Zoë Vaughn was a main character in Scream. She is the tenth victim of The Killer.

She was portrayed by Kiana Ledé.


(Offscreen): The Killer attacked and abducted Zoë in The Vanishing, and brought her to Wren Lake. There, he sealed her inside a coffin and made sure it flooded with water, before leaving to lure Noah Foster using Zoë's phone and attack him. Zoë screamed and pleaded for help while she was inside the coffin, to no avail. As a result, she drowns to her death as the lake water floods the coffin.

After Emma and Audrey save Noah, they are lead to Wren Lake where they find Zoë's coffin and open it up, only to discover Zoë's lifeless body.

Shocked and confused, Noah looks at the video footage on his phone that he found earlier of Zoë screaming and crying for help while gallons of lake water floods inside. Zoë continues pleading and shrieking for help.

Noah realizes the video was a playback by the killer to fool them into thinking there was hope for Zoë. Emotionally devastated, Noah falls to his knees in tears and cries over Zoë's corpse, as he felt upset over losing another girlfriend.