In my opinion, Season 1 would have been better. So, I decided to "re-imagine" Season 1, changing it in some ways, making it more terrifying.

Hope you like it. Feel free to praise/criticize.


Throwing us straight into the horror was Brett Shimura being butchered by a masked individual after he bullied a girl from his high school. This tells the aftermath of Brett's murder.

Meet the Characters

BRETT SHIMURA (18) - Lakewood's meanest resident for centuries to come. Brett managed to make so many people despise him, that just about every other character in the story had a motive for his murder. Brett has the most influence over the plot, the setting of the story and has the biggest role all over the story and without him, there would be no story to begin with.

Season 1

Chapter 1

At George Washington High School, Audrey Jensen walked into the cafeteria.

Lunchtime had to be the worst for Audrey. Normally she'd get pushed out of line, had food thrown at her or even had her own food tossed out of her own hands but today was totally different. After she sat down at her table, where barely anyone sat at and if they did, they usually take their trays and move somewhere else.

Audrey looked around before actually sitting down and later sat her books down beside her.

She never really did eat school lunch but if it was something worth digesting then she did. Today was corn dogs and powdered brownies. She did eat the brownie but not the corn dog.

After finishing her powdered treat Audrey drank the rest of her milk and that's when the worst happened.

BOY (off-screen): Oh, looky what we have here, ladies and gentlemen... Audrey Jensen.

Coming from a boy's voice, Brett Shimura showed up, smiling. Audrey knew something bad was about to conjure up and she had no possible way of avoiding it.

The camera shakes, as Brett holds it. He looks directly at the camera.

BRETT (baby-voice): Awww, is Audrey making a little selfie video for her girlfriend? How sweet. Too bad you don't like guys Audrey, 'cause they wouldn't want to kiss that hole you call a mouth.

Brett sat one the left side of Audrey glaring at her, while Brett started poking at her left over food.

BRETT (to Audrey): Not eating your corn dog, why Audrey? Is it because you don't like guys? You don't fantasize this corn dog being a guy's instrument shoving down your throat? Let me help you with that...

Audrey didn't say anything. Her head fell down and she stared at the face of her empty tray before her. Her eyes burned with fear, rage and sadness but she had no way of stopping the two of them once they've started.

Brett snickered and looked over at Audrey, pointing at the corn dog.

BRETT (teasingly): I think you are afraid of it.

Brett said it with a wide smile on his face. He took the end of the corn dog practically shoving it in Audrey's face while kids all around them witnessed and one of them was Noah Foster. Brett laughed after Audrey attempted to get away but Brett held her back by her hair, holding tight and secure.

Brett smiled; his lips firm and plump, before shoving the corn dog in Audrey's face once again.

BRETT: Why are you scared Audrey? Huh!

Brett pulled back hard on Audrey's hair. The entire cafeteria went into complete shock and silence even Emma Duval and Noah Foster who had just appeared into the cafeteria from the bathroom.

Audrey tried many times to get away. To get out of Brett's ruthless taunting presence but it was all worthless and totally useless.

AUDREY (pleading): Stop.

Brett pulled harder and he teased more.

BRETT (teasingly): -- and why would I do that, Audrey?

It was gradually getting worse.

BRETT: Boys like it when girls suck on it, so suck it!

Brett shoved the cold corn dog more into Audrey's face, and Audrey moaned.

AUDREY: No, please!

Audrey fought trying to hold back the tears that were so close to running finally fell and caused much more issues.

Brett began to laugh at Audrey and as the bell rang for next period, they let her go and left with a few threats to finish the job.

At the end of the day, Audrey left the school with books in her arms as usual. The sky seemed to be an overcast of grey clouds like a blank grey canvas that had no color and before actually leaving she felt a cool droplet of rain hit her nose.

She smiled very small and everyone who was everyone had to at least say one mean thing to Audrey as they passed her to get in their cars or on the bus.

BRETT (coldly): Wipe that smile off your face.

Brett walked on passed Audrey with Emma and Brett's friend Tyler Miller.

Brett gave one last devilish look and that look was at Audrey who was still standing on the sidewalk towards the school holding her video-camera. Brett didn't give any sign of emotion besides hate and fury.

Audrey looked away as soon as he walked off and when nearly everyone was gone, she walked herself out.

Brett's friend, Tyler Miller is in his red Camaro with one arm hanging from the window and the music blaring with all windows rolled down as Brett walked up to him and jumped inside.

11:38 PM ...

The roaring engine of Tyler's Camaro came to a stop, as the two teenagers pulled up to the Shimura household. Brett sat in the passenger seat, while Tyler sat in the driver's side, his hand casually resting on the steering wheel. Brett rolled his eyes and took a sip from a flask.

BRETT: It's a time-honored enforcement of the food chain. The weak are outed, and then eaten.

Tyler grinned.

TYLER: Wow, you're a mean drunk tonight.

BRETT (rebuking, words slightly slurring): Oh, please. You agreed that video was too good to post online.

TYLER (smiling): Officer, he made me do it.

Tyler turned his head toward Brett.

TYLER: He makes me do a lot of things.

Tyler was sending a suggestive look toward Brett.

Brett ignored him, only paying attention to the numerous alerts on his iPhone 6.

BRETT (announcing excitedly): Oh, my God. Audrey's breaking the internet.

Brett was glad his diabolical scheme was going very well. Everyone was buzzing about the viral video of Audrey Jensen getting harassed in the cafeteria.

BRETT: It already has ten thousand views and counting.

Smiling, Brett turned to Tyler, with a prideful, satisfied look on Brett's attractive face.

Tyler moved closer to Brett, roaming his hands along the steering wheel.

TYLER (suggesting): Then why don't you make me a drink while we break the internet, huh? I know your parents are out of town.

Brett remained unimpressed.

BRETT (unsympathetically): Awww, no.

He was unsympathetic toward Tyler's sexual needs.

BRETT: I only needed your tech-savvy tonight, not what's in your pants.

Opening the car door, Brett stepped out and headed toward his house.

Even though his parents were out of town, Brett never planned on hooking up with Tyler tonight. Brett only needed Tyler's extensive knowledge of technology, so Brett could upload the video without it being traced back to him.

Brett's shoes clicked against the pavement on the way toward his glass front door, leaving Tyler watching Brett walk away with a longing expression on his face. He tried to remain unaffected, tried to suck it up, but on the inside, it stung — even though he knew it would never last, knowing deep down that an asshole like Brett would never settle for a loser like him.

Brett walks up to the front steps of his house. A key clicks into the lock and the front door opens.

Brett removes his black leather jacket. He walks through his house, planning on taking a nice, relaxing soak in his hot tub. Not liking the quiet, he opened up an app on his phone.

BRETT (commanding into phone): Music on.

His head bobbed to the beat, as a pop song started playing from the various speakers around the house.

A little while later, Brett changed into black swim trunks.

Dinging, Brett's phone blasted with numerous notifications, causing him to look down. Picking his phone up, Brett seeing a video of himself tugging on his swim trunks just a mere few seconds earlier, Brett widened his eyes.

Confused, he turned around, surveying his surroundings. But no one was there. Phone dings. "How does it feel to be the star of the show?"

Brett sees the text was from Tyler. He turned back around, and noticed the green light shining from his MacBook Air computer; a signal that the webcam was on.

Brett shook his head, marching over to his computer and slamming the laptop shut. Leaning against the desk, Brett sighs.

BRETT (muttering): Tyler, you are skating on Restraining Order Lake.

Getting another text alert, Brett quickly looked down at his phone. "Am I on thin ice?"

Freaked out and growing angrier by the minute, Brett started wandering around the house, trying to see where Tyler was.

BRETT (calling out): I swear to God if you are in my house, you are dead!

He clenches his jaw, growling under his breath. He walks down the hallway.

BRETT (calling out): If you want to be an adult about this, I will gut you on command!

Brett glanced around the spacious living room, growing nervous at the sight of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that surrounded him.

He hated being home alone in this house. Especially at night. The windows made him feel uneasy, as if someone were constantly watching him. The glass windows and doors that were almost completely made of glass didn't help much either.

It was a very nice house, modern and affluent. But it was in the outskirts of town, way out in the country.

Brett always felt so isolated when his parents were out, so alone. There weren't any neighbors around for several miles. The house was surrounded by thick woods on either side.

Brett had no reason to be afraid. But still, something about being home alone at night spooked him.

He crossed the living room to the patio doors and looked out. An eerie mist hovered over the surface of the Olympic-sized swimming pool in the backyard.

It was 11:50 PM, pitch black outside. His parents were out having dinner. He was all alone out in the middle of nowhere.

Brett shuddered, feeling a cold chill up his arm. He glanced at the flat-screen television, eyeing the videocassette boxes on top of the VCR.

Brett had rented a few horror movies earlier that night at the video store, and hopefully, if he could keep Tyler occupied, he wouldn't be all over him like he usually was.

Besides, the only reason Brett wanted him over is so he could feel safe and have someone to calm his nerves to some extent.

The kitchen was at the end of a short hallway that connected the living room to the kitchen and dining room. Another hallway branched off into a huge foyer. The entire room was lined with huge glass windows, much like the rest of the house.

Brett began to head for the front door. He clicked on the patio lights. A fluorescent floodlight illuminated the porch. Tyler was outside, watching Brett through the windows. Brett slowly walked towards the front door, opens it and slowly stepped outside to the porch in wonder.

Brett stared out at the empty porch, lit only by the small lights. He listened to the sounds of chirping crickets. He looked out at the vast front garden, the gnarled oak tree creaking in the night time wind. Brett looks around and scans the area with narrowed eyes, frowning when he noticed that, again, there was no one there.

Getting another ding from his phone, Brett looked down at the screen and sees a video playing of himself walking outside from just moments earlier.

Brett gasps, spinning around. But still, there was no one in sight. Brett's breath was coming out in short pants, no longer finding Tyler's little game funny. He couldn't help but jump in fright, as another beep came through his phone, causing him to furrow his eyebrows.

"Maybe you'll get more views than Audrey's shameful video."

Brett froze momentarily, before quickly heading back inside the house; his fear slightly washing away and replacing itself with anger.

BRETT (scowling shouting in anger): Well, maybe you should grow up!

He walks into the living room and to the side glass door.

BRETT: And when you do, I'll be outside!

Sensing Brett's movement, the motion-detecting lights turned on, illuminating the pool area and revealing numerous lounge chairs, a large swimming pool, and some aesthetically pleasing plants.

Sauntering toward the hot tub, Brett sees steam rising from the heated water. His phone beeps.

Brett sat down at the edge of the hot tub, dipping his feet into the hot water as the warmth soothed his tense muscles.

But his calm state only lasted for a few moments and was interrupted when a strange noise reached his ears. Instinctively, Brett turned around, trying to push down the fear that gnawed inside him.

BRETT (calls out hesitantly): Tyler?

The motion-detecting lights shut off, and Brett turns back around to grab his phone, sending a text to Tyler's number.

Brett types: "Was that you?"

Phone beeps. "Maybe. Is this where it gets interesting?"

A smile made its way onto Brett's lips.

Brett types: "I may have underestimated you."

Setting his phone down and removing his legs from the water, Brett headed toward the other side of the hot tub. He slowly made his way back into the hot tub. Brett seductively watches the backside of the house. He slowly turns around and almost sinks into the water, resting against the wall of the hot tub.

As his phone alerted him of another text message, Brett snatched the phone from the edge of the hot tub, unlocking it to see what see what it said.

"You're killing me."

Satisfied by Tyler's reaction, Brett smiles.

Brett types: "Then get over here, and do something about it."

After sending the message, he set his phone back down. He leaned against the edge of the tub and closed his eyes. A few seconds later, his phone dings.

A rustling noise is heard from the bushes.

Brett opened his eyes, squinting slightly from the rustling. Frowning, he squints to see what the noise was.

Brett rises up, quickly reaching out for his phone. Brett grabbed it and scrambled out of the water, panting while he walked in panic, only to keep looking back to see if anyone was following him.

After a few moments of walking aimlessly across his backyard, Brett continued across the yard, moving as fast as his weak muscles would allow. He came to a stop by hiding behind a tree. He kept gasping through deep breaths, unable to comprehend what had happened.

BRETT (breathing heavily): Oh, my God.

A floodlight illuminated the cement patio. Brett looked towards the glass garden doors.

Tyler was tied to a chair in the middle of the patio, barely alive. Rope was tied around his hands and feet... duct tape across his mouth…he was bloodied and bruised, and his hair was disheveled and caked with blood...

'Tyler was slumped over in the chair... his stomach had been ripped open... a pool of blood was forming beneath him... a steaming pile of organs lay at his feet...

Brett felt another overpowering wave of nausea come over him.

The floodlight turned off, immersing Brett in darkness once again.

Just as Brett was about to call out for help, in the hopes that one of his neighbors would hear him, Brett felt the tip of a wicked-sharp knife slash horizontally across his back.

He felt the cold steel of the blade slice the flesh open, digging deep. Brett heard the sound of scraping bone as the blade cut across his back. Blood leaked down his bare back.

Brett lets out a strangled scream of agonizing pain. The pain scorched and wracked at his body, taking over as the only sensation in his mind, body and soul. Brett felt himself drop to his knees and sink to the grass, landing in a thud. Brett's hand desperately reaches behind him to stop the bleeding, but he couldn't reach the injury. Brett groans in pain.

With his back stinging from the gruesome slash wound, Brett looked up and saw his attacker. Brett slowly staggered to his feet and stumbles across the grass, desperate to escape.

However, from the pain he's enduring, Brett dropped down onto the grass. He fumbles, trying to crawl away, but the energy was quickly draining from his body. While trying to stand up with as much strength as he could muster, Brett limped across the grass in a last attempt to escape. But Brett didn't have the strength to go any further.

Brett moaned in pain, dropping down to the ground again, his back coated in blood. Crawling forward, he continued to whimper, and the white ghost masked figure in a black hooded poncho wrapped his arm around Brett, and lifts him to his feet near the edge of the swimming pool.

The masked figure pulled Brett to him, gripping Brett with his arm. Brett beats at the figure while wrenching from side to side, crying helplessly. Tears leak out of his eyes, as he felt the life inside of him slowly slip away.

The hunting knife pressed against the left side Brett's neck. But his desperate pleas for help came to an end, as soon as the hunting knife swiftly glided across Brett's throat, with the cold steel of the blade slicing the flesh open with a sickening gushing sound. Brett choked on the blood that began to fill his airways and feels the oxygen escape his lungs.

Not even bothering to check and see whether Brett was still alive or not, knowing that if he wasn't, he would be soon, the masked figure carelessly tossed the limp Brett into the ground, his body lies in front of the back gate. Brett's back is curved, his head is bowed, and his limbs are bent and drawn up to his torso.

Chapter 2

At school the next day, kids were all over campus, but mainly in the courtyard.

At one of the tables sat Emma Duval's friends Brooke Maddox, Jake Fitzgerald, Riley Marra and Emma's boyfriend Will Belmont.

Caleb Duval and Emma were walking towards the table that seated Emma's friends.

CALEB: You think they'll like me?

EMMA: Don't be so nervous Caleb, I got your back. And yes they will, you're smart, funny, and really good-looking. So yeah they'll like you, besides they're cool.

CALEB: Okay. Just don't tell them I'm gay.

EMMA (smirking): I won't, I promise!

Emma and Caleb reach the table and the occupants look at the two.

EMMA: Hey guys!

BROOKE: Hi Emma.

JAKE: Sup, Ems.

RILEY: Hey Emma.

WILL: Hey babe.

Will gets up and kisses Emma, who kisses back.

BROOKE: So who's the guy with you.

EMMA: Oh right, guys this is my cousin and best friend Caleb...

Caleb waves and grins shyfully.

EMMA: He just got here yesterday from San Francisco, he'll be staying with my mom and I from now on. I thought it be okay if he sat with us.

BROOKE (introducing herself): Well, nice to meet you, Caleb. I'm Brooke Maddox, the Mayor's daughter. And my-my you are pretty good-looking, if I must say so.

Caleb smirks at her compliment.

CALEB: Thanks.

WILL: I'm Will Belmont, your cousin's boyfriend. Its great to finally meet you. She's told me a lot about you. I've heard you're a pretty cool guy.

CALEB: Thanks and my cousin Emma here, never told me about a boyfriend.

EMMA: Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about Will. I'm really sorry I didn't get to though. I was going to last night, but we both got tired and didn't get to finish talking.

CALEB (smiling): Its cool Emma. I'm happy for you both.

EMMA: Thanks, Caleb.

WILL (smiling): Yeah thanks.

RILEY: Its nice to meet you Caleb, I'm Riley Marra.

Riley holds her hand out to shake Caleb's hand, who shakes it back.

JAKE: I'm Jake Fitzgerald and Brooke's mine, so don't get any ideas about taking her from me.

CALEB: Oh don't worry, I won't. I'm not into girls.

His eyes widen instantly and so does Emma's.

EMMA (mouth agape): Caleb! You just...

CALEB: I know and I didn't mean too either.

BROOKE: Wait, you're gay?

CALEB: Yeah...?

Caleb's expression shows awkwardness and scared.

BROOKE (smiling): I think that is super cool, don't worry you're secret safe with me.

RILEY: Yeah I don't care if you're gay either, to be honest I think its great. I'll keep your secret.

WILL (grinning): I think its cool too. I won't tell anybody, secret is safe with me, scout's honor.

JAKE: Look if you're gay, then you're gay. Nothing to be ashamed about, I'll keep your secret. Just don't tell Brett.

This causes the others to mumble an agreement with him.

CALEB: Thanks guys, that means a lot. I owe you all one.

RILEY: No problem and no you don't owe me anything.

BROOKE: You're welcome Caleb, and don't owe me anything, okay?

WILL: You don't owe me anything either.

JAKE (jokingly): You owe me 100 bucks!

EMMA (snaps): Jake!

JAKE: Calm down, jeez. I was only kidding.

CALEB: Thanks again guys. So who's Brett?

WILL: The super tyrant of this school. If you tell Brett you're gay, then he'll spread it through the whole school, and the entire town. Just like that one girl, Audrey.

Emma sits down beside Will.

EMMA: Well, are you gonna sit down or what?

CALEB: Oh I don't know, I mean this is the popular table. And I'm definitely not popular.

RILEY: Don't be silly, you're Emma's cousin and you're really good-looking. I'd say you're qualified to sit here.

CALEB (nervously): Are you sure?

WILL: Yeah, sit down.

JAKE: Yeah, come on.

BROOKE: We don't bite.

CALEB: Okay.

Caleb removes his backpack and sits down on the other side of Emma.

Suddenly, a commotion behind them gets them all to look in the direction of a girl. She's getting laughed at by a group girls.

EMMA: I thought we agreed to trash that video?

CALEB: What video?

WILL: That girl and her "girlfriend" were having a make-out session, which Brett caught and recorded and put online and it spread like wildfire. That was two days ago. We just came back from Disneyland.

CALEB (stunned): Wow, Brett is a dick.

EMMA: Caleb!

Surprised, Emma has never heard her cousin say something like that about someone.

CALEB (chuckling along with everyone else): What? Its the truth isn't it?

BROOKE: Audrey was bound to come out one day. Look at her. Just like Caleb, he was bound to come out to us and then he did.

JAKE: What's the big deal if she is a lesbian? I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm cool with Caleb being gay.

EMMA: Okay, the big deal is it wasn't her decision to tell the world.

Jake scoffs at her.

EMMA: Jake?

JAKE: I wasn't the only one on that group thread. And I did delete that video. After I sent it to P.J. Girl-On-Girl is his demographic.

Jake chuckles. He hits Will on the arm, who's chuckling with him.

EMMA: Riley?

RILEY (frowning): Sorry. Zoe saw it on my phone.

EMMA: Do you guys even understand the term "viral"?

RILEY (looking around): I don't see Brett anywhere.

CALEB: I don't see that Brett anywhere either.

Riley nods her head agreeing with him.

Brett Shimura, one of Emma's best friends, hadn't contacted her since the other day: no texts, no calls, no emails, no Facebook messages, no tweets. Coming from someone else, she wouldn't have really thought about it much, but coming from Brett, it was bizarre. Majorly bizarre.

Brett always had his phone with him. He couldn't survive without it. Literally. That thing was his lifeline.

Wherever Brett went, his phone came with him. And he would either be texting Emma for his next evil scheme that he concocted in order to destroy someone's life (for his own amusement, of course) or all about the next boy on the basketball team Brett was blackmailing with that week, giving everyone all the details.

So, the fact that Brett hadn't texted her since after school the previous day had Emma, well, worried. And when it came to her friends, she couldn't help but be worried.

Emma gritted her teeth in frustration, trying to ignore the odd gnawing sensation that she seemed to have at the pit of her stomach, along with the paranoid thoughts that threatened to invade her mind — the same thoughts that always managed to drive her brain to the worst possible conclusions. Running her hands through her hair, she let out a sigh.

Brett probably just caught up, she reassured herself. Most likely with Tyler, Brett's best friend.

WILL (to Emma): You know Brett did the wide release.

BROOKE (deadpanned): Of course it was Brett. He's a atrocious psychopath with no impulse control. I mean, he's probably ditching right now to avoid your good-girl wrath.

Emma looks at her.

BROOKE: Em, your little friend will be fine.

EMMA: We're not really friends anymore.

WILL: Just give it 24 hours, okay? Someone will text and drive their hybrid into a tree and we'll have a new headline.

BROOKE: Maybe Audrey will control her anger into creative energy for one of her little films.

WILL: Emma, it sounds like to me, that she'll be fine. Don't worry all that stress will cause wrinkles.

Emma and everyone else laugh.

We smash to black.

Chapter 3

Maggie Duval and Sheriff Clark Hudson are in the backyard of the Shimura household. Sheriff Hudson crouches down at the edge of the back gate, examining Brett's bloodied body.

MAGGIE (to Sheriff Hudson): Jesus! Some teenager gets murdered and ends up like Nicole Brown Simpson?

SHERIFF HUDSON: I can't believe this is happening again, Maggie...

MAGGIE: Me neither.

Sheriff Hudson scoffs softly.

After Math class was over, Emma left the locker room and headed for the library.

Emma looked over at Kieran Wilcox and Kieran looked at Emma. They both smiled and Kieran bumps Will Belmont against the hall of lockers, after realizing that they were pretty much the only ones out of class right now. As Will drew closer to Emma, she had found out something was different about Will. Will didn't dare ask though.

Will stopped and backed away with a chivalrous look on his face.

WILL (chivalrously): Ma'am.

Jake Fitzgerald gave Will a look, which was more of a 'double-take'.

WILL (quietly): Isn't Brooke waiting for you?

EMMA (into Will's face): Yeah. See ya.

Emma got in Will's face with crazy white teeth and all. Her voice was so soft.

Kieran watched. When the bell finally rang, Kieran fled off and Will stayed behind.

WILL (softly): Tell your mom I said "hi".

Will left Emma standing against the lockers, picking up her books and clearly late for next period.

We smash to black.

WOMAN OVER PA: Brett Shimura's death is a great shock. Once you've seen the grief counselor, you are free to return home. Classes will resume tomorrow.

The school's puny bully, Brett Shimura, was dead. The King of Mean had stepped down from his throne -- or more like he was pushed off of it.

It felt like everything around Emma came to a stop and everyone around her was in slow motion, like in the movies, the camera zooming in on her tear-stricken face.

Emma wasn't sure what to feel. She wasn't sure whether to burst out crying -- again -- or start yelling at the world for playing such a cruel joke on her. One of her best friends died.

Except, Brett didn't just die: he was murdered.

It was said that Brett's parents found Brett lying in the same position as Nicole Brown Simpson, crimson colored blood surrounding him like a halo. There was a rumor going around that Brett's throat was slit from ear-to-ear.

After Emma heard that, she had the urge to puke up her lunch. Just thinking about her friend like that made her sick to her stomach.

Turns out, death doesn't affect you as much when you hear about a stranger dying. If you hear about that old man's obituary in the paper, you get sad for a second and feel some pity for his family members. But it's different when it's someone you know -- someone you saw alive, well, and smiling the other day.

Emma covered her face with her hands, resting her elbows on her knees. Trying to get herself to relax, she took in deep breaths.

After calming herself down, she cleared her throat, removing her hands from her face and sitting up in her chair, spotting the concerned gaze belonging to a worried Kieran Wilcox.

KIERAN: You okay?

It was a stupid question, that was a given, but Emma appreciated it, seeing as it showed that he cared enough to ask. Obviously, she shook her head in response.

JAKE (annoyed): This Wi-Fi sucks.

Caleb rolled his eyes.

RILEY (snipping under breath): It's a school; the Wi-Fi is supposed to suck!

Looking down at his phone, Jake let out a sigh.

JAKE (dully, disappointed by lack of information): The cops aren't saying much. Just that Brett's mom found his body, victim of foul play, I need gory details.

Emma scoffed.

Could he be anymore insensitive? One of their friends died, for crying out loud. She glared at him, not even bothering to come up with an insult, too upset to even come up with a snappy comeback.

After a few moments, someone cleared their throat. Emma raised an eyebrow at the somewhat familiar lanky teenager, a boy she recognized from the school's library — where he would browse through the crime section alongside her. They never spoke, really, but he seemed nice enough.

Emma squinted her eyes. Noah Foster was Audrey's little friend, she thought to herself. Irritated, Emma crossed her arms.

EMMA (retorting, lack of sympathy): Gee, I don't know, maybe because one of our classmates just died.

Emma scoffed, gritting her teeth.

Noah tapped his fingers against his thighs.

NOAH: No, but seriously, I feel shock, mild interest -- definitely not grief, though.

Also fed up, Riley rolled her eyes.

RILEY: Guys, Brett was murdered in cold blood. Do you not even care?

Emma shook her head.

EMMA: It just doesn't seem real.

Everything was a blur. It felt like an awful dream -- one that they had all yet to wake up from.

CALEB: I never even met the boy.

Noah looked irritated.

NOAH: Well, lucky you.

Finally getting some worthy information, Jake's face light up, keeping his eyes glued to his phone screen.

JAKE: Here we go: one of Brett's neighbors just tweeted that Brett's throat was sliced open from ear-to-ear.

Emma bit her lower lip. This was all just too much. She blinked rapidly, feeling the sensation of bile in her throat.

EMMA (whispering, disgusted): Who tweets something like that?

Jake ignored her, still gazing down at his phone.

JAKE: The press is all over this. They're playing the whole 'Maybe Brandon James is Back' angle.

Caleb and Emma both froze, angry, but for entirely different reasons.

Clearly disturbed and enraged, Emma clenched her jaw.

EMMA: Brandon James is dead.

Her voice was indisputable, indicating that this was the end to this discussion. The blonde-haired girl scoffed, getting up from her chair and walking away.

Chapter 4

BOY: I heard Brett's throat was slit.

GIRL: No, I heard that he was stabbed.

In the midst of grabbing her books out of her locker, Emma froze.

Murmurs of gossip circled around her, and it seemed as if a majority of the school was discussing the recent, but not so tragic, news of Brett Shimura's murder.

Emma shook her head.

It just made her sick how everyone was talking about Brett's death with such flippancy. She knew that Brett definitely wasn't the most well-liked person in Lakewood, but still, couldn't anyone just show a shred of sympathy?

Clenching her jaw to stop the impending tears from pooling out of her eyes, she put the rest of books in her bag and slammed her locker door shut, beginning to walk away and head toward where her friends said for her to meet them in the courtyard.

BOY (calling out): Emma, wait up!

At the sound of someone calling out her name, she spun around, spotting Kieran running toward her. Her lips quirked upward slightly, at the sight of the boy, but she couldn't prevent herself from furrowing her eyebrows in confusion, not sure why he went out of his way to talk to her, seeing as they hardly even knew each other. The blue-eyed girl tucked a tendril of hair behind her ear, clearing her throat awkwardly.

EMMA (muttering): Oh, hi.

It wasn't the friendliest of greetings, but it wasn't the unfriendliest of greetings either.

Kieran was a new kid, and with Brett's murder occurring just around the time he happened to move to town, Emma felt that she had every right to be suspicious.

She bounced on the balls of her feet, tightly gripping her binder with one hand and tapping on the fabric of her skirt with the other, desperately trying to ignore the tension that filled the air and circled between them both.

Kieran smiled. It was a genuine smile, one that made the suspiciousness clouding Emma's mind slowly begin to vanish.


Kieran eyed her curiously.

KIERAN (hesitantly): Are you okay? You know, with Brett's death and everything.

Emma blinked, slightly surprised. It was an innocent question, but one that she dreaded. She knew he was only trying to be polite, to see how she was doing, but just saying it out loud made it so much more real. She sent the boy a smile of reassurance. Granted, it was a fake one, but she just hoped he wouldn't take notice of the fact that it wasn't genuine.

EMMA: It's hard, but I'm dealing.

Kieran eyed her wearily, clearly not buying her 'It's all good' attitude.

Trying to ease the tension, Emma let out a chuckle.

EMMA (admitting): Truthfully, well, I'm a mess. Don't get me wrong -- I'm totally aware of the fact that Brett was a complete dick, and I'm guessing that you got wind of his notorious reputation, by now.

After a few beats, Kieran nodded.

EMMA: But still, Brett was my friend. And it was just a shock, you know? I mean, you hear about the death of someone you don't know, and you get sad, feel some pity. But when it's someone you do know...

She trailed off. Emma let out a puff of air, her eyes glazing over slightly.

EMMA: It just doesn't seem real.

Kieran smiled slightly.

KIERAN: I get that.

Emma raised a skeptic eyebrow.

EMMA (surprised): You do?

Emma didn't mean to pry, but she couldn't help but wonder, her curiosity getting the best of her.

A fleeting pained expression washed over Kieran's features. Clearing his throat.

KIERAN: My mom and step-dad died. Car accident. It's, uh, why I moved here.

Emma frowned, and she couldn't stop her face from clouding with pity.


That was all she could come up with. Shifting slightly on her feet.

EMMA: ... That's awful. I'm so sorry, really.

Kieran mustered a small smile.

KIERAN: Thank you.

Emma licked her lips.

EMMA (announcing awkwardly): Uh, listen, I have to go meet my friends.

She pointed to the courtyard behind her. Kieran nodded, waving his hand.

KIERAN: Oh, yeah. Um, sure. Go ahead.

Emma tapped her foot against the linoleum, getting a feeling that she might regret doing this. But regardless, she reached into her bag, pulling out a scrap of paper and a pen, writing something down.

EMMA: Here's my number.

She handed him the slip of looseleaf.

EMMA: You can call me, if you want.

Emma gave him one last look, sending Kieran a warm smile.

Kieran watched Emma walk away, and once she was out of sight, looking down at the piece of paper in his hands. He rubbed the pad of his thumb over the freshly-inked sheet, a faint smile making its way toward his lips.

KIERAN: I will.

As soon as Emma made her way to the courtyard, she found everyone crowded around a laptop, listening intently as the sheriff, Clark Hudson, announced the status of the case for the murder of Brett Shimura.

Emma played with the frayed ends of her jean jacket, still uncomfortable with all of this.

She couldn't believe that just last week, her and Brett sat on her bed, watching old movies and giggling over Audrey. But now Brett was dead.

And it was all just so hard to process.

SHERIFF HUDSON (on laptop): At this point, we are questioning persons of interest, and we're looking for Mr Shimura's friend, Tyler Miller. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts, call the hotline number on the screen. Thank you.

Emma shook her head, quickly moving to slam the laptop shut.

RILEY: So, Tyler did it? For reals?

Riley looked toward the group with wide, doe-like eyes.

Emma scoffed at the ridiculous assumption.

EMMA: Tyler couldn't have done it.

Jake raised an eyebrow, looking down at her.

EMMA (defended): What?

Emma rolled her eyes.

Brett was dead, and this was so not the time for petty jealousy.

BROOKE: We all know that Tyler is about as harmless as a maltese puppy.

Brooke and Jake both nodded their heads in agreement. Even though Brett and Tyler fought every other week, Tyler liked Brett, and Brett was the last person Tyler would ever hurt.

WILL: Emma's mom worked the scene.

He looked toward his girlfriend.

WILL: Tell them what you heard.

Emma sighed, her shoulders slumping.

EMMA: A neighbor saw Tyler's car parked out front, around the time that Brett was murdered.

Riley let out a sarcastic chuckle.

CALEB (rebuking): Uh-huh. And was this the same neighbor who tweeted that Brett's throat was slit?

His eyebrows raising in suspicion.

CALEB: How do we know they didn't do it?

WILL (muttering under breath): And here come the conspiracy theories...

Brooke snapped her head toward the jock, squinting her eyes in annoyance.

Sensing a fight brewing, Riley spoke up.

RILEY: What else did you hear, Em?

Once again, Emma sighed, hating to be the one to bring this up.

EMMA: Well, there was no sign of forced entry, and Tyler's fingerprints were found on a glass in the kitchen. And now, his foster parents can't find him. Nobody can.

RILEY (whispering): When he was with Brett, they were almost always at each other's throats, but how could Tyler do that?

Riley was not able to grasp the fact that Tyler killed Brett. After all, it's what the cops were saying, and she couldn't help but believe it, despite her and Tyler's friendship.

Emma licked her lips.

EMMA (shrugs): I don't know. He must've been upset about something and snapped, I guess.

But still, she didn't believe it. It was Tyler. Sure, Emma wasn't that fond of him, but deep down, she knew he could never do something like this.

Gazing at her tablet, Brooke furrowed her eyebrows, an inquisitive expression on her face.

BROOKE (mused): Do you think one keg is gonna be enough?

Jake twisted his mouth in discontent, a judgmental look crossing his face.

EMMA: Brooke, are you sure a party's the best idea right now?

Brooke scoffed.

BROOKE (shooting back imdigantly): It's a prayer vigil.

Brooke was a bitch, that was a given, but she wasn't that insensitive.

BROOKE (shrugs): People in mourning get thirsty.

JAKE: Em, your mom's tight with the sheriff, right? Do you know if they went through Brett's laptop?

Will glared at his friend.

EMMA: And that is so important to you, why?

Emma was put off by the sudden and strange question.

EMMA: You watch any pornos on there? Forget to erase your pervy internet history?

Jake chuckled.

JAKE: No. And for your information, I do that on my computer.

Riley unwrapped Jake's arm from around her shoulder.

RILEY (muttering): Well, consider me celibate, then.

Jake sighed in disappointment.

JAKE: Come on, Em.

Caleb smirked.

CALEB: Better loosen up that wrist, Jake. You're gonna need it.

Brooke hummed.

BROOKE: Hm, I'm liking this new Caleb. Very in charge of his sexuality. You know, I think I'm developing a newfound attraction to you, Caleb."

Caleb laughed in response.

Gaining everyone's attention, Emma cleared her throat, turning her head toward Jake.

EMMA: My mom just handles the autopsy.

Riley looked down, twiddling with her thumbs.

RILEY (muttering): I can't believe Brett's just a body now.

JAKE: Well, he was always just a body. Top shelf all the way.

Will scoffed, crossing his arms.

WILL (chastised): Way to be heartless, which is definitely not earning you any brownie points, by the way. Come on, man. Have some respect.

Will saw Emma was bothered by Jake's comment.

Jake smirked.

JAKE: Oh, I have extreme respect, Will.

He tilted his head, pretending to reminisce.

JAKE: And if I remember correctly, so did most of the basketball team, and some of the football team, and a couple lacrosse dudes. You know Brett was blackmailing them...

Brooke turned to look at Jake, her face pinched in anger.

BROOKE (mumbling): Celibate.

BROOKE: Yeah, well, as for the basketball team, the football team, and the lacrosse guys... I'm sure the sheriff is going to question every single one of them. Where were you Friday night, Jake?

Brooke formed a cat-like grin on her face.

A brief panicked look crossed the aforementioned Jake's face, but he quickly regained his composure, turning his head toward his teammate.

JAKE (smirking): I was with Will. Up to no good.

Emma looked over at her boyfriend, upset.

WILL: But you told me on Friday night that your phone died and that you got stranded.

Sensing some drama in the making, Jake let out a pleased chuckle.

WILL: I was...

A tight smiled adorned his lips, as he looked over toward Jake.

WILL: Jake picked me up.

Brooke raised her eyebrows, doubtful.

BROOKE (muttering under breath): Oh, I'm sure he did.

Emma glanced at her boyfriend, hesitant to believe his story. But Will wrapped his arm around his girlfriend, sensing her suspicion. And in an attempt to persuade her, he peppered kisses along her neck, causing her to smile in content — the skeptical feelings that clouded her thoughts beforehand slowly disappearing with the sensation of his touch.

Riley looked on, disgusted. She leaned over toward Jake.

RILEY: I think I'm going to be sick. Grab me a barf bag, will you?

Jake lets out a chuckle, wrapping his arm around her.

JAKE (whispering in Riley's ear): I'll grab two.

Spotting Audrey Jensen walking along the side of the school building, Emma pulled away from Will and stood up.

EMMA: Oh, uh, I'll see you guys later.

Brooke let out a scoff.

BROOKE (mused, rolling her eyes): Well, that was eventful.

Chapter 5

A little while later, standing outside of George Washington High, Audrey Jensen is standing over the Brett Shimura memorial that was set up -- watching as a lot of students that Brett had humiliated and harassed during their years in high school -- placing flowers and notes that made it seem like they were the closest of friends.

Audrey chuckles softly as she stares at them all.

They didn't know how stupid they were being by placing fake friendly notes to Brett's memorial.

NOAH (to Audrey, then looks at Brett's memorial): Hey, Audrey. Wow! So stupid... Brett doesn't even deserve to have a memorial -- he was such a frickin' dick!

AUDREY: Tell me about it.

WOMAN (off-screen): Hey guys!

Audrey turns her head and sees Piper Shaw walking towards her.

AUDREY: Who are you?

PIPER (glancing at the millions of notes on the board for Brett): I've gathered that Brett was very popular and loved, idolized even. But I call bullcrap on this yearbook stuff. Who was the real Brett Shimura?

AUDREY: Brett was my arch-nemesis. I'm sure that I'm the only one here who can honestly tell you that he made my life miserable as hell. But, I guess I'm wrong. If you want to hear exactly what it was like to be caught in the crossfire of Brett's wrath, might I suggest my other friends, and basically everyone else.

PIPER: Did you guys know Brett?

AUDREY (deadpanned): Yeah. Brett was a stone-cold bastard who got what he deserved.

PIPER (stunned): That is pretty clear.

Chapter 6

FLASHBACK -- Emma walked out of the clothing store with bags in her arms, smiling as she walked down the busy mall. When her cell phone went off, she stopped in her tracks, reached into her purse and pull out her cell phone.

EMMA: Hello?

BRETT (other line): Do you want to tell me how two people were able to walk into my house and almost murder me?

EMMA: Brett, what are you talking about?

BRETT: I think you know what. I knew that you and Will weren't helping me out of the goodness of your hearts, but I didn't think you were going to murder me. That's a bit harsh isn't it?

EMMA: You are making no sense. I hope you aren't still thinking about coming back to school, because if you do you're going to have a lot of questions to answer, like why you faked your own death and why you wasted so much of the police departments time and resources and why you put your family and friends through so much sadness and grief. You're better off starting over somewhere else, so tell me where you want to move and I'll set it up for you.

BRETT: No, I don't think so. I overheard you and Will talking the other night, that's why I decided it was time for me to leave this place. I also taped your conversation so I know all about your plans to kill me and take my inheritance from my retarded mother, so I think you're going to have some questions to answer when I get back home.

EMMA (rebuking): That's not true. We never had any conversation like that, because all we were doing was helping you. So nice bluff, but all we did was give you a place for your throne. Now, I've finally taken over where you left off and you're not going to get in the way of that. It's taken me too long to get here, so you need to stay away.

BRETT (sharply): You know why you were never popular Emma? Because you're not very smart. You're ambitious, but ambition without intelligence is, well as the saying goes, it's like a bird without wings. Just so you understand what I'm talking about, if you want to take me on then you're dumber than I thought.

Feeling like her world was crumbling in front of her, Emma turned her frown into a smile.

EMMA: Okay, I don't want to fight you, but I won't go back to where I was before. Maybe we can work something out. I don't see your friends welcoming you back after what you did, so maybe I can be part of your new circle of friends.

BRETT: I don't believe you, but I don't have time to argue. I'm telling you this, if I find out you're lying to me now you're going to wish you weren't born and you know I mean it.

Emma paced in a circle around the water fountain at the mall, finally giving in to yet another of Brett's threats.

EMMA: Fine, but you can't tell them I told you. This person is kind of crazy so he'd probably try and kill me or something if he found out.

BRETT (smiling): "He"? So, who is this mystery man? Don't keep me waiting Emma.

EMMA: Oh god, this is not how it was supposed to turn out. Okay, okay, it's Mayor Maddox.

Emma said that a little louder than she realized, almost forgetting she was in the middle of a crowded mall.

EMMA: When you turned him down and embarrassed him in the process he just lost it. He wanted revenge and this was the perfect opportunity.

BRETT: That is so perfect. He's going to be easier to take down than I thought.

EMMA (whispering): Well, he knows Will.

Emma moved off to a quiet section of the mall.

EMMA: He wanted to help Will and he wanted revenge, so he helped us get everything ready.

BRETT (smiling): This is so good. I can't believe that perv is so hung up that he wants me dead? He must be crazy, but that is going to work for me.

EMMA: You shouldn't be anywhere near him. He has a really bad temper. I've seen it a few times when things weren't going well, he just snaps and he really hates you, I mean the really scary kind of hate.

BRETT: I'm not afraid of him. He's going to learn that you don't mess with me and get away with it.

EMMA: Just keep me out of it. I don't even want to be around when you two finally meet again.

Brett couldn't help but smile.

BRETT: Oh Emma, you are going to be around, you're going to help me put Mayor Maddox away for a very long time.

EMMA: No. No. No. I don't want to be involved in this shit. I know I said I wanted to take your place, but it's not worth it.

BRETT: Would you stop whining. Mayor Maddox is going down. Now you are going to help or you are going to go down with him. Am I making myself clear?

EMMA: You are such a dick.

BRETT (proudly): Well yes, but you always knew that. But... why should I? I'd much rather watch you rot your ass in prison and see your Daddy blow up when he finds out about you doing this --

EMMA (screaming): Stop it!

BRETT (coldly): Think again, pig-skin. I own you now.

PRESENT DAY -- Emma went to go to Brett Shimura's prayer vigil — which was, in reality, just another name for Brooke's party and an excuse for everyone to get drunk enough to forget that someone in their graduating class was actually murdered.

Emma thought it was only going to be a quiet gathering of their group of friends, spending the night at Brooke's lake house, with each of them sipping over twice the legal limit of alcohol, and reminiscing about Brett. But she was so wrong.

Because, currently, Emma was one-hundred percent sober, in the midst of a very loud party, and couldn't even think of any memories of her and Brett, because she was beyond annoyed. Not to mention that every other minute or so, a drunken, horny jock would come up to her and ask her to 'go around back'. But Emma would just scrunch up her nose in distaste, because she knew what that really meant. Any living, breathing teenager knew that was code for 'grope each other in a dark shed and hope that one of us brought a condom'. Which she was so not interested in.

So, of course, she would decline, telling them to find someone else who was actually willing to hook-up with them and drunk enough to find them the slightest bit appealing. And if she was actually interested in making new friends, she might've found it in herself to care about their reactions. But she didn't.

Speaking of friends, she didn't even know where her realfriends actually were. She guessed that Will and Emma were probably making out in a random closet and trying to ignore the fact that their relationship was doomed from the start; Emma knew Jake would be browsing the alcohol and the female guests (not that she minded, knowing that it wouldn't go anywhere); Riley was most likely drunk already, due to the fact that she couldn't even consume half a bottle of beer without managing to slur her words; and Brooke was probably flirting with whichever boy was her new toy this week.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, Emma leaned her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, wishing for the night to be over already.

RILEY: It's just that it's, like, totally cray-cray that we're talking about slasher movies in Language Arts... and then, Brett gets, you know, slashed.

Riley looked around the semi-dark living room — which was only lit by the crackling of flames from a fancy, overly-expensive fireplace — and toward the small crowd of people lounging around on or beside the large leather couches inside the Maddox family's lake house.

Noah Foster cleared his throat and held up a finger, about to correct her.

NOAH: Uh, well, technically, Brett was already dead when we started that conversation, so there's no direct correlation.

Jake Fitzgerald scowled, and it seemed that his irritation for Noah grew whenever the boy spoke.

JAKE: Dude, she's obviously scared.

He looked down at Riley and wrapped a friendly arm around her.

JAKE: Let's not negate that.

Kieran chuckled under his breath.

KIERAN: Like you even know what that word means.

His voice was low, but Jake seemed to have caught it, judging from the scoff he let out.

Riley rolled her eyes and shrugged off Jake's previous comment.

RILEY (mumbling): I'm not scared.

Kieran glanced at Riley.

KIERAN: Maybe we should be scared. Drunk teenagers at a party by the lake where your homegrown killer died? It's a natural slasher setting.

After Kieran brought up his point, it seemed that the alcohol everyone consumed wore off, and the buzz they felt was replaced with an overwhelming sense of fear and panic.

Not too fond of this particular group, Kieran grabbed his beer bottle from the table beside where he was sitting and got up from the couch, deciding to explore the rest of the party. Once he walked away, Jake furrowed his eyebrows.

JAKE: Has anyone seen Emma?

KIERAN: Having fun?

Emma opened her eyes and looked up, spotting Kieran walking toward her through a crowd of drunken teenagers. And for the first time tonight, her mood brightened. But only a tiny bit. She rested her elbows in her lap and placed her chin in the center of her palm, raising a teasing eyebrow at him.

KIERAN: Am I drunk?


Emma tilted her head and pursed her lips.

EMMA: That would be a no, then.

Kieran couldn't help but chuckle, and after a few moments of comfortable silence, he cleared his throat and motioned his beer bottle toward the doors to the backyard.

EMMA: Do you wanna go outside? Where there's unpolluted air?

Emma latched onto the hand Kieran offered her and breathed out a smile, as she stood up from the uncomfortable couch — one that probably needed to be dry-cleaned with the kind of fluids that would be on that thing, by the end of tonight. The blue-eyed girl dusted off the back of her dress and looped her arm through his.

KIERAN: That would be a yes, then.

The silence between Emma and Kieran wasn't totally uncomfortable. It just wasn't exactly comfortable either. It was nice, though. Like the type of silence between two strangers that knew nothing about each other. But that wasn't to say that they didn't want to.

Emma played with the sequins on her dress, shivering slightly from the cool night air, which was even colder from the lake's presence. She stayed quiet and nibbled on her lower lip, not sure what to say.

Being a good hostess meant being there for your guests, which was exactly why Brooke Maddox was stuck trying to console an uncharacteristically vulnerable Jake. She scrunched up her nose and gave him a not-so-comforting pat on the shoulder.

BROOKE: Look, that bitch will get over it okay? I mean, it's not like you're gonna sleep with Brett again.

Jake lifted his head up, looking at Brooke and scoffing -- but there was a ghost of a smile on his lips.

JAKE: Cold much?

BROOKE (retorting): It's called being truthful, idiot. Something you should have done months ago.

Chapter 7

At school, Noah shrugged his shoulders a little.

NOAH: The good ones always listen.

Not too far away from where Noah and Audrey walked, Sheriff Hudson was walking towards them just as he recognized them both.

SHERIFF HUDSON: Hey. Noah Foster, right?

He made his way towards them. Noah furrowed his brows in surprise that the sheriff had signaled him out.

NOAH: Yeah. Uh, guilty.

He regretted his words once they left his mouth.

Noah stumbled to come back from that awkward response, but his add on sounded even more awkward.

NOAH: Well, I mean, not 'guilty', but... yes?

Noah finally stopped as he climbed up a couple of steps to meet the sheriff. Audrey was confused and backed the boy up just to make sure he didn't feel alone. While Noah noticed and appreciated it, the sheriff didn't share the feeling.

SHERIFF HUDSON (stating): I hear you have a particular interest in Brandon James.

Both teenagers quickly understood what the man was playing at.

NOAH (counteracting): I have a lot of interests.

Sheriff Hudson barely flinched.

SHERIFF HUDSON (politely): You mind stopping by the station tomorrow morning before school, answer a few questions?

When Noah raised his hand to give a little salute, Audrey cringed at the sight. Noah was only making the situation worse by trying to lighten it with his awkward antics.

NOAH: Will do, chief.

Sheriff Hudson gave him an odd look before nodding his head a little. Sheriff Hudson grunts.


His eyes shifted to Audrey.

Sheriff Hudson went to take her aside, grabbing lightly onto Audrey's arms. Noah opened his mouth to protest but Audrey sent him a look and shook her head. Noah stared in confusion as the sheriff took her off.

She was taken out of Noah's earshot and that's when the sheriff stopped. Sheriff Hudson paused before he looked at her.

SHERIFF HUDSON (gently): Sorry about that. I know you and your father requested discretion about your relation to Brett, and I promised I would keep it.

Audrey was just glad he didn't mention anything in front of Noah.

Audrey didn't have to know Noah that long to realize that he would tell Audrey anything, and after hearing the rumors that Brett posted a video of Audrey getting bullied in the cafeteria, she didn't want her friends finding out she was bullied by the late mean boy.

SHERIFF HUDSON (instructing): Your alibi checked out, but I still need to get you in for some questions. We have a witness that places you and Brett together on the night of his murder. I expect you to have the answers for me after school today.

Making it clear despite his earlier soft tone that this wasn't a question. Audrey frowned at Sheriff Hudson, knowing that even though it was his job, she was still offended he was questioning her about these things.

Audrey straightened up, trying not to show her clear indignation.

AUDREY (reminding Sheriff Hudson): I fought with Brett hours before he was killed, Sheriff. Yes, we fought... but I wouldn't want him dead.

She pushed back the officer. Sheriff Hudson was surprised when Audrey bumped her shoulder onto his body and he turned to watch her return to Noah.

Four days since Brett's murder. It was hardly enough time to get over Brett's murder, but somehow Audrey's father was managing to be business as usual.

NOAH: How was the interrogation, Miss Criminal?

Noah tried to get her mind off of Brett as Noah approached Audrey. The boy rolled his eyes a little with a shrug.

AUDREY: Besides being criticized for liking a serial killer? Not much.

Audrey adjusted her backpack over her shoulders.

Chapter 8

It had been only a few days since Brett Shimura was discovered dead, but no matter how much time passed the murder was always going to be on people's minds.

In the school hallway, Emma, Will, Brooke, Jake and Riley were gathered next to Emma's locker.

Emma sees Audrey at her locker.

EMMA: Hey, Audrey. Can we please talk?

AUDREY: Yeah, what's up?

EMMA: I was there. I was in the cafeteria that day.

AUDREY: You didn't stick up for me?

EMMA: I didn't even know Brett was bullying you at lunch, until --

AUDREY: You're just apologizing for me because you felt "guilty".

EMMA: You knew how awful Brett was to everyone. He'd terrorize everyone.

AUDREY: So did you film me?

EMMA: No, no. That was Tyler. Brett wanted Tyler to upload it online.

AUDREY: Maybe, we'll get a new headline...

Emma and Audrey's phones ding.

On phone screen, a short video footage shows Brett's body laying semi fetal position, as blood flowed down the tiled pathway. In front of Brett, holding the camera, was someone in a Brandon James mask.

Superimposed with the blinking red caption "Winner of Lakewood's Best Sliced Carotid 2017".

EMMA (horrified): Oh, my God!

We smash to black.

Emma pulled out a black garbage bag, pulling out enough to roll in the wrap she had. She'd gotten halfway through the process when her ears perked up. She stood, setting down the joint as she focused in on the familiar sound of Brett laughing.

Emma's feet were moving before she'd even registered where she was going. She followed the sound, tracing it across the hall to Brett's bedroom. Her hand tugged on the doorknob but with a frustrated grunt she realized it was once again locked. She furrowed her brows, not resigning to listening to the torture of Brett's laugh for the next few hours.

Emma took a few steps back and grabbed the lamp on the hallway table. Steadying it in her hands, she focused her attention on the doorknob, swinging down with as much force as she could muster. The knob split off with a loud crack and she swung the door open.

As soon as her foot was in the room, the laughter changed to a bone-chilling scream. She rushed into the room, searching for the source of the noise and a light in Brett's closet caught her attention. She ran into the small room, eyes trained on the phone screen illuminating the small space.

She bent over, picking up the unfamiliar phone and her vision focused on...

Brett, scrambling around the yard.

Emma froze as she watched Brett hide behind a tree, the camera rushed up behind him and Brett twirled around.

EMMA: No...

Emma felt herself tense up, realizing that she was about to watch Brett's final moments. She watched as Brett got his back horizontally spliced open with the swing of a knife. The camera was right behind Brett at that point, leaning over to yank him to him feet.

Then there was silence. Emma heard the swish of the blade. She'd seen Brett's hands gripping his neck and the choking of blood.

Emma's hands were violently shaking, and she dropped the phone to the ground, nearly collapsing as nausea took over.

She stayed there like that for a while, not quite feeling a thing. She was numb, and for that she was grateful. After a few more minutes in the dark, she snatched up the phone, shoving it into her pocket before scurrying back across the hall and into her room. She shoved a pile of clothes into a duffel bag, also tossing in the flash drive, her laptop and the essentials. She picked up the joint she'd already rolled and stuck it in her mouth, pressing her lips together to keep it in place as she continued throwing things into her bag. When she was done, she grabbed her phone and zipped through the house, gathering up her car keys and walking out without ever looking back.

We smash to black.

EMMA: I just remembered something.

She turned on the screen, revealing an image of Brett's corpse.

AUDREY: Holy shit. What --

EMMA: Yeah. This bastard taped Brett's death. I found a phone in Brett's closet earlier. It was playing on repeat. You can see why I refuse to go home tonight.

Emma nearly laughed, the insanity of it all really getting to her. Audrey leaned in, paying close attention to the video on the screen.

AUDREY: Wait, stop the video. Rewind.

Audrey grabbed the phone, rewinding it to when Brett's body dropping onto the pathway. She paused, noticing the drop of the phone brush against a pair of thick black boots.

AUDREY: Never mind, I thought I saw something, but it was just a fluke.

Her eyes still trained on the tips of the black boots. Audrey had a feeling that the etched in swirls on the toes weren't very common, but she didn't want to worry Emma about it.

Chapter 9


EMMA: Look, Sheriff -- ?

SHERIFF HHDSON: Clark. Clark Hudson.

He adjusted the badge on his chest as he corrected Emma.

EMMA: Sheriff Hudson, I've told you everything I saw when I got here. I told you everything that happened last night. Now, unless you're implying something, something that is deeply incorrect and outrageous, then I'm going to go be with my Mom.

SHERIFF HUDSON: No, you can go. But first, we're going to need you to submit your clothes for evidence. One of the crime scene investigators will explain what you need to do.

Sheriff Hudson motioned towards a short blonde woman leaning over the swimming pool with a camera in hand.

SHERIFF HUDSON: You can go, Emma.

Emma rushed down the hall to her bedroom, fumbling as she noticed Brett's bedroom door propped open.

He never left his door open, even if he was alone in the house. He was always hiding something, and they often fought over it.

Emma was knew Brett would never do drugs but something worse behind that locked door of his.

So when she realized her door was open, and the police hadn't gone through it yet, she quietly slipped into the foreign room, closing the door behind her.

It was certainly Brett's room. Decked out in white, with a badass feel, it was the essence of Brett's 'badass' personality. Emma didn't know what she was looking for, but she didn't have much time to find it. She could see ‪[x-apple-data-detectors://20 the police]‬, attention still focused around the swimming pool, through the glass windows lining the far wall.

They'd see her if she stayed in there too long, so she had to be quick. But what was she looking for?

Her eyes glazed over the room, taking in the bits of clothes tossed about, and finally landing on an open laptop sitting on the desk.

She slid over to it, tapping on the mouse to bring it out of its slumber. The screen lit up, revealing a photo of her and Brett at the lake house last summer, posing together in matching white as they lounged on the dock.

She glanced through Brett's files, finding nothing too out of the ordinary. She was about to give up and get out of there when she noticed a flashdrive on the floor, shoved haphazardly under the white fur carpet she was standing on. She bent down, slipping it into her hand as she stood back up, looking around to make sure the police hadn't spotted her yet.

Emma scurried back out into the hall, disappearing into a bedroom a few doors down with the flashdrive still in hand. She closed the door, thankful that it didn't have a wall of windows like Brett as she locked it behind her, assuring her privacy. She held the flashdrive up, heart pounding as she realized she'd just hidden possible evidence.

Whatever Brett was hiding, she knew it would only lead to bad things if it fell into the hands of the police.

EMMA: Brett... What the hell did you get yourself into?

We smash to black.

Chapter 10


List of Deaths

Chapter 1

# Name Physical Injuries Sustained in Death Scene Killer(s)
1. Tyler Miller Stomach cut open and guts taken out with hunting knife then body hung upside down from tree with rope Unknown
2. Brett Shimura Back horizontally slashed and throat sliced open with hunting knife before being tossed into swimming pool Unknown


Confirmed Facts

  • There are at least three killers in this story.
  • TV Killer will be revealed, while the other two remain a mystery... for now.
  • Sheriff Hudson's secret revolves around the motive of TV Killer.
  • Sooner or later, will be new evidence as to who murdered Tyler Miller and Brett Shimura.
  • At least one member of the "immortal friends" will die when Emma refuses to stay out of the killer's way.
  • At some point, Emma will have to choose between Brooke or Riley.
  • Pretty much all of the characters from Scream MTV Season 1 will be here, as well as some new ones.
  • Although not the leads anymore, the "immortal friends" will have a significant to the story.
  • There will be twenty chapters total.
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