin)
  • 6. Kristin Lang: Stabbed in the chest, Head smashed in with a hard brick (Kieran)
  • 7. Sheriff Dwayne: Knife thrown into eye, corpse set on fire (Kieran)
  • 8. Gunther Park: Stabbed himself in the head to save Emma and Brooke (Himself, caused by Kieran)
  • 9. Cop #1: Struck in the face with a hatchet (Kevin)
  • 10. Cop #2: Hacked to death with a hatchet (Kevin)
  • 11. Troy James: Killed in a car accident (Mentioned by Brandon; between Season 2 and Season 3)
  • 12. Kieran Wilcox: Stabbed 15 times in the chest and stomach, once in the forehead (Emma)
  • 13. Jill Acosta: Electrocuted to death with defibrillator pads (Vanessa)
  • 14. Maggie Duval: Shoved through a door as a decoy and shot three times (Emma, caused by Vanessa)
  • 15. Craig Patterson: Stabbed several times in the back through his driver's seat, throat slit (Vanessa)
  • 16. Conner Shaw: Hit by the large van, viciously mauled (Kevin, Sage)
  • 17. Lorraine Brock: Set off a trap that got her axed in the face (She triggered the trap, Kevin made the trap)
  • 18. Sage the dog: Flaming trash can shoved into head (Miguel)
  • 19. Vanessa Vaughn: Stabbed in the back, beaten with a aluminum baseball bat, head hacked in with her own hatchet (Brooke)
  • 20. Kevin Duval: Stabbed in the side with a pitchfork, stabbed numerous times, including a fatal one to the chest, died of injuries (Emma)
  • 21. Emma Duval: Stabbed numerous times, impaled through the abdomen a loose sharp tree branch, died in Brooke's arms (Kevin)

THE NEW LAKEWOOD FIVE (Survivors): Brooke Maddox, Brandon James, Miguel Acosta, Gustavo Acosta, Noah Foster