Hey everyone! This is Noahop, who has now changed his username to "The Noah Killer", continuing his fanfic. I promised you a sequel and here it is! I'll try my best to make it even better than before. Leave me some comments and let know what you think!

Plot and Setting

One year after the tragic events of a killing spree, our survivors are starting a new life and moved on to Senior year. It should have been a happy ending to a tragedy, but fate has other plans. When the body count being pilling up again, Natalie Crane and her family realize that their torment is far from over.


  • There will be 11 episodes this season.
  • There will be more deaths than last season.
    • A major character will die in the first episode.
  • The Course of the season will be similar to the actual Scream season 2.
  • There will be a mid-revelation and badass fight scene with The Killer.
  • All survivors from last season will return.

All Returning Characters and Descriptions

Natalie Crane (19): Our final girl and heroine we’ve come to know from the previous story. She’s started a relationship with her new boyfriend, Gary Fuller. She’s been trying to move with her live, living with her mother. She couldn’t be more distraught when the murders start all over again, with her life spiraling downward.

Thomas Crane (19): Has been forging an increasing relationship with his girlfriend and fellow survivor, Mandy Forest. Their love for each other is growing, now more than ever. He’s trying to move on his sister and family, putting the past behind him. He soon learns that the past won’t be abandoned so easily.

Mandy Forest (18): Has been very distraught over her mother’s betrayal and death. His father has come back home to help her recover. She’s been able to forge a loving relationship with Thomas, whom she cares about more than ever. When the killings start again, Mandy is one of the most distraught.

Adam Griffin (18): Has been shocked over Ian’s secret and death. He’s living with his real parents now, Jacob and Ginger Griffin. Overall, he’s happy with his real family. His happiness is put to a halt when the murders start up again, realizing he will be a target.

Nancy Slates (23): A great friend of the survivors. She’s decided to stay in Treesboro, deciding to continue Marcus’ career in his honor. She’s also teamed up with Mr. Porter to write a book. Nancy always speculated a third killer, but never had any real evidence. Now, however, she has the proof she needs.

Mr. Henry Porter (34): Probably the most comfortable in recovering from the killing spree. Pretty much the same disabled, wheelchair bound man we’ve come to know. He’s been working on writing a book with Nancy. He’s also been counseling the survivors on getting past the tragedy. When the murders start up again, he knows very well he might not get lucky this time…

Sheriff David Goldman (38): The New Sheriff of Treesboro. He took over after Mary and Nash’s deaths. He could not have been more horrified to learn that his predecessor was the killer. David took a vow never to let anyone like Mary get in the police department again. He’s more determined when the murders come again, much more, to stop it.

All New Characters and Descriptions

Barbara Crane (49): Jonathan’s wife and the mother Natalie, Thomas and Isabella. Absolutely regretted leaving Natalie and Thomas when they were young and tries to make up for it. She’s their legal guardian now, along with his new husband. She was very sad to hear about Jonathan’s death, despite his secret.

Brody Manera (50): Barbara’s new husband and Natalie and Crane’s Step-father, and Brian’s father. A friendly and sociable father. He and Barbara got along quite well before and after their marriage. They gave birth to their third child, Brian Manera. He wants a relationship with his Step-Children, and is making progress, but they obviously still miss Jonathan.

Brian Manera (18): He came along as a result of Brody and Barbara’s marriage. He’s the Step-Brother to Thomas and Natalie. They are already exceptionally close, as if they’ve known each other for years. He’s a good boy that you would want around. He’s very bewildered and confused when the murders happen again.

Jacob Griffin (45): Adam’s real father and Ginger’s husband. He absolutely regretted leaving Adam in his false father’s care and has been having bonding with him. They’ve finally started to become a happy family, but the process is interrupted by a certain knife-wielding maniac…

Ginger Griffin (43): Adam’s real mother and Jacob’s husband. She’s a sweet tempered and supportive mother of Adam. They’ve gotten along great, perhaps even better than Jacob. She’s pretty much like another other normal mother, until the killing starts.

Gary Fuller (19): Natalie’s new boyfriend. He’s energetic guy and a jokester, someone you would certainly want as a friend. Some similarities to Noah Foster, likes horror a lot. The only thing he can focus on during the murders is protecting Natalie and trying to find the killer’s identity, but he seems to be overdoing it.

Deputy Josh Fuller (36): David’s father. He got promoted to Deputy to replace Nash due to his clean record, as Goldman is only appointing the most qualified to avoid another psychotic sheriff. He’s a good officer that will do his job and protect his son.

Ryan Mendel (19): A prankster in Treesboro high school, unheard of in last season. He likes to mess around a lot with people, especially using a Ghostface costume. Quite similar to Haley Meyers in many ways.

Terry Forest (40): Mandy’s father. Absolutely horrified and shocked at his wife’s revelation and suicide. He aborted his vacation immediately to come home and help Mandy recuperate. He tries to bury his grief and focus on supporting his daughter, whom she has bonded with closer than ever.

Episode Summaries

Episode 1: The Purge

Natalie bonds with her family while trying to move on from her past while Mandy and the others cope with their losses and new gains. However, a certain someone, hell-bent on revenge, makes his first move against the Treesboro survivors.

Episode 2: The Hills Run Red

Following the killer’s brutal return, he begins to psychologically prepare his plan into action. Adam continues to work on his scene in Mr. Porter and Nancy’s book, while Mandy reveals a surprise.

Episode 3: The Thing

As a survivor’s birthday party begins, the killer officially begins his campaign and reveals himself in a terrifying way. Meanwhile, a secret is learned about someone.

Episode 4: Jaws

Following the shocking revelation of the killer, Sheriff Goldman launches a massive investigation to try to end the madness before it continues. Meanwhile, despite Goldman’s efforts, the killer claims another victim.

Episode 5: Hush

Terry reels over the events of last night and tries to make sense of it. The killer makes his next move on Natalie in an intense confrontation. Meanwhile, Brian and Gary work together to deduce a suspect.

Episode 6: Slaughter High

Following the aftermath of a traumatic showdown, Natalie learns a shocking revelation of the killer, who makes his next move on another survivor.

Episode 7: Silent Night, Deadly Night

The teens deal with Mr. Porter’s reveal and the recent death, and other past events. Meanwhile, the killer leaves a surprise.

Episode 8: The Stepfather

Natalie finds herself in a race against time to solve Mr. Porter and the killer’s latest game. In the game, she finds herself faced with another devastating loss and a shocking secret.

Episode 9: Maniac

Natalie is extremely distraught about the events of last night, and tries to maintain her sanity. Meanwhile, Mandy begins to catch up to her father’s secret.

Episode 10: Carrie

As Sheriff Goldman reels from the latest murder, the killer begins to prepare the final measures of his game with Mr. Porter. Mandy confronts her father of his secrets.

Episode 11: Puppet Master

Natalie enters a race against time to save the remaining survivors from Mr. Porter and the killer. She finds the stakes higher ever as the killer is revealed. Nobody is safe now.

Episode Detailed Summaries

Episode 1: The Purge

The season opens with Natalie at her home. We are introduced to her Stepbrother and mother, Brian Manera and Barbara Crane. Natalie’s Stepfather, Brody Manera, has gone to pick Thomas up from Mandy’s house, who has visited for the day. After dinner, Natalie receives a call from someone using the killer’s voice. She dismisses the caller as a prankster until he tells her where exactly she is standing in the home. Shocked, Natalie hangs up and goes upstairs to find Brian and Barbara.

In the hallway upstairs, she sees someone wearing the killer’s costume looking at her. Natalie immediately kicks the person in the groin, and they let out a yelp, during which the voice changer isn’t used. Natalie recognizes whose yelp it is and rips off the mask; it’s Ryan Mendel. Brian and Barbara go to investigate and find what’s happening.

Ryan explains that he was trying to prank Natalie and lure her outside so that a guy he hired to help him could scare her, but he didn’t anticipate her fighting back and kicking him. Natalie tells him that next time that if he pranks her again, the kick will hurt a lot more. Ryan then stumbles out, in pain from his kick, he mutters “Bitch”, as he exits, and texts his partner, who is shown to be in the bushes outside, to go home.

In the morning, the gang goes to school, where we are introduced to Natalie’s new boyfriend, Gary Fuller, and his dad, Deputy Josh Fuller. Natalie introduces herself to Josh, who appears to like her. After Josh leaves, Natalie tells Gary about the prank Ryan pulled. He offers to confront him, but Natalie says that it isn’t necessary.

At lunch, Mandy and Thomas talk for a bit. Mandy confesses that she had a nightmare last night where her mother came back from the dead and strangled her to death. Thomas comforts her and tells her to meet him at Lookout Point later tonight, so they can let out their feelings for each other. Brian notices that Adam looks depressed, and so goes over to him.

Adam confesses that he is still trying to adjust to his new parents and life. He confesses he had feelings during his brief relationship with Natalie. Brian suggests that he go see Mr. Porter after school so that he can talk about his feelings with him. At his office, Mr. Porter and Nancy are discussing the book they’ve been making about Hooper’s killing spree. Nancy briefly talks about the possibility of a third killer until Adam arrives, as she doesn’t want to talk about that in front of a survivor.

Adam requests that he be the one who writes about Ian’s revelation in the book so that he can specify his feelings during the reveal, as he wants to let it all out. The two writers give him permission. After school, we see a dark figure out in the woods; it’s the third killer. He goes to his lair, a large warehouse, and looks at a chart.

The chart has his targets: The survivors are his main ones while the new people are his non-primary ones. He’s crossing off a name on the main target list; though we don’t see who, it’s clear that he is going after a survivor tonight. He picks up a spear and gets ready for the kill. Adam goes home, where we meet his real parents, Jacob and Ginger Griffin.

He tells them about his plans to make the scene in the book where Ian’s revelation is revealed. Jacob offers to help, but Adam insists that this is something that he needs to work on his own. He goes up to his room and quickly thinks of something to start off with for his scene. He stops after hearing a knock on the window. He looks out and finds the third killer looking back at him. The killer then climbs off the roof and leaves; Adam assumes it was Ryan playing a prank and resumes his work.

At night, Mandy introduces Thomas to her father, Terry Forest. He seems to be a nice man, and it’s pretty clear he cares about their relationship. He talks with Thomas privately, and tells him about one time, Mandy hallucinated Terry as a zombielike Mary. She almost attacked her father with some scissors before realizing her mistake and breaking down crying. Thomas gets an idea to “fix” Mandy.

Thomas decides to take Mandy down to Lookout Point to face her past, and Terry goes with them. It’s similar to when Kieran took Emma to Wren Lake. Mandy gets flashbacks of her mother shooting her, and then committing suicide. Mandy then sees Mary out in the distance. She smiles and tells Mary to move on; Mary then disappears. Mandy has conquered her fears. Thomas and Mandy begin kissing, while Terry looks on.

He then gets a text message from someone and lets out a deep sigh, as if trying to contain his feelings. While they kiss, Mandy tells Thomas that she loves him, and Thomas returns that quote, causing Terry to shudder, without them noticing. At Mandy’s request, Terry decides to leave and let them have their privacy. Mandy and Thomas have sex after he leaves.

After they finish, Mandy goes back home, while Thomas heads off in a different direction to take a shortcut. On the way, Thomas hears a noise in the bushes. He goes to investigate and discovers that it was only a raccoon. He is then ambushed by the third killer, who impales the spear through Thomas’ leg. Thomas screams in pain. The killer then knocks him unconscious to shut him up.

Thomas wakes up to find himself tied up in a chair at the warehouse, with the Third Killer watching over him. The Killer gives a speech to Thomas about wanting revenge for Hooper, and how he will not fail like he did. He then tortures Thomas by strangling him to the brink of death, then stopping at the last second. He does the process three times. He levels up the torture by shoving the knife into his arm, and then dragging it downward, creating a deep vertical blood line across his arm.

At the same time, Natalie begins to wonder where Thomas is. She then gets a text from “Thomas” (The Killer) that he’s with Mandy and needs some time alone with her for the night. Natalie tells him to hurry back in the morning, as his birthday is coming up in two days. Back at the warehouse, the killer douses Thomas in gasoline, but dries off his head.

At that point, Thomas, knowing his death is imminent, tells the Killer that even with him gone, he won’t kill Natalie. The killer responds by lighting a match and throwing it on Thomas; he is set ablaze. As Thomas slowly burns in the flames, the killer pulls out an axe. He decapitates Thomas with it before the flames can finish killing him. The episode ends as we zoom in on his burning headless corpse.

Episode 2: The Hills Run Red

In the morning, the Crane family wonder where Thomas is, as he has not been heard from since Natalie’s call last night. Barbara calls Mandy at her home and learns that Thomas was never at her home last night. Natalie gets worried until she receives a call from “Thomas”. He tells her that he found something in the woods that he needs to study about alone. He promises to be home tomorrow for his birthday.

Until then, he insists that he needs some time alone before hanging up. The three agree to leave him alone unless he doesn’t call back for a while. Mandy also receives a call from “Thomas”, who apologizes for lying and tells her that it will be worth it at his birthday tomorrow. When Mandy asks to see him, he sends her a photo of them together instead. He then hangs up. At the warehouse, the killer looks at Thomas’ headless corpse, as if contemplating. He then opens a closet, which has Hooper’s corpse stored inside. He looks at it and says “You’re being avenged Hooper. I promise.”

At school, Adam is tired and almost falls asleep in class because he spent much of last night working on his scene in the book. He asks Gary to dump some of his cold water in his water bottle to wake him up, which he does. Afterward, he confronts Ryan and tells him that he was stalked last night by a man in the killer’s costume. Ryan denies doing it, claiming that he was in bed, and tells Adam that he is hallucinating.

At the police station, Brody and Brian, who are starting to get worried about Thomas, go to Goldman, who was now been promoted to Sheriff due to Mary’s death. Brian tells him about what Thomas is doing. Goldman promises to bring him in if anyone sees him and tells Josh to relay the order to the other officers. At school, Natalie confines in Gary that she has visited Nancy more than once about her third killer theories. She worries that if a third killer is around, Thomas might have been the first victim.

Gary then jokes that Thomas would scary him off easily, and Natalie would scare him more. They laugh at the joke, unaware that they could not be more wrong. Meanwhile, Nancy and Mr. Porter get a visit from Adam. They notice that he’s tired and tell him they can take over for him if they want. He refuses and tells them he can write about Ian himself.

Nancy leaves, she decides to take a bus to go home. As she wait on the bus stop bench, the killer appears behind her. Seeing no civilians around, he slowly walks up to Nancy from behind, keeping quiet. He begins stroking her hair with his knife. He does it so quietly and skillfully that Nancy doesn’t even notice. The killer cuts off a little bit of her hair, then raises his knife as if to stab Nancy in the head. He plunges the knife downward, but just before it reaches her head, the killer instead flees when he sees the bus coming. The driver sees him go, but assumes it was a prankster and shrugs it off.

At night, Mandy goes back home and tells Terry that he has something special planned for Thomas at his birthday tomorrow. Terry, rather nervously, asks her what it is. She tells him that it’s a surprise and goes up to her bedroom to get ready. Mandy goes into her drawer and takes out a ring container. She opens the container and a wedding ring is seen; it is revealed that Mandy is going to propose to Thomas.

She smiles in excitement, unaware of the heartbreaking truth. At the Griffin home, upon seeing Adam staying up late to continue his part on Ian late at night, Ginger goes to him. Adam tells her about his talk with Natalie. She tells him that he can’t be focusing on the past for the rest of his life. She also tells him that he needs to take a break and focus on his future. Adam agrees to stops working on his part on the book tonight and realizes that he needs to connect more with the future.

He also agrees to let Natalie stay with Gary, realizing that she is happy with him. He calls Mr. Porter and tells him that he’s putting his work on hold for now. At the Crane house, a nervous Barbara calls “Thomas” and asks him what he’s found and why he won’t come home. He apologizes again and assures her that he isn’t in danger, he just needs some time alone. Barbara eventually gives in, but makes him promise to come back for his birthday tomorrow night.

We switch to Natalie’s bedroom, where she sleeps with Brian. We see the killer outside. He climbs up the roof and enters the house through a window. He walks up to Natalie, who is asleep along with Brian. The killer looks at Brian, then puts the knife at Natalie’s throat and practices slitting it, without actually touching her skin. He mumbles “Soon enough” and backs off. The episode ends as he leaves through the window.

Episode 3: The Thing

The episodes with the killer heading back to his lair after sneaking into Natalie’s home last night. He goes inside and picks up Thomas’ severed head, but leaves his burnt corpse behind. It’s clear that he’s going to smuggle it somewhere. The episode opens with Natalie, Brian, and Barbara setting up Thomas’ birthday party. However, Brody can’t come until nighttime has he has to go to work, but he’ll try to get home early.

Gary and Adam come over to help out. When Adam goes downstairs to get the beer in the trunk of Natalie’s car in the garage, he sees a dark figure in the shadows. He turns on the lights and discovers it was only some lawn equipment. After he gets the beer and leaves, it is then shown that the killer is hiding in back seat of the car. Mr. Porter and Nancy also arrive at the party, followed by Mandy. Mr. Porter confesses that it’s been “forever” since he’s had cake and that he’s excited.

Mandy and Natalie wonder what’s taking Thomas so long. Immediately afterward, Mandy gets a text from “Thomas”, who tells her that he’ll back the house tonight and is finishing up his business. He promises an explanation on why he’s been gone for so long. Mandy tells him to hurry up and that the “greatest surprise ever” is waiting. Mandy shows Natalie the engagement ring, which delights and shocks her.

On the way to the party, Terry gets a call from the killer. He asks him “What do you want this time?”, revealing that he has been in contact with the killer before. He tells him to look under his seat. He looks and finds a tape there. The killer tells him to insert the tape to the TV and smuggle the remote controller out so he can take it. Terry inserts the tape when nobody is looking, and smuggles the controller in the garage, where the killer takes it.

At nighttime, Natalie eventually gets a text from “Thomas” to meet him in the garage, alone. Natalie goes downstairs to the basement and into the garage. She is then told to open her car trunk. She opens it and instantly begins screaming at what she sees: The Severed Head of Thomas Crane. She then gets a call from the killer. He tells her that she made her life far worse by killing Hooper, and that she really should have just let him kill her back at Lookout Point; he is far worse.

He then suggests that she begin running. Fast. She runs for the door to the basement so she can get back upstairs. She opens it and finds the killer on the other side. He slashes her cheek with the knife, and pins her against the wall. The Killer begins strangling Natalie, and beating her head against the wall. Natalie punches the killer as much as her strength permits. She eventually forces him off of her. She runs out the door and begins going up the stairs. She trips on her way upstairs in her panicking.

The Killer grabs her leg and raises the knife to stab her. Natalie kicks the killer in the face, this time it knocks him down the stairs. A hysterical Natalie finally makes it back upstairs and immediately collapses sobbing in front of the other guests. Brian runs to her. Natalie explains there is a new killer here, using her cheek slash as proof, and tells them that Thomas is dead. Mandy refuses to believe it. Just then, the killer remotely activates the TV (Off-screen).

The tape places in front of all the guests. It shows the killer burning Thomas alive, decapitating him, and smuggling his severed head in the car trunk. Mandy is horrified, she runs downstairs and opens the car trunk. She sees Thomas’ severed head and collapses to her knees. She begins screaming in despair and heartbreak up into the sky. Terry, full of horror and guilt, hugs her as she screams. At the same time, Brody arrives back from work and sobs with Barbara upon learning what has happened.

In a montage, Mr. Porter and Nancy call the police up on the scene. Thomas’ severed head is taken away, but his burnt corpse isn’t found. Josh and Goldman are horrified, it’s starting again. Natalie is bandaged up for her cheek slash, with Gary and Adam doing everything they can for her. Through this aftermath montage, the killer narrates that there is far more to come and that Thomas was only the beginning…

Episode 4: Jaws

Mr. Porter wakes up a little early in the morning in his home. It is shown he is sharing a podcast with Nancy, which she had while Marcus was alive. He speaks on the podcast alone, it’s similar to Noah’s announcement in Jeepers Creepers. He says that she knew that it might happen again and tells everyone to be careful, and anything could happen. In the morning, Natalie and Brian don’t go to school so they can mourn Thomas. The family is obviously very distraught, especially Natalie.

As the family have breakfast in complete silence, a knock on the door is heard. Brody opens it to find Josh and Gary. Gary embraces Natalie and tries to comfort her. Josh tells the family that Goldman wants to interview the survivors and anyone that could be related to what happened last time, in order to get a prime suspect on who Thomas’ killer could be. Against Barbara’s objections, Natalie and Brian volunteer to head down.

At the station, Natalie and Brian find Nancy, Mr. Porter, Adam, both his parents, Mandy, and Terry also at the station, as well as several other people. Goldman takes in Mandy and Terry first, so they can go home as quick as possible. Mandy is obviously very destroyed, she looks a lot worse than she did before. Mandy insists that Hooper’s second accomplice is out there to finish the job.

When asked if she has a prime suspect, she points out Ryan, who she knows played pranks on Natalie and has a Ghostface costume. Goldman sends Josh to bring Ryan down here before allowing Mandy and Terry to go home. Before they leave, Mandy has a heart to heart with Natalie. Mandy tells her that she’s going to do something later, something that needs to happen. Natalie asks her what it is, but she doesn’t answer and leaves with her father.

Ryan arrives shortly afterward, with his a couple of his unnamed friends, and is questioned by Josh. Ryan is rather uncooperative and insists that he’s not capable of killing people. Josh is clearly suspicious, but ultimately decides to let him go. Natalie confines in Adam and Gary, and asks them if they might know who the killer is. Gary says it could be a survivor, who pretended to be traumatized after Hooper’s killings, but Adam doesn’t think (partially because he is a survivor).

It starts to go into an argument, but quickly stop seeing Natalie upset. The Crane family attempt to leave, but before they can go in their car, Natalie notices Ryan, who is still in the parking lot, talking about her with his friends. Against her family’s advice, she confronts Ryan, and it’s very similar to Haley and Emma’s argument. He begins calling her the “angel of death”. At Brian’s convincing, Natalie begins to leave, but Ryan ends up insulting Thomas; Natalie punches him in the face.

It’s so hard that it knocks him unconscious. Surprised, Ryan’s friend drag him away in his car and to get him home. Natalie is surprised about what she did before Brody half carries her to the car. Back at the station, Goldman, unaware of the commotion outside, questions Adam and his parents. Goldman considers ruling out survivors, due to injuries they have received, but acknowledges that despite Hooper’s attacks, he was still the mastermind.

Lastly, Goldman questions Mr. Porter and Nancy. They also say that Hooper’s second accomplice is back, and that he doesn’t have a prime suspect. Just then, a call for Goldman. He answers the phone and it’s the killer. The killer tells him that he’s powerless to stop his rampage, just like he was last time. The killer also says he’s going to murder whomever he wants, and cops like him are just “knife fodder”. Goldman calls the killer a “scumbag”, who responds with “You really don’t want to insult me. I get knife happy” and hangs up.

By now, it’s nighttime. Ryan wakes up in his car and his friends explain what happened. They also ask him why he hates Natalie so much. Ryan then reveals that Deputy Megan Nash, a victim of last season, was his aunt. Her death devastated his mother so much that she had to leave the family for grief counseling for a month, and he blamed it on Natalie. At his friends’ urging, Ryan feels a bit bad about what he said to Natalie decides to try and apologize tomorrow. After his friends walk away, he hears a noise outside his house. He tries to ignore it but it happens numerous times.

Ryan gets fed up and goes outside. He finds a plastic arrow taped on the ground, pointing to his car door. He peeks inside his car and sees nothing. He is about to walk off when the killer jumps out behind him. He shoves a screaming Ryan into his car before climbing in himself. He viciously stabs Ryan seven times, killing him. He then leaves a text message for Goldman which says “This is what happens when you make me knife happy, come to Ryan’s house”.

Goldman goes to Ryan’s house and finds Ryan’s corpse in his car before calling for backup. In Terry’s home, he calls the killer. He demands to know why he made him insert that tape when he promised not to hurt Mandy. The killer laughs and says the beauty of all this is that he didn’t hurt Mandy directly; Terry did. He also points out he hasn’t attacked her, promised in part of their deal. Terry is about to talk back when he hears a noise upstairs, and a scream from Mandy.

Terry drops the phone and rushes upstairs. He finds Mandy lying and bleeding on the floor. He also sees a sharp glass shard near her hands and large bleeding scars across her wrists; she’s just attempted suicide by slitting her wrists. Terry freaks out and calls an ambulance before going to his daughter. The episode ends as Terry desperately tries to contain the blood flow from his unresponsive daughter’s wrists.

Episode 5: Hush

In the morning, Terry checks back in the hospital to see how Mandy is doing. A doctor comes up and explains that Mandy has survived surgery and will recover, but they’ll still making sure everything is fine and nobody can come in without her permission. The doctor goes to see if Mandy is in the mood for visitors. In the waiting room with Terry are most of the other characters. Natalie concludes, incorrectly, that the killer did this to Mandy.

Everyone else agrees as the doctor returns and allows Natalie and Terry to come see Mandy. In her room, Mandy confesses that it wasn’t the killer who did this; it was herself. Mandy says she didn’t do it because of Thomas’ death, she it because she’s thinks that she isn’t a living being anyone. She tells them that she’s just a pawn in the killer’s game, and that the killer is in charge of her life, and she wanted to decide her own fate.

Terry and Natalie assure Mandy that she is her own person and will never be a pawn to anyone. Natalie reminds her that Hooper didn’t get away with it, and neither will this killer. When Mandy says she doesn’t have anything to live for, now that Thomas is dead, Terry tells his daughter that she must live for him, and her friends. Mandy is somewhat reassured, but it’s obvious she’s going to have to remain in the hospital for a little while.

Meanwhile, back at the waiting room, Brian talks with Gary. They are obviously very disturbed by how much the killer’s impacted Natalie and Mandy already. They discuss their possible suspects for the third killer and if it could be a survivor. They conclude that it’s going to require more thinking before Natalie returns and the gang leave the hospital.

While driving home, Terry gets another call from the killer, who taunts him. Terry demands that he stop hurting Mandy, and asks him what it will take for him to stop his killing spree altogether. The killer refuses to stop and says that their deal is over; Terry did his part and the killer repaid his end of the bargain by not attacking Mandy directly, before hanging up.

In the afternoon, Natalie and her family have lunch. It’s silent until Brody breaks it by trying to tell a joke to cheer up the family. Nobody is amused, so they just go back to eating. Afterward, Gary shows up to talk to Brian again, and they go upstairs, with Natalie joining them. Gary says that he did some research after his talk with Brian at the hospital and came up with two suspects.

His prime suspect is Sheriff Goldman, as he suffered the least of the survivors and the only time he was attacked was at the very finale. The second is Ryan, due to the fact he owns a costume and pranks Natalie sometimes. He crosses him out after learning from Brian that Ryan was murdered last night by the killer. Barbara is heard eavesdropping on their conversation and talks to Brody.

She says that she is becoming worried about how Natalie is so focused on the killer and that she’s being affected much more than before. Brody agrees and decides to set up an alarm system at the front and back doors so that nobody will break inside and that she will be safe here. Brody calls a company, who agrees to send a worker to install it as long as he doesn’t have to come at night (since there is a killer on the loose), but it will take a couple of days to get done.

At night, the Crane family are asleep when someone knocks on the door to Brian and Natalie’s bedroom. Natalie hears the noise and wakes up, though Brian doesn’t. Natalie opens the door and follows a shadowy figure (the killer) downstairs. The figure exits through the back door in the kitchen and Natalie is about to go out the front door after them when she gets a call; it’s the killer. He gives Natalie an “opportunity” if she wants revenge for her brother and wants to end this before anyone else she loves dies, she will come to the woods and meet him there.

Natalie accepts the challenge and takes a butcher knife from the kitchen. She walks into the woods and looks around. She hears noises in the bushes, then twigs snapping on the ground. She screams for the killer to come out. Just then, she hears a noise directly behind her. She turns around and sees the killer. Her eyes narrow, and she wields the knife at him. The killer just stands there and waits. Natalie loses it, she screams in fury and lunges at the killer.

She tackles the killer. She begins repeatedly punching him on the ground. The killer throws Natalie off of her. They swing at each other with their knives. Natalie gets a stab on the killer’s left arm, causing him to drop his knife, though he is able to knock away her knife. Natalie and the killer throw punches. One of them knocks down Natalie. She takes it like a champ, flips back up, and does a kick right to the killer’s face. A crack is heard, and the killer screams; his nose just got broken. He begins pounding his mask, trying to shrug it off.

Natalie then tries to pick up her knife, but the killer, despite his injuries, begins strangling her. She strangles him back, and they both let go out of exhaustion. Natalie gets up first and runs at the killer. The killer grabs by the hair and slams her head twice into a tree, disorienting her. The killer picks up his knife as she tries to recover. When she does, she turns to find the killer gone. She then gets a text that “playtime” was fun, but he’s not ready to finish her off, not yet.

Just then, Josh and Gary show up. Josh says that Gary saw Natalie walking off into the woods with her knife, so they went on after her to check up on her. Natalie gets suspicious, and tells them to roll up their sleeves so she can check for the arm stab wound. Gary pulls up his left arm, but Josh pulls up his right arm instead, and there is no stab wound on either. Not noticing what Josh did, she apologizes for being suspicious and tells them what happened.

The two take her home and try to wake up her family, but Natalie doesn’t want them too, worrying they will become even more paranoid then they already are if they find out what happened. Despite much objection from Josh, he and Gary eventually agree. Josh and Gary go back home after Natalie sneaks back into her bed and puts on some makeup to cover up her wounds. Elsewhere, the killer stumbles out of the woods. He takes off the mask, but we don’t see his face.

He’s clearly exhausted from the fight, and messages someone “They might recognize my wounds, if they do, you know what to do”. The person on the other end responses “Fine” and hangs up. The episode ends as the killer goes into his unknown home to rest.

Episode 6: Slaughter High

The episode opens with Natalie waking up in the morning. She’s more tired than usual due to her fight with the killer. Natalie decides that she’s ready to start going back to school along with Brian, and her parents reluctantly agree. Natalie meets with Gary at school and tells him about a plan she has to try and deduce the killer’s identity. The two decide to search for anyone who might have a stab wound on their left arm or a broken nose. They look around during class, but don’t see anything suspicious on any of the students.

Mr. Porter notices Natalie’s paranoia and talks to her. He agrees to meet with her after school so they can talk. He also decides to bring Nancy along. At the Crane house, Brody and Barbara see the alarm system worker coming. He introduces himself as Charles Hammersmith, before working to set the system up at the front door. Brody and Barbara talk about how the killer might be connected to “what Brody did a five years ago”. It is then revealed that Brody did something five years ago that landed him jail, though they don’t state what it is. Brody is unconvinced that is the problem. At Adam’s home, Jacob leaves to go pick up Adam from school.

After he does, Ginger hears a noise at the back door. She walks over to investigate and sees nothing; behind her, we see the killer walking past her. He throws a vase on the floor to get her attention, and she heads back to the kitchen. She follows a shadow that she sees toward a bathroom. When she passes a closet, the killer jumps out of it. He’s wielding the axe used to kill Thomas. He strikes the axe straight into Ginger’s face, killing her, then pulls her corpse inside.

Natalie arrives at Mr. Porter’s house for the appointment, though Nancy hasn’t yet. As she sits with him, Mr. Porter’s nose suddenly bleeds. He tells her that a “feisty girl” broke it last night. Natalie remembers that she broke the killer’s nose in her fight last night. She tells him that she wants to see his left arm; Mr. Porter rolls up his sleeve and shows her his left arm, which has the stab wound she inflicted. Mr. Henry Porter is the killer.

Before she can act, he leaps from his wheelchair, revealing he had only pretended to be disabled, and injects her with a sedative. Meanwhile, Adam and Jacob return home to get a call from the killer from Ginger’s phone. They both demand to know what the killer did to Ginger. The killer tells them to go to the closet. They open it and they begin screaming at what they see; Ginger, murdered with the axe still lodged in her face.

Natalie awakens tied up in the back of Mr. Porter’s car, and asks him why he is doing this. He explains that he is Hooper’s second accomplice. His motive goes to his life, before he moved here to Clearsboro in the first place. Mr. Porter was bored with his life, and that he never got married. Deep down in him, there was a man willing to do anything for excitement. This ultimately bought out the psychopathy in him. One day, Mr. Porter looked up some internet forums with people dealing with “psychopathy”, and he came across Hooper Haller and Mary Forest.

It wasn’t too hard to convince him to join them; he would finally get the excitement he wanted, and fame for being a “survivor” of a killing spree. As he was originally out of town, Hooper and Mary taught him how to feign disability before he got his job as a teacher. He tells Natalie who killed who in the first killing spree: Mary killed Tabitha’s parents, Hooper killed Tabitha, Mr. Porter killed Quint and Norman, Hooper killed Ian, and of course Mary killed Nash, and Hooper killed Jonathan.

On his first kill, Hooper told Mr. Porter that he could kill anyone he wanted, so he chose Quint. Hooper was extremely enraged, so, with Mary’s permission, he brutally attacked Mr. Porter at the school to avenge Quint, but he survived. Hooper couldn’t attack him again as he was in the hospital for the rest of the killing spree before his death at the cliff. He does not miss Hooper or Mary, but has started a new killing spree out of excitement and urging of a new partner he has found. He also has another reason that came only for this killing spree, but he says that he won’t reveal it just yet, claiming that “it’s a surprise”.

He explains that a new killer came to him and convinced him to work together to make another killing spree targeting Natalie. Mr. Porter reveals the new killer is the one devastated about Hooper’s death, and the one who took his corpse at the end of season 1, though the new killer never directly participated back then. He refuses to state who his new partner is, in case if Natalie gets away. He then confesses that he killed Thomas, but did not kill Ryan or Ginger, or attack her at Thomas’s birthday; all that was the killer.

With his identity exposed, he now intends to bring Natalie to the new killer to decide her fate. After he finishes his monologue, Natalie, who was untying her binds during Mr. Porter’s monologue, breaks free and strangles him from the back seat with the rope, causing the car to crash into a tree. Dazed, Natalie exits the car, but Mr. Porter, who was shielded by an emergency air bag, runs out and chases her. He corners Natalie at Cornelia River and tackles her. He begins strangling her, and pins her arm down when she tries strangling him back. As Natalie begins to lose breath, a shot suddenly rings out.

Mr. Porter is hit in the shoulder, and he falls into the river, just past the large waterfall. Natalie turns to see that the shooter is Goldman, with Nancy standing beside him. Nancy explains that she was coming over to Mr. Porter’s house when she saw him dragging an unconscious Natalie to his car, and realized something was wrong, so she called Goldman. Goldman looks down at the river and waits for Mr. Porter to resurface, but he doesn’t. They assume he has drowned and begin to leave, but then hear a splashing noise when they turn away.

They look to see Mr. Porter stumbling out of the river and running off into the woods. The trio pursue, but he outruns them. He calls them a few moments after, and declares Natalie just made the situation even worse for her by unmasking him, and that he doesn’t need the costume anymore. Afterwards, Mr. Porter stumbles to the warehouse on his injured shoulder and finds his partner, and tells him about what happened.

The killer responds by stabbing Mr. Porter in his bullet wound, and then begins beating him on the ground with a sledgehammer while berating him for letting his cover get blown and that he’s an “inferior killer”. He stops himself from killing him, saying that he still has some “small use” for Mr. Porter. The episode ends as the killer help him up.

Episode 7: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Most of the main characters are at the police station. Adam and Jacob are crying over Ginger’s death. Natalie helps comfort them, and tells them about Mr. Porter. She gives everyone the full story of Mr. Porter’s reveal as Hooper’s second accomplice, though she doesn’t know who the partner is. Goldman and Josh let Adam and Jacob go home so they can mourn in peace for Ginger. Terry then gets a call that Mandy has recovered and can be released when Terry is ready to pick her up.

Terry goes to the hospital and tells Mandy about Mr. Porter’s reveal as Thomas’ killer. She admits she didn’t suspect him at all. He gets a text message from the killer that he keeps hidden from Mandy. It tells him that he needs to perform a task for the killer tonight. If he doesn’t do it, he’ll tell Mandy about his connections with him, which the killer guarantees will “break her poor heart”. Adam and Jacob go to the graveyard for Ginger’s funeral. Natalie, Brian, Adam, Gary, Nancy and Josh join it.

At the Crane home, Charles, the alarm system worker, is setting up the system when he hears a noise near his toolbox. He investigates and finds that the tools are gone. Charles is lead to the backyard, where the killer shows up. He has a hook. He stabs him in the back a few times with it, then impales the hook through Charles’ mouth, killing him. He drags his corpse off. Inside, Brody and Barbara are in an argument upstairs. Brody says that Barbara was right about what he did being a cause of all this, but he didn’t start this in the first place.

Back at the graveyard, the group decide to go around a view the graves of previous victims, including Marcus, Thomas, Jonathan, and Hooper. She says a few words for Hooper. She tells him that he isn’t going to win, even in death, and that she’ll take down Mr. Porter and his new partner. She also says some words for her deceased father and brother, and tells them that she’ll always remember them. Nancy puts some flowers down at Marcus’ grave.

After they leave, Natalie goes home and the family wonder where the worker is, but get a text message from his phone that he said he had to leave early for some “family issues”. We cut to the following morning, Natalie wakes to discover that her alarm clock has been disabled and that she slept in. She goes to Barbara’s room to ask why, and discovers Charles’ corpse, still impaled on the hook, with no sign of Barbara.

There’s no sign of Brody or Brian either. She gets frantic and looks around the house, still nothing. She looks in the basement and finds a photo. It shows Brody, Brian and Barbara tied up in chairs at an unknown location. There’s a note beside it, Natalie picks it up and it reads “It’s always the family ties that cut deep, let’s have some more”.

Episode 8: The Stepfather

Natalie is completely frantic, when she gets a call from the killer. He tells her that she needs to find “The Clues” in order to locate her family one by one. She is allowed to bring Gary and Josh only with her. If she goes to the police (other than Josh), he’ll kill all three of them. Natalie races to Gary’s home to get his help. Josh reluctantly agrees to keep the journey to themselves in order to save Natalie’s family.

Gary gets a text for the first clue. The clue says “Elevators can be so painful in this place. A friend of yours had that lesson two years ago”. They remember that Adam injured his leg at the old mansion. They rush down there in Josh’s police car. They go inside to discover Brian hanging from strapped to the ground with a chandelier above him. Mr. Porter calls them and tells them to look up.

They look to see Mr. Porter with a hatchet, aimed at the rope that is keeping the chandelier up. If Mr. Porter cuts the rope, the chandelier will fall and crush Brian to death. Mr. Porter gives them a horror trivia quiz. If they get a single question wrong, he will cut the rope. Natalie manages to answer the questions correctly, as they are about her favorite horror movies (The Thing, Don’t Breathe and Hush).

Mr. Porter lets them free Brian and throws them a paper airplane to the next location before departing. Josh opens the clue, which says “It’s quite a long fall from this place. An old friend of mine learned this the hard way”. Natalie remembers that Lookout Point was the place Hooper fell to his death and race over there.

They arrive to find hanging Barbara from the cliff with a rope tied to her foot, and the other end to a tree. She already lost consciousness due to being upside down. They notice the rope is very fragile and must be moved very slowly. After an intense moment, they manage to pull Barbara up without breaking the rope. They then get the final clue for Brody’s location.

The clue gives them an addresses outside of town. On the way, Barbara regains consciousness and learns what happened. She is too weary to join them, so they agree to lock her inside the car for her own safety. When they arrive at the address, they find the warehouse the killer uses as his lair. They then get a video of Thomas’ death and realize this is where he was killed.

They slip up to cover more ground. Gary and Josh go upstairs while Natalie and Brian check the main floor and the basement. While searching, Gary and Josh are attacked by the killer. He knocks both of them unconscious, then drags their bodies away. Natalie and Brian hear the struggle, but are too late to intervene before they are gone.

They go down into the basement to find Brody tied up in a chair. Mr. Porter appears and rips off Brody’s duct tape on his mouth. He holds the knife to Brody’s throat and orders everyone not to move. Mr. Porter says that if Brody wants to live, he needs to confess his secret. After much reluctance, Brody is eventually forced to confess. He reveals that before he married Barbara, he had dated Mr. Porter’s sister, Sarah Porter.

One day, he became drunk while having a night together with her. When she rejected him when he got unstable, Brody lost his temper and raped Sarah. He went to jail for over two years for it, though this was a reduced sentence due to a technicality, infuriating Mr. Porter. He saw an opportunity for revenge when his partner came to him, and told him about Brody’s marriage with Barbara, which was the other reason why he joined him. Brody and Barbara had forgotten at that time she was Mr. Porter’s sister.

Brian and Natalie are absolutely shocked at this. Mr. Porter considers slitting his throat anyway, but decides not to and frees Brody. He then tells the trio to go upstairs before disappearing into the shadows. Brody bursts in tears after he leaves, and berates himself for partially causing Mr. Porter to go psycho. Brian and Natalie comfort him, although they are upset themselves.

They then go upstairs to find Josh and Gary. When they arrive upstairs, they find the killer waiting for them with his knife. He removes his mask, but not the hood. Natalie asks the killer what he wants; the killer responds by slitting his own throat. The trio are shocked, they approach the killer as he pulls off his hood, revealing that it is Josh.

With the last of his strength, Josh pulls out a tape recorder. The recording reveals that Josh awoke to find a Ghostface costume next to him. The recording, with Mr. Porter’s voice, asked him he valued his son’s life more than his own. He was ordered to put on the costume and commit suicide in front of Natalie. If not, he would murder Gary right in front of Josh. Refusing to let his son miss out on life, he did so. Josh dies as the tape ends.

Natalie then wonders where Gary is; just then, she sees Mr. Porter on the balcony. He yells “Pinhead!” and hurls something down. It’s a corpse, which falls right in front of the trio. We zoom in on the corpse’s face and learn its identity: Gary, with dozens of pins stabbed into his head. He just broke the deal by stabbing Gary to death with needles, despite the fact Josh did what he was asked. The episode ends with the screams of Brody, Brian and Natalie ringing out.

Episode 9: Maniac

The episode picks off moments where the last one off, with Natalie, Brian and Brody walking out of the warehouse. The police, led by Goldman, arrive to investigate. Goldman is shocked to hear Gary and especially Josh dead. Natalie has a completely horrible look on her face. She is obviously very destroyed at what she just saw, especially now that Gary is dead. Brody and Brian help comfort her before Barbara takes her home. Brody and Brian are brought to the station for questioning.

As the bodies of Gary and Josh are taken away, Goldman assigns three officers at the Crane house to make sure the killer never again abducts anyone from there again, and also to finish the alarm system just in case. The officers manage to finish up the alarm system by nighttime, and do regular patrol routines around the house. Awakening the next morning, Natalie is visited by Adam. He comforts her on Gary’s death and offers to give Natalie “anything she needs”.

She tells him that she needs to be alone right now, so he goes. Natalie sits on her bed and looks at a photo of her and Gary, and then begins to cry. Meanwhile, Terry receives word on the TV that school is being officially suspended due to the murders. As he watches, Mandy receives a call from the killer upstairs. He taunts her about Thomas and how “unstoppable” he is. However, she threatens him back and swears that if she gets her hands on him, she’ll kill him with her “bare hands” for what he did to Thomas. The killer then tells her that she shouldn’t blame him for what happened.

He advises her to take a look around the house, particularly the basement. He says that overnight, while Mr. Porter was managing the game last night, he left something down there for her. He then hangs up. Terry goes upstairs to tell Mandy about school being canceled, and she doesn’t tell him about the call. In the afternoon, Adam goes to visit Nancy. He tells her about how the killer is really starting to get to Natalie.

He worries that she’ll be broken before the killer is stopped. They wonder about where if they can find any leads at all that will lead to the killer’s identity. After Adam leaves, Nancy gets an idea. She decides to go stake out the warehouse tonight. She packs a Taser with her in case the killer shows up. At nighttime, while Terry is sleeping, Mandy goes downstairs to seek out the evidence the killer mentioned.

She goes to the basement and sees the cellphone used to call Terry with, it’s Thomas’. She picks it up and goes through all the calls through the past weeks. She sees all the calls Terry had from the killer, and is shocked. A new message comes up on the phone that says “You have one fucked up family”. At the warehouse, Nancy arrives to investigate and heads upstairs.

She arrives and sees a hidden room that Natalie failed to notice, hiding behind a curtain. She goes in to see the killer’s chart, and a nearby closet. She then notices that all the deceased victims are crossed out. She opens the closet to find Thomas and Hooper’s corpses. She leaves the room, but as she does, she hears a noise; she looks inside and finds a circle drawn around her picture, a circle meaning that that person is the next target.

Nancy, realizing that the killer might be in here with her, runs for the stairs. Mr. Porter jumps out from a corner. He slashes Nancy’s face multiple times and shoves her down the stairs. He walks down the stairs as Nancy pulls out her Taser. He takes away the Taser and shocks Nancy with it. After stating that he is a way better “Electrocutioner”, he takes out a deliberator pad. He begins electrocuting Nancy numerous times with it. The third one kills her.

Episode 10: Carrie

At the station, late at night, Goldman gets a call from the killer. He tells him to go to the warehouse, if he wants a clue on why he’s doing this, and also to see his “latest work”. Goldman goes down to the warehouse alone and sees Nancy’s corpse. After calling for backup, he goes upstairs to find Thomas and Hooper’s corpses. He confirms to himself that the second killer is doing this for Hooper.

The following morning, Adam arrives with Jacob to inform the Crane family that Nancy has been murdered, and that they found the corpses. He already told Mandy, who he notices has been acting more paranoid than usual. Jacob shows them a letter that came in the mail, and reveals it’s from the killer. The letter says “Soon, you’ll all be mine”. They realize that the killer is planning to end his game soon.

At the police station, Goldman organizes a meeting. He makes a list of the people that have been murdered, by either Mr. Porter, or The Killer. He concludes that killer isn’t an accomplice of Hooper, but could have been related to him in somehow. One of the officers, Deputy Hawes, tells him that they may have a way to figure out the killer’s identity, and asks to talk to him in private.

After moving to Goldman’s office, Hawes suggests that they scout out the warehouse to see if Nancy found anything that could have revealed the killer’s identity. Goldman agrees and decides to stake out the warehouse tonight, but makes sure they are both armed, so they don’t end up like Nancy.

Mandy reviews the calls Terry had with The Killer, she looks worse than she did last night. She hides the phone whenever Terry appears. She debates whether or not to confront her father, and eventually decides that she does. Near nighttime, Mandy shows him the phone and demands to know what connects he had with the killer. Terry confesses that he and the killer had made a deal.

The deal was that if Terry did what was asked of him, he would never try to kill Mandy. If he tried to expose his connections with the killer, he would tell Mandy what exactly happened to Thomas. It went completely wrong after Thomas died, due to Mandy’s near suicide. Mandy asks what he did for the killer. Terry then confesses that he kidnapped Natalie’s family at the end of Episode 7, but didn’t kill Charles. He also knocked Josh and Gary unconscious at the Warehouse.

Mandy then demands to know what exactly happened to Thomas. We then learn about it in flashbacks. Terry was ordered to abduct Thomas. Terry was originally just going to drug him, but was forced to use the javelin instead. Terry knocked him out because he couldn’t bear to hear his screams. Terry dragged him to the barn, where Brody was the one who did most of the torture, though Mr. Porter finished him off at the end.

After he finishes, Mandy stares silently at him. After a few moments, Mandy slaps her father, and screams that Thomas was everything to her, and that she will never love her father again. Mandy runs out of the room, while Terry collapses crying on the bed, knowing his daughter doesn’t love him. Mandy runs outside, and eventually just stops and cries on the sidewalk. As she does, the killer jumps out from behind Mandy. She turns around just as the killer tackles her.

The Killer wraps his hands around her neck. She eventually passes out. The killer drags her off, and takes Thomas’ cellphone. Afterwards, Goldman and Hawes arrive at the warehouse. They find Thomas’ cellphone lying on the floor, which says “If you want answers, play me”. They look at it and see a new recording. It shows the killer taking off his mask. They are shocked to see who is under it. They attempt to call for backup, but Mr. Porter jumps out.

He lunges at Hawes, and slits his throat wide open. Goldman pulls out his gun, but Mr. Porter tackles him. Mr. Porter and Goldman fight. Goldman is able to resist, since he’s an adult. Mr. Porter manages to overpower him, and stabs him in the back, and throws him against the wall. It’s similar to Dewey’s attack in Scream 2. He concludes he is dead after the third stab. He then gets a call from the killer. The killer says “I have them both now. Go to the mansion, it’s time”. After Mr. Porter leaves, Goldman’s hand twitches.

We cut to the mansion. Mandy wakes up, she’s bound to a chair. She sees Terry, who was attacked Off-screen, hanging upside down from a rope, like Jake was. Just then, Mr. Porter and the killer appear. The Killer tells Mr. Porter to get “it”. Mr. Porter goes, and comes back with a chainsaw. He revs it up and gives it to the killer. Terry shouts at his daughter not to look. Mandy closes her eyes. Mr. Porter then walks up to Mandy, and forces her eyes open, stating that “Watch this, not like you have a choice”.

The Killer proceeds to slaughter Terry while Mr. Porter forces Mandy to watch, as her father’s blood is splattered all over her. Mr. Porter asks about killing Mandy, to which the killer responds “I have plans for her. It would be a waste”. The killer then drags off a speechless Mandy.

Episode 11: Puppet Master

The Killer drags off Mandy to a dark room in the mansion, which has an operating table. The killer has clearly been modifying it to resemble a torture room. After strapping her to the table, the Killer gets in Mandy’s face and says “Let’s have some fun”. Three hours later, Natalie is in bed, close to midnight, when she gets a call from Mandy’s phone. Assuming its Mandy, she picks it up and hears Mr. Porter. He explains that he has Mandy hostage and that he wants to end this. She must bring Brian with her.

At the same time, the killer is shown to be lurking around outside. He sees the three cops Goldman assigned. He sneaks behind one patrolling the backyard alone, and stabs him in the head. He sees the other two cops in their car. He takes the dead cop’s keys, and sneaks in the back. He slits one cop’s throat, then stabs the other through the back seat numerous times until he is dead.

He then takes out keys to the house, which he stole from Natalie’s parents following their abduction. He sneaks in, and goes upstairs to Barbara and Brody’s bedroom. Mr. Porter continues talking to Natalie, distracting her so that the killer can finish up what he is doing. Eventually, Mr. Porter tells Natalie to go up to her parents’ room, and she finds no sign of them. After being told to go to the mansion with Brian, Natalie wakes up Brian, and they leave through the back. They take the gun of the cop who was killed in the backyard before heading to the mansion.

We cut to the warehouse, where it is shown that Goldman is still clinging to life. He tries to reach for his walkie talkie to call for help. He manages to grab hold and contact help before losing consciousness. Brian and Natalie arrive at the mansion, where they are confronted by Mr. Porter. Natalie shoots him with the cop’s gun, only to realize the killer emptied it. He chases them up the stairs to the upper floors. He catches up to Brian, and throws his knife into his back.

Mr. Porter rips out the knife, and attempts to finish Brian off. Natalie tackles him, but he slashes her stomach. She stumbles back, the wound is similar to Emma’s at the dock. Mr. Porter knocks Brian unconscious, and grabs Natalie, and holds the knife to her throat. He carries/drags her to the room where Mandy is. She’s sitting in a corner, held at knife-point by the killer.

We can tell she was tortured on the operating table, as we see marks on her arms and legs. Mr. Porter puts Natalie down in a corner, and tells her this is the end. The Killer stares down at Natalie, and removes his mask. It’s Brody Manera, Natalie’s own stepfather. Natalie is in shock, Mandy isn’t that different. Brody opens a closet, which has a corpse, and Barbara unconscious in a chair. He shows a name tag on the corpse: Brody Manera.

It is then revealed that “Brody” is actually Theodore Haller, Hooper’s father, who was impersonating the real Brody Manera. Theodore reveals that he killed the real Brody Manera (by smothering him with a pillow), and impersonated him. They looked alike, and Barbara had hardly just started dating Brody by the time Theodore killed him. Theodore explains that after his wife’s death (who Jonathan killed), Theodore was an abusive father to Hooper and Quint, which is why he wasn’t around in Season 1.

He felt bad about what he did and decided to try and get back with his son. Hooper told Theodore about the killing spree he planned, and Theodore decided to help. He was the one who funded Hooper’s killing spree, and encouraged Mr. Porter after Hooper’s death. He instantly gained his trust by killing Brody (since he was the one who raped his sister, Theodore’s confession was false). They worked together to torment Natalie. Theodore now views Mr. Porter as the “best partner ever”, due to his work in Episode 8 and 9. Mr. Porter brags that his favorite kill was Thomas, and describes how he burned to death in front of him; Mandy leaps up and punches Mr. Porter.

Mandy continues attacking him. Theodore ignores what is happening and takes Natalie to a different room. He shows her a pulley system that he constructed in a large room. It’s similar to the one used by Eddie Gluskin in Outlast. He says that it wasn’t easy to construct, and it took a lot of time. Theodore wraps a rope around her wreck, and begins to hoist her up. He manages to get her up high, to hang her.

Back at the operating room, we find that Mandy is very strong when she gets mad, despite her torture, however severe it was. Mr. Porter fights back, and manages to begin strangling her. Mandy grabs his knife as she is being chocked and shoves it into his back, causing him to let go of her. Mandy then grabs a nearby sledgehammer and hits him with it, briefly knocking him out. Mandy picks him up, and manages to strap him to the operating table.

While waiting for him to awaken, we get flashbacks to Mandy’s torture. It is shown that Mr. Porter cut Mandy’s arms and legs. Before this happened, Theodore told her about how she could be a potential killer. It is revealed Theodore tried to convince her to join him, and become a third killer in the future, should he and Mr. Porter fail. He attempted to convince her that its Natalie fault Thomas and Terry were dead. It has some elements of Two-Face and Joker in The Dark Knight. Despite her ordeals, Mandy refused to give in and spat in Theodore’s face, so Mr. Porter tortured her. The flashbacks finish as Mr. Porter awakens.

Mandy asks Mr. Porter how it feels to be helpless, and taunts him that she can do whatever she wants to him. He laughs and tells Mandy that she would never kill anyone, and that she’ll always be a victim. Mandy’s response to bring out a medium sized barrel. We recognize this as the thing he used to get Thomas ready for his death. She covers Mr. Porter in gasoline. She takes out a match to light him on fire. Mr. Porter screams at her that she cannot do this to him, and starts swearing. Mandy tells Mr. Porter that she is a survivor, and she will never be a victim again.

Mandy then sets him on fire, and watches as the killer of her boyfriend suffers a slow and painful death, as the flames burn him to death. Mr. Porter, Hooper’s second accomplice, is dead. Back at the pulley system room, Natalie is close to the top. However, Natalie is able to fight this, despite her bleeding stomach. Natalie struggles for her life as she is lifted, with her weight causing some of the pulley system to break away, which forces Theodore to use more strength to try and keep Natalie up.

Eventually, Natalie causes a sudden weight shift in the pulley system. Just as that happens, Theodore’s foot becomes entangled in one of the ropes. Natalie falls safely while Theodore is caught up into his own ropes, and when the ropes drag him upward, Theodore is impaled by a loose metal bar. Mid-fall, Theodore uses his remaining strength to grab Natalie’s hand. He tells her “Ghostface is eternal”, and let’s go of her. Theodore Haller, Hooper’s father and the second Ghostface, is dead.

Just then, the police arrive. It is then shown that Brian survived his injuries and called for the police on his cellphone. Goldman is at the hospital, in critical condition, but he should make it. Barbara is freed, and is shocked to learn about the truth about Brody, Theodore and Mr. Porter’s corpses are taken away. As the sun rises, Mandy hugs Natalie, and they declare it’s finally over. The screen zooms out as Season 2 ends.


  • 1. Thomas Crane: Leg impaled with a spear, strangled repeatedly, arm sliced open, set on fire, decapitated with an axe. (Terry, Theodore, Mr. Porter)
  • 2. Ryan Mendel: Shoved into his car and stabbed 7 times. (Theodore)
  • 3. Ginger Ward: Hit in the face with an axe. (Theodore)
  • 4. Charles Hammersmith: Stabbed in the back a few times and impaled through the mouth with a hook (Theodore)
  • 5. Josh Fuller: Slit his own throat in an attempt to save Gary (Himself, manipulated by Mr. Porter)
  • 6. Gary Fuller: Dozens of pins stabbed into his head (Mr. Porter)
  • 7. Nancy Slates: Face slashed, shoved down stairs, and electrocuted to death with a taser and deliberator pad.
  • 8. Deputy Hawes: Throat Slit (Mr. Porter)
  • 9. Terry Forest: Slaughtered with a chainsaw (Theodore)
  • 10. Cop #1: Stabbed in the head (Theodore)
  • 11. Cop #2: Throat slit (Theodore)
  • 12. Cop #3: Stabbed in the back numerous times (Theodore)
  • 13. The REAL Brody Manera: Smothered with a pillow before Season 2 (Theodore)
  • 14. Mr. Henry Porter: Stabbed in the back and burned to death (Mandy)
  • 14. Theodore Haller: Entangled in the ropes of his pulley system, and impaled on a loose metal bar while trying to hang Natalie. (Caused by Natalie and himself)